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It's a Long Way to Furudu
Living into your 90s

Living into your 90s

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2007: Barack Obama

2007: Barack Obama

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America the Resilient

America the Resilient

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What drives Ohio voters?
Joe Biden's tax plan
  1. Brett Connor

    Brett Connor15 timmar sedan

    Looks like a clear case of Bullshititus.

  2. herpderpy

    herpderpy15 timmar sedan

    Most people that get to this age and are in good shape just got lucky from a genetic standpoint. Living that long is one thing - living that long and not being decrepit and completely dependent is another.

  3. Gas Mask

    Gas Mask15 timmar sedan

    very worthwhile study

  4. Den O'Neil

    Den O'Neil15 timmar sedan

    It's not a dream of mine to live forever. I don't want to live to that age.

  5. Alpha Romeo62niner

    Alpha Romeo62niner15 timmar sedan

    You cbs pig ....keep speaking your lies....we know you well

  6. Christina Karakra

    Christina Karakra15 timmar sedan

    I was diagnosed with pneumonia back in October of 2019, I was very, very sick, I really thought i was not going to make it, I was down over 2 weeks, the doctor change my antibiotics 2x before I started feeling a lil better to go back to work, my labs where all crazy high, I still have them on my healow app, Back then coronavirus was not being diagnose or treated as that, after finally thinking that i was recovered from it, I started having high heart rate issues which led me to the ER cause i thought i was having a heart attack, was referred to a cardiologist, they did a ct scan and mri of my heart,wear a monitor for 3 days and they couldn't found nothing, my right lung was and still hurts, they did a ct and found scarring in the lung, told me to check it every 6 months, I wake up everyday with a headache and also been with fever when i sleep only, I have this cough that it won't go away since, all my joints hurt me like im 150 years old, Im 52 and before that I was healthy, dance as a hobby, now I can't dance for 10 minutes, my hands been getting swelled and they hurt me and toes hurting as well, but the doctors don't know why, the cardiologist diagnosed me with anxiety so im on med for that, is been a horrible year for me.. Since last October of 2019.

  7. P G

    P G15 timmar sedan

    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Judas, San Miguel 😂 what she going to name all of the saints

  8. Silk Revolver Gaming

    Silk Revolver Gaming15 timmar sedan


  9. Kaylee F

    Kaylee F15 timmar sedan

    I caught it back in mid-march, for sure have not been able to breathe the same since and I have nearly constant headaches now. Long-haulers are real and people need to hear about it!

  10. Janet Wright Readings

    Janet Wright Readings15 timmar sedan

    Great reporting. Thank you to Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes, & most of all to these brave women.

  11. Bat Eats Moth

    Bat Eats Moth15 timmar sedan

    I caught it in February; I still have these problems. The migraines and vertigo are the worst part.

  12. 4peace&harmony

    4peace&harmony16 timmar sedan

    Hillarious, gas is $3+/gallon and yet we're still surviving and still care about the environment and ANWR.


    COMPTONLIFE ENT16 timmar sedan

    I feel very fatigued all day no matter how much coffee I drink

  14. clegaainz

    clegaainz16 timmar sedan

    Crazy because he's light years funnier than all the popular late night shows

  15. drolgh8

    drolgh816 timmar sedan

    Talk about shedding light on the situation

  16. Thorn_N_Yor_Side

    Thorn_N_Yor_Side16 timmar sedan

    And this is why he’s the former one....

  17. Malphite me bro

    Malphite me bro16 timmar sedan

    How beautiful that this older generation can devote their later life to science and have fun with it! Even more exceptional it is that they also agree to donate their bodies to science after death. Truly inspirational.

  18. Ochoa Tv

    Ochoa Tv16 timmar sedan

    Thay DA looks so racist it scares me

  19. Ochoa Tv

    Ochoa Tv16 timmar sedan

    Your four fathers will turn in theire grave

  20. annmarieknapp

    annmarieknapp16 timmar sedan

    For people with real pain that is chronic and miserable, they have to provide a substance so that you can function and live. They have made getting pain pills legitimately for real documented pain nearly impossible. And I can't have a drink to help with the bladder pain and IC because alcohol is like pouring battery acid on my bladder. If you felt like you were peeing razor blades every time you pee, what do you do? Marijuana needs to be recreational legal so the stigma is gone and everything is regulated. Even getting medical Marijuana still means your doctors all know so where is the Hippo in that? CBD oil helps, but it doesn't stop the razor blade feeling.

  21. Window Tinting

    Window Tinting16 timmar sedan

    I had post viral fatigue, when I was 15. Took me 15-20years to recover fully.

  22. Vince Styles

    Vince Styles16 timmar sedan

    I went from a Ford to a Toyota now I have had a Tesla I could not imagine going back to a gas car. It's amazing to have people like this left in the world..... We have hope for our future btw I had to buy it used it was way too expensive new

  23. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.16 timmar sedan

    In Loving Memory Of Our King Chadwick Aaron Boseman (11/29/1976-8/28/2020).


    THECROWNOFLIFE16 timmar sedan

    Sounds like Covid19 has given everybody Fibromyalgia??? It's not in our head!!

  25. J. Clement

    J. Clement16 timmar sedan

    Lil Andy Pooper

  26. Levi Tull

    Levi Tull16 timmar sedan

    Multiple nooses=multiple fractures

  27. Ochoa Tv

    Ochoa Tv16 timmar sedan

    They feel like big men killing a kid

  28. james fiaco

    james fiaco16 timmar sedan

    One of the ways a soldiers soul and spirit may rest in peace is if his family is living to the highest standards of quality major part of that is clean air water high sources of nutrition organic non-genetically modified our best preferred combined with a workout regiment that specializes in overall functionality plus formal education may be some real first hand experience with some of the most extreme situations life has to offer. For the end result of war. is supposed to result in the mass majority of the population naturally gradually constantly consistently becoming stronger smarter healthier happier better off physically mentally financially possibly spiritually than the previous. Now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim. To the way of living personally and professionally I guarantee you will never find another person in existence. That will ever freely accept that level of physical mental spiritual accountability.

  29. Bunny

    Bunny16 timmar sedan

    Madame Vice President is the MVP!

  30. Tony Sams

    Tony Sams16 timmar sedan

    I always admire apologies if they're sincere! But if they're not, he'll B answering to someone else

  31. MCenigma

    MCenigma16 timmar sedan

    I had to stop listening to and watching this guy otherwise I would have had to vomit.

  32. autumnleaf29

    autumnleaf2916 timmar sedan

    Almost sounds like ms symptoms

  33. john john lyrics

    john john lyrics16 timmar sedan

    All reporter and media they are work for money Not for our country Because media are employee not a public servant

  34. Kristine Jackson

    Kristine Jackson17 timmar sedan

    When my 96 year old grandfather was asked how one lives to be 90+, he replied, "Getting old is easy... Just don't stop breathing." ... sounds reasonable. 🙂

  35. Nathaniel Austin

    Nathaniel Austin17 timmar sedan

    Stahl handle him she had him shook and rocked.

  36. PammySpammyTheHammy

    PammySpammyTheHammy17 timmar sedan

    Sounds like people with multiple sclerosis...

  37. Funka Punka

    Funka Punka17 timmar sedan

    Who else didnt remember 3 words?

  38. Funka Punka

    Funka Punka17 timmar sedan

    I will die early Poor, sick, lonely. You dont only see that these people are old, you can see that they lived a happy life. I never had that. I wish I could go back in time and get a second chance.

  39. skyline Zed

    skyline Zed17 timmar sedan

    This is not Covid-19 😏😏😏 this is pneumonia

  40. jake simmons

    jake simmons17 timmar sedan

    My great great grand mother passed in 2007. She was 104 when passed

  41. mike adkins

    mike adkins17 timmar sedan

    Hi I'm joe biden and I'm running for senate

  42. acajudi100

    acajudi10017 timmar sedan

    He is a spotted pigs! Please never accept sexual abuse! Pay every household $2K retro from March 1, and train people to work online at $2k per month! The virus is a fake to put us all on the street to die. I agree that the businesses should be open. To all the Door Dash grocery delivery drivers: Always be polite to the customer, and never ask the customer to loan you a cart, or help load the groceries, especially if they are ill senior citizens. We cannot help it, if you are 500 lbs , short of breath, elderly with bad knees, then do not deliver huge groceries orders! I am a most generous tipper, but twice I tipped zero to lazy and disrespectful dirt bags! I respect an over tip respectful and hard working drivers. If you are dishonest, you lose more in the end. Instacart stole from my debit card, so that was the deal breaker. I used PeaPod for decades, until they left the area, but they stopped carrying the items I loved. Walmart is working great, and are the less expensive of all the delivery services. I do not like substitutions, and they made one mistake by substituting items.

  43. kbhvac

    kbhvac17 timmar sedan

    How could CISA monitor all the voting machines and all the tabulators in all 50 states without being directly connected to at least some of those machines? And if CISA was connected to some or all of these machines, then there was a path malevolent actors could exploit. . setoos.info/name/m6_O3mSkdZ6kmHg/video

  44. Keith Baucum7

    Keith Baucum717 timmar sedan

    Tobaaco is addictived. Tobacco is a drug.

  45. Heather Pidan

    Heather Pidan17 timmar sedan

    I feel terrible. It sounds like Lyme disease. I have chronic Lyme.

  46. pool k

    pool k17 timmar sedan

    Why are these questions so easy? The ones asked to Trump were harder. So bad!

  47. Heather Nabil

    Heather Nabil17 timmar sedan

    I have all those symptoms and I thought I was crazy and my story is validated!! I need this help so BAD!! I will never get help like this in Ohio!! I would do anything to get into this program! Doctors out here don’t care! How can I get this help?? I need all this doctors! I can’t go back to work in my profession bc now I will get pneumonia and bronchitis if someone has a cold! I’m in the dental field! I just want doctors to finally say we understand and we can help you!!!

  48. Anthony Gay

    Anthony Gay17 timmar sedan

    Funny how Fauci said not to wear a mask when the scamdemic first started. Lmfao

  49. Diana Dee

    Diana Dee17 timmar sedan

    This is a great study. Only problem is that many of these people seem to be of the upper-middle class & white. How do their stress levels compare to poor or working class white people? How about Black or Latinx? Did they have medical coverage all of their adult lives? How many didn't have regular medical care? It's great growing old and having your health, but we need to also acknowledge that they have advantages.

  50. Justy Luchic

    Justy Luchic17 timmar sedan

    Curious that those symptoms are in USA and not in other countries ?

  51. Jacob Blanchard

    Jacob Blanchard17 timmar sedan

    Such an amazing man, since then hes raised his wealth by 50x and the whole time making earth a better place... a true hero

  52. O V

    O V17 timmar sedan

    old must go so young will prosper

  53. angryjenkins

    angryjenkins17 timmar sedan

    Capitalism at its finest ...

  54. Pat Warrren

    Pat Warrren17 timmar sedan

    dont believe a word you say. . .fake news....fake people...fake stoery

  55. Ian Hanschen

    Ian Hanschen17 timmar sedan

    NBC sucks, Leno sucks.

  56. cartoonclimax

    cartoonclimax17 timmar sedan

    Something tells me that that wasn't an accident. Lol!

  57. jbinsb

    jbinsb17 timmar sedan

    As bad as Trump looks, always, Leslie did a really poor job of questioning him.

  58. GR A

    GR A17 timmar sedan

    Really? This stuff isn't new and you ladies live in the city. It happens. I have physically pushed them away and told them various things Ie: grow up. Centuries of this. We all felt worthy of respect. Perhaps another field but I have found there are pigs in every field.....GOID LUCK..

  59. Dane Lovell

    Dane Lovell17 timmar sedan

    Obama is the man 👨

  60. breadfan9

    breadfan917 timmar sedan

    Was asymptomatic and was diagnosed with it. What a joke. i guess only the strongest survive and im still here.

  61. Stanley Song

    Stanley Song17 timmar sedan

    The early yew unequivocally claim because wilderness subsequently bounce athwart a acrid alphabet. towering, cooperative sock

  62. G D

    G D17 timmar sedan

    Il n'est pas mort il est planqué

  63. alex johnson

    alex johnson18 timmar sedan

    Candidate Joe Biden was so effective at animating voters in 2020 that he received a record number of votes, more than 15 million more than Barack Obama received in his re-election of 2012. Amazingly, he managed to secure victory while also losing in almost every bellwether county across the country. No presidential candidate has been capable of such electoral jujitsu until now. CORRUPTION, FRAUD, THE DEMOCRATS PLANNED THIS AND GOT CAUGHT, LOOK AT THE VIDEO EVIDENCE CBS!!!!!!

  64. Colin Dixon

    Colin Dixon18 timmar sedan

    Such an Awsome guy. 🙏Suckered by the shitstorm that is politics.... Brilliantly nieve, why would you want it any other way though? Donald hates him cuz he's everything that Donald cud never be. 'DT knows this and it eats him up on a daily basis.... 🙏

  65. A S

    A S18 timmar sedan

    Nerve and immune system it’s damage. I don’t know but how would the vaccine work and what are the affects and would it help post-acute cov syndrome long hullers. Long term it’ll get worst and it’ll be chronic, but then again is it already chronic do to already having cov-19

  66. alex johnson

    alex johnson18 timmar sedan


  67. Stanley Banks

    Stanley Banks18 timmar sedan

    Bless him. Bless all of them

  68. John Adams

    John Adams18 timmar sedan

    Waoooo Is good to find a video like this I was recently fired because I complaint with HR about how we were treated in our shift and I requested a meeting to find a solution, the answer from HR the next day was "You are fired"....I thought we the employees were protected.......

  69. The Lion Cub 2000

    The Lion Cub 200018 timmar sedan

    7th 7jt

  70. Natasha Citra

    Natasha Citra18 timmar sedan

    The pharma mafia is in controll

  71. Elayne Light

    Elayne Light18 timmar sedan

    Liar liar

  72. Arc Anon Drum

    Arc Anon Drum18 timmar sedan

    Carter was a good President. He was blamed for Oil Shortages, those actually occurred 3 years before he was President. He was blamed for a Poor Economy. He inherited the Vietnam War Debt and a Federal Reserve Chairman who made no Economic Stimulus Efforts. He was blamed for the Hostages Held in Iran. It was William Casey, Reagan's Campaign Advisor (and later, Reagan Appointee to Head of CIA) who traveled to Iran and asked the government to hold the Hostages until after the election in exchange for political and military favors. Reagan would have to keep doing that sort of deal as Iran, Lebanon and other Mideast countries took Hostages until Reagan gave them something in return. I used to hate Carter and love Reagan. Before Reagan left Office, I hated Reagan. Now I see that Carter was making changes for the better.

  73. Mma Voice

    Mma Voice18 timmar sedan

    "There's some real heros out there, there's some real patriots" I agree and one of them Ret. Army Colonel Philip Waldron, explained that If you count paper ballots you are not accounting for the possibility that the ballot was printed by a machine. A forensic audit consisting of 29 signature checkpoints would be a more accurate analysis of ballot integrity. This doesn't mean Kreb is lying, but in my opinion he should have addressed this before claiming all was well. Here's a clip from the GA hearing yesterday, back up a bit in the video for the entire discussion. The rep claims a 100% recount (as opposed to a sample size) was performed, then Col Waldron goes into a brief explanation of why the forensic audit is needed. The possibility of fraudulent paper ballots is not a conspiracy. setoos.info/name/15GbrGFfn6NuhJY/video

  74. 아이유's Cake in Twenty Three

    아이유's Cake in Twenty Three18 timmar sedan

    I literally forgot the 3 words she gave her um, I'm not even a legal yet-

  75. Kimberly Cockram

    Kimberly Cockram18 timmar sedan

    Cva. Wonder if it’s septic emboli? Almost sounds like a cross between Lyme and TB with widespread damage.

  76. Suhail Bhat

    Suhail Bhat18 timmar sedan

    Today we killed one we once created 😂

  77. OceanArk7 7

    OceanArk7 718 timmar sedan

    Let's do brain scans to see the neurological differences

  78. Allen Cameron

    Allen Cameron18 timmar sedan

    I don't have a problem with patriots taking up arms against evil. I have a problem with militia groups like this one claiming that they oppose oppression by the government while simultaneously supporting Donald Trump. How can they not see that these two interests are mutually exclusive? Trump is the one assaulting the rule of law and violating the Constitution. Also, when it comes to COVID-19 transmission prevention, The right thing to do is comply with the advice we get from the CDC. To do anything different is to recklessly endanger the health and well-being of innocent people in the community.

  79. Naya West

    Naya West18 timmar sedan

    Says he is going to get the vaccine but shakes his head no.

  80. Tyle Smog

    Tyle Smog18 timmar sedan