GF - Música Electrónica
GF - Música Electrónica
GF - Música Electrónica

  1. Rashidah Rashidah

    Rashidah Rashidah52 minuter sedan

    i love you bilie eilish

  2. YoYo Zhams

    YoYo Zhams5 timmar sedan

    Good ❤️ 👍❤️👍👍

  3. Trinity Cowdry

    Trinity Cowdry7 timmar sedan

    I'm gay

  4. Danaé

    Danaé8 timmar sedan

    Ces musiques m'inspirent tellement quand j'écris .

  5. Fabián Romero

    Fabián Romero14 timmar sedan


  6. xsdcfvgb dsdthym

    xsdcfvgb dsdthym16 timmar sedan

    get off commercial?!.

  7. Celine Alfawair

    Celine Alfawair20 timmar sedan

    Not me cryin over this

  8. Ali vlogs

    Ali vlogsDag sedan

    Billie Eilish 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Patricia Pineda

    Patricia PinedaDag sedan

    I love you Billie Eilish 💚.! 🥺

  10. YoYo Zhams

    YoYo ZhamsDag sedan

    Great 👍

  11. YoYo Zhams

    YoYo ZhamsDag sedan


  12. YoYo Zhams

    YoYo ZhamsDag sedan

    Nice music

  13. YoYo Zhams

    YoYo ZhamsDag sedan

    That's great! Very exciting!

  14. Andrea Daccardi

    Andrea DaccardiDag sedan


  15. chelsea and shayla cat hearts

    chelsea and shayla cat heartsDag sedan

    I do

  16. yoyo tuber hernandez

    yoyo tuber hernandezDag sedan

    love you Billie Eilish 💚🖤

  17. Toxico Free

    Toxico FreeDag sedan

    Te amo Vení a misiones por favor

  18. Kadence Ferris

    Kadence FerrisDag sedan

    I love Billie Eilish

  19. Paula Owggffhhgjeda

    Paula OwggffhhgjedaDag sedan

    Bad gui bad inglés (chico malo) en español

  20. ariadna sanz

    ariadna sanzDag sedan

    Podria hacer mi tarea..... pero primero tengo que escuchar esto completo jsjjajhd

  21. midwest traveler

    midwest travelerDag sedan

    The best song of all. Watch

  22. Nandini Madhu

    Nandini MadhuDag sedan

    Bad guy My favorite 😘

  23. Trung Đỗ Quốc

    Trung Đỗ Quốc2 dagar sedan

    Good Bilie eilish

  24. Moisés Games

    Moisés Games2 dagar sedan

    Sou o primeiro aqui hshsha

  25. Солонго Дашчойбол

    Солонго Дашчойбол2 dagar sedan

    Billie eilish ❤️🤍❤️ love you 😍

  26. Солонго Дашчойбол

    Солонго Дашчойбол2 dagar sedan

    Billie eilish 🗣👩

  27. Солонго Дашчойбол

    Солонго Дашчойбол2 dagar sedan

    Love you 😍 Billie eilish ❤️💞😚😮😧👌🗣

  28. lupita Mejia

    lupita Mejia2 dagar sedan


  29. Thiago Constante

    Thiago Constante2 dagar sedan

    esta hermoso

  30. Zizi Rivers

    Zizi Rivers2 dagar sedan

    Me: Ok, I’ll listen to this while I’m doing my homework :) Also me: Don’t sing don’t sing.....I dOn’T wAnNa bE yOu aNyMoRe I haven’t even stared my homework yet ;-; Worth it.

  31. Sashella Blake

    Sashella Blake2 dagar sedan

    How many songs are even there

  32. aleeha farhaj

    aleeha farhaj2 dagar sedan

    Billie rock 💚💚💚


    MARIA JOSE ORTIZ MUNOZ2 dagar sedan

    am I the only Latina who listens to billie's music :v?

  34. Daniel Ponte

    Daniel Ponte2 dagar sedan


  35. 예담인데

    예담인데2 dagar sedan


  36. Gevork Gevorkyan

    Gevork Gevorkyan2 dagar sedan

    She needs to be supported, guided, protected and out of all forms of brainwashing propaganda. This = all in general.

  37. G x b b y

    G x b b y2 dagar sedan

    Everyone - talking about homework Me - cleaning

  38. gacha - mundo YT

    gacha - mundo YT2 dagar sedan

    De mayor quiero ser como billie eilish

  39. Acey Gonzales

    Acey Gonzales3 dagar sedan


  40. Cintia Morales perez

    Cintia Morales perez3 dagar sedan

    i love you billie eilish

  41. Ky_Franz

    Ky_Franz3 dagar sedan

    Im listening to this while washing clothes

  42. Sakura Kawai

    Sakura Kawai3 dagar sedan

    alguien aca habla español :v?

  43. Jhenyfer Castro

    Jhenyfer Castro3 dagar sedan

    Minha vida elaa❤️💝

  44. Jhenyfer Castro

    Jhenyfer Castro3 dagar sedan

    Amo essa mulher 💝💝❤️❤️

  45. Kellie Mcleod

    Kellie Mcleod3 dagar sedan

    I love billie eilish

  46. Kellie Mcleod

    Kellie Mcleod3 dagar sedan

    Who like billie eilish who don't like billie eilish

  47. Kellie Mcleod

    Kellie Mcleod3 dagar sedan


  48. im jisoo im not scary

    im jisoo im not scary3 dagar sedan

    copycat sound real different 👁👄👁...oh its the acoustic version

  49. الورده البيضاء

    الورده البيضاء3 dagar sedan

    الغنيه واو

  50. Car Music - Música Electrónica 2021

    Car Music - Música Electrónica 20213 dagar sedan

    Arriba los que les gusta la musica electronica✌✌🤘🤘❤

  51. Isis Bevilaqua

    Isis Bevilaqua3 dagar sedan


  52. Jakub Błaszczyk

    Jakub Błaszczyk3 dagar sedan

    Twoje piosenki są mega Bille Eilish

  53. Cuties plays roblox

    Cuties plays roblox3 dagar sedan

    I literally fort it was livee

  54. Cuties plays roblox

    Cuties plays roblox3 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or do people have pictures of billie Eilish and you mum checks your phone and you uhh billie eilish who sings bad guyyyyy

  55. Anel Ayala

    Anel Ayala4 dagar sedan


  56. Monica Cardilio

    Monica Cardilio4 dagar sedan

    bye i love yuoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a billie eilishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  57. Ramma JGH

    Ramma JGH4 dagar sedan

    esta rebuno amigo

  58. arely saucedo

    arely saucedo4 dagar sedan

    quien mas usa la musica para la tarea

  59. [ Just L U N A ]

    [ Just L U N A ]4 dagar sedan

    Listening to this while im draw Billie 💚🖤

  60. Honey_.bubble

    Honey_.bubble4 dagar sedan

    who else listens to this while doing homework? it's so calming :DDD

  61. Issa Issa

    Issa Issa4 dagar sedan

    Billie iwant see you in my eyes🥺💗😘😔

  62. Issa Issa

    Issa Issa4 dagar sedan

    Ilove your eyes and every thing about you pleas just see my comment you my live iwell die if you dont keep going in your nice voice and ilove you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺

  63. Issa Issa

    Issa Issa4 dagar sedan

    Ilove you soooooooo much

  64. Issa Issa

    Issa Issa4 dagar sedan

    ilove her so much she is so nice and Great iwich i can see billie eilish because ilove heeer sooooooo much ilove you billie eilish pleas keep going we are love your songs so much you keep me going in my live just lwish for you a nice live and long and long and long live 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😔😔😔😔💗❤

  65. Cristiano Sousa

    Cristiano Sousa4 dagar sedan

    sorry corretor idiota

  66. Cristiano Sousa

    Cristiano Sousa4 dagar sedan

    I love bille eilesh

  67. Kerdie Ann Dinoy

    Kerdie Ann Dinoy4 dagar sedan


  68. YoYo Zhams

    YoYo Zhams5 dagar sedan

    Listen. Thank you! ❤️ 👍❤️👍👍

  69. Hallie Jones

    Hallie Jones5 dagar sedan


  70. Nuria Alvarado Vizzuett

    Nuria Alvarado Vizzuett5 dagar sedan

    # Bilie Eilish

  71. Aj Penn

    Aj Penn5 dagar sedan


  72. Magdalena Ginter

    Magdalena Ginter5 dagar sedan

    Lovee you music😄💞💞💞💞

  73. Suzu

    Suzu5 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or am I the only who is listening to this while doing homework or online work and then at random times ill just get up and start singing and dancing. lol

  74. Ayşe Yıldız

    Ayşe Yıldız5 dagar sedan

    I love you billie eilish

  75. Maria Luiza Gomes Freitas

    Maria Luiza Gomes Freitas5 dagar sedan

    não tem my boy pq ?

  76. Me NOTA333x x

    Me NOTA333x x5 dagar sedan


  77. Prince Enock

    Prince Enock5 dagar sedan

    i feel the wrld getting colder and blury..... thanks belie


    #ELECTRO HOUSE6 dagar sedan

    ELECTRONICA❤️El mejor GENERO Musical🥰😱

  79. YoYo Zhams

    YoYo Zhams6 dagar sedan

    Nice song👍❤️👍❤️ 👍❤️

  80. CamiXJojo playz

    CamiXJojo playz6 dagar sedan

    Love u BILILE so much I been a fan of you for 3 years