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I Opened A FAKE Starbucks
I ARRESTED My Best Friend
I Opened A FAKE McDonalds
  1. Studio Panda1818

    Studio Panda181819 timmar sedan

    I MISSED THE DEADLINE 😫😪😥😒😕😔😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🙄🙄😑😑😐😐😐😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

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    Such an inspiration and borris shush

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    anyone here in 2021

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    this man is gonna be london mayor

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    Why is this in my recommended then 😂

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    Me About Too Put On The Timestamp : Add: Im Going Too Ruin This Mans Whole Career

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    you hit 1 million likes

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    Why is this on my recommended 6 years later

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    Niko 1 million likes Me let's see how he's doing realises it actually has 1M

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    1.8 million human beings just got clickbaited into that.

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    This is gonna be the end of youtube cause i dont think i will ever find a better video

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    How is this video so good

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    Lol they took your teeth is well ! Bruvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv hahah hahahaha

  18. Harru Potter

    Harru Potter19 timmar sedan

    Are You Actually Are Trying Too Get The Place As Mayor?

  19. Funny Man

    Funny Man19 timmar sedan

    The Paul’s suck anyway so why would little kids hate on him

  20. Phoenix Plays

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    YESSSS 1 million likes

  21. Abraham Tharakan

    Abraham Tharakan19 timmar sedan

    So BBC, it looks like you’ve messed with the wrong young little guy cause I’m gonna make you pay 🤣🤣Lol I was cracking up so hard

  22. Xavier Mercado

    Xavier Mercado19 timmar sedan

    You guys better vote

  23. greg ylffeh

    greg ylffeh19 timmar sedan

    I love the overdramatic music it really makes the video


    EGGTASTIC19 timmar sedan

    2:48 NEEK O

  25. Cyftss Lingic

    Cyftss Lingic19 timmar sedan

    What city is this??? Looks super muslim friendly!💜💜💜

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  27. Soraia Bella

    Soraia Bella19 timmar sedan

    I feel so bad for the first guy but he was so professional

  28. Man Said Jokes

    Man Said Jokes19 timmar sedan

    Niko reminds me of pablo Escobar idek why

  29. Leonidas

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  30. Valerie Goris

    Valerie Goris19 timmar sedan

    You got the nerve for sure my guy, if I lived in London I would vote for you!

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    Swizzy yt19 timmar sedan

    the amount of times i can re-watch this video is incredible never gets old

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    "and also stop blocking all the roads you shmucks" 🤣🤣🤣

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    If you dont reply your a shmuck

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    Awww little ugly niko 🥺🥺😋

  36. Super Charged

    Super Charged19 timmar sedan

    I really want him to take this seriously though, because he has a chance of winning.

  37. Omar Elsebaey

    Omar Elsebaey19 timmar sedan

    Hehe sorry big chungus

  38. N3isan

    N3isan19 timmar sedan

    whats the song tune thing at the start?

  39. MK games

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    3:20 no one gonna talk about count binface xd

  40. Reidy Elle

    Reidy Elle19 timmar sedan

    My aunt and uncle live in London...AND IMA TELL EM VOTE RIGHT NOW 👇

  41. S1_xo

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    Now he's the future Mayore of London

  42. RockingBasket88

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    Bro my mans actually act like he’s the boss of a mafia team but no hate though

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    ew the beard lol

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    Niko stooop😂😂😂😂😭 I’m dying... you are too much

  46. シUno

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    11:36 KSI ayyeeeeeeeee

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    top tier

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    Ksi : 1 million likes Nico : I’m not you SEtoos recommended : are you sure about that

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  51. Bony Thankachan

    Bony Thankachan20 timmar sedan

    Our future mayor 🥵

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    The person who asked for the job got ot no one knows if he ever got paidd

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    focking gorgeous

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    Is it Segway or swegway ??

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    Hahahaha "basement" hahaha

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    The mayer of london

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    0:00 a legend arrived with another vid

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    The guy was eude

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    We got 1 mill likes

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    he is literally in charge of the person who pushed him because we all know everyones voting for niko for mayor

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    u got a mil

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    is this a MEME😂?

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    My sister is such a big fan and we already subscribed but today we put the notification bell and we will vote for u!

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    my man got 5% of the vote lets go

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    That’s rare more views than subs

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    Niko for mayor

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    so is the beard fake or real ? i cant tell

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    This vid now has 1 million views MAD

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    omg gareth winslow has a twitter and facebook lmao im not lying

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    Hence RINGSIDE was born!!!!!!!!!

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    There's nothing better than a waffle master as mayor.

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    Niko for mayor

  79. Isolde Hoskins

    Isolde Hoskins20 timmar sedan

    woah everything he does is so extreme! btw i subbed