Beta Squad
Beta Squad
Beta Squad

What happens when you put five regular males in one alpha house?
BETA SQUAD, aka. Chunkz, Niko Omilana, Aj Shabeel, Sharky and King Kenny, are about to make the biggest move of their lives, follow them on this mad adventure.
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  1. XxHAM1DxX

    XxHAM1DxX3 timmar sedan

    This is hilarious

  2. marcus K

    marcus K3 timmar sedan

    Who is watching the when they already hit 2 mil

  3. AuzzieManBruh

    AuzzieManBruh3 timmar sedan

    you guys should all rock up in clothes and take orders

  4. Kashmir king

    Kashmir king4 timmar sedan

    This is trash man 😂 they should’ve brought through some Kashmiri, arab, Albanian/Bosnian and kurdish brothers trust me they would’ve been mad confused 😂

  5. Dinis Pereira

    Dinis Pereira4 timmar sedan


  6. Clearly Pumpkin pie

    Clearly Pumpkin pie4 timmar sedan

    12:28 he just said walla 😂😂 Gib is muslim confirmed

  7. Minhaaj Ali

    Minhaaj Ali4 timmar sedan

    Niko your room was the best

  8. Uchiha D. Umar

    Uchiha D. Umar4 timmar sedan

    When did you lot become soo dirty?

  9. rasheem rp

    rasheem rp5 timmar sedan


  10. Ahmad Rajhi

    Ahmad Rajhi6 timmar sedan

    This should be called: Racist, the show

  11. Rohan Singh Saund

    Rohan Singh Saund7 timmar sedan

    1:14 couldn't do that in soccer aid chunkz

  12. factbot ww

    factbot ww7 timmar sedan

    dis girl is not good oh shes a bad one oh

  13. Dante Spitalieri

    Dante Spitalieri8 timmar sedan

    what about will smith

  14. Ricardo Pro

    Ricardo Pro8 timmar sedan

    This is the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen

  15. Lazerkid

    Lazerkid8 timmar sedan

    the commentators so racist.

  16. Random Vids

    Random Vids9 timmar sedan

    Gib can say what he wants he will always be the guy that got his ass kicked by Jake Paul lmaooooo 😂

  17. hwat gamer tv

    hwat gamer tv10 timmar sedan


  18. Liam

    Liam11 timmar sedan

    copying sidemen

  19. Charles

    Charles11 timmar sedan

    Feels like I'm watching a TV show

  20. Shane 01

    Shane 0111 timmar sedan

    Niko is different level 😂

  21. NUUBIS

    NUUBIS11 timmar sedan

    14:10 oh my lord the cringe!

  22. bssni touir

    bssni touir12 timmar sedan

    This is way better than the sidemens edition they didnt even have meetings.

  23. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin12 timmar sedan

    "Why is he filming?" "Oh it's for our Starbucks documentary called 'Be Quiet' idk?"

  24. Chai Chilee

    Chai Chilee12 timmar sedan

    They were kinda rude here

  25. Unknown Device

    Unknown Device13 timmar sedan

    Why you dont punch that guy who kick you if you do that this video have 10M views No kidding

  26. GODzuman

    GODzuman13 timmar sedan

    19:08 Niko actually walks like Mr.tumnus from narnia but a black Lol.

  27. graavvyy sqwad

    graavvyy sqwad14 timmar sedan

    AJ should do Pop Smoke braids tbh😂

  28. Aatif Mahmood

    Aatif Mahmood14 timmar sedan

    5:45 niko looked like he just got told off

  29. Martin Jr.

    Martin Jr.14 timmar sedan

    next time you play you should be mute😅😅 i think it would be more fun...only talk at meetings

  30. Solasia Graves

    Solasia Graves14 timmar sedan

    Do any of you guys get fades? *number two puts his fist up* MY BROTTTHHAAA🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Thanosisabarb

    Thanosisabarb14 timmar sedan

    3:24 lmfaoo I thought kenny was talking to the guy on the wall 😫

  32. Shanime

    Shanime14 timmar sedan

    Ajs Naruto costume😂rate that

  33. Frost Cj

    Frost Cj14 timmar sedan

    Me: Mom I want jubilee Mom: we have jubilee at home Jubilee at home:

  34. Tola Omotayo

    Tola Omotayo14 timmar sedan

    Niko is an opp

  35. Jayden AND Zara

    Jayden AND Zara15 timmar sedan


  36. J

    J15 timmar sedan

    We watched this in class today 😭

  37. Major Shahnaz

    Major Shahnaz16 timmar sedan

    niko basically ruined the whole video


    NO INTERNET16 timmar sedan

    FALSE INDENTITY EP 2!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Major Shahnaz

    Major Shahnaz16 timmar sedan

    niko that was a stupid idea. LOL.

  40. mods YT

    mods YT16 timmar sedan


  41. AXEL

    AXEL16 timmar sedan

    This was the funniest performance from niko 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Boritz bullman

    Boritz bullman17 timmar sedan

    they are just bullying them

  43. Chillz On Sticks

    Chillz On Sticks17 timmar sedan

    im watching from Lagos and laughed when he said laygos

  44. Brandon Doak

    Brandon Doak17 timmar sedan

    Sidemen played it all wrong.. you guys did well with having the meetings instead of just running away from the person all video

  45. Srsly Goated

    Srsly Goated17 timmar sedan

    8 Shmucks 😂

  46. Evan tr0o

    Evan tr0o17 timmar sedan

    ”you gotta ask yourself what is family?” 😂😂😂 I fucking love the way they do these videos, the editing the style basically everything😂

  47. AdamHolland4

    AdamHolland417 timmar sedan

    “They brought me a lesbian”

  48. FoxSin_Ban

    FoxSin_Ban17 timmar sedan

    Oh snap , you guys are actually being consistent

  49. iiTrillix

    iiTrillix17 timmar sedan

    Only real ones remember 'nicholas gulfridges gunshots 32'

  50. Thuvaarakan Kandeepan

    Thuvaarakan Kandeepan17 timmar sedan

    Niko is a absolute legend

  51. Simon Mara

    Simon Mara17 timmar sedan

    Damn, Chunks lost bare weight from the last episode!!

  52. Cilton Guedes

    Cilton Guedes17 timmar sedan

    Wait a minute,my mom is from Angola and I know that São Tomé is not close to Angola, but on the other hand it was good to see them talking about Angola /Africa

  53. Symkshush 65

    Symkshush 6518 timmar sedan

    i love how aj is wearing a akatsuki cloak and a goku wig

  54. JR

    JR18 timmar sedan

    I'm surprised Chunkz and Niko aren't getting noticed most of the time

  55. JR

    JR18 timmar sedan

    Love these lads but the scenario of talking to strangers in public makes me cringe. But I rate that Niko got the content

  56. nasim yay

    nasim yay18 timmar sedan

    Isn't it a coincidence how niko wanted AJ dead and fines chunkz when chunkz is the imposter wow

  57. AwesomeArmaan

    AwesomeArmaan18 timmar sedan


  58. MR Pineapple

    MR Pineapple18 timmar sedan

    I wanna know what kenny said

  59. Habiibii_7

    Habiibii_718 timmar sedan

    Anyone else got a black screen the entire vid except for like the first 15/20 secs

  60. Alpha Crew

    Alpha Crew19 timmar sedan

    yoooo we just posted our first vid not long ago , if ur reading this can u help us get it to 2k views (next video coming soon) thanks

  61. Alpha Crew

    Alpha Crew19 timmar sedan

    yoooo we just posted our first vid not long ago , if ur reading this can u help us get it to 2k views (next video coming soon) thanks

  62. Alfonzo Aston

    Alfonzo Aston19 timmar sedan

    Beta Squad vs Eboys vs Sidemen

  63. Salma

    Salma19 timmar sedan

    i am crying how is aj making them race

  64. momohype FN

    momohype FN19 timmar sedan

    Future vid : making our own starbucks

  65. Dogedancer234 7

    Dogedancer234 719 timmar sedan

    10:23 I was at this drive thru once in my dads car and he drove of 😂

  66. TFerk 2

    TFerk 219 timmar sedan

    When they have 4 poayers keft it was i er for mafia but they choked haha

  67. Camo

    Camo19 timmar sedan

    If this was a bunch of white dons n other way round u would all be protesting in ldn u wet bruddas

  68. Mathias Nordvik

    Mathias Nordvik19 timmar sedan

    Do this again!

  69. Atha

    Atha19 timmar sedan

    AJ: sees cute dog Take that dragon away from me

  70. Aadam Rahman

    Aadam Rahman19 timmar sedan

    Where can I buy Beta squad merch?

  71. Official Impact

    Official Impact19 timmar sedan

    Sharky looks like LB in the No Cellular Site Video 🤣🤣🤣

  72. NC_Kage

    NC_Kage20 timmar sedan

    12:01 killed me finally someone knew 😂😂

  73. Adam TheOne

    Adam TheOne20 timmar sedan

    why did yall get Biggie Juke's Face in there man wtf Swedens rapper? Fr? Like that?

  74. Malixir

    Malixir20 timmar sedan

    Allow it

  75. Scotty

    Scotty20 timmar sedan

    Another Free Documentary!!!!!

  76. Endriko Holub

    Endriko Holub20 timmar sedan

    The title should of been Niko ruins among us in real life tm fam u would of made even more p on this vid

  77. Wiiilsonnnn

    Wiiilsonnnn20 timmar sedan

    Whoever’s seeing this, RIP MARADONA 🕊

  78. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei20 timmar sedan

    The way Chunkz slapped Darkest Man's chest to tell him to shut up😂😂😂

  79. joefreddan

    joefreddan21 timme sedan

    Was really hoping for Niko to just vote Chunkz at the end lmao.

  80. Nikash Ratnakumar

    Nikash Ratnakumar21 timme sedan

    this guy called niko tall skinny fat like skinny and fat are opposite things