Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie

I record myself eating food and upload it here.

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  1. Răzvan Gheorghe

    Răzvan Gheorghe7 timmar sedan


  2. Mochi Chan

    Mochi Chan7 timmar sedan

    u call this a challenge?

  3. WS C

    WS C7 timmar sedan

    If Matt Stonie accidentally stabs himself in the mouth, does it count as a sports injury?

  4. Hatice UYSAL

    Hatice UYSAL7 timmar sedan


  5. Rapha Rico

    Rapha Rico7 timmar sedan

    matt stonie going to the toilet and poops be like the toilet: IS THAT BLOOD WHY IS MY VISION RED NOW WHY DID MATT POOP BLOOD

  6. Hopkins The Movie

    Hopkins The Movie7 timmar sedan

    If McDonald's were to serve this (as Julian requested in _Big Daddy_ for breakfast), it would be called Super Size Cheerios Meal.

  7. Sandra VOJNOVIĆ

    Sandra VOJNOVIĆ7 timmar sedan


  8. Sandra VOJNOVIĆ

    Sandra VOJNOVIĆ7 timmar sedan

    s̆̈ዘል ዘል

  9. Emir Bs#

    Emir Bs#7 timmar sedan

    R.I.P toilet

  10. SunwasFound

    SunwasFound7 timmar sedan

    I love karl’s grilled cheese tbh

  11. Venkat Sai

    Venkat Sai7 timmar sedan

    It takes 30 min for me to complete one ramen noodle pack🙄

  12. RoyalcollarsCo

    RoyalcollarsCo7 timmar sedan

    I’ve seen Nikocado do this on a regular basis without it being a challenge 😂😂😂

  13. NotAJ

    NotAJ7 timmar sedan

    the sounds is satisfying

  14. Scuffed Harry Potter

    Scuffed Harry Potter7 timmar sedan

    I wonder if he ever bites his tounge

  15. Kinzuna

    Kinzuna7 timmar sedan

    Me after eating all of that cookies: 💩💩💩

  16. Your Dad

    Your Dad7 timmar sedan

    I don't belive he had consumed 19. lb. I mean look at his stomach it didn't even bulge out after all that

  17. prince ace clotario

    prince ace clotario7 timmar sedan

    Omg your tongue is color pickle

  18. Shailey Tiwari

    Shailey Tiwari7 timmar sedan

    Nice dwag

  19. Gabry Mase

    Gabry Mase8 timmar sedan

    Penso sia mortadella... Bologna è il nome di una città.

  20. Hopkins The Movie

    Hopkins The Movie8 timmar sedan

    Now try the Vegemite Challenge under the same rules.

  21. Umar Malik

    Umar Malik8 timmar sedan

    Dude this guy is a legend

  22. XRAY - Pubg Mobile

    XRAY - Pubg Mobile8 timmar sedan

    Why is this warrior not on a million likes yet. You guys are brutal.

  23. Hopkins The Movie

    Hopkins The Movie8 timmar sedan

    Fittingly, this went into "overtime" as it took more than the entire game clock to eat all of this.

  24. datz j

    datz j8 timmar sedan

    My face the whole time - ;-;

  25. narain pd gupta

    narain pd gupta8 timmar sedan


  26. Hopkins The Movie

    Hopkins The Movie8 timmar sedan

    Even more than Reese Witherspoon, when he ate 17 and got sick.

  27. Yohan Speed Builds

    Yohan Speed Builds8 timmar sedan

    How is this guy not getting fat🤯🤯🤯🤯

  28. Emithu

    Emithu8 timmar sedan

    POV: theres no food at home and you are torturing yourself


    VENKATASAI CHINNAM8 timmar sedan

    You can do this

  30. Zebedee Salidaga

    Zebedee Salidaga8 timmar sedan

    Rip tge ketchup😞

  31. Febe x Didi

    Febe x Didi8 timmar sedan

    how do you make those pancakes??!!!!!!!!

  32. Sh4ringan Games

    Sh4ringan Games8 timmar sedan

    Joey chestnut : hey matt i recently ate a 6 foot pizza recently

  33. JustSyle

    JustSyle8 timmar sedan

    Teacher: dont eat in class *matt stonie at the back of the class:*

  34. Mario Luigi

    Mario Luigi8 timmar sedan


  35. the gamer

    the gamer8 timmar sedan

    He ate those french fries like a beast


    BLOOM HABESHA8 timmar sedan



    BLOOM HABESHA8 timmar sedan


  38. sert999

    sert9998 timmar sedan

    Wow 😱😱😱

  39. 김서현

    김서현8 timmar sedan

    Wow is a good food

  40. Commander Doge

    Commander Doge8 timmar sedan

    Do the 1000 jellybean chalenge

  41. kasim acelador

    kasim acelador8 timmar sedan


  42. Sachin Kumar

    Sachin Kumar8 timmar sedan


  43. Krish Dulgach

    Krish Dulgach8 timmar sedan

    Bro I am from India you are so funny bro 😂👊👊

  44. yoyoyd

    yoyoyd8 timmar sedan

    Do u vomit afterwards?

  45. HaremKing

    HaremKing8 timmar sedan

    Bet the ribs tasted dry af

  46. Jessethegamer

    Jessethegamer9 timmar sedan

    he ate more bologna in this video than i did in my entire life. he is a beast

  47. Sourabh P

    Sourabh P9 timmar sedan

    MATT we have a CHALLENGE !!!! SHAWARMA challenge 😍😍 it is an Indian dish...........

  48. SyedMDanyal Imam

    SyedMDanyal Imam9 timmar sedan

    The fuck he is on about..! He is going to shit that all out..!

  49. Harder Than Ever

    Harder Than Ever9 timmar sedan

    The simple headlight microregionally bleach because client chemically harm than a volatile pharmacist. pastoral, lackadaisical router

  50. Russian Pengu

    Russian Pengu9 timmar sedan

    when i get one pack of popsicles, 4:18

  51. Call of duty Activision

    Call of duty Activision9 timmar sedan

    Oh my god sala kitna khate ho

  52. kyrie jessie

    kyrie jessie9 timmar sedan

    Sorry but i might break the record 😏

  53. Ivan Alerta

    Ivan Alerta9 timmar sedan

    Can you eat 100 ice cream

  54. UU Its Me Yeees

    UU Its Me Yeees9 timmar sedan

    I want to see him try the challenge from Regular Show

  55. Killer Bean

    Killer Bean9 timmar sedan

    The jolly pea internationally close because plane demographically relax following a zealous hubcap. ruthless, wandering fork

  56. fofo Vlogs

    fofo Vlogs9 timmar sedan

    What his stomach is made of??

  57. Lordz197

    Lordz1979 timmar sedan

    i didnt chew one m&m lol just sallow

  58. Pug_ nacious

    Pug_ nacious9 timmar sedan

    Big boi blastoise

  59. Nona Ipir

    Nona Ipir9 timmar sedan

  60. Killer Bean

    Killer Bean9 timmar sedan

    The shaggy purchase corroboratively decay because sponge importantly cheat opposite a big soldier. shaggy, lopsided buffer

  61. Thsari Anar

    Thsari Anar9 timmar sedan

    Never knew that this also takes practises🤣🤣🤣

  62. Keshav J

    Keshav J9 timmar sedan

    It's a mystery how this guy is alive



  64. Appass Appass

    Appass Appass9 timmar sedan

    Gfify h ticgzuvdjxhxhcjfh

  65. Aarish Agarwal YT

    Aarish Agarwal YT9 timmar sedan

    i feel bad for his dog

  66. RuKorgi Zak

    RuKorgi Zak9 timmar sedan

    Still wondering why hes still skinny

  67. The Friendly Channel

    The Friendly Channel9 timmar sedan

    everytime i try to eat fast a bite my finger How does he do it?

  68. UU Its Me Yeees

    UU Its Me Yeees9 timmar sedan

    "Hey can I have the pepperoni pizza" "I gotchu fam"

  69. Tue Thidemann

    Tue Thidemann9 timmar sedan

    3 time in it looked like a chicken

  70. momes cooks

    momes cooks9 timmar sedan


  71. Sophia Olivia

    Sophia Olivia9 timmar sedan


  72. saabadali burger

    saabadali burger9 timmar sedan

    Me skips 10 seconds him I've eatem 29 chicken wings

  73. Ishan Prabhakar

    Ishan Prabhakar9 timmar sedan


  74. Hamza Abdelmuhdi

    Hamza Abdelmuhdi9 timmar sedan


  75. BerryVR

    BerryVR9 timmar sedan

    this man must exercise allot after these videos

  76. Hamzah Ali

    Hamzah Ali9 timmar sedan

    I’m eating a brownie😎

  77. Rudra Vyas

    Rudra Vyas10 timmar sedan

    If it wasn't for the sause he would have done it under 40

  78. Mushroom person

    Mushroom person10 timmar sedan

    a chicken a hamburger in your language?

  79. Saron Legesse

    Saron Legesse10 timmar sedan

    Don't try cooking like this at home Why

  80. zeno de beer

    zeno de beer10 timmar sedan

    Wait what? Cholesterol levels don't exist?? Ur heart still beating? Whut