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  1. meme hashim

    meme hashimTimme sedan

    I love cinderella and she one of My favoret also you are Queen i love your looks ❤️❤️

  2. Shy Bitch

    Shy BitchTimme sedan

    It’s lady Gaga in the closet

  3. Real APBT Pitbull

    Real APBT PitbullTimme sedan

    Great video send you all my love and hope you will send your love back best greetings from Thailand stay safe☀️.

  4. Mely Góngora Villanueva

    Mely Góngora VillanuevaTimme sedan

    I was laughing 😆 like crazy

  5. MMC MMC

    MMC MMC2 timmar sedan

    I love you ❤️

  6. Vand Vand

    Vand Vand2 timmar sedan

    Ok What am I doing here?

  7. A Free Potato Chip

    A Free Potato Chip2 timmar sedan


  8. tiffany millan

    tiffany millan2 timmar sedan

    the most amazing person! love the look🥰

  9. Jessie mami

    Jessie mami2 timmar sedan


  10. Natalia Tejada

    Natalia Tejada2 timmar sedan

    I loved that they both feel super comfortable, simple, it was not a forced conversation and Sel was sooo sincere and she looks so happy and calm, I love that🤩💯

  11. 〆미나

    〆미나2 timmar sedan

    my favorite childhood story would have to be the aristocats! i love cats so much and own 2 of them myself. one thing I am most excited for in time princess would be the cats! i was sold on the game when that part came up 💖

  12. PeskyGriffey

    PeskyGriffey3 timmar sedan

    My favorite story was Pinocchio!

  13. Sofia Maya

    Sofia Maya3 timmar sedan


  14. mollyjane01

    mollyjane013 timmar sedan

    Why, hello there miss Periwinkle Twinkle! ✨✨✨

  15. Haley Swenson

    Haley Swenson3 timmar sedan

    I wanna do stufffffff

  16. Kristina Anderson

    Kristina Anderson4 timmar sedan

    Robert welsh needs his props for the concealor thing

  17. Angie Erickson

    Angie Erickson4 timmar sedan

    Love love love your look 🚜🤠🚜🤠🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  18. Diane Quintal

    Diane Quintal4 timmar sedan

    I am addicted to Nikkie and addicted to Time Princess! How did I miss this video?! <3 Also, my favourite story was (and still is) pretty much any retelling of Beauty & the Beast

  19. Alyssa Jessup

    Alyssa Jessup4 timmar sedan

    i had memorized all of the songs in the little mermaid by the time i was 5 so i would have to say that is a personal favorite of mine ❤️🧜🏻‍♀️

  20. Katelyn Vaughn

    Katelyn Vaughn5 timmar sedan

    As someone who has no clue how to look as awesome as this, when you said. "Im gonna cut my lid" I thought you meant literally.

  21. Linda xoxo

    Linda xoxo5 timmar sedan

    I wasn’t prepared to laugh so much so fun 🤓

  22. Ambers Lil Rose

    Ambers Lil Rose5 timmar sedan

    I'm so sorry about your little brother.

  23. Miranda Avila

    Miranda Avila5 timmar sedan

    O M G

  24. Lynx Lefay

    Lynx Lefay5 timmar sedan

    What a wonderful mom Nikki has. ❤

  25. Ashl3y K3lly

    Ashl3y K3lly5 timmar sedan

    Here for everything but the McDonald’s lips 👄 ... that’s just too just too much for my taste.

  26. M Peterson

    M Peterson5 timmar sedan

    This story is so truly amazing and inspiring. Nikki you are so beautiful. Please never stop being you. You are such a role model for people of every shape and size and gender- you are such a gift to the world !

  27. Ashley Hodges

    Ashley Hodges6 timmar sedan

    I'm loving this look tbh!!!!

  28. Ashl3y K3lly

    Ashl3y K3lly6 timmar sedan

    I didn’t know this was a trend!!! I’m literally going to watch all of the mask videos after this!! When the mouth 👄 moved, it scared the crap out of me!!!!! Whaaaat is this?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Mariem & Farida family

    Mariem & Farida family7 timmar sedan

    I love you so much nikkie

  30. Rick Rocha

    Rick Rocha7 timmar sedan

    She realesed music she's doing movies.

  31. Pi Ka

    Pi Ka7 timmar sedan

    I love this. I am speechless 😶 beautiful makeup look.

  32. mehrin doll

    mehrin doll7 timmar sedan

    I think only your make-up is the best on SEtoos lovs ur all videos and i just love ur makeup 👌❤

  33. Iasmin Ìsy Mimi

    Iasmin Ìsy Mimi7 timmar sedan

    Parecendo um demônio

  34. Iasmin Ìsy Mimi

    Iasmin Ìsy Mimi7 timmar sedan

    Coisa horrível

  35. Ashley Molina

    Ashley Molina8 timmar sedan

    Loving these comic book like lips 💋😍, my favorite story as a child was beauty and the beast

  36. Zinzy Van Zinnen

    Zinzy Van Zinnen8 timmar sedan

    Het zou mij erg leuk lijken als er in een tutorials in het (Rotterdams)word gesproken😂☺

  37. christina kirby

    christina kirby8 timmar sedan

    My favorites when I was younger (and still now) were always The Little Mermaid, Princess and The Frog, and Tangled! I could watch those movies endlessly.

  38. Oso 1o1

    Oso 1o18 timmar sedan

    Wait! are you trans? You don’t look trans

  39. Natasya Faola

    Natasya Faola8 timmar sedan

    Hey guys.. i am from future.. lol

  40. Emily Morgan Elizabeth

    Emily Morgan Elizabeth8 timmar sedan

    Your look is beautiful <3 My favorite childhood story is Peter Pan. I really love his meaning and story. It is hard to grow up sometimes. Life gets so challenging and it is important to remind yourself to always keep that childlike joy.

  41. Cláudia Briccius

    Cláudia Briccius9 timmar sedan

    Quem veio pela Karen Bachini?

  42. Good Intentions

    Good Intentions9 timmar sedan

    The question why did Snow White end up with the Prince makes me think of one of my very favorite children's books "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch 😍 As a senior citizen who still loves to skip, the ending was even more of a plus! 😉

  43. Savannah Garcia

    Savannah Garcia9 timmar sedan

    Okay my second one is time when I went to the bathroom at the mall dropped my phone into the bathroom toilet

  44. Savannah Garcia

    Savannah Garcia9 timmar sedan

    Okay my first one is I cut my bangs and told nobody

  45. Savannah Garcia

    Savannah Garcia9 timmar sedan

    Hey Nikki okay my childhood story is I have two for you

  46. Ryan Carter

    Ryan Carter9 timmar sedan

    First video of yours that I’m watching and I’m LOVING IT

  47. Nattehine

    Nattehine9 timmar sedan

    Omg when you put that mask on my skin crawled "pukes in dutch"

  48. Mitchell Sands

    Mitchell Sands9 timmar sedan

    Dang this has been going on for a wile.

  49. MJ P. Fard

    MJ P. Fard9 timmar sedan

    My favorite story would probably be Mulan, because she was a girl pretending to be a boy, and as a trans kid I felt included ✨

  50. Sunny McManus

    Sunny McManus10 timmar sedan

    Ok, my favourite childhood story was, little red riding hood! Love you queen ❤️

  51. Party! I'm fucking libra

    Party! I'm fucking libra10 timmar sedan

    I don't like this 😪😪😪

  52. Party! I'm fucking libra

    Party! I'm fucking libra10 timmar sedan

    Omg ! I was excitated to see what could you do with this mask and then you just did this.

  53. Isah Beauty

    Isah Beauty10 timmar sedan

    OMG She's so beautiful 💗

  54. 愛ʏᴜᴀᴋᴏᴏ

    愛ʏᴜᴀᴋᴏᴏ10 timmar sedan

    This sprookje will never be forgotten.

  55. Extrovert's Parade

    Extrovert's Parade10 timmar sedan

    Your trans?

  56. Kathya Coreano

    Kathya Coreano10 timmar sedan

    Omg I needed this today! I laughed so hard!!!! 🤣😂

  57. nao

    nao10 timmar sedan

    oh wow it randomly shown on my feed

  58. Sophi Strinfellow

    Sophi Strinfellow10 timmar sedan

    We love you and you are such an inspiration to every single person ever to walk this earth. Keep being you, because you help shape the modern world, and I strongly hope that one day every person thinks like you.

  59. Kiara Baeza

    Kiara Baeza11 timmar sedan

    🥺 i would be so lucky if i win i can help my family so much thank you for this chance

  60. Kiara Baeza

    Kiara Baeza11 timmar sedan

    Beauty and the beast

  61. elayne medrano

    elayne medrano11 timmar sedan

    your name should be the butterfly 🦋 🦋🦋

  62. Wight Queen

    Wight Queen11 timmar sedan

    omfg!!! that is terrifying!!! pmsl!! xxxxxx

  63. Olivia Barnes

    Olivia Barnes11 timmar sedan

    Chav check✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  64. Cryz Marie

    Cryz Marie11 timmar sedan

    Loved this entire look oh wow

  65. Karolien Van Dyck

    Karolien Van Dyck11 timmar sedan

    My favourite childhood story was Little Red Riding Hood (Roodkapje). I read it to my daughter now :-)

  66. sylhet com

    sylhet com11 timmar sedan

    My favourite fairytale is Cinderella I don't know why I like it maybe because of the mouse

  67. Jenny Emmens

    Jenny Emmens11 timmar sedan

    The download tasks would give me anxiety XD

  68. Rebeca E

    Rebeca E11 timmar sedan

    OMG I got so scared bc James is also like “SLAAAAYY QUEEEENN!!!” so I was like: nooo no no no no no no no