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  1. pragaro bliūdelis

    pragaro bliūdelis7 timmar sedan

    Why the fuck they dont put in store cameras

  2. Louis HERBEZ

    Louis HERBEZ7 timmar sedan


  3. The Batman

    The Batman7 timmar sedan


  4. meme man

    meme man8 timmar sedan

    Fun Fact if you click on the car three times you can leave the mansion and get an ending

  5. Connie Chen

    Connie Chen8 timmar sedan

    4:21 meme

  6. Kyle Tanking

    Kyle Tanking8 timmar sedan

    That’s a great pulp fiction poster

  7. lunurrrtheidiot

    lunurrrtheidiot8 timmar sedan

    The facial stretcher just makes it look like he has big lips

  8. a b

    a b8 timmar sedan

    its been fun jon, see you next year!

  9. Cam Cam

    Cam Cam8 timmar sedan

    3:57 me when facing the bully

  10. Muhammad Nopi Brasilla

    Muhammad Nopi Brasilla8 timmar sedan


  11. a slippery bisexual

    a slippery bisexual8 timmar sedan

    1:35 you not going to mention the shoes?

  12. HiddenLord

    HiddenLord8 timmar sedan

    People are sayin this is not the original and I just pity them.

  13. Skitch

    Skitch9 timmar sedan

    8:59 *"Life is hell this way"*

  14. The Flick Chick

    The Flick Chick9 timmar sedan

    I hate how Jimmy was legit like- "I'm way too young for this. I want to go home." And then Karsh tried to actually manipulate him to stay.

  15. Nathan Barsness

    Nathan Barsness9 timmar sedan


  16. Noah Oord

    Noah Oord9 timmar sedan

    When my dad makes me play one of his old video games about mario but the game is zo damaged it's more like a horror game 12:05

  17. Sue McCashland

    Sue McCashland9 timmar sedan

    is this what 2012 was really like??? 9:30

  18. Liner _s

    Liner _s9 timmar sedan

    Have you seen a prank please

  19. Rhys Davidson

    Rhys Davidson9 timmar sedan

    Honestly surprised he didn’t mention touhou

  20. Canadian_Potato13

    Canadian_Potato139 timmar sedan

    Where’s the CN tower?


    VIRALAPE9 timmar sedan

    Now I know what’s the role model for NERP

  22. Robert Stevenson

    Robert Stevenson10 timmar sedan

    12:19 Dude! I'm think that's Taika Waititi, director of Thor Ragnarok.

  23. Tayla Ware

    Tayla Ware10 timmar sedan

    I miss old SEtoos 😥😭

  24. Jorj

    Jorj10 timmar sedan

    did he say dogecoin ??

  25. Fiona Goldberg

    Fiona Goldberg10 timmar sedan

    I very much enjoyed zach's beautiful singing

  26. Brian McCarty

    Brian McCarty10 timmar sedan

    O K N O W Y O U H A V E M Y A T T E N T I O N

  27. sr ruso

    sr ruso10 timmar sedan

    No one is gonna talk about that amazing shot that Jon did

  28. RedWarrior

    RedWarrior11 timmar sedan

    4:52 Yeah he’s gonna be docking some X and Y chromosomes.

  29. Randy Compton

    Randy Compton11 timmar sedan

    This legit made me tear up.

  30. Jasmine Manuel

    Jasmine Manuel11 timmar sedan

    Ay after a couple of hundreds or thousands of year nothing has changed

  31. roboiago

    roboiago12 timmar sedan

    that friggin ending killed me lmfao

  32. Gatlin Garage

    Gatlin Garage12 timmar sedan

    Your dad is at the institute

  33. scottyGG

    scottyGG12 timmar sedan

    even as a nonvegan this is absolutely fucking horrific

  34. Bailey Goodwin

    Bailey Goodwin12 timmar sedan


  35. GD UbiVoiD

    GD UbiVoiD12 timmar sedan

    Let's drop in on a grommet.

  36. Lawrence Solomon

    Lawrence Solomon12 timmar sedan

    The trash taste bois saying Zed is the right way of saying Z xD Me going like: 8:53

  37. Hunter Sturlin

    Hunter Sturlin12 timmar sedan

    No no no no no. Jon has absolutely no right to not only sing this song well, but to outdo the original. It literally isn’t fair

  38. xwulfd

    xwulfd12 timmar sedan

    that homage is lit, i wish he made a full version of the song

  39. Hope

    Hope13 timmar sedan

    I am uncomfortable with the fact that I want McDonald's now

  40. Barenjunge’s Opinion

    Barenjunge’s Opinion13 timmar sedan

    Always remember the shoes.

  41. MadGames

    MadGames13 timmar sedan

    I literally just got a Rise of Kingdom ad right before I clicked on this video, I really don't need another one in beginning of the actual video

  42. Chadyboii

    Chadyboii13 timmar sedan

    you are feeling hilarious! love you man stay strong

  43. Falco Wings

    Falco Wings13 timmar sedan

    Wat?! WTF?!

  44. Addrick Stich

    Addrick Stich13 timmar sedan

    Yeah I'd argue Wc1, Wc2, Sc1,D1,D2 are the core of what was good in blizzards history, after Burning Crusade they just shit all over their community. Websites like wowbeez and war2,ru have put the heart back into what we used to have. It's really sad to see.

  45. Mr1234567895730

    Mr123456789573014 timmar sedan

    I was doing drugs while watching this, I have a craving for McDonalds now

  46. Foxxy -

    Foxxy -14 timmar sedan

    Programming in a nutshell: “It was working before and now it just isn’t idk why.”

  47. Finn 7117

    Finn 711714 timmar sedan

    JonTron is a swood guy

  48. Barenjunge’s Opinion

    Barenjunge’s Opinion14 timmar sedan

    What they said: “it’s your fault I’m dead.” What I heard: “it’s your fault I’m gay.”

  49. ShogunRyuusha

    ShogunRyuusha14 timmar sedan

    Remember: He actually went out and found a suit worn by one guy for a joke. And this is only the start of his dedication.

  50. zefg123

    zefg12314 timmar sedan

    Cant smile. Face is swollen up from surgery. Johny boy makes me happy

  51. Atharva Saxena

    Atharva Saxena14 timmar sedan

    Ah yes, after years of studies and research we finnally found it The weapon against humanity *A nail cutter with a Acog 4x sight*


    ARKAR NYUNT OO14 timmar sedan

    My internet broke down at abot 2:39 and i saw children as in "anything natural that are harmful"

  53. Bartłomiej Kowalczyk

    Bartłomiej Kowalczyk14 timmar sedan

    mandzio from abroad

  54. K P

    K P14 timmar sedan

    The only reason the end clip was so funny is because of how accurately JT represented Steven Seagal

  55. Elia The Were-Pokémon

    Elia The Were-Pokémon14 timmar sedan

    12:57 Everyone's reaction to Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8

  56. matthew matthew

    matthew matthew14 timmar sedan

    That was hilarious

  57. R

    R14 timmar sedan

    the robot is just a hunk of plastic with wheels and an ipad

  58. coolintuitivename

    coolintuitivename15 timmar sedan

    Why tf do they hate c.s. lewis. Swear most of his books were about christanity and aslan was basically god.

  59. Oliver Koogler

    Oliver Koogler15 timmar sedan

    Thanks to 6:34, I can't take a shit without thinking about Jon.

  60. Great Yeeter

    Great Yeeter15 timmar sedan

    The Korean people literally said that Korea is one of the fastest aging countries... LIKE WHY THE HELL ARE YOU AGING FASTER WUT

  61. K P

    K P15 timmar sedan

    Scottish Parliament building looks like a skatepark

  62. MonkeyMuchacho

    MonkeyMuchacho15 timmar sedan

    Still waiting for Jon to do a video on the sequel

  63. Chico

    Chico15 timmar sedan

    it’s insane to me that lizzo has a pack of those stickers named after herself but also appeared on the eric andre show

  64. BilisticOrange

    BilisticOrange15 timmar sedan


  65. MrApocalisse

    MrApocalisse15 timmar sedan

    It doesn't loop, you should've gotten another copy and finished it

  66. Negative -

    Negative -15 timmar sedan


  67. K P

    K P15 timmar sedan

    what about the call of duty commercial with all the celebrities playing, I always thought that was pretty good

  68. Jacob Ooten

    Jacob Ooten15 timmar sedan

    The Elder Scrolls joke had me rolling 15:09

  69. Grandmother Productions

    Grandmother Productions15 timmar sedan

    Hey! I scrunch, maaaaan!

  70. Ramon Saldana

    Ramon Saldana15 timmar sedan

    Steven thinks that he taught Anderson Silva everything he knows 😂

  71. NipMae

    NipMae15 timmar sedan

    Funny enough we actually did learn all of this over in nevada

  72. Mister Bones

    Mister Bones15 timmar sedan


  73. DaddyTrace 69

    DaddyTrace 6915 timmar sedan

    3 years

  74. DomExists

    DomExists15 timmar sedan

    “MacDonal chicken maknugget” Jon probably

  75. Cyslur

    Cyslur16 timmar sedan


  76. Idiot Gamer

    Idiot Gamer16 timmar sedan


  77. Livinitrix

    Livinitrix16 timmar sedan


  78. Rabid Hog

    Rabid Hog16 timmar sedan

    Wanna know where vanilla ice is now? He's just dancing with ninja turtles.

  79. Dana B

    Dana B16 timmar sedan

    And a big warm "welcome back" to Jon's hat

  80. Kinggamer 123

    Kinggamer 12316 timmar sedan

    This is shit