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Do VPNs Improve Gaming?
  1. EleCticCOokie

    EleCticCOokie5 timmar sedan

    Wow they're still making ps1 games that's crazy

  2. Anthony Rocha

    Anthony Rocha5 timmar sedan

    I’m not saying this part was easy, but damn fighting this fucker the second time was absolute torture. It took me at least an hour to beat him.


    MStarTUTORIALS5 timmar sedan

    This video thumbnail catched my attention 🙋‍♂️. I've been doing kinda similar videos and maybe you should visit. I'm kinda sure you'll find see a lot of useful info on this topic on my channel too.

  4. Chris C

    Chris C5 timmar sedan

    Wow check out those next Gen graphics.

  5. Noah Bennett

    Noah Bennett5 timmar sedan

    The m1918 has a clip not a magazine, if its loaded from the top it's a clip and bottom it's a magazine! Even the gun museum guy can get it wrong

  6. Terrance Sweetman

    Terrance Sweetman5 timmar sedan

    Garlic is the main boss lol

  7. Дмитрий Петров

    Дмитрий Петров5 timmar sedan

    Alien Swarm 2 looks really good!

  8. Demonoising

    Demonoising5 timmar sedan

    It looks like a game from 2002.

  9. CMG The Person

    CMG The Person5 timmar sedan

    Considering how shite World of Light was, I consider this canon

  10. Zell K.

    Zell K.5 timmar sedan


  11. Andrew H

    Andrew H5 timmar sedan

    I hope they paid you guys a lot to post this atrocious trailer on your channel

  12. bigwhopper6501

    bigwhopper65015 timmar sedan

    What The Fuck Is This?

  13. B Mastro

    B Mastro5 timmar sedan

    COD ww2 was the worst COD in the history of COD

  14. arbi018

    arbi0185 timmar sedan

    Ah yes... Who are you girls?

  15. J.T. Barghest

    J.T. Barghest5 timmar sedan

    Damn. I don't own a Wii anymore. Or I would totally buy this game that clearly looks like it was made for the Wii.

  16. jojox

    jojox5 timmar sedan

    Mobile games have better graphics than this💩 😂😂😂

  17. TheJHZHZ

    TheJHZHZ5 timmar sedan

    Same thing, prettier graphics :u We would have over 70 characters here on paladins when Overwatch 2 out. (Currently 58)

  18. Zydaking

    Zydaking5 timmar sedan

    I swear that vr games are essentially mobile games without micro transactions

  19. Ryan McCarthy

    Ryan McCarthy5 timmar sedan

    This looks like a mobile game from 2010.

  20. gel ya

    gel ya5 timmar sedan

    I commented so many times asking what the coppery polish was thank god, terra coppa

  21. Jaww Jacker

    Jaww Jacker5 timmar sedan

    Man come on , couldn’t even get the real actors to voice it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. Donovan Kawtiash

    Donovan Kawtiash5 timmar sedan

    That looks awful

  23. Nomad

    Nomad5 timmar sedan

    _Aetius has joined the chat_ _Attila has left the chat_

  24. BulletProofCat

    BulletProofCat5 timmar sedan

    Why do they continue to butcher these cool movies

  25. Hideki

    Hideki5 timmar sedan been really 8 years since the launch? damn...time really pass flying


    KARAN SINGH5 timmar sedan

    Chugging in one potion gets a nosebleed. Me spamming 3 potions.. 83% toxicity 🤣🤣

  27. Skip Johnson

    Skip Johnson5 timmar sedan

    So basically after playing a couple times, this (for future readers) is an ACTION novel - you just control the combat.

  28. ng kim

    ng kim6 timmar sedan

    1:10 Cheers

  29. vivek menon

    vivek menon6 timmar sedan

    I still play my PS3 on a daily basis.

  30. Christian Kettlewell

    Christian Kettlewell6 timmar sedan

    Man, it feels good to be waist deep in the next age of terrible movie license games. I love that it even looks like PS2/XB/GC graphics :’)

  31. LD

    LD6 timmar sedan

    video games dont know a damn thing about bullet ballistics, they act like a 308 wont blow your chest your your back and they act like shotguns are confetti launchers past 15 feet

  32. Timothy Leeder

    Timothy Leeder6 timmar sedan

    Superhot but with zombies....

  33. MrPsycho667

    MrPsycho6676 timmar sedan

    Holy Macaroni, that looks bad. Even for a VR-game! And i thought, the second Zombieland-movie was bad enougth. It's just a cheap, ugly cash-grab. Like Zombieland 2.... And the Protagonists here looks horrible. Not even close to there real life counterparts.

  34. Oyasumi Ruby

    Oyasumi Ruby6 timmar sedan

    The editing on this is amazing and it was a very funny interview!

  35. StealthBastard

    StealthBastard6 timmar sedan

    They'll never learn, will they?


    PRARAMBH6 timmar sedan

    Looks like an 2013 mobile game

  37. Apple Monkey

    Apple Monkey6 timmar sedan

    The hell with the graphics!

  38. Z Films

    Z Films6 timmar sedan

    Half life franchise

  39. coolBAMtheman

    coolBAMtheman6 timmar sedan

    I can't wait to Hear "hello everybody I'm markiplier and welcome to five nights at Freddy's!"

  40. Ozilla

    Ozilla6 timmar sedan its 2021 and the graphic looks like...ps2??

  41. Cookiesnmemes

    Cookiesnmemes6 timmar sedan

    You should do one for arma 3

  42. Aron De Rocchi

    Aron De Rocchi6 timmar sedan

    1:55 SHOOT THE LEFT ONE, proceeding to shoot the right one, NICE.

  43. Lukesoddlife

    Lukesoddlife6 timmar sedan

    Imagine playing Saints and Sinners then going to this 🤣

  44. Xander Becker

    Xander Becker6 timmar sedan

    Ah yes darth reaper the wise

  45. Mattias N

    Mattias N6 timmar sedan

    They spared all expense making this game.

  46. Not Friendly

    Not Friendly6 timmar sedan

    Cold War has unlimited sprint, now we just slide cancel either bc we want to aim faster or bc we’re so used to it after mw

  47. Luis Marchena

    Luis Marchena6 timmar sedan

    I love the 2 Movies of Zombieland and Now VR Game it looks Cool as hell 🔥👌🤟

  48. TheBlackEgg

    TheBlackEgg6 timmar sedan

    Lol Hunger was the name before little nightmares

  49. John_the_bean04

    John_the_bean046 timmar sedan

    No model 1887 akimbo?

  50. Raven Nieto

    Raven Nieto6 timmar sedan

    How much did they pay you to post this GameSpot lmao

  51. Mr.b _

    Mr.b _6 timmar sedan

    I cried for so long.

  52. Dark Pit

    Dark Pit6 timmar sedan

    FYI, I survived but the pain was worth it.

  53. Jesus Lárez

    Jesus Lárez6 timmar sedan

    You guys clearly haven't play dayz then

  54. Link Bui

    Link Bui6 timmar sedan

    No, just no.

  55. FallenNinja

    FallenNinja6 timmar sedan

    This looks like crap

  56. hejshsh jejeheh

    hejshsh jejeheh6 timmar sedan

    Why don't they make it a normal FPS game with some elements from LEFT 4 DEAD or BACK 4 BLOOD who ever is developing this they know nothing about making an actual game lol

  57. Michael Gibson

    Michael Gibson6 timmar sedan

    I'd be excited if it wasn't for phone :/

  58. pheonix 816

    pheonix 8166 timmar sedan

    Over watch is now shit to much people

  59. Emerson Bayuk

    Emerson Bayuk6 timmar sedan

    Looks like a worse TWOD saints and sinners...


    MILKMAN6 timmar sedan

    bladeee video game!!

  61. lifelongleeon

    lifelongleeon6 timmar sedan

    Maaaaan I thought this was a movie trailer 😩

  62. Syuppoppo Shuppoppo

    Syuppoppo Shuppoppo6 timmar sedan

    Resident evil series are shifting from horror science fiction to horror fantasy with ghosts and magician. That is not the way I want...

  63. Super Vauxt

    Super Vauxt6 timmar sedan

    React To Half-Life

  64. PEsoloramdom XD

    PEsoloramdom XD6 timmar sedan

    Ta webo

  65. Glenn Appiah

    Glenn Appiah6 timmar sedan

    It's a ps3 game

  66. Sean Williams

    Sean Williams6 timmar sedan

    This looks absolutely terrible

  67. sage caudle

    sage caudle6 timmar sedan

    getting colonial marines vibes... not sure i like it

  68. Nguyễn .Hà.

    Nguyễn .Hà.6 timmar sedan

    Im happy with my 5700xt in this demanding world of gpu :D

  69. Adrian

    Adrian6 timmar sedan

    I'm so glad that I waited....all the PS5 games don't look much different from my PS4 Pro

  70. zk nation

    zk nation6 timmar sedan

    And remember the number 1 rule. Double tap

  71. David Clark

    David Clark6 timmar sedan

    The cast of the films were so confident in this game they decided to opt out of providing voiceovers.

  72. Garret Neal

    Garret Neal6 timmar sedan

    I love how after Spider Man did so well all of a sudden, license games are coming back like the reason Spider Man did so well wasn’t because they actually put money into it

  73. Johnny BlackJock

    Johnny BlackJock6 timmar sedan

    Wow, I didn't know they were still making PS1 games. That's pretty cool.

  74. C. Sujo

    C. Sujo6 timmar sedan

    Thought I was watching N64 gameplay

  75. Adrian

    Adrian6 timmar sedan

    Looks ASS!

  76. François van Hassel

    François van Hassel6 timmar sedan

    Looks bad!

  77. Astro Flurr

    Astro Flurr6 timmar sedan

    I am a noob in BOTW thank u

  78. TylerTheDefiler

    TylerTheDefiler6 timmar sedan

    The word of the day kids, is CASHGRAB.

  79. Sam Campos

    Sam Campos6 timmar sedan

    I'm impressed it doesn't get copyright-claimed. Not that I support copyright, but this is a big rip-off copy.