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Molly Sandén is one of Sweden's biggest artists and songwriters. In the past decade Molly has released 4 studio albums, gained +300 million streams on Spotify, headlined multiple sold out shows and won several prestigious awards (Pop of the Year, Album of the Year and Artist of the Year at the Swedish Grammy Awards and Guldmicken and Pop of the Year at P3 Gold).

My Marianne is Molly’s moniker name used when singing in English and voicing Rachel McAdams singing voice in Netflix blockbuster Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. In 2021 main theme “Husavik” received a nomination for Best Original Song at the 93rd Academy Awards and Molly My Marianne Sandén was invited to perform the song at the Oscar’s ceremony.

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The Fire Saga - My Marianne


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  1. Iarina

    Iarina5 timmar sedan

    the instrumental on this works so well with your delivery i adore it

  2. Anusha Rebello

    Anusha Rebello5 timmar sedan

    Beautiful 😍

  3. Luke Świerk

    Luke Świerk5 timmar sedan


  4. Jasna Vidacic

    Jasna Vidacic14 timmar sedan

    Heregud😍😍😍😍😍 Så bra!!!!❤️❤️💖💖💖

  5. ᖴᗩITᕼ

    ᖴᗩITᕼ16 timmar sedan

    The feeling of being a swede and understand every word when non-swedish people don't 😌

  6. I am: Len

    I am: Len21 timme sedan

    I've got goosebumps

  7. Vulkan TV

    Vulkan TV23 timmar sedan

    So genial.

  8. Peter Nessbo

    Peter NessboDag sedan

    Det vore något det med en sång som denna för Island, Då hade de vunnit med Molly.

  9. HHHThanatos

    HHHThanatosDag sedan

    This song should have won the oscar.

  10. Sweden

    SwedenDag sedan


  11. Anna Dahlin

    Anna DahlinDag sedan

    Daaaaaaaamn!!! DU ÄR GRYYYYM!!! Riktigt bra album och denna låt är 10 av 10!!😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

  12. Niklas

    NiklasDag sedan

    I wonder if this song is about the philosophy of non-duality.

  13. Cycling CMDR

    Cycling CMDRDag sedan

    When life imitates art, "The perfect song isn't the winning song." Husavik still should've won tho.

  14. Cycling CMDR

    Cycling CMDRDag sedan

    If this doesn't win the Oscars, we riot.

  15. Colin Higginbotham

    Colin HigginbothamDag sedan

    Seriously how did this NOT win the Oscar

  16. Erik Simca

    Erik Simca2 dagar sedan

    Bara jag som stör mig på att DEM stavas fel.....?

  17. Mia B

    Mia B2 dagar sedan


  18. James Gavern

    James Gavern2 dagar sedan

    Molly du är drottningen i våra hjärtan!! Vi älskar dig!!!

  19. Dakota DeVolld

    Dakota DeVolld2 dagar sedan

    I’m from Alaska and the lyrics describe my home town just as well. Absolutely gorgeous song ❤️

  20. Garreth Dalton

    Garreth Dalton2 dagar sedan

    This would bring a Viking to his knees

  21. SofiW1

    SofiW13 dagar sedan

    satte ord på allt för mycket vi kvinnor lever med.. TACK

  22. mea

    mea3 dagar sedan

    So happy for you Molly ❤️

  23. Giusy Puccio

    Giusy Puccio3 dagar sedan

    Questa canzone da emozioni da brividi ❤️❤️❤️

  24. עמוד רע

    עמוד רע3 dagar sedan

    If you were not white you would have won best song

  25. Mia Larsson

    Mia Larsson3 dagar sedan

    Gud så många åsikter människor har inte konstigt man blir förvirrad och knas i huvudet ❤

  26. עמוד רע

    עמוד רע3 dagar sedan

    Good song but is she black?

  27. Erik Love Skaldeman

    Erik Love Skaldeman3 dagar sedan

    Grym låt, bra att du säger ifrån, de jävlarna ska för fan veta

  28. Emma Borgquist

    Emma Borgquist3 dagar sedan

    Asssåååå woooow 😍

  29. Casey Robinson

    Casey Robinson3 dagar sedan

    But this isn’t acoustic…???

  30. Cameron Tredway

    Cameron Tredway3 dagar sedan

    ive never been so in love with such an amazing voice. well done, that nomination is well deserved molly <3

  31. deolinda mendoza

    deolinda mendoza3 dagar sedan

    I only watched the movie cause I watch your performance at the Oscar. Your voice is amazing! Brought tears to my eyes such magnificent interpretation. Bravo!!!

  32. countrypaul

    countrypaul3 dagar sedan

    I'm American, but a Swedish friend sent translated lyrics to me. Holy shit - this is powerful! (And is it OK to notice that she's beautiful??) Here is what he found: [Intro] They must know [Verse 1] A tiny makeshift stage by the counter on a Monday at the mall By the E4 highway roundabout I sang playback for nothing Seemed shady, You used to say ”lil sweetie” You should be grateful, should be grateful That was before I had to starve until I soared in corsets above stages that I never got to keep If I didn’t have the ”follow”, if I didn’t want to ”swallow” If I wasn’t ”Carola”, wasn’t ”Carola” [Bridge] Was so lost but refused to stop What needs to happen must go down [Chorus] They must know They must know [Verse 2] My boyfriends were boys Had six-packs, were a free pass True divas & real hotties that half of Sweden wished to strangle Could dance, could sing Had dreams just like mine, dreams like mine (Dreams, dreams like mine) In front of everyone & the camera no one liked it All wanted to watch me fall until I lay there on the dance floor No one saw but everyone watched, paparazzi, ”Se & Hör” [See & Hear, a now defunct gossip magazine] Poor stupid little girl, stupid little girl [Bridge] Was so lost but refused to stop What needs to happen must go down [Chorus] They must know They must know [Verse 3] Filled the backseat on ”Sunset” with a fucking row of palm trees Spend 10 000 hours, LA dreaming goes to pieces Mum dad already divorced My sisters stopped calling, sisters stopped calling Take a selfie, real tan Up the ”Hills” to someone’s mansion, all losers, All famous [people] in a smog of smoke & mist The producer wants to bang me, oh, surprise, deliver lines Wants to rip me off completely Real tears, real salt

  33. Football Time

    Football Time4 dagar sedan

    Är det någon kan svara vad hon säger swallow eller inte?

  34. tja lala

    tja lala4 dagar sedan

    Så bra! 💛💙Love fra Norge ❤💙

  35. Slow Down

    Slow Down4 dagar sedan

    I went to Geosea in Husavik in May 2019 and it was definitely high point of my trip to Iceland. This songs makes me really emotional, and I'm not even an icelander. Anyone here from Husavik?

  36. Alexander Weinbach

    Alexander Weinbach4 dagar sedan

    Grym!! Älskart ❤️

  37. Kalle Persson

    Kalle Persson4 dagar sedan

    Hur får man biljetter till husavik?

  38. Hanna Ström

    Hanna Ström4 dagar sedan

    Spotify behöver denna

  39. Hanna Ström

    Hanna Ström4 dagar sedan


  40. Christina Bengtsson

    Christina Bengtsson4 dagar sedan

    Du gör detta perfekt och du har hjälpt mig att tycka om mig som jag är.

  41. Raspotnik

    Raspotnik4 dagar sedan

    Jag har ogillat svensk musik under en lång tid. Men satan vad dom svenska artisterna börjar leverera. Den här var fan hård! xD

  42. Diane Mc Gowan

    Diane Mc Gowan4 dagar sedan

    When I was young, the only music you got to know about was played on the radio - sometimes, you could hear something different on a late night show, or take a chance on an unheard import. Times are good now - we can have the gift of song from all over the world. So, I thank you, internet, for bringing me this treasure of a singer and her songs. Molly is wonderful!

  43. stormshaft

    stormshaft4 dagar sedan

    Jävlar. Mörkt, skarpt och hårt. Grymt som fan.

  44. JJ H

    JJ H4 dagar sedan

    Sämsta du gett ut, helt utan överdrift

  45. Alan Grice

    Alan Grice5 dagar sedan

    ''' GORGEOUS !!!!!' ''

  46. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson5 dagar sedan

    Grymt bra!

  47. Vidar Andersson

    Vidar Andersson5 dagar sedan

    Inte så bra låt tyvärr men du har många andra grymma låtar.

  48. chris H

    chris H5 dagar sedan

    Didn't understand a word but still loved ❤it

  49. gulligmp

    gulligmp5 dagar sedan

    Det är som om jag har väntat på denna låten hela livet 🤗❤😍

  50. hen ko

    hen ko5 dagar sedan

    I allways use the phrase "It's good to see nice things happen' to nice people" sarchastically, but in Molly's case I genuinly feel that way!

  51. Masen Schaefer

    Masen Schaefer5 dagar sedan

    What’s thing song about? It has a very unique beat and sound. Hello from America 🇺🇸

  52. Mary Ore

    Mary Ore5 dagar sedan


  53. Lars Prins

    Lars Prins5 dagar sedan

    All Kärlek till Molly

  54. Thomas Berglin

    Thomas Berglin5 dagar sedan

    Good song.

  55. minij hooi

    minij hooi5 dagar sedan

    Oscar award is just a recognition of some few ppl, Real recognition is from all the millions of ppl that hear and were moves by the song and her voice!. Amazing perfomance!

  56. Your Chanal

    Your Chanal5 dagar sedan

    Everyone being Swedish Me being German but lovingggg Swedish

  57. Ing-Marie

    Ing-Marie5 dagar sedan

    Men gud denna var SÅ bra...

  58. Phoenixangel 1111

    Phoenixangel 11115 dagar sedan

    If you're reading this I love you please stay strong,you matter you're not worthless, you mean everything. It's 711 am when writing this. 🦋🦋🦋🕊️💛🧡🔥🌟🎙️🎻🎸🎶🎤🎼🎹🎵♥️🕊️🕊️🔥💛🧡💓🙏

  59. Dan Lilja

    Dan Lilja5 dagar sedan

    Shit, vad grym du är!

  60. Jonny Björnhager

    Jonny Björnhager5 dagar sedan

    Fantastiskt Molly! Kör på.

  61. Elisa

    Elisa5 dagar sedan

    wow så äkta gik rakt in i hjärtat. Tack Molly för att du vågar vara sann. det behövs <3 <3 <3

  62. aaaaheahea

    aaaaheahea5 dagar sedan

    Alldeles för kort, saknar också en riktig melodi, men tanken är att det kanske skall vara en "f*ck you" text rakt igenom i så fall har du lyckats.

  63. maddock persson

    maddock persson5 dagar sedan

    Firé 🔥🔥 hade varit coolt om du hade sjungit hela på isländska eller gjort en ny låt men som sagt helt fantastiskt ❤️🔥

  64. sanket mudaww

    sanket mudaww5 dagar sedan

    Molly!!! Du är bäst!!!🥰😘

  65. AedeusLeonora

    AedeusLeonora5 dagar sedan

    DOM SKA VETA!! 🔥🔥🔥

  66. Susanneh Nilsson

    Susanneh Nilsson5 dagar sedan

    Älskart Molly! Tack! <3

  67. Tana TachT

    Tana TachT5 dagar sedan


  68. C. Nilsson

    C. Nilsson5 dagar sedan

    Du har nått en ny nivå! Solklar etta i Sverige!

  69. Joh Wes

    Joh Wes5 dagar sedan

    Sjukt tungt beat, oväntat.. älskar det! Och texten är en riktig känga mot pengakåt media!! Du är en förebild Molly, fortsätt kämpa! <3

  70. Mea Leiswall

    Mea Leiswall5 dagar sedan


  71. James De Guzman

    James De Guzman6 dagar sedan

    This is not on iTunes.

  72. Phoenixangel 1111

    Phoenixangel 11116 dagar sedan

    🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼🎼🦋🦋🦋🔥🔥🕊️💛🧡🧡🧡🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌻🌻🌻🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✊✊ #neverstopsinging

  73. Phoenixangel 1111

    Phoenixangel 11116 dagar sedan


  74. Phoenixangel 1111

    Phoenixangel 11116 dagar sedan

    Omg I love you. Just finding this. I already knew phoenix 🕊️💛🧡❤️😭💪💪but now I have this too. Thank you. Every word is me. I share your singing dream. Thank u for sharing ur insecurities fears dreams ,your beautiful voice, that healing sound frequency we ,I,need.

  75. Jimmy Olsson

    Jimmy Olsson6 dagar sedan

    Wow! Grymt bra, Molly! 👊😎

  76. filmfreak1993

    filmfreak19936 dagar sedan


  77. KillerwhaleTRX

    KillerwhaleTRX6 dagar sedan

    jävlar va bra!!

  78. emma fe

    emma fe6 dagar sedan

    älskar detta!😍💥

  79. ionryneha

    ionryneha6 dagar sedan

    Ever since I got to know your music I've been delighted. There's always this strong and wild energy, in addition to the message in your lyrics, of course. I'm so happy I've found an artist like you. I'm such a fan, Molly! You're amazing. This is freaking stunning! All the best and lotta love from Mexico. 💜🇲🇽 PS. I'm working hard on learning Swedish and get this on a different level. 😋

  80. Éléonore Soumah

    Éléonore Soumah6 dagar sedan

    ✨💓💖Älskar dig💖💓✨