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  1. Joe Spittle

    Joe Spittle22 timmar sedan

    When they said they were super straight I got scared for a sec

  2. Eddie Spade

    Eddie Spade22 timmar sedan

    They sleep in the same bed together, yet they have a divider between them at the table. wut

  3. FormulaManuel

    FormulaManuel22 timmar sedan

    Not being native English speaker makes his vocabulary sooo much more difficult 😂 like, I consider myself as being pretty good with the language but WTF IS A TWIRL??!!! 😂😂😂 Love that man

  4. Elise

    Elise22 timmar sedan

    please tell me Timmy and the person from 3:50 at least met up again, there seemed to be some chemistry there... ;)

  5. KES R

    KES R22 timmar sedan

    My gay ass when he said Hog I pictured a pig. A hog in between my legs?? Didn’t know that was a potential word for a man. It makes a sensa


    ASTROID RAT22 timmar sedan

    I want to be the last girl's best friend

  7. Jess Higginbottom

    Jess Higginbottom22 timmar sedan

    This video was good vibes

  8. shaynanigans .t

    shaynanigans .t23 timmar sedan

    This one was cute for sure and I’d do this

  9. Isaiah

    Isaiah23 timmar sedan

    Graham high as hell

  10. Bastian K

    Bastian K23 timmar sedan

    Why did she do the male part when it came to sex positions? :-D

  11. Andres Anibal Nuñez Cuello

    Andres Anibal Nuñez Cuello23 timmar sedan

    Y eso es legal o en que pais se hizo?

  12. ReadySetGame

    ReadySetGame23 timmar sedan

    i need more of these videos in my life

  13. esther

    esther23 timmar sedan

    I have also been in a place where I don’t want to be here any longer, and then I found Islam.

  14. DeAsia Shivers

    DeAsia Shivers23 timmar sedan

    My life has been a lie

  15. takonyka

    takonyka23 timmar sedan

    is this a reupload?

  16. daeyura

    daeyura23 timmar sedan

    Yes!!!! TIMMY! I miss Timmy XD

  17. David Fullstone

    David Fullstone23 timmar sedan

    Grandma goes from zero to hero having a full blunt, you rock Grandma 🤪🤣👍🏻

  18. Ariella Stoltman

    Ariella Stoltman23 timmar sedan

    Him and the black guy would be so cute together

  19. angel

    angel23 timmar sedan

    i like her,, she’s an icon.


    ASTROID RAT23 timmar sedan

    She lowkey looks like alexandra daddario

  21. Leo from VIXX draws better than me

    Leo from VIXX draws better than me23 timmar sedan

    Dude they are literally the guy and girl of my dreams. I feel most attracted to asian guys and black girls so I don't know which one is hotter. Not only that but they are nice and respectful!?? I have a double crush

  22. Lukaz

    Lukaz23 timmar sedan

    I've got PTSD and it pretty shit to have.

  23. Andres Perez

    Andres Perez23 timmar sedan

    Great video. they really seem to have a great relationship.

  24. Amálie Andělová

    Amálie Andělová23 timmar sedan

    i’m gonna be really mad if they’re not gonna get married.

  25. L'Oiseaux Mort

    L'Oiseaux Mort23 timmar sedan

    My kink is being loved and appreciated... also CNC

  26. lkbmotion

    lkbmotion23 timmar sedan

    3:45 uh oh she said super straight, I’m assuming she didn’t mean it the negative way

  27. Serkan Ormangoren

    Serkan Ormangoren23 timmar sedan

    I still dont know if i am watching the same video again or I am going through deja vu lmao

  28. Alex Sandro

    Alex Sandro23 timmar sedan

    i'm honestly disappointed if they gave the money to anyone else but the woman who needed it for her teeth...

  29. Indigo Fox 72

    Indigo Fox 7223 timmar sedan

    Great taste in music Timmy “Enjoy the Silence...” DM ❤️

  30. kirsten_ducky

    kirsten_ducky23 timmar sedan

    So respectful, open and warm. You've got to love Timmy!

  31. Eva Bakker

    Eva Bakker23 timmar sedan

    Wait is this a reupload or am I having deja vu??

  32. Jasmine Lindell

    Jasmine Lindell23 timmar sedan

    Absolutely no hate on the video, it was great, but just from my past experiences gay dosen't really have a stereotype. Any sexuality dosen't. At least from what I've seen lol.

  33. liligman

    liligman23 timmar sedan

    Most girls in this video: lies/undercount Most dudes in this video: lies/exaggeration

  34. NathanB417

    NathanB41723 timmar sedan

    The super straight woman both intrigues and scares me 😅 I'm not mad about it.

  35. jovie calapoto

    jovie calapoto23 timmar sedan

    I love them 💖

  36. CNinja 7

    CNinja 723 timmar sedan

    Why does timmy s voice remind me of roger from american dad? 😂

  37. Cory Williams

    Cory Williams23 timmar sedan

    The retired woman’s questions are *on point*

  38. Robert Fleming

    Robert Fleming23 timmar sedan

    He’s so sweet! I like this guy. Love how he was so empathetic and gentle, not really ever assuming off the bat. Mua!

  39. Moonaturebøi

    Moonaturebøi23 timmar sedan

    bro when i heard muslim i kinda wanted to slap the girl not gon hold you omg LMAOOO

  40. Dollophead

    Dollophead23 timmar sedan

    WE NEED MORE TIMMY 🥰💛 10/10 human

  41. Андрей Пушкарь

    Андрей Пушкарь23 timmar sedan

  42. - thakidcw -

    - thakidcw -23 timmar sedan

    More line up please!!!!

  43. Shirley Baruah

    Shirley Baruah23 timmar sedan

    201 dislikes are from the people who found him cute😳🤍

  44. Lean 2200

    Lean 220023 timmar sedan

    how is that lady so chill with $80,000 in SL debt with no degree

  45. ChildishGiant

    ChildishGiant23 timmar sedan

    love a reupload

  46. Pamaindaro Tanaran

    Pamaindaro Tanaran23 timmar sedan

    Is he that astronaut guy on "Kiss Me More" MV?

  47. Abdishire

    Abdishire23 timmar sedan

    I think I have watched this episode before


    SHREYABH23 timmar sedan

    0:45 Just answer the fucking question

  49. Clara D

    Clara D23 timmar sedan

    omg am I the only one who loooooove tomato juice??

  50. Jay Guahpo

    Jay Guahpo23 timmar sedan

    anyone else notice the different lengths in his hoodie strings?

  51. 4Sleepless

    4Sleepless23 timmar sedan


  52. Jennifer Lawson

    Jennifer Lawson23 timmar sedan

    FORMER MORMON HERE TOO! I'm straight but they are so judgemental I couldn't handle it.

  53. Someone In The Comments

    Someone In The Comments23 timmar sedan

    These videos need to stop. "We don't want to be stereotyped. It's so ToXiC" "Guess if someones gay....SLAAAAY"

  54. Narin Aliehyaii

    Narin Aliehyaii23 timmar sedan

    I see Timmy I click

  55. Patrick Fenton

    Patrick Fenton23 timmar sedan

    Dam teenage girls why they have to do like that especially in the start

  56. Bobby Bernard

    Bobby Bernard23 timmar sedan


  57. Sheila Morrison

    Sheila Morrison23 timmar sedan

    Green jacket is such a douche

  58. Enough

    Enough23 timmar sedan

    People getting way too mad at Katie, she's not trying to gatekeep or be invalidating, she's playing off stereotypes. Y'all are too used to online gays, irl gays are way more raunchy and offensive. Who we need to focus on is LL, she's predatory af.

  59. White Washed

    White Washed23 timmar sedan

    “If you’re gay and watching this, people are Bi. You’re just Desperate” James Charles: ....I’ll just ignore that

  60. Matthew Watson

    Matthew Watson23 timmar sedan

    Timmy, you are lovely.

  61. lluciavidaal_

    lluciavidaal_23 timmar sedan

    I love this kinda videos 🥰


    FIREWORKS SOTY23 timmar sedan

    Waiting for the cody video

  63. adeline mclaughlin

    adeline mclaughlin23 timmar sedan

    He’s got a good ass type 😂😂😂 I love them!

  64. alifia !

    alifia !23 timmar sedan

    THE MAN IN BLUE IS SO CUUUUUUTE IM GONNA SAY IT AGAIN sigh hes not single... sir im a woman... if that ever not work out............

  65. Matthew Bantau

    Matthew Bantau23 timmar sedan

    The second person looks like rogue from xmen evolution. Good episode!

  66. Sara Isabella

    Sara Isabella23 timmar sedan

    Gonna be honest my fave was Evelia lol

  67. Hendry

    Hendry23 timmar sedan

    Where's the first guy @ Don't be shy lemme know

  68. SarcasticaleeXP

    SarcasticaleeXP23 timmar sedan

    Wow they are very attractive

  69. Scila L

    Scila L23 timmar sedan

    MY favorite guesser is back!


    PINPANA23 timmar sedan

    One thing is being gay and another is being a clown

  71. A Girl

    A Girl23 timmar sedan

    Does anyone knows his ig uk ig of daevion i cant find it

  72. Sarah V

    Sarah V23 timmar sedan

    Ahhh the pre-covid times

  73. Atticus O'Daniel

    Atticus O'Daniel23 timmar sedan

    I adore Timmy!! Always so respectful and hilarious.

  74. A Girl

    A Girl23 timmar sedan

    Does anyone knows his ig uk ig of daevion i cant find it

  75. - ItzMocha -

    - ItzMocha -23 timmar sedan

    POV your looking at all the “people are bi, your just desperate “ comments lmao

  76. Trever’s YouTube Channel

    Trever’s YouTube Channel23 timmar sedan

    Wait, what’s up with all the reuploads lately?

  77. ryguard tv

    ryguard tv23 timmar sedan

    do you guys just keep re uploading old videos?

  78. Maxwell media Inc.

    Maxwell media Inc.23 timmar sedan

    Wait how did he guess he was christain like from his outfit 😭😭😭

  79. Maxwell media Inc.

    Maxwell media Inc.23 timmar sedan

    Why didn’t he just I Dont curse

  80. Elevated In Nature

    Elevated In Nature23 timmar sedan

    I tore my mcl and acl my senior year the meet before sectionals... I feel that pain!!!