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Live with Cardi B

Live with Cardi B

6 månader sedan

  1. Y.N.A

    Y.N.A8 timmar sedan

    If you listening to this song in March 2021 you a legend my nigga

  2. Ultimate

    Ultimate8 timmar sedan

    "You like this stuff?" "Its garbage" -GRU,Despicable Me

  3. Xavier Rodriguez

    Xavier Rodriguez8 timmar sedan

    Bruh the only reason y shes famous is cuz of feminism ong like this shits so trash wheres the old rappers bruh like mf cheif keef

  4. Shmuel Hai

    Shmuel Hai8 timmar sedan

    instegram.. @shmuel.24.12💦😂😂😂😂

  5. no mic warrior

    no mic warrior8 timmar sedan

    I blasted this in a zoom call

  6. Barbiana Bag

    Barbiana Bag8 timmar sedan

    I am so opposed with song

  7. 黑暗棋士

    黑暗棋士8 timmar sedan

    I feel the same as the song's name

  8. David Young

    David Young8 timmar sedan

    Exactly what's wrong with this country. Filth given a platform to spew filth for other filth to listen to.


    LANETLERİN PEŞİNDE8 timmar sedan

    Bunlarda namus falan kalmamış 🤬🤬🤬

  10. Samya Rains

    Samya Rains8 timmar sedan

    OK cardi B up alright

  11. Angelo Adam

    Angelo Adam8 timmar sedan

    explain how this doesn’t have the over aged 18 thing but toxic by digga d does

  12. JU ME

    JU ME8 timmar sedan

    1,25 speed is fun)

  13. Memory Mudamburi

    Memory Mudamburi8 timmar sedan

    the beat is just lit

  14. jisoo is my life.

    jisoo is my life.8 timmar sedan

    It is very difficult to film a whole song with only one hand.

  15. Keeper of the Zoo!

    Keeper of the Zoo!8 timmar sedan

    And people are offended by Dr. Seuss?

  16. Lisa Bodette

    Lisa Bodette8 timmar sedan

    I felt pregnant by the end of the song 🥺😂

  17. Mo Reese Delk

    Mo Reese Delk8 timmar sedan

    Remember Candace owens destroyed you!!

  18. Don Limbargo

    Don Limbargo8 timmar sedan

    I bet that shit smells like tuna casserole

  19. Joanna Pizzo

    Joanna Pizzo8 timmar sedan

    Notes on how to get outta a grouphome become a stripper n loose weight n bring. A daddy to a whip

  20. Salesad Mieze

    Salesad Mieze8 timmar sedan

    Sad world.. this is what we're left with...

  21. Chris Hägele

    Chris Hägele8 timmar sedan

    Still wondering who Dennis Up is! 🤔

  22. Brenden Louis

    Brenden Louis8 timmar sedan

    I just skip the Kylie Jenner part

  23. Crowd Killwe

    Crowd Killwe8 timmar sedan

    And Coco got deleted......

  24. West Australia

    West Australia8 timmar sedan

    Wet and bushy or wet and pushy? Ohhh gushy or cushy????

  25. Don Limbargo

    Don Limbargo8 timmar sedan

    Dr. Seuss is inappropriate but this garbage was at the top of the charts. Kind of shows you how screwed up society is atm. Hip hop needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.

  26. Cartoonishly

    Cartoonishly8 timmar sedan

    "...smell like horse UGHHgghH!"

  27. Name Name

    Name Name8 timmar sedan

    Best part 4:12

  28. Joanna Pizzo

    Joanna Pizzo8 timmar sedan

    Daddy pappie pappà money go shake a lil ass go to the store all u bitches introuble bring a daddy to a whip let a bitch try me I was born to flex I need room for my legs ya I did go pop busting out the roof cardi b took my stripper job at four now it's time to get money I can do this all a bad bitch need is a money. Pappie pappie shake a lil ass

  29. KrayzieeeTV

    KrayzieeeTV8 timmar sedan

    I thought I closed youporn

  30. Teralyn S

    Teralyn S8 timmar sedan

    Cardi: *singing* Her fans: CARDI! I’m UP here waiting for you to UPload this part 3

  31. Rayna King

    Rayna King8 timmar sedan

    This is my new fav song!!!!! I love it cardi!!

  32. Akira Rosette Chu

    Akira Rosette Chu8 timmar sedan

    Orrrr, Wet Angry Pussy (Cat)?

  33. Nick te Lindert

    Nick te Lindert8 timmar sedan

    Why her lyrics sound extremely selfish, shallow and egocentric to me. This is really not a good role model for young woman or society in general.

  34. Sam Rhodes

    Sam Rhodes8 timmar sedan


  35. Promila Chaudhary

    Promila Chaudhary8 timmar sedan

  36. Just Chill

    Just Chill8 timmar sedan

    Why everybody obsessed with Cardi, she ugly as shit and got no talent

  37. Denis Daniel

    Denis Daniel8 timmar sedan

    My kid ain't gonna watch this until she is 18. She can listen though, I doubt she can understand anything.

  38. MsDusti Smith

    MsDusti Smith8 timmar sedan

    I gotta give it to her lol... she's definitely in tune with her security and what she wants... she not afraid to let you know... she may want him,she may want her,shit she may want YOU!!! LOL Love this crazy bitch😜

  39. Chantelle Bull

    Chantelle Bull8 timmar sedan

    This is not inpropriate for kids

  40. aPrip AprOP

    aPrip AprOP8 timmar sedan

    Not y’all shaming cardi in the comment section just because pewdiepies diss track got taken down lmfaooooo cry about it

  41. Jessica Dault

    Jessica Dault8 timmar sedan

    Them nails is way too long tho

  42. Aishwarya Kanase

    Aishwarya Kanase8 timmar sedan

    Woahhhh 🔥

  43. Promila Chaudhary

    Promila Chaudhary9 timmar sedan

  44. Christian Khalil

    Christian Khalil9 timmar sedan

    Nobody: Not even cardi b herself Not even her sis cardi O The whole comment section “ThIs SoNg MaKeS mE wAnNa”

  45. Linda Mayoga

    Linda Mayoga9 timmar sedan

    best song ever

  46. Max Bøg Andersen

    Max Bøg Andersen9 timmar sedan

    how are you only age restricted on this vid when already 12 sek in it prop would have been taken down

  47. GOD SEES US!!!!

    GOD SEES US!!!!9 timmar sedan

    🤔Imagine if The Almighty God of The Holy Bible could see people watching this UNGODLY, WICKED, FILTHY video,and if He has a place called THE HELLFIRE, awaiting for ALL who love and accept such FILTH AND UNGODLINESS???? OH WAIT, GOD IS EVERYWHERE,SEEING EVERYTHING WE THINK,FEEL AND DO!!!! AND HE DOES HAVE A PLACE WHERE THE UNHOLY WILL BE PLACED, CALLED THE HELLFIRE!!!!

  48. erezzz511

    erezzz5119 timmar sedan


  49. Hemanth S

    Hemanth S9 timmar sedan

    If an STD could make noise....

  50. Jordz YT

    Jordz YT9 timmar sedan

    POV: You came here to dislike the video.

  51. aaron lizotte

    aaron lizotte9 timmar sedan

    This is what qualifies as music now a days... My how we've fallen

  52. Zac Xerxez Talania

    Zac Xerxez Talania9 timmar sedan

    This makes me wanna do my un done home works

  53. Hedgar Hinojos

    Hedgar Hinojos9 timmar sedan

    It’s Annoying that’s why it’s trash

  54. Ira ASMR

    Ira ASMR9 timmar sedan

    It is a man under that table ))))


    ANGEL GALVE9 timmar sedan


  56. TheMultijesus13

    TheMultijesus139 timmar sedan


  57. Andy Stempki

    Andy Stempki9 timmar sedan

    Is there a way to get back my time for watching this complete nonsense?

  58. LunaWolfiePaw

    LunaWolfiePaw9 timmar sedan

    So nobody gonna talk about how those poor animals had to view this?

  59. LunaWolfiePaw

    LunaWolfiePaw9 timmar sedan

    This really should be age restricted

  60. Help me Reach 2k ❶

    Help me Reach 2k ❶9 timmar sedan

    This song makes me feel like a confident girl even though I'm a straight guy

  61. Ella Eichenholz

    Ella Eichenholz9 timmar sedan

    This made me uncomfortable

  62. Rrrrap Monster

    Rrrrap Monster9 timmar sedan

    Namjesus has left the chat............

  63. connor bartram

    connor bartram9 timmar sedan

    they should make a pornhub ad with this

  64. malak choukri

    malak choukri9 timmar sedan

    woahhh nice sonng

  65. Sema Seferov

    Sema Seferov9 timmar sedan


  66. Kavitha Katke

    Kavitha Katke9 timmar sedan

    Is it just me who noticed that the support of cardi b sitting on glass in stair case scene is a girl?? 1:45

  67. Lenro Smith

    Lenro Smith9 timmar sedan

    When the song hits so hard ur heart drops below 1 degree.