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  1. Allison

    Allison14 timmar sedan

    My sister not a miley cyrus fans

  2. Corbillat

    Corbillat14 timmar sedan

    Lmao it’s so badly made Hahahah I caaaant wtf EJDJDJDJDJDD

  3. Allison

    Allison14 timmar sedan

    They broke up!why

  4. Cousin 33

    Cousin 3314 timmar sedan

    She’s so hot

  5. Rebecca Oprea

    Rebecca Oprea14 timmar sedan

    I never really cared for her but now that she’s a mother , she shines in a whole new light .

  6. t reznicek

    t reznicek14 timmar sedan

    Does she has personality disorder or is this considered a normal person these days?

  7. Georgie Thumbs

    Georgie Thumbs14 timmar sedan

    little turd never had to get a real job in his life, never had to get a degree, never had to join the military to pay for that degree, never had to worry about raising a family and what does the scumbag do? He tries to destroy the economy for people who do have to work by pushing that fcking global warming scam while he rides around in yachts and private jets, he's a dickhead

  8. ExQtics

    ExQtics14 timmar sedan

    GREAT MESSAGE! poor delivery. I still love him

  9. Jan Grossman

    Jan Grossman14 timmar sedan


  10. Queen Billie

    Queen Billie14 timmar sedan

    Billie is giving me a vibe that she is getting annoyed 😂😂

  11. Jada T's Fishy Adventures

    Jada T's Fishy Adventures14 timmar sedan

    And here's where you're gonna have angry children that become angry adults special needs or not.... I know personally.

  12. Ashley Perez

    Ashley Perez14 timmar sedan

    The series was horrible my opinion so back off but damn the chick can’t dance for shit and really skinny The movie brought out Selena’s character out.......the series failed to do that and why was Selena mean to Chris in his own book she was obsessed with him even kissing him infront of band members the only one she was hiding from was her dad totally weird vibe from this show honestly

  13. Javed J

    Javed J14 timmar sedan

    Sasha looks so much like Haben from the Eriamsisters

  14. imagen a creative name

    imagen a creative name14 timmar sedan

    People. Were you not listening ? She revealed that Dumbledore was gay in 2007. Before the last book was even released. Chill.

  15. Rosa Lani

    Rosa Lani14 timmar sedan

    This has no?

  16. TX Beachbum

    TX Beachbum14 timmar sedan

    The daughter should be much more embarrassed by being named after a fruit.

  17. Eric Carlsson

    Eric Carlsson14 timmar sedan

    Pedro is STAR WARS. Thanks for being back my trust & hope for Star Wars, keep it up ! <3

  18. M&J YG

    M&J YG14 timmar sedan

    At least she realized she needed to change but i never thought she was out of control

  19. David Guerrero

    David Guerrero14 timmar sedan

    this is so sad i really liked him

  20. Redella Livingston

    Redella Livingston14 timmar sedan

    She was Alsome !

  21. Alexis Poeun

    Alexis Poeun14 timmar sedan


  22. Redella Livingston

    Redella Livingston14 timmar sedan

    She Was Alsome !!!!

  23. Xuen Li

    Xuen Li14 timmar sedan

    So GLAD it wasn’t Ellis

  24. M&J YG

    M&J YG14 timmar sedan

    Omg hell no a issue with her for my birthday month wtf

  25. Love You

    Love You14 timmar sedan


  26. Smelly Mothafucka

    Smelly Mothafucka14 timmar sedan

    “We do not care”

  27. Gerardo Mamaril

    Gerardo Mamaril14 timmar sedan

    Gerardo Mamaril 1 second ago I saw in the image of Mr. Coming President Biden is humility and God guides the humble, blessed American President who is a good man. from Gerardo F.Mamaril a servant of God/Jesus. from the Philippines

  28. Preston Hunter

    Preston Hunter14 timmar sedan

    Fr I love her I don’t know why people are so mean 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  29. hilary jfs

    hilary jfs14 timmar sedan

    LOVE LOVE this show! more episodes! more episodes!

  30. derek jones

    derek jones14 timmar sedan

    Hazel ugly as hell. I really don't get what Tarik sees in her. There are so many better Filipinas who are hot as hell and have a fun and loving personality. This chump settles with one who speaks like a robot anf has the personality of a brick. I'm pretty sure this is why they've introduced the bi elrment, to try and her interesting. I'd rather listen to Tarik rap again than listen to her........hold on wait.


    CALL ME JERRY14 timmar sedan

    Someone give her an Oscar give her a Grammy anything because she's such a great actress👏👏👏👁👄👁

  32. KJ

    KJ14 timmar sedan

    OMG this is my dad with my sisters and I. Thanks to my parents I've learned I could be a friend to my girls, but make sure they know I'm a parent 1st and foremost. You can't be all parent nor be all friend, there has to be a balance.

  33. Vanesa Terry

    Vanesa Terry14 timmar sedan

    I have stopped watching greys but seeing these snippets of my favorite characters on my time line has me alllll in the feels. I miss the old greys

  34. Robin King

    Robin King14 timmar sedan

    All of the orgasims were hard to listen to honestly.

  35. Baby Girl Jay

    Baby Girl Jay14 timmar sedan

    I wonder if they're gonna include when Puff tried to get her jumped 🤭

  36. sophia colon

    sophia colon14 timmar sedan

    Guys she 16 I'm not one of her followers but people make mistakes nobodys perfect give her a break everyone has done worse things it's not okay

  37. kat kat

    kat kat14 timmar sedan

    I’m loving it, she really is bringing the best in everyone, what a step up, finally! Refreshing to see someone genuine, the Clare part made me wanna 🤮

  38. Zakiyah’s World

    Zakiyah’s World14 timmar sedan


  39. Browne Sugarr

    Browne Sugarr14 timmar sedan

    Did u say 40year old!😱NOWAY!!!😳

  40. SUPREME Bart

    SUPREME Bart14 timmar sedan

    "Its not okay, you've been hating on me" Does she realize that she make 80 milion dollars a year? So she should know what she should, and shouldnt do?

  41. Thippy

    Thippy14 timmar sedan

    okay im late but why was Tom fired??? I was wondering why the chnage of host this season

  42. AL C

    AL C14 timmar sedan

    6:36 hahaha hoooooo i fucking hate you rian johnson and kennedy

  43. M

    M14 timmar sedan

    No, the whole world does not have electricity.

  44. Alpha Morton

    Alpha Morton14 timmar sedan

    Who cares about these people why are they even celebrities???

  45. Ash Ley

    Ash Ley14 timmar sedan

    I cant handle all of this!!!

  46. Alynne Ngo

    Alynne Ngo14 timmar sedan

    you know damn right that I cried when I saw George:((

  47. Patty Viviendo

    Patty Viviendo14 timmar sedan

    Yas Queen! So the prince was a queen 👑 my favorite is kicking Kim out. 😁😅

  48. Caja Rama

    Caja Rama14 timmar sedan

    "everything is about you,they’ve always been about you,like they’re all about you,every song I’ve ever wrote" shawn about camila

  49. Josh Josh

    Josh Josh14 timmar sedan

    Rip joe

  50. Marika Crockett

    Marika Crockett14 timmar sedan

    I Miss George O'Malley So Much so happy he back!!!

  51. Blake

    Blake14 timmar sedan

    Illuminati slave/mk ultra puppet.

  52. Joe Hunter1

    Joe Hunter114 timmar sedan

    Those of you talking shit. You would do the same if someone threatened your life or your family's life with a weapon and guess what a car can be used as a wepon

  53. Hadiya Ferguson

    Hadiya Ferguson14 timmar sedan

    Bring back Lexi and Mc steamy

  54. kay Aye

    kay Aye14 timmar sedan

    Oh wow, imagine being the girl who filmed her?? waking up the next day ... to all this!?! Esp. If she had posted it on her social media already. Like, Yikes 😳.... wasn’t me.... 😬

  55. Moped Mike

    Moped Mike14 timmar sedan

    I think Lexie or mark sloan might be next or it would be cool to see both of her parents shows up at once to

  56. Joy C

    Joy C14 timmar sedan

    Some of these couples shouldn't have made it on the show this is one of them.

  57. Millie Damus

    Millie Damus14 timmar sedan

    Love her growth 🙂

  58. Fiona Clacken

    Fiona Clacken14 timmar sedan

    I love you Miley Cyrus 😘😘😘

  59. Tania Yadira

    Tania Yadira14 timmar sedan

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  60. grace lopez

    grace lopez14 timmar sedan

    Me parece que ella escucho lo que dijo Carolina Herrera acerca del cabello largo y se lo corto!

  61. badass

    badass14 timmar sedan

    ı'll put some water in your eye -Bully Maguire

  62. Amber Mayer

    Amber Mayer14 timmar sedan

    I have to say, I'm quite pleased with myself for guessing this right.

  63. Sel Ten

    Sel Ten14 timmar sedan

    The biggest problem here is Sumit, men like him are better off marrying their parents! Stop f*ing with ppl's emotion and time. You and your parents are soulmates! Lmao

  64. orangeade

    orangeade14 timmar sedan

    bruh... “I do what I do for all the people who say I inspire them” inspire them in what way?? also, apparently the chef is like part of the family or whatever but like he is cooking for you to fill your stomach and you gag because of the food? What was all this overreaction for? Don’t like something of your dinner? Put it aside???? I-

  65. Peggy Glasinovich

    Peggy Glasinovich14 timmar sedan

    I can’t wait. Love her and I hope they did her justice. Ready to cheer and cry ♥️♥️♥️🙏🏼

  66. el do

    el do14 timmar sedan

    This dude look like the statue from Easter island..

  67. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace14 timmar sedan

    amazing woman,Godbless

  68. Marvin

    Marvin14 timmar sedan

    GEORGE - why not put a spoiler warning???

  69. Nadia 168

    Nadia 16814 timmar sedan

    You can have a monogamous relationship when you are bi. This is more about them both wanting multiple partners than her being bi.

  70. SchizoJoe

    SchizoJoe14 timmar sedan

    so did she do the surgery?

  71. Carlos Mercedes 2.0

    Carlos Mercedes 2.015 timmar sedan

    knowing the dark side of fame is never good

  72. Paul Roman

    Paul Roman15 timmar sedan

    I feel like George had more screen time and lines than Derek.

  73. Red Blueberry

    Red Blueberry15 timmar sedan

    Kobe makes me wonder life

  74. Nicky Speakman

    Nicky Speakman15 timmar sedan

    I loved George, he was one of my all time faves, I was so upset when we all realised it was him in the hospital bed.Best show, with the best characters ever. Izzys brain tumour...seeing her dead fiance because of it. It was all brilliant.

  75. Myrna Murphy

    Myrna Murphy15 timmar sedan

    I loved the old crew I miss them

  76. P H

    P H15 timmar sedan

    When Derek came back I was so happy but George I missed him too she should catch him up

  77. Classy Life

    Classy Life15 timmar sedan

    I really wished it was lexie...the sister combination would have been epic

  78. Udo

    Udo15 timmar sedan

    I need closure😭😭😭 did Joan get married? Did Mya and Darnell adopt? Did Lynn’s music career kick off?? William’s baby??😭

  79. Irene Tsomidis

    Irene Tsomidis15 timmar sedan

    It’s all for the show and the $. Trail, yr a sicko!!!

  80. Ava M

    Ava M15 timmar sedan

    First the haters that are hating on Charli they are probably just jealous on how she has fans. And how people when they just can keep it to their self spread hate is rude. The reason she wanted to be a Tik Tok star is probably because entertain people and show people what she can do. The haters don't need to hate shes just a person who wants to entertain people. and i know i KNOW that if she ends her spot on Tik Tok and probably SEtoos the haters will feel bad. Charli grew up as a baby and had a dream of being a dancer, When she turned 4 or 3 yrs old she became a dancer. and she moved on with her life still having dance in her life a. Few yrs later she found out Tik Tok was a thing, she was about 12 years old during that time. So she learned the dances she found out about the Renegade dance but she did not know that she would be a star at it nor someone else made up a similar dance like it. So people started to follow her and started youtube this was somewhere when she started Tik Tok. She started to get hate and never gave up. So like i said if y'all haters make her loose her star spot on Tik Tok you will most likely feel bad for her. I know at the end when she never gave up she become an very successful person and move on with Tik Tok. P.S "To Charli" if you see this comment i hope you become double successful person than you are right now never give up and brush off those mean haters :D Love Ya!