Good Sister vs Bad Sister

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Fake Beauty vs Natural Beauty:
Sisters, like parents, are not chosen. And it's good if your sister is like a real friend, and not an enemy. Tell us what is your relationship with your sister?
Tobu - Good Times
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  1. xXLillyBlossomXx Tulip

    xXLillyBlossomXx TulipTimme sedan

    I dress like nether of them I guess kinda like good sis sometimes...

  2. Steven Litchfield

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    asma 3D2 timmar sedan


  5. S M Peer Mohamed

    S M Peer Mohamed2 timmar sedan

    I ❤️the eyes of the bad girl

  6. Ashida Foster

    Ashida Foster4 timmar sedan

    I love the girl in pink

  7. Ava clarke

    Ava clarke5 timmar sedan

    I have a pet spider everone is scared

  8. Rausan Kuntugan

    Rausan Kuntugan6 timmar sedan


  9. Eswari Senthil

    Eswari Senthil8 timmar sedan



    EMIL EMIL TV8 timmar sedan

    (\_/) (. Kkk)

  11. siam kamal

    siam kamal11 timmar sedan

    My favourite video in troom troom

  12. Fanaa Ji

    Fanaa Ji11 timmar sedan

    I like good sisetr

  13. Suzanne Amato

    Suzanne Amato11 timmar sedan

    i like bad sister is cool

  14. Korinna Bohlmann

    Korinna Bohlmann14 timmar sedan

    I am definitely the bad sister

  15. Xxxsimplystrxwbxrry

    Xxxsimplystrxwbxrry15 timmar sedan

    I am in my mom’s car vroom vroom don’t copy me on your Comment

  16. Bunso 15

    Bunso 1516 timmar sedan



    SHUKAL SHARMA16 timmar sedan

    The cup is very horror daravna


    SHUKAL SHARMA16 timmar sedan

    I am my miss anand anantya


    SHUKAL SHARMA16 timmar sedan

    Bad girl is very very noty


    SHUKAL SHARMA16 timmar sedan

    Bad girl is noth


    SHUKAL SHARMA16 timmar sedan

    I like the good girl manner

  22. Ashish Agrawal

    Ashish Agrawal17 timmar sedan


  23. Aya Guillermo

    Aya Guillermo19 timmar sedan

    They should switch places

  24. Japoint1

    Japoint119 timmar sedan

    Bad girl


    LOYALTIE MOON-HARRIS22 timmar sedan

    the spider are so cute

  26. Journey Schoolwork

    Journey Schoolwork22 timmar sedan

    Wow so fack

  27. Ty Toys

    Ty Toys22 timmar sedan

    I love the small sister

  28. Tish

    Tish23 timmar sedan

    The bad sister is not bad she's a baddie EEERRR

  29. Bella Blake

    Bella Blake23 timmar sedan

    If was at that school I’m going to be asking why is that locker on the way!!!!

  30. Aida Aliyeva

    Aida Aliyeva4 timmar sedan


  31. Sa'Nya Spradley

    Sa'Nya Spradley23 timmar sedan


  32. Kiran Benitez

    Kiran Benitez23 timmar sedan

    I like the way the ‘bad sister’ dresses that’s how I dress 😅

  33. Ava clarke

    Ava clarke5 timmar sedan

    Same l wear black have everones like can u be my friend I'm like sure and there all nerds lol

  34. Loren L

    Loren L23 timmar sedan

    I am the nice and mean sister combined.😇😇😇😇

  35. Robert Devlin

    Robert DevlinDag sedan

    I'm Julia

  36. Natalia Rodriguez

    Natalia RodriguezDag sedan

    It cool

  37. فاطمةوماريه السنان

    فاطمةوماريه السنانDag sedan


  38. drkrdglo

    drkrdgloDag sedan

    The bad girl should’ve talk talk of her things that were on her wrist

  39. Dusmanta Kumar Dixit

    Dusmanta Kumar DixitDag sedan

    Shraddha Dixit

  40. Valentina Vertriest

    Valentina VertriestDag sedan

    De u

  41. Shetu Shetu

    Shetu ShetuDag sedan

    I like the bad sister

  42. Zahraa Said

    Zahraa SaidDag sedan


  43. Sanita & Natalija Balgalve

    Sanita & Natalija BalgalveDag sedan


  44. Toga_Dabi UwU

    Toga_Dabi UwUDag sedan

    The fact that some web was on her hand😅💀

  45. Ibrahim Khalil

    Ibrahim KhalilDag sedan

    T tqvfv

  46. Elvira Mušanović

    Elvira MušanovićDag sedan

    Cool sister and good sister

  47. Good EMERALD

    Good EMERALDDag sedan

    Wait thy are in college and they are learning how to draw a eye?!?!?!?!

  48. Raja Khan

    Raja KhanDag sedan


  49. Raja Khan

    Raja KhanDag sedan

    Raja Khan

  50. Camryn anservitz

    Camryn anservitzDag sedan

    Ok this video isn’t actually that bad...

  51. Zainab Hakimi

    Zainab HakimiDag sedan

    make more good and bad sis video

  52. Eros Rosmiati

    Eros RosmiatiDag sedan

    Good sister

  53. Ghina Alhayek

    Ghina AlhayekDag sedan

    I hate tarantulas they’re so disgusting and poison ☠️

  54. Jennifer Walker

    Jennifer WalkerDag sedan

    I like Malisa she repersents me smile

  55. Nursery Gir

    Nursery GirDag sedan


  56. christy fox

    christy foxDag sedan

    lol the webbs coming out of the spider

  57. JordanAnamatezStuff :/

    JordanAnamatezStuff :/2 dagar sedan

    More like brat and emo sister

  58. Morgan O’Donnell

    Morgan O’Donnell2 dagar sedan

    Good sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. karim laadioui

    karim laadioui2 dagar sedan


  60. Nafia Saqib

    Nafia Saqib2 dagar sedan

    VCR Hf

  61. zayan is live

    zayan is live2 dagar sedan

    I like bad sis too

  62. Kylie Pollard

    Kylie Pollard2 dagar sedan

    her face when the bad sister tore the shirt

  63. Lalita Sawant

    Lalita Sawant2 dagar sedan

    I like good sister

  64. Familie Mens

    Familie Mens2 dagar sedan

    Plot twist, they are a couple

  65. Baby Althea Vlog

    Baby Althea Vlog2 dagar sedan


  66. Keilaya Thomas

    Keilaya Thomas2 dagar sedan


  67. haad1750 haad1750

    haad1750 haad17502 dagar sedan

    Hey guys I love your videos and I hope you see this comment love 💖 you guys 💕

  68. Rama Raju

    Rama Raju2 dagar sedan


  69. Cᴏʟᴇᴛᴛᴇ's Bɪɢᴇsᴛ Fᴀɴ

    Cᴏʟᴇᴛᴛᴇ's Bɪɢᴇsᴛ Fᴀɴ2 dagar sedan

    so thats a real spider- im sorrry but im scared-😭✋

  70. YUNA OH Moe

    YUNA OH Moe2 dagar sedan


  71. Nasima Begum

    Nasima Begum2 dagar sedan

    I love malisa

  72. Katie Urbaez

    Katie Urbaez2 dagar sedan

    Mommy can you get me a toy

  73. Broadster

    Broadster2 dagar sedan

    These videos have a cursed, yet somehow welcoming aura surrounding them...

  74. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni2 dagar sedan

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  75. Candace Santiago

    Candace Santiago2 dagar sedan

    The cockroatch video was actually Bravewilldernis

  76. g550tx

    g550tx2 dagar sedan

    So funny

  77. g550tx

    g550tx2 dagar sedan

    At the end

  78. g550tx

    g550tx2 dagar sedan

    So funny. At the end

  79. Sandy Zuehlke

    Sandy Zuehlke2 dagar sedan


  80. Aisha Ahmad

    Aisha Ahmad3 dagar sedan

    Mails is soo cute to her sister

  81. Jennaisa sims

    Jennaisa sims3 dagar sedan

    I loved this show

  82. Jahjah Boo

    Jahjah BooDag sedan

    I love your video

  83. Kat Kat Gacha

    Kat Kat GachaDag sedan


  84. Ruby Ruin

    Ruby Ruin3 dagar sedan

    I don't like how the sis cuted the other sisters shrit!!!!!!!!!! But I still love y'all 🙏😊👉👈❤️❤️❤️

  85. Roshus world

    Roshus world3 dagar sedan

    I really love bad sister because she is nice to her good sis ❤

  86. Scarlett Kohler

    Scarlett Kohler3 dagar sedan

    That's what sisters are for 😚

  87. Sara Ker

    Sara Ker3 dagar sedan

    لهالللللبلبلخلبثيلابتاتالللزدزرتوز، ووردذهبييذدذطzcvx;b:

  88. Roshus world

    Roshus world3 dagar sedan

    I have a YT channel name is Roshus world

  89. Valerie Felix

    Valerie Felix3 dagar sedan

    Punk vs good girl

  90. Gacha_Lezplay-* *

    Gacha_Lezplay-* *3 dagar sedan

    Good sister !!!

  91. Z Wiśniewska

    Z Wiśniewska3 dagar sedan

    go too this chanell is preety cool!

  92. Aamena Shaikh

    Aamena Shaikh3 dagar sedan

    its a real spider

  93. Camera on Samantha

    Camera on Samantha3 dagar sedan

    It's like the bad sis is not really "bad".

  94. xXLillyBlossomXx Tulip

    xXLillyBlossomXx Tulip59 minuter sedan


  95. moviehits films,learning, clips

    moviehits films,learning, clips3 dagar sedan

    Good I love the video

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  97. Hesandi Thathsarani Walpita

    Hesandi Thathsarani Walpita3 dagar sedan

    i love it


    EDEN BAIRD3 dagar sedan

    ahhhh finally. A visual representation of me ("bad sister") and my sister ("good sister") 8:41 don'tttttttt. That hurt my punk soullllllll

  99. Kiran Benitez

    Kiran Benitez23 timmar sedan

    Right! I’m the ‘bad’ sister. I also LOVE your TØP pfp :)

  100. Angelina Petitto

    Angelina Petitto3 dagar sedan

    I love her spikes i have some just like it

  101. Asani _

    Asani _3 dagar sedan

    bad sister is better

  102. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy3 dagar sedan

    tuff sister:

  103. LuisFrenchie Rivera

    LuisFrenchie Rivera3 dagar sedan

    Hi 👋

  104. Ant Mallaby

    Ant Mallaby4 dagar sedan

    Bad sister look cool but she not

  105. Liz Young

    Liz Young4 dagar sedan

    I don’t like it

  106. Berry Chi

    Berry Chi4 dagar sedan

    Who watches coackroches-

  107. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy3 dagar sedan

    it looks like the bad sister is good

  108. Lori Farrell

    Lori Farrell4 dagar sedan

    This sucks!

  109. دوره ابو كلب

    دوره ابو كلب4 dagar sedan

    I just cant stand this channel

  110. kayla_anime bun T

    kayla_anime bun T4 dagar sedan

    Lol me and my sis though

  111. Leo D

    Leo D4 dagar sedan



    SAISHA PAL4 dagar sedan

    Everything is going well with my Birthday party my friends tell me about the spons thing that is being teacher and sir I'm so happy of morning teacher

  113. Kitty Cupcake

    Kitty Cupcake4 dagar sedan