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  1. Faouzia Arrassi

    Faouzia Arrassi7 timmar sedan

    Funny facing

  2. kamisama GG

    kamisama GG7 timmar sedan

    Every time I shit, I watch this

  3. Vada Vada

    Vada Vada7 timmar sedan

    Aw I miss this show

  4. Darius Anderson

    Darius Anderson7 timmar sedan

    white stripes soo fits the trailer

  5. Harold Johnson

    Harold Johnson7 timmar sedan

    I swear I know people like the squids..😂

  6. Diego Macias

    Diego Macias7 timmar sedan

    1:02 Never Sing jingle bells wrong otherwise you'll end up tramatize like those boys holding hands with fear

  7. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith7 timmar sedan

    00:55 you're welcome

  8. Isaiah Daniels

    Isaiah Daniels7 timmar sedan

    mOrE LIkE bOttLEs goT TosSed! ...what?

  9. West Dakota

    West Dakota7 timmar sedan

    I miss Russell Brand

  10. Jonathan L.

    Jonathan L.8 timmar sedan

    I wanted so bad to like this show. I loved Harvy Birdman and hoped this was gonna be on par. Instead it feels like getting Sunny D when you were expecting fresh squeezed o.j. It feels like the characters are watered down versions of their original counterparts. Even Birdgirl is dull compared to the HB version. It feels like the writers watched Harvey and said "this is show is too random and energized, what if bland it down, make the jokes predictable and cliché, and get rid of the old Hannah Barbera characters"

  11. jonathan hirst

    jonathan hirst8 timmar sedan

    How is it that over the weeks and/or months that he dated her seemingly having the remote the whole time and he never once managed to accidentally press the button but once he gets pepper sprayed he presses it a dozens times

  12. TopFlightSecurity415

    TopFlightSecurity4158 timmar sedan

    2:11 lmao!!!

  13. Ga Ziibo

    Ga Ziibo8 timmar sedan


  14. RadHazard

    RadHazard8 timmar sedan

    I liked it

  15. Asa Imani

    Asa Imani8 timmar sedan

    They put an incredible amount of work in everything they do I love u Tim

  16. anamarvelo

    anamarvelo8 timmar sedan

    I'm still confused on what the hell Meredith is wearing

  17. tangy tablets

    tangy tablets8 timmar sedan

    I love Gillian's enthusiasm. Its so fun... but also scary.

  18. Nick Stoltz

    Nick Stoltz8 timmar sedan

    Final Space is pretty good, definitely a step in the right direction... but it isn't Smiling Friends

  19. Nick Stoltz

    Nick Stoltz8 timmar sedan

    Wait, this isn't Smiling Friends

  20. Bruhinity

    Bruhinity8 timmar sedan

    P o g

  21. Justin Boudreau

    Justin Boudreau8 timmar sedan

    Just noticed the beserk shirt

  22. Aleta Nook

    Aleta Nook8 timmar sedan

    I'm confused by this. Is the Rick who was down on his knees praying supposed to be our Rick?

  23. Monsieur Condottiero

    Monsieur Condottiero8 timmar sedan

    Didn’t Darth Maul have the high ground when he fought Obi Wan?

  24. Poofie The God

    Poofie The God8 timmar sedan

    I got recommended this while having explosive diarrhea 9 years after this was released and people try to tell me my phone isn’t watching me

  25. PineappleExpress

    PineappleExpress8 timmar sedan

    I lost it when he said i got bit by Anthony chetus I lost it

  26. Khushi Malik

    Khushi Malik8 timmar sedan

    I don't what I was expecting but it definitely wasn't this. lmaaooo

  27. Unnamed.

    Unnamed.8 timmar sedan

    (Placed bronze in game placement) Me : what..da My brain : this can't brie....

  28. funco adv

    funco adv8 timmar sedan

    Toonami loji maximum immunity safety security asap loji 9 get rid of heat bother stat 7

  29. BamfIamone

    BamfIamone8 timmar sedan

    Honestly pretty great

  30. Naxshaw Aryx

    Naxshaw Aryx8 timmar sedan

    Hey did anyone notice that drop on the blond guy's face at 1:23? That's a dead body right? How is it able to sweat or cry?

  31. Jeff Grant, PhD

    Jeff Grant, PhD8 timmar sedan

    2:54 Tim very nearly breaks. Love it!

  32. JaffNo898

    JaffNo8988 timmar sedan

    I like the old style of art from harvey birdman, but the concept is good

  33. Brandon Taylor

    Brandon Taylor8 timmar sedan


  34. Paul Dickinson

    Paul Dickinson8 timmar sedan

    0:31 Going into a church with cushioned pews

  35. Turdferisonfunnyname29

    Turdferisonfunnyname298 timmar sedan

    0:33. Aww meatwad. Lol

  36. acmecomments

    acmecomments8 timmar sedan

    pause at 11:09

  37. Wynand Olivier

    Wynand Olivier8 timmar sedan

    I wanna say this is blowing my mind but it's more like blowing ON my mind, like you would blow on a too hot coffee.

  38. Brandon Jordan

    Brandon Jordan9 timmar sedan

    Lotta incels and snowflakes in the comments, really shows how fragile dudes are nowadays

  39. Jake

    Jake9 timmar sedan

    The fuzzy dice bouquets lmfaooo

  40. Quinn Zyker

    Quinn Zyker9 timmar sedan

    Ray Wise seems like a fun dude

  41. The Bag

    The Bag9 timmar sedan

    Rick cares for morty and thats too cool for school right there

  42. Last Rapscallion

    Last Rapscallion9 timmar sedan

    This. Is. Incredible. Or. It’s just some shit we made up.

  43. Blake Qualheim

    Blake Qualheim9 timmar sedan

    This thing is so crazy and weird but also so that's who chica'smother is

  44. Sewshy

    Sewshy9 timmar sedan


  45. Joy

    Joy9 timmar sedan

    This is insane in the best way

  46. Tony

    Tony9 timmar sedan

    Love that the intro was when she first appeared in birdman pulling the chair down nice head nod

  47. Jellyfish In-Water

    Jellyfish In-Water9 timmar sedan

    Asepxia advertisement be like:

  48. Rex117Captain

    Rex117Captain9 timmar sedan

    Manny Santos!

  49. ꧁Mlg Pink Guy꧂

    ꧁Mlg Pink Guy꧂9 timmar sedan

    Adult swim is the best

  50. najmikamargaming

    najmikamargaming9 timmar sedan

    Where is sheryl goodspeed aka hot mom🤩

  51. Zane craft

    Zane craft9 timmar sedan

    So wholesome but yet so emotional and funny

  52. SubConCody talks

    SubConCody talks9 timmar sedan

    Robot Spongebob

  53. Isaac Luna

    Isaac Luna9 timmar sedan

    0:10 when the imposter is sus, bum bum bum bum bum bum bum... bumbumbum

  54. Cecile Unia

    Cecile Unia9 timmar sedan


  55. Georgina W.

    Georgina W.9 timmar sedan

    Hannibals soy sauce really does suck

  56. Gex enter the Inteleon

    Gex enter the Inteleon9 timmar sedan

    Just wait till we see a giant lizard monster bird with an egg being hunted down by hunters

  57. RC BrainDamage

    RC BrainDamage9 timmar sedan

    It is honestly getting better

  58. Sam Y

    Sam Y9 timmar sedan

    L o af

  59. x dreamy

    x dreamy9 timmar sedan

    30 seconds in and i love it

  60. Sir JJ

    Sir JJ9 timmar sedan

    I would've settled for Thin Mints

  61. Mr Pumpkinhead

    Mr Pumpkinhead9 timmar sedan

    The song that plays when Opal looks at the attic is called “crying” it’s probably her when she’s thinking about living in a different home

  62. Marlex Lee

    Marlex Lee9 timmar sedan

    did u see a text pop out but is so fast gone here it said "crying session at pinocchio's house 8pm pull up"

  63. Dirt McGert

    Dirt McGert9 timmar sedan

    Scare Bear is definitely my favorite of the lot.

  64. Andrew

    Andrew9 timmar sedan

    That themesong is fantastic.

  65. Steadyrock100

    Steadyrock1009 timmar sedan

    0:10 a rip from the end outro of 1967 Spider-Man

  66. Rylon F

    Rylon F9 timmar sedan

    classic. love Tyler genius

  67. nyimas and her family

    nyimas and her family9 timmar sedan

    Just way

  68. nyimas and her family

    nyimas and her family9 timmar sedan


  69. nyimas and her family

    nyimas and her family9 timmar sedan


  70. nyimas and her family

    nyimas and her family9 timmar sedan


  71. nyimas and her family

    nyimas and her family9 timmar sedan

    its creepy

  72. Adam Ferrell

    Adam Ferrell10 timmar sedan

    Oh dv I wish you were my son

  73. Aaron Kempster

    Aaron Kempster10 timmar sedan

    I hope that last season was them rediscovering their direction and that moving on they have more characterization and small arcs that helped us really get attached to the characters like seasons 2-3. They have 60 episodes left on contract so they have a lot of guaranteed time to write story for.

  74. nyimas and her family

    nyimas and her family10 timmar sedan


  75. nyimas and her family

    nyimas and her family10 timmar sedan


  76. Debra Parker

    Debra Parker10 timmar sedan


  77. buyerofsorts

    buyerofsorts10 timmar sedan

    Harrison Ford played Dee Vee.

  78. Owen

    Owen10 timmar sedan

    not as good as the anime ;)

  79. Ross from Friends

    Ross from Friends10 timmar sedan

    Gassing a bunch of people at a wedding on live TV IS definitely something jokker would do

  80. Cascadia Uploader

    Cascadia Uploader10 timmar sedan

    13:27 for my Six Bag Cinema Heads