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  1. Jhn Sabiila

    Jhn Sabiila53 minuter sedan

    Lets binge watch this before the new episodes come out

  2. Selina Geiß

    Selina Geiß53 minuter sedan

    I actually kinda love Octopus Jones!

  3. Marília Z. Fortes

    Marília Z. Fortes53 minuter sedan

    We need a Chicken Noodle franchise RIGHT NOW

  4. Evelyn Parrott

    Evelyn Parrott53 minuter sedan

    Dead 🤣 love the enthusiasm! I strive to be like you 😂

  5. Death Omen

    Death Omen54 minuter sedan

    I think I like Ned's dress more overall. It was definitely serving that grunge avril lavigne/mcr days edgy teen look. Eugene's dress was classy, but the hood shape could be better because when it's over his head it just looks like too much fabric that shouldn't be there. I love the back of it though, and I think it wouldve been better if the skirt was fitted like a pencil skirt.

  6. Akash CS

    Akash CS54 minuter sedan

    He's so calm when the doctor is stabbing his head and it's bleeding have to give props for that

  7. thebibibliophilicloner

    thebibibliophilicloner56 minuter sedan

    Gay horse.

  8. Raghav Deshpande

    Raghav Deshpande56 minuter sedan

    At 15:53, when Keith mentions dumplings looking like ears, this is also mentioned by Strictly dumplings in the dumpling mukbang video

  9. Abigail Gittins

    Abigail Gittins57 minuter sedan

    Is this the first time Eugine has come LAST??!!

  10. The Randomest moe

    The Randomest moe58 minuter sedan

    I was not ready for *gay horse*

  11. Joshua GC Wong

    Joshua GC Wong58 minuter sedan

    My dude should chill more about it. He's got the facial hair, the jawline and I reckon if he started getting them gains he'd look hench af 🤣

  12. Brytni J

    Brytni J58 minuter sedan

    Keith was ROBBED

  13. hana shifry

    hana shifry58 minuter sedan

    He can remember the placing and strategies while playing 4 people and I cant remember what I had for breakfast

  14. nandini sharma

    nandini sharmaTimme sedan

    Zac I love your shirt

  15. keiksta

    keikstaTimme sedan

    i have never even seen a dumpling irl :(

  16. Freya Alice

    Freya AliceTimme sedan

    I've forgotten how they actually met Jamie 😂

  17. Captain Sahara

    Captain SaharaTimme sedan

    chicken cube is basically my mom's favorite bouillon cube

  18. Jaimie WhyIGottaSay

    Jaimie WhyIGottaSayTimme sedan

    Har gao? Nope no har gao.

  19. makiyan gatito

    makiyan gatitoTimme sedan

    i'm just here for the TRIXIE references * chef's kiss *

  20. Laura Lima

    Laura LimaTimme sedan

    I would definetely buy Chicken Noodle! It's the cutest plushie ever

  21. Tyler Dolan

    Tyler DolanTimme sedan


  22. Death Omen

    Death OmenTimme sedan

    Get you a friend that takes pictures of you like Zach does. Just directing the whole shot 😂👌

  23. Ma. Raiza Jenica Ong

    Ma. Raiza Jenica OngTimme sedan

    Zach is so sweet.

  24. yawnsarecontagious2

    yawnsarecontagious2Timme sedan

    gay horse


    AYEE PATRICIATimme sedan

    Nick Rufca looks intense, He's giving me some Javier Bardem vibes idk why :D xd

  26. Lindalee Law

    Lindalee LawTimme sedan

    Straight or gay guys? Or military.

  27. Angege :D

    Angege :DTimme sedan

    I want Ramen Without A Recipe ♥ 🍜🍜🍜

  28. Abel Gaspar-Tobón

    Abel Gaspar-TobónTimme sedan

    I think all of you did so well, honestly. Side note, this year has of course been difficult on so many of us. I want to say that I discovered you guys this year, and you have been such a beacon of hope. When I’ve been at my lowest this year, I still managed to experience the feeling of joy from watching your videos. I laugh, and feel better about things. That’s a really special feeling to invoke. I never thought I’d have some sort of “SEtoosr” fanaticism, but you guys really are so pure and entertaining. Thank you. I hope you recognize that you’re doing much more than just surface level entertainment.

  29. saul diaz

    saul diazTimme sedan

    lol keith didn't want to make cocktopus but for some reason it looks like semen to me

  30. Tropixelate

    TropixelateTimme sedan

    please tell me u gave Ugly Keith to the only kid that Eugene likes

  31. finger lickin' good

    finger lickin' goodTimme sedan

    eugene came out in the most eugene way ever

  32. Luna L

    Luna LTimme sedan


  33. Deanna Brown

    Deanna BrownTimme sedan

    gay Horse

  34. joelle sim

    joelle simTimme sedan

    I love ugly Keith tho!

  35. Jave Lester Odvina

    Jave Lester OdvinaTimme sedan

    Soy boy

  36. Koneko Tenshi

    Koneko TenshiTimme sedan

    Keith should've won.. 😔

  37. Annie Flanagan

    Annie FlanaganTimme sedan

    How can they hate on tangled like that

  38. TRex021

    TRex021Timme sedan

    i was commenting on how i would lay dont to. block water and then keath does it

  39. Peera Samruayruen

    Peera SamruayruenTimme sedan

    why is no one talking about butter😻😻

  40. Güneş Uçanbelen

    Güneş UçanbelenTimme sedan

    Keith should have been the winner. I mean everyone loves an octopus, and everyone loves Keith!

  41. ganbatte __

    ganbatte __Timme sedan

    11:08 Zach: Keith deserves the best head, and imma give it to him. Innuendos just come naturally to them at this point.

  42. Sophia the 1st

    Sophia the 1stTimme sedan

    why does ned look like nigel thornberry

  43. Sofia Quesada

    Sofia QuesadaTimme sedan

    Gay horse

  44. Chris Maclean

    Chris MacleanTimme sedan

    I want all of those plushies

  45. Jennifer Morras

    Jennifer MorrasTimme sedan


  46. troebeliewoep

    troebeliewoepTimme sedan

    Octopus jones is the best!!! No dicks! The cute face! Some others dont even have a face

  47. SirKolor

    SirKolorTimme sedan

    Keith got so robbed. Zach's thing was funny but like Keith actually made a straight-up plushy that could go in an actual toy store.

  48. Death Omen

    Death OmenTimme sedan

    Ned deserved to win! I loved chicken noodle. I also loved Octopus Jones 😂👌

  49. Katherine Banzon

    Katherine BanzonTimme sedan

    Eugene Lee-Yang on a video about stuffed animals (as paraphrased by Zach): “I’m so skilled that it’s becoming a hindrance” 😎

  50. Mio Vh

    Mio VhTimme sedan

    So wish we had Dumpling Monster in West Europe ;v;

  51. cornelia

    corneliaTimme sedan

    why does the child have better stile than me?

  52. Reneee Rivers

    Reneee RiversTimme sedan

    Bruh Chicken noodle is the only good one.😂😂 I would legitimately buy that!

  53. Sarah Albert

    Sarah AlbertTimme sedan

    The first time Eugene went last at any competition with the try guys 😂😅

  54. Marianna

    MariannaTimme sedan

    Keith is MOOD

  55. Never TheLess

    Never TheLessTimme sedan

    I dont fucking care

  56. Jennifer Morras

    Jennifer MorrasTimme sedan

    Imagine being the only kid Eugene likes 😂

  57. Athena.Is.Normal

    Athena.Is.NormalTimme sedan

    GaY HorSe

  58. samantha chico

    samantha chicoTimme sedan

    What's the tally wins now???

  59. carmen W

    carmen WTimme sedan

    i lived when i heard zach say "not today satan"

  60. num si jie

    num si jieTimme sedan

    I've never been so proud of zach through the episodes of without instructions .

  61. Kylie L

    Kylie LTimme sedan

    I'm sorry but Keith's octopus kind of looks like a sperm with eight tails. It's cute, but the head looks like a sperm to me.

  62. XSleepy. EnigmaX

    XSleepy. EnigmaXTimme sedan

    Honestly I loved them all especially gay horse

  63. SirKolor

    SirKolorTimme sedan

    Lol Jamie is starting to enter his edgy teenage years with that shorter haircut and the braces

  64. nylasagna -

    nylasagna -Timme sedan

    i'm so glad keith's finally had an episode where he liked almost everything

  65. woojung saeko

    woojung saekoTimme sedan

    "There's enough white representation in media "m not racist but it breaks me 🤣🤣🤣

  66. Mountain Cat

    Mountain CatTimme sedan

    Am I the only one who loved all the plushies?

  67. Edmund Montoro

    Edmund MontoroTimme sedan

    oh my god! ugly keith is so adorable! i used to make silly sock creatures and i think ugly keith should be the winner! lol, good job guys!

  68. Jana Duračková

    Jana DuračkováTimme sedan

    I am still waiting for your workout here...definitely would be fun, going from the highest intensity, from Eugene, through Ned, Keith, ending with yoga by Zach...definitely do-able

  69. Macy Langley

    Macy Langley2 timmar sedan

    I love a good "Keith goes off"!!!💚💚💚

  70. Raeleen Solis

    Raeleen Solis2 timmar sedan

    Keith🤝The weekend ^ Being robbed

  71. Krithi Kalyan

    Krithi Kalyan2 timmar sedan


  72. Haya Yess

    Haya Yess2 timmar sedan

    Not to be that person, but is it really ok to curse and say all those innuendos infront of a child ?

  73. Deanna Brown

    Deanna Brown2 timmar sedan

    I love Sam's interaction with the try guy's plushies

  74. Aivi Mae

    Aivi Mae2 timmar sedan

    I feel like they're getting high instead of eating spicy food hahahahaha

  75. Robbie Still

    Robbie Still2 timmar sedan

    12 minutes in and Keith’s impression of Rick Sanchez is pretty decent.

  76. xxRoosjex

    xxRoosjex2 timmar sedan

    5:48 Is a present for Zach's future kid

  77. Deanna Brown

    Deanna Brown2 timmar sedan

    Jamie "The only kid Eugene likes" 🤣

  78. Larissa Lluveras

    Larissa Lluveras2 timmar sedan

    Idk about you ladies but I always use men shaving cream and razor. ☺️☺️ works a lot better then female products.

  79. Dominique Lane

    Dominique Lane2 timmar sedan

    Did anyone count how many times the words “gay horse” was spoken? 😂

  80. Nastya Podolyak

    Nastya Podolyak2 timmar sedan

    I love Ugly Keith