Freeride World Tour
Freeride World Tour
Freeride World Tour

Since 2008, the FREERIDE WORLD TOUR has hosted the best freeriders in the world on its 5-stop world-cup competition tour.

All our stops will be broadcasted live on our SEtoos channel! Better stay tuned!

  1. Julius

    Julius4 timmar sedan

    First Clip is not Fieberbrunn though ^^ Its the Nordketten in Innsbruck :D

  2. Loreto Paras

    Loreto Paras7 timmar sedan

    A video that is worth watching.Good luck and God bless always.From the Philippines...

  3. Aaron Kirlin

    Aaron Kirlin15 timmar sedan

    And the tiniest bridge ever

  4. Alexander de Carlo

    Alexander de CarloDag sedan

    ditch the helicopter and reduce the carbon footprint, footage from the chopper sucks anyway. hire a better drone pilot. The USA has excellent ones...keep the Heli warmed up if there's a casualty

  5. Javier Salles

    Javier SallesDag sedan

    What time?

  6. ski rockclimb and ride all day

    ski rockclimb and ride all dayDag sedan

    that rock landing was gnarly

  7. Tatarin Mean

    Tatarin MeanDag sedan

    Вот это красивый прокат!

  8. Roland Roland

    Roland RolandDag sedan

    ISAFIRSSTTTTT can't wait

  9. adven ture

    adven tureDag sedan

    People are willing to risk everything for the fame..

  10. Roads of Adventure

    Roads of AdventureDag sedan

    This is cool!!!

  11. Jonah Lost

    Jonah Lost2 dagar sedan

    My man!

  12. Mountain Family

    Mountain Family2 dagar sedan

    Elisabeth elle est vraiment cool

  13. Ferrago

    Ferrago2 dagar sedan

    J'envie les gens qui savent basculer du français à l'anglais sans effort... :(

  14. hondacc

    hondacc2 dagar sedan

    More of these videos!

  15. Benjamin Laster

    Benjamin Laster2 dagar sedan

    welp, that was awesome!

  16. K E

    K E2 dagar sedan

    This is how they should teach people cartwheels...

  17. Scottie Pippen

    Scottie Pippen2 dagar sedan

    The straight radar crucially match because bra jekely snore underneath a tame george. misty, hapless moon

  18. bimfred

    bimfred3 dagar sedan

    Insane control. Kaj was the boss!!

  19. A. Tosti

    A. Tosti3 dagar sedan

    my toe nails are hurting looking at this

  20. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini4 dagar sedan

    Let’s go Drew 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Tony Perkins

    Tony Perkins4 dagar sedan

    Aymar Navarro's huck into that narrow chute (#7) takes #1 in my opinion!

  22. Evgen Grig

    Evgen Grig4 dagar sedan

    Darwin premium to idiots. Sometimes I think people make a show from skiing to get these falls on camera

  23. Aleksei V.

    Aleksei V.4 dagar sedan

    Нифига они угарают...

  24. Reckless Skier

    Reckless Skier4 dagar sedan

    "Looks like a lego man about to be put into the lego ground" 😂🤣😂🤣

  25. Matias C.L

    Matias C.L4 dagar sedan

    2:31:45 🤯

  26. Sarah Turner

    Sarah Turner5 dagar sedan

    legend has it that all of these people turned into fidget spinners after.

  27. MVPhurricane

    MVPhurricane5 dagar sedan

    OMG peiffer's send musta been at least what 30 feet?

  28. Groscastor

    Groscastor5 dagar sedan

    Love the drone shots ! Thanks for the replay and the cool rider timetable

  29. Imraduin

    Imraduin5 dagar sedan

    Last guy definitely hit some rocks during that absolutely insane tomahawk, hope he turned out okay

  30. nitro_ug

    nitro_ug5 dagar sedan

    Carl régner sous coté... :(

  31. Logan Schaefer

    Logan Schaefer5 dagar sedan

    2:30 DIN 1,000,000

  32. BillShatner31

    BillShatner315 dagar sedan

    Hell yeah, Marion throws down! Always a treat to watch her shred.... She’s in a league all her own above the rest of the women.

  33. Ryan Bradac

    Ryan Bradac5 dagar sedan

    I love how there using drones for filming

  34. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose5 dagar sedan

    Look like a red ski slopes absolutly normal nothing extrême this slopes are a joke

  35. Corbae L

    Corbae L6 dagar sedan

    The announcers make this unwatchable unless on mute.

  36. Mauro Rodondi

    Mauro Rodondi6 dagar sedan

    0:23 planned XD

  37. antichicken

    antichicken6 dagar sedan

    Pollard absolutely slayed the events I saw him at in North America. It's awesome to see him slaying even harder on the World Tour.

  38. antichicken

    antichicken6 dagar sedan

    FWT is the king of all ski competition.

  39. Scottie Pippen

    Scottie Pippen6 dagar sedan

    The waiting beast lovely search because tuna joly receive besides a resonant january. homely, fast whiskey

  40. Will Lawrence

    Will Lawrence6 dagar sedan

    These edits are electric

  41. Erik F.

    Erik F.6 dagar sedan

    LOVE the SFX from the rider! I can identify

  42. Brayden. And Izzy

    Brayden. And Izzy6 dagar sedan

    They said why ski around it

  43. Adri00

    Adri006 dagar sedan

    « I’m gonna puke » 😂😂

  44. Julius Linder

    Julius Linder6 dagar sedan

    Awesome comp

  45. Matthew Reivino

    Matthew Reivino6 dagar sedan

    When Stream again? im Very Exited

  46. Zach Varon

    Zach Varon6 dagar sedan

    Is there a trick he didn't do in this run?

  47. ian hill

    ian hill6 dagar sedan

    Nils got robbed

  48. Mister Paul

    Mister Paul7 dagar sedan

    Love the drone shot nice !!!

  49. Lucas Dragomir

    Lucas Dragomir7 dagar sedan

    This is so awesome I wish I was that good🔥

  50. beb

    beb7 dagar sedan

    Amazing vid! I love this contest.

  51. M0IRAFlit52

    M0IRAFlit527 dagar sedan


  52. Yohan Simpson

    Yohan Simpson7 dagar sedan

    Andrew Pollard from slvsh?

  53. Flex Ehrlich

    Flex Ehrlich7 dagar sedan

    Those droneshots really are an upgrade!

  54. Freeride World Tour

    Freeride World Tour7 dagar sedan

    Winning Runs: Snowboard Men - Blake Moller (USA): 45:20 Snowboard Women - Marion Haerty (FRA): 1:13:46 Ski Men - Andrew Pollard (USA): 2:27:27 Ski Women - Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI): 2:55:47 Snowboard Men: 42:43 Hugo Serra (FRA): 42:43 Blake Moller (USA): 45:20 Sammy Luebke (USA): 47:57 Micheal Mawn (USA): 51:03 Victor De Le Rue (FRA): 53:48 Camille Armand (FRA): 57:17 Cody Bramwell (GBR): 1:00:36 Nils Mindnich (USA): 1:03:53 Snowboard Women: 1:13:46 Marion Haerty (FRA): 1:13:46 Michaela Davis-Meehan (AUS): 1:16:32 Nuria Castan Baron (ESP): 1:19:43 Erika Vikander (USA): 1:22:45 Manuela Mandl (AUT): 1:25:27 Katie Anderson (CAN): 1:28:51 Anna Orlova (RUS): 1:31:41 Ski Men: 1:39:25 Wadeck Gorak (FRA): 1:39:25 Yann Rausis (SUI): 1:42:01 Ross Tester (USA): 1:44:58 Reine Barkered (SWE): 1:47:38 Drew Tabke (USA): 1:50:07 Aymar Navarro (ESP): 1:52:47 Isaac Freeland (USA): 1:57:11 Carl Renvall (SUI): 1:59:53 Car Regnér Eriksson (SWE): 2:02:52 Blake Marshall (NZL): 2:06:27 Raymond McDermott (USA): 2:09:22 Mael Ollivier (FRA): 2:12:43 Tao Kreibich (AUT): 2:15:50 Kristofer Turdell (SWE): 2:20:41 Dani Fornell-Prat (AND): 2:23:40 Andrew Pollard (USA): 2:27:27 David Deliv (SWE): 2:29:49 Cooper Bathgate (CAN): 2:32:25 Tom Peiffer (CAN): 2:36:38 Ski Women: 2:46:15 Zuzanna Witych (POL): 2:46:15 Tracy Chubb (USA): 2:49:39 Olivia McNeill (CAN): 2:52:52 Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI): 2:55:47 Maude Besse (SUI): 2:58:26 Hedvig Wessel (NOR): 3:02:23 Juliette Willmann (FRA): 3:06:37

  55. Simon Klinkenberg

    Simon Klinkenberg7 dagar sedan

    The more there are competitors being robbed the more I think they should be judging each other like in kings and queens of Corbet

  56. Critical Jack

    Critical Jack7 dagar sedan

    Dyna-Star throne !!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  57. harz 5

    harz 57 dagar sedan

    why are their skis so fat when the snow is so hard?

  58. Stefano Pafundo

    Stefano Pafundo7 dagar sedan

    Che grosso🤙😳

  59. bylotti

    bylotti7 dagar sedan

    1:35:33 Ski Men

  60. Noah Paul Balduin Eisenegger

    Noah Paul Balduin Eisenegger7 dagar sedan


  61. Actarus Patton

    Actarus Patton7 dagar sedan

    No backflip even ? Disappointing

  62. HAILFLON Johetfz

    HAILFLON Johetfz7 dagar sedan

    Did this dude just said ross testicles

  63. Andrew Malkin

    Andrew Malkin7 dagar sedan

    Who set up all the GoPros? I'm wondering why they went with the 4:3 aspect ratio.

  64. Avery Parrish

    Avery Parrish7 dagar sedan

    a thin slice of butter on the rim of a butter martini

  65. Avery Parrish

    Avery Parrish7 dagar sedan

    king shitttttttt A1

  66. Re Lampago

    Re Lampago7 dagar sedan

    Great run, congrats

  67. Michael Bauman

    Michael Bauman7 dagar sedan

    Yeeewwww 🤙 that was big

  68. Daniel Philippe

    Daniel Philippe7 dagar sedan

    Best run explanation on the FWT so far!!

  69. deckert618

    deckert6187 dagar sedan

    skiers are so much better

  70. Brian CHIPMAN

    Brian CHIPMAN7 dagar sedan

    Way to rep Utah

  71. James Naughton

    James Naughton7 dagar sedan

    "What he is is a strong man!"

  72. Willys World

    Willys World7 dagar sedan

    You guys need to show replays at the end of runs like every other comp in the world.