Ken Block
Ken Block
Ken Block

Ken Block’s rally career began in 2005. His skill and car control became quickly apparent and Block aptly nabbed Rookie of the Year that season in the Rally America Championship. Since then, Block has also won 25+ national level rallies around the globe, scored points in the WRC, and accumulated five X Games medals...including winning silver on three wheels at X Games in LA in 2012 (behind 9-time WRC champ Sebastien Loeb). In addition to his performance in the car, Block has been a driving force in shedding light on the sport of rally within the United States. His keen branding and marketing acumen, combined with his talents and skills behind the wheel, has also allowed Block to achieve global fame as a rally driver through his wildly successful Gymkhana series of videos. A franchise which has garnered over 600 million views on SEtoos alone. Adding Climbkhana and Terrakhana to the franchises of videos in recent years, Block’s media properties continue to bring in new fans.

  1. Galax games Random stuff

    Galax games Random stuff8 timmar sedan

    Maybe you could play: crew 2, and go to their hq and ask if you could get your car in it.

  2. DauntlessFPV

    DauntlessFPV8 timmar sedan

    Frantically taking notes

  3. Andrew Schafer

    Andrew Schafer8 timmar sedan

    Not only did she get the figure 8 she celebrated with the donuts like a pro!

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    Coronavirus, political unrest and now this? I'm out!


    Z3RO TOLERANCE10 timmar sedan

    Why does this look like a rip off of an R34 Ztune

  6. Thomas Protentis

    Thomas Protentis10 timmar sedan


  7. Blake Larsen

    Blake Larsen11 timmar sedan

    So you're telling me that this wasn't all done in one take?

  8. Neno27

    Neno2712 timmar sedan

    Imagine her future bf tries to show her how he drifts and she is like "Lemme try it" and just shows him how its actually done

  9. Aries

    Aries12 timmar sedan

    Pioneer, Forerunner

  10. Joshua Roopnarine

    Joshua Roopnarine12 timmar sedan

    When she goes to take her driving test she gonna be like drifting around those cones

  11. Aiich

    Aiich12 timmar sedan

    Did they not race the two of them together ?

  12. emanuel

    emanuel13 timmar sedan

    Please give my the downhill

  13. Michael Vondrasek

    Michael Vondrasek14 timmar sedan

    Why does Zac saying "Y'all have fun now" sound like a dad talking to his daughter and her date as she gets picked up?

  14. Dan Tregunna

    Dan Tregunna15 timmar sedan

    Fairplay them guys done amazing job.. where was the testing it is that hinkley point in the

  15. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy15 timmar sedan

    When you put everything Ken block has done with his life in a short segment it makes your life look so uneventful.

  16. MessageMan

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    This is cool but no thanks.

  17. Jerome

    Jerome15 timmar sedan

    Why does the huracan have to go????

  18. bob bobby

    bob bobby16 timmar sedan

    i thought ken block would have a BLOCK party, not a LAKE party.

  19. Kultursender

    Kultursender16 timmar sedan

    Hey Boy´s - things belong together! NEVER say goodbye!

  20. Y did i shit myself

    Y did i shit myself16 timmar sedan

    2021 starting good... Damn this hits hard man, i had so many good memories ab hoonicorn, hoon on my friend

  21. Riley Carpenter

    Riley Carpenter17 timmar sedan

    large drifting donuts lmao

  22. Georgy Suresh

    Georgy Suresh18 timmar sedan

    i wish i could just see this rc car

  23. Thony

    Thony18 timmar sedan

    pls bring back group b .....

  24. Kel Raphiel

    Kel Raphiel18 timmar sedan

    mean while i cant do 40 kmh in the rain lol

  25. Ashley J Mellor

    Ashley J Mellor20 timmar sedan


  26. savage spartan

    savage spartan20 timmar sedan

    It's like a RC car but for men

  27. demirkafa sutlac

    demirkafa sutlac20 timmar sedan

    It's so quiet haha I love it.

  28. detergent

    detergent21 timme sedan

    watching this video is making me excited imagine driving it

  29. Anonymous 257

    Anonymous 25721 timme sedan

    This motor: Engine you mean there are 2 motors in a car, The Starting And the accessary

  30. Mo Stylz

    Mo Stylz23 timmar sedan

    I guess no one saw something weird from 8:35? Or is it just me? I'm tired of this BS! Sick A-Holes!

  31. GuyBroDudeTV

    GuyBroDudeTVDag sedan

    v3..... diesel swap. No balls.

  32. Mohd Azrul

    Mohd AzrulDag sedan

    Hi Ken im ur fan form Malaysia. check out this video.

  33. N B

    N BDag sedan

    I mean it’s a rally car and Ken block. He could drive it on a frozen lake.

  34. Chandrakala Rajpurohit

    Chandrakala RajpurohitDag sedan

    This car makes me love engine (specially Mustang ), that's the reason to choose engineering and one day to become a part of this team . I also wanting to do this all stuff which feels good . In India we don't have these things or such cars to modify . We see big dreams and do many effort for it too, hard core study's and so. But what we see and here is , it is going to end no more hoonigan , find someone else . WHY ??? Can you do nothing to stop it ??

  35. Aussie man

    Aussie manDag sedan

    It looks like it should have bigger wheels

  36. Cameron Werner

    Cameron WernerDag sedan

    Well we know it’s still also really if they let Hert drive it then it would probably be dead

  37. Tanner Quigley

    Tanner QuigleyDag sedan

    The 7.3L with a turbo on it would be a wild mix

  38. tessie paulino

    tessie paulinoDag sedan

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  39. 조수현

    조수현Dag sedan

    where can i get that? i want to buy.

  40. myk mendoza

    myk mendozaDag sedan

    Mach e would be great in gymkhana

  41. Rihito Kimura

    Rihito KimuraDag sedan

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  42. Princeps Regem

    Princeps RegemDag sedan

    Damn mad respect to Ken and his Co-Driver.

  43. pierre-luc bedard

    pierre-luc bedardDag sedan

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  44. Ryne Saldana

    Ryne SaldanaDag sedan


  45. rockingbfarms

    rockingbfarmsDag sedan

    That is NOT a Mustang. It is cool though!

  46. LDRP entertainment

    LDRP entertainmentDag sedan

    My most driven car is the porshe 918 spyder, but thats about to change.

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    Mitchell BennettDag sedan

    Is that car supercharged?

  48. jessy beland

    jessy belandDag sedan

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  49. BrandonR6

    BrandonR6Dag sedan

    Nooo I wanted to see the hoonicorn vs a ninja h2r

  50. MizuKasaii _

    MizuKasaii _Dag sedan

    Ken you know what rhymes with block?

  51. Mr. Lama

    Mr. LamaDag sedan

    Øh s*it this sucks we 're crashing!

  52. War boy

    War boyDag sedan

    Mhm that arm was painful to watch

  53. Travis Soper

    Travis SoperDag sedan

    4.6 v8 interceptor would be a badass for it!

  54. Brandon Gibbs

    Brandon GibbsDag sedan

    But I know I won't cause I don't win shit. Only suffering

  55. Brandon Gibbs

    Brandon GibbsDag sedan

    I hope to win this car! I love it.

  56. Dennis M

    Dennis MDag sedan

    so theres no way you can get this car put like in your house as a piece of like art .....dude ive watched all your vids with this car and the first one too was blown away at looking at the first ever bad ass ford and gonna miss this car .for veiwers it sorta sucks ....but for you its a new chapter GOOD LUCK subscriber for life then and now!!

  57. christopher Lombardo

    christopher LombardoDag sedan

    Homegirl hit the lottery of life!

  58. Sudeeksh AM

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  59. Chris Gibson

    Chris GibsonDag sedan

    it's a sad day in history.

  60. Brent Lowry

    Brent LowryDag sedan

    You guys basically raced nothing but underpowered cars and now you going to trash the hunicorn⁉️

  61. joshua simpson

    joshua simpsonDag sedan

    As you drive away at the end even my 4 yr old son waved bye bye 😊 he ABSOLUTELY loves your videos

  62. Thijs vdN

    Thijs vdNDag sedan

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  63. Ronald Mccall

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  64. James Regan

    James Regan2 dagar sedan

  65. Benjamin Mulvenna

    Benjamin Mulvenna2 dagar sedan

    am i the only one who would really like to see Ken do a complete backflip and join up with chevy. then hoonicornify a 70 chevelle ss.

  66. mohamad Abdullah

    mohamad Abdullah2 dagar sedan

    Drift at Mars Ford tough man .. .

  67. Watsurfight

    Watsurfight2 dagar sedan

    Now that's pod racing

  68. shiftyjm

    shiftyjm2 dagar sedan

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    nalla garcia2 dagar sedan

    she was goin dumb in the end 😂😂😂💯

  70. Edward John Daniel II

    Edward John Daniel II2 dagar sedan

    Ken is different without a beard

  71. ethan bryant

    ethan bryant2 dagar sedan

    Yeah the sound is a no go for me sounds like a toy car

  72. sean vanio

    sean vanio2 dagar sedan

    Ken needs to give Mike's 1000 HP C7 a go SEtoos Street speed 717

  73. Rocks D Xebec

    Rocks D Xebec2 dagar sedan

    10:00 that vibrato is amazing.

  74. Eberle Luke

    Eberle Luke2 dagar sedan

    The ratty cactus noteworthily interfere because margin generically match as a ugliest smell. true, quirky atom

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    what are this graphics is this a 360 game?

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