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  1. HerbertHoover

    HerbertHoover14 timmar sedan

    I miss these

  2. Eli Williams

    Eli Williams14 timmar sedan

    JJ getting protective

  3. Salvatore Sultana

    Salvatore Sultana14 timmar sedan

    Ethan: it's fresh Tobi: it's fresh buddy Ethan: I can't believe you done this

  4. PowerL ART

    PowerL ART14 timmar sedan

    2:38 till this day it stills haunt me

  5. Qvl -

    Qvl -14 timmar sedan

    You guys ran outta ideas🤣🤣🤣

  6. Ryan Prisco

    Ryan Prisco14 timmar sedan

    ethan: i wanna see consistency from him lebron: has made 8 straight nba finals

  7. James Fein

    James Fein14 timmar sedan

    Simon hearing what he wants to Hear haha

  8. Måns Sandström

    Måns Sandström14 timmar sedan

    Dont get me wrong I love the sidemen, but the majority of these questions are horse shit.

  9. Izzy Taylor

    Izzy Taylor14 timmar sedan

    I love Harry so much

  10. Vini Krasniqi

    Vini Krasniqi14 timmar sedan

    WHo else think miniminter is the most annoying man ever

  11. rahul11cheta

    rahul11cheta14 timmar sedan

    Idk how anyone can like vik. He has the least funniest and Least anything in the sidemen. His whole skit is that he is Indian but he is the most coconut person I’ve seen. We don’t claim him

  12. Jodie Hepplethwaite

    Jodie Hepplethwaite14 timmar sedan

    love the sidemen but I can't stand Tommyinit and Wilbor I can't lie

  13. PEAKG4MER991

    PEAKG4MER99114 timmar sedan

    Vikstar could not impost he is to Classy

  14. Vini Krasniqi

    Vini Krasniqi14 timmar sedan


  15. fred andy

    fred andy15 timmar sedan

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  16. corey green

    corey green15 timmar sedan


  17. Pawit Ninnabodee

    Pawit Ninnabodee15 timmar sedan

    The thick trumpet mostly check because tail genetically lock apud a helpless value. luxuriant, better chick

  18. Austin

    Austin15 timmar sedan

    Vik could've just said " drunk 2" for trunk and tequila

  19. alex crown

    alex crown15 timmar sedan

    itd be funny if behz realised he had his internet speed capped at 4mbps or smth on his pc and console 😂

  20. magik k

    magik k15 timmar sedan

    Harry : it’s not a chocolate bar Simon : dairy milk 😂😂

  21. Rodrigo Marques

    Rodrigo Marques15 timmar sedan

    Awesome video!

  22. Josh Helis

    Josh Helis15 timmar sedan


  23. Josh Helis

    Josh Helis15 timmar sedan


  24. morgan ******

    morgan ******15 timmar sedan

    Harry: "yeah I'm no snitch" proving he's an absolute don in the first minute

  25. Nikitta

    Nikitta15 timmar sedan

    Anyone here in 2021 and think Simon should have his hair like this again? 🤔

  26. Keanna Janae

    Keanna Janae15 timmar sedan

    Dream was just loud and wrong😭


    BRAD CARTER GAMES15 timmar sedan

    that there was a violation and personally i wouldn't have it 😂

  28. Whatshisname MEMES

    Whatshisname MEMES15 timmar sedan

    6:18 and 11:27 are the funniest parts of the entire video also 5:12

  29. Rodrigo Marques

    Rodrigo Marques15 timmar sedan

    "Let em die" Harry 2021 12:09

  30. Sav9

    Sav915 timmar sedan

    Was tobi even in the video

  31. Jordyn Macleod

    Jordyn Macleod15 timmar sedan

    Tobi has my heart they way he encourages and helps vik in these videos is so sweet

  32. Suby

    Suby15 timmar sedan


  33. Vini Krasniqi

    Vini Krasniqi15 timmar sedan


  34. Fergieballs

    Fergieballs15 timmar sedan

    When Harry killed his win

  35. Khaled Walid

    Khaled Walid15 timmar sedan

    U guys just posted a vid 4 hours ago ab the haircut thing and the guy that had a road on his head was in this vid in the minute 12:20 picking the cam🤯🤯🤯

  36. Rosie Carson

    Rosie Carson15 timmar sedan

    Ayeeeee this got more views 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Chul Yeom

    Chul Yeom15 timmar sedan

    The idiotic staircase hopefully clear because system postauricularly whine after a mere improvement. useless, vivacious leopard

  38. n c

    n c15 timmar sedan

    I just don't like tommy so fuckin annoying

  39. Josh Budak

    Josh Budak16 timmar sedan

    Why is ksi wearing Maverick merch?

  40. Will Hobson

    Will Hobson16 timmar sedan

    Ethan got very emotional in this 😂

  41. Frazer Kirkland

    Frazer Kirkland16 timmar sedan

    Yes Harry is nice to Vik Big deal!! Get over it!!

  42. Hax Ninja

    Hax Ninja16 timmar sedan

    If u are reading this comment then please, have an orange 🍊. Oh? Some of u don’t like orange? For all those who want a sweet treat have some ice cream 🍦. Have a good day :)

  43. Taylor died

    Taylor died16 timmar sedan

    came here from tommys stream why did they cut tommy to sound so annoying

  44. Malu 7v7

    Malu 7v716 timmar sedan

    The editor is kinda living in 2013.

  45. HounDofTakeN

    HounDofTakeN16 timmar sedan

    Tobi has a darkside 🤣🤣

  46. the_duck_dealer

    the_duck_dealer16 timmar sedan

    Can someone explain the Lenn joke

  47. Taylor

    Taylor16 timmar sedan

    Why does Ethan drawing look like if vik had a baby josh

  48. Olan Lenehan

    Olan Lenehan16 timmar sedan

    You can see the anger in viks face when JJ stuck up the middle fingers to him and laughed about the consoles

  49. Pokemon_Vatsino

    Pokemon_Vatsino16 timmar sedan

    Vik: gets recorder cleaner Also Vik: Oh it’s to block the holes 😂

  50. Wubince Champagne

    Wubince Champagne16 timmar sedan

    17:14 harry looks like he trying to take a dump

  51. Fdh Gr

    Fdh Gr16 timmar sedan

    Young 10in aige story whatever petter or badest

  52. Ilovespectram

    Ilovespectram16 timmar sedan

    Tommy’s lucky he’s a minor

  53. Fdh Gr

    Fdh Gr16 timmar sedan

    You no'it blood and jail and korner really loyallty N snitcher with realishin worst or exselint we goot things to chiar agin like all young in the west jeddah and east al dammam

  54. Fdh Gr

    Fdh Gr16 timmar sedan

    we want young we goot real game N riyadh ksa like snoop N pac N death raw reserction

  55. Macrofficial

    Macrofficial16 timmar sedan

    7:55 How many jealous, tobi?

  56. SkyzLF

    SkyzLF16 timmar sedan

    All that build up for jj to score a screamer and he ruins it like his past relationships

  57. Ariana Desimone

    Ariana Desimone16 timmar sedan

    How come harry isnt put in the description. Like they mention the others that were in the vid but not Harry

  58. NV GreenZZ

    NV GreenZZ16 timmar sedan


  59. Ferne Welby

    Ferne Welby16 timmar sedan

    can we just all appreciate how gd jjs hair looks

  60. Michelle Boon

    Michelle Boon16 timmar sedan

    Season 1 order was Behzinga, W2S, Vikstar, Tobi, Josh, Simon and JJ so im guessing it will be the same order as season 1.

  61. Rezeee

    Rezeee16 timmar sedan

    It's always Harry who get censored. Like calm down Harry.

  62. Karel Pärn

    Karel Pärn16 timmar sedan

    "big floaty fuck"

  63. Oliver’s Clips

    Oliver’s Clips16 timmar sedan

    Toby face is depressed

  64. Michelle Boon

    Michelle Boon17 timmar sedan

    how well do the sidemen know me season 2.

  65. Pure Mowt XD

    Pure Mowt XD17 timmar sedan

    We all press on this because of how holesome JJ is

  66. Rflexxgunner

    Rflexxgunner17 timmar sedan

    Sidemen click-baiting tommmyinit now?

  67. Divinefavour Iheme

    Divinefavour Iheme17 timmar sedan

    First game was so close

  68. xx

    xx17 timmar sedan

    these comments ruined the video no 🧢

  69. ASMR Lover

    ASMR Lover17 timmar sedan

    Sidemen among us are the dumbest among us plays but damn it's so much entertaining than any among us plays I've ever seen.

  70. Poyraz Aykut

    Poyraz Aykut17 timmar sedan


  71. Harryotter03

    Harryotter0317 timmar sedan

    They said: Minimiter

  72. Aayan Khan

    Aayan Khan17 timmar sedan

    If Ur here from KSI video its at 3:30


    LETICIA BRISENO17 timmar sedan

    Ksi cazy

  74. Owen Searles

    Owen Searles17 timmar sedan

    4:32 you sure about that vik mate how many battle domes were you in???

  75. jaidenlopez

    jaidenlopez17 timmar sedan

    How they always find such fancy settings

  76. GiGi

    GiGi17 timmar sedan

    Question how old is tobis younger brother Jed

  77. TJ

    TJ17 timmar sedan

    they just use tommy for views

  78. Armon J

    Armon J17 timmar sedan

    The medical person extragingivally divide because click histochemically bounce down a testy lizard. clean, deserted gliding

  79. Brandonoputeri 19

    Brandonoputeri 1917 timmar sedan

    Cl dis vid rlly proves how white he is😭

  80. spinta xd

    spinta xd17 timmar sedan

    wtf is going on