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  1. Love Photography

    Love Photography14 timmar sedan

    Simple....Michelle [Black] ...Melania [White]! No regards for tears of public service, grave, EDUCATION, etc. etc

  2. YouTube Lover

    YouTube Lover14 timmar sedan

    Start away from America you fake asylum seekers. NOT WANTED

  3. Ahsan Shah

    Ahsan Shah14 timmar sedan

    i completely disagree with him . . . On he being not a hero part.

  4. sadieieii

    sadieieii14 timmar sedan


  5. Sati Upekkha

    Sati Upekkha14 timmar sedan


  6. Volker Racho

    Volker Racho14 timmar sedan

    So does Poland...

  7. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson14 timmar sedan

    It’s actually cute when Joe Biden trips on his words, not pathetic like the last guy.

  8. seangravill

    seangravill14 timmar sedan

    The USA is truly broken.

  9. Sherbet_Bomb

    Sherbet_Bomb14 timmar sedan

    In the middle ages, scientists were branded as heretics or something like that.

  10. AUBRI 101

    AUBRI 10114 timmar sedan

    I bet the MOST difficult thing was figuring out the names

  11. Kai Kim

    Kai Kim14 timmar sedan

    Another example of a corrupt government not being there for their citizens.

  12. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson14 timmar sedan

    Did he say “racial wealth gap”? Wow. Thank you for acknowledging that, Joe.

  13. CN_D3lta4b1d

    CN_D3lta4b1d14 timmar sedan

    this is stupid

  14. Hunny Bunny

    Hunny Bunny14 timmar sedan

    We missed the best president in the modern history of western countries.

  15. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson14 timmar sedan

    Preach, Joe!

  16. Taylor Gant

    Taylor Gant14 timmar sedan

    As someone from KC, Jason Witlock is an enormous disappointment

  17. Robert Lee

    Robert Lee14 timmar sedan

    Finally adult

  18. Filip Jason

    Filip Jason14 timmar sedan

    How many Gigabytes is heaven? Asking for a friend

  19. Looking 4 Things

    Looking 4 Things14 timmar sedan

    Excellent video on recap. Unfortunately, there are too many disturbing memories.

  20. Angela Gillett

    Angela Gillett14 timmar sedan

    Example. I worked a job at 14.50 an hour. I was able to afford a two bedroom apt at 560.00 dollars a month. That's not including extras. I ended up taking a 3.00 pay cut. I had to move.

  21. Toon Holman

    Toon Holman14 timmar sedan

    How many times do we have to say this? Freedom of speech, not entitlement to a platform. Jesus.

  22. Minerva Delgado

    Minerva Delgado14 timmar sedan


  23. E Walker

    E Walker15 timmar sedan

    Very good questions from the media. Seeing a change in the media since inauguration. Back to their old selves. Very informative discussion. Learned more about the Federal Reserve.

  24. lizette clark

    lizette clark15 timmar sedan

    This B1+ch had the biggest part in dividing this country! Every press conference she holds, she talks $h1+ about our president! Why is anyone even listening to this POS???!!!

  25. Jayden Bluebell

    Jayden Bluebell15 timmar sedan

    Never have I been so glad to live in Australia. I can't begin to imagine what the rest of the world must be going through.

  26. Caligula Germanicus

    Caligula Germanicus15 timmar sedan

    Is that black maid cleaning joe Biden's mirror?

  27. stoned stoner

    stoned stoner15 timmar sedan

    wait till they find out this country dont belong to the whites

  28. Angela Gillett

    Angela Gillett15 timmar sedan

    Theoretically, minimum wage should be set at 26.00 dollars an hour. Or you need to lower the cost of that gallon of milk.

  29. Vana Hayworth

    Vana Hayworth15 timmar sedan

    Is it just me or does Fauci look a little happier and healthier too? Its like you could visibly see how the change in administration effects him

  30. Brynn Stevenson

    Brynn Stevenson15 timmar sedan

    Discriminating against her? Lady. Go back to the Karen Club and ask for the manager somewhere else.

  31. New Reality Gaming

    New Reality Gaming15 timmar sedan

    We are living among souless monsters.

  32. detroitr

    detroitr15 timmar sedan

    Greatest fraud of all time, democracy in the US is over

  33. Angela Gillett

    Angela Gillett15 timmar sedan

    Hers the thing it not just about raising the wage, it's about make the product more affordable at a lower wage. The higher the wage the higher the product will cost. Plus you have to figure out what a faire wage means to you. Say you have a gallon of milk that costs $4.00, or a pair of socks for $6.00 . Is that wage you are getting equal to what that gallon of milk costs before it just the stores, or after you pay the tax.

  34. Christina Jordan

    Christina Jordan15 timmar sedan

    Canada has great healthcare!...

  35. Necromonger

    Necromonger15 timmar sedan

    Biden: I am for the working American and unions and helping the poor. Biden: I am going to shut down the Keystone pipeline placing hundreds of union members out of work and raising the cost of energy for poor Americans.

  36. Patrick S

    Patrick S15 timmar sedan

    Joe Biden..."I will not raise taxes on the middle class." Commerce Secretary-nominee Gina Raimondo is open to raising taxes on the middle class, saying we “need funds” for President Joe Biden’s climate agenda. That would make him....yup. A LIAR

  37. Janice Quinn

    Janice Quinn15 timmar sedan

    Yes baby, your president lied to Y'ALL. When Rudy went before the judge he said it wasn't fraud, then get into a crowd and yell voter fraud. He lies goes deeper than you can wrap your head around.

  38. SgtxAnus

    SgtxAnus15 timmar sedan

    you can get 9/11 related cancer? how?

  39. lizette clark

    lizette clark15 timmar sedan

    The left is trying to erase history and this B1+ch is in charge of it! I bet the world would be just fine if she wasn't in it!

  40. Project_ MAQ

    Project_ MAQ15 timmar sedan

    Look if you got a problem with someone keep it qith that person don't bring their family into it. And don't go directly to a death threat if you disagree with someon.

  41. Cee

    Cee15 timmar sedan

    Truth? From an American politician? Lol

  42. Alberto Cuahuey

    Alberto Cuahuey15 timmar sedan

    Jesus Christ

  43. L Mic

    L Mic15 timmar sedan

    Look at that! Complete sentences!!