Piers Morgan joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' for first interview since 'cancelation' | Preview

Former 'Good Morning Britain' host accuses Duchess of Sussex of stifling his right to free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  1. Belinda Ferreira

    Belinda Ferreira57 minuter sedan

    Yes, yes...freedom of speach for all...not only for Harry's wife. I also consider the interview with Oprah a bunch of lies...Megie must be unmasked. Please Mister Piers look after the Queen.

  2. zooropa33

    zooropa33Timme sedan

    Where is that place that is the backdrop to Morgan? It's beautiful.

  3. Emmanuel Ochi

    Emmanuel Ochi4 timmar sedan

    Two evil morons

  4. david tunnicliff

    david tunnicliff5 timmar sedan

    yeah pretty much spot on. sick of people throwing the race/mental/whatever card around.

  5. One-Eye

    One-Eye7 timmar sedan

    Never, EVER apologise to the Left-wing woke mob. They don't want you to be sorry, they want you to be destroyed.

  6. Cody Turner

    Cody Turner9 timmar sedan

    Weird how liberal Pierce used to be now he is labeled a center right "racist"...

  7. One-Eye

    One-Eye7 timmar sedan

    If you dip a toe to the Right of Karl Marx you are suddenly an AltRigthNaziLiterallyHitler!!

  8. HoosierMama Q

    HoosierMama Q10 timmar sedan

    Woah Piers & Sharon lost jobs over the royal hind'mess? 😯 "They" really are circling & eating their own. Remember when Piers & Sharon was the Eaters & not the Eaten. They taught others how to do it & now look!

  9. Jake Kagan

    Jake Kagan11 timmar sedan

    ahhh liberals turning to the right after theyve reaped what they sowed..love it

  10. Rational Thought

    Rational Thought13 timmar sedan

    "Your truth." Glad to hear Piers say something sensible. There's only one truth.

  11. Mike Patton

    Mike Patton14 timmar sedan

    Leftists are Nazies

  12. Donna Zielin

    Donna Zielin15 timmar sedan

    Megan is a gold digger

  13. Char Saints

    Char Saints16 timmar sedan

    He’s not wrong is he??

  14. Janet Gilliver

    Janet Gilliver16 timmar sedan

    I support you Piers, and agree everything you say,I also see through her and cannot believe that othersnon cannot see it, Hope you get back on GMB and then I I’ll watch it again

  15. Mike Down

    Mike Down19 timmar sedan

    All your career and now you decide to be a real journalist, well, I applaud you for that nonetheless, and moreover for sticking by it. Looking forward for what you will do in the future, Piers.

  16. hypyman45

    hypyman4520 timmar sedan

    Finally he's getting a taste of his own medicine and he's finally realized the huge mistake he's made

  17. Veronica Logotheti

    Veronica Logotheti22 timmar sedan

    They took the land when they went there In 800 this era the first

  18. Veronica Logotheti

    Veronica Logotheti22 timmar sedan

    They are not even from the country

  19. Veronica Logotheti

    Veronica Logotheti22 timmar sedan

    I dont how they have the royals vikings in uk

  20. Veronica Logotheti

    Veronica Logotheti22 timmar sedan

    And i believe he is not a racist

  21. Veronica Logotheti

    Veronica Logotheti22 timmar sedan

    Is his right

  22. lee Lewis

    lee Lewis22 timmar sedan

    He was sacked for showing false pics of British soldiers pissing over Iraqis and many soldiers there and still have died, he’s a bastard,

  23. Mahiyat Safiyullah

    Mahiyat Safiyullah23 timmar sedan

    The world these days has gone to crap how is it that the right to disagree is no longer a thing that if you do disagree with something that you are bad. We all have a right to our own opinions and as long as they don't directly harm someone should not be persecuted because of them.

  24. Ken Dishman

    Ken DishmanDag sedan

    Welcome to the side of truth and freedom Piers! I know you struggled to understand our 2nd amendment but I see you’ve grasped the 1st quite well. 👏🏻. Cheers.

  25. Linda Cramer

    Linda CramerDag sedan

    Someone please tell piers america hates her. Our media is corrupt!

  26. Nicole Marsh

    Nicole MarshDag sedan

    ITV have no right to decide what they put out because... Piers Morgan's free speech. And if I want a daily anti Tucker show on Fox then they must oblige because... FREEEEEEEEDOM.

  27. Edna Ramirez

    Edna RamirezDag sedan

    Why are they still being called Duke and Duchess? America does not have royals. They don't want to be working royals. But capitalizing out of royal titles. Hmm.

  28. C C

    C CDag sedan

    Piers is GMB!

  29. Lana Critti

    Lana CrittiDag sedan

    The Brit: she is the single, most problematic person I've ever heard about. How does ONE person in whole world cause so much trouble for Royal Family, Church of England, US & Canada?

  30. Radagast Brown

    Radagast BrownDag sedan

    Free speech doesn't mean you can't be fired by your boss. Poor Piers Morgan, always the victim.

  31. Radagast Brown

    Radagast BrownDag sedan

    Poor me.... Some cheese with your whine??

  32. Radagast Brown

    Radagast BrownDag sedan

    These guys are always the victims.

  33. Radagast Brown

    Radagast BrownDag sedan

    Poor man. Everyone is always out to get them. I feel so sorry for these perpetual victims.

  34. Radagast Brown

    Radagast BrownDag sedan

    Tucker and Piers are always being victimized and violated. Poor guys. Life isn't fair for poor Tuck and Piers.

  35. Radagast Brown

    Radagast BrownDag sedan

    In Tucker's tiny mind rich billionaire Trumpists are ALWAYS the victim and everyone else the bad guys.

  36. Alan Raven

    Alan RavenDag sedan

    the world gone nuts!

  37. Evangelina Evangelina

    Evangelina EvangelinaDag sedan

    Harry is f...d ... no way out from Megan-blavk market now. We need more people like Piers

  38. Paul Jones

    Paul JonesDag sedan

    Truth hurts!!

  39. cyberash3000

    cyberash3000Dag sedan

    Tucker k ow about ofcom he nearly jailed by them for breaking the law

  40. vulcanman64

    vulcanman64Dag sedan

    Piers is spot on.

  41. Tandiwe Maphosa

    Tandiwe MaphosaDag sedan

    My God u can’t judge racism unless u are black urself . Yes you are racist

  42. Beverley scott

    Beverley scottDag sedan

    We are supposed to be a country of free speech yet this man was sacked for doing this very thing and surly this was discrimination to piers but being white it doesn’t matter how he is treated I’m ashamed to be British anymore we aren’t allowed anymore to have opinions or say how things are everyone has to say what other people want to hear instead of the person expressing what they think very wrong what ever colour we are ........

  43. markgellard1

    markgellard1Dag sedan

    Tucker being disingenuous as always. He wasn't canceled. Piers walked off the show as he couldn't use non ad hominen attacks to his opponents. He has a track record of being that of which he is now being accused. Karma.

  44. Nat Turner

    Nat TurnerDag sedan

    Pierce is a clout chaser. Get a job, Boy and stop trying to make a living off other people.

  45. GyK G

    GyK G2 dagar sedan

    He is not racist. He said he does not agree with Meghan. That does NOT make a racist at all.

  46. Ry Rocks

    Ry Rocks2 dagar sedan

    I never liked piers, but I feel sorry for him. He got fired for doing his job. Also he finally took On objective truth crap.

  47. jnanas

    jnanas2 dagar sedan

    Glad Piers gone from our screens. He became a nuisance especially with the Covid pandemic as he tried to use that opportunity to score cheap points against the government. He even was acting more woke than the Woke Brigade! He got so irritating that even Trump had to unfollow him on Twitter. I’m so glad I don’t have to hear his annoying daily rants any longer. Good riddance! You can have him at Fox. Even CNN have rejected him!

  48. Marcus B

    Marcus B2 dagar sedan

    "since cancellation"? 😂 The man walked off his own show and quit he was hardly cancelled

  49. dave smith

    dave smith2 dagar sedan

    God. Utter garbage. I give up. Too many snowflakes too ready y Yh I take offence at everything nowadays. Boring.

  50. Peter Mallia

    Peter Mallia2 dagar sedan

    I'm with you Piers, all the way son. She lying, where's the Absolute proof Megan is telling the truth, we all know because of stories of her past dealings with people that she's has a controlling personality with narcissistic tendencies, it's all about her in her own, playing herself in a movie about herself playing herself in a movie about herself where she lies continuously and everyone who's a fool fall for it, I'm not one of them. I'm an Englishman and I've always believed in freedom of speech thought and expression.

  51. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf2 dagar sedan

    when your show sucks so bad you can only get Piers as a guest 🤡

  52. B B

    B B2 dagar sedan

    The only truth is the liberal truth and the narrative. Anything else is lies all lies.

  53. Brandy wine

    Brandy wine2 dagar sedan

    Good lord... NO ONE believes that liar. The RF is not racist or they would never had allowed the wedding. The ironic thing of this is that if only the RF had been a little racist and not allowed the wedding... they would NOT be being drug down in the gutter with this piece of trash. All MM has accomplished with this nonsense is to create racists where none had existed.... and she could not care less because in reality, she doesn’t give one rats behind about POC, this was all just to enrich herself.

  54. Kate

    Kate2 dagar sedan

    Markle. Opportunist. They're everywhere now. Sad, victimized feminists, looking for a lost boy to control.

  55. Tania Gill

    Tania Gill2 dagar sedan

    cockamamy commentary

  56. Hayley Ballard

    Hayley Ballard2 dagar sedan

    I believe Megan is a narcissist

  57. Emmah Beckford

    Emmah Beckford2 dagar sedan

    The simple is if you have nothing good to say say nothing at all, translated wise words of a wise the most famous king in the most famous recorded book of all time.

  58. Delia D Santiago

    Delia D Santiago2 dagar sedan

    You go Piers! You have the right to your freedom of speech. I knew she was going to throw her race card sooner or later 🤬, Its a way of getting an immediate attention with Queen Oprah stoking the fire. Put someone like her into the mix chaos follows. Hopefully Harry will open his eyes and do what’s right.

  59. noneyourbusiness

    noneyourbusiness2 dagar sedan

    Your racism is disgusting Tucker Carlson there’s a special place in hell for you GMB is doing just fine without the vile Piers Morgan

  60. Christine Smith

    Christine Smith2 dagar sedan

    Piers is spot on right. Even Harry, after he joined Meghan during the Oprah interview, had to correct Meghan’s lies to Oprah. Meghan lies nonstop-blatant lies.

  61. Margaret Shaughnessy

    Margaret Shaughnessy2 dagar sedan

    Bravo to Piers Morgan & Tucker .. Boo 👎🏻 to Aussie 9 news & that LA reporter for 1st) shuttin off comments 2nd) so PM gives his opinion and they turn it into a race thing wen PM himself just explained his why & the truth, it was his opinion & belief, there was no racism in what i just heard frm Piers Morgan & good luck to him 🍀 Thanx Tucker for giving people fair ground to express opinions 👍🏻👏🏼

  62. bruce judd

    bruce judd2 dagar sedan

    When people use the term "Your truth" or "My truth" it seems to mean "My lie."

  63. Feet Cap

    Feet Cap2 dagar sedan

    Everyone says "im not a fan of Piers" because the truth hurts, and that is all that comes out of his mouth.

  64. Unity

    UnityDag sedan

    Eh... he's not some great beacon for us to look forward to, sure as hell threw Trump under the bus when it suited his career. Sometimes he's great and speaks out on topics that are important, other times he's flip flopped. I'm just saying, be a bit cautious of what you hear him say, he is also subject to the whims of greed, like virtually if not all public figures.

  65. Martin Simpson

    Martin Simpson2 dagar sedan

    I certainly don't feel bad for Sharon Osbourne. She deserves to get fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

  66. Andrew Head

    Andrew Head2 dagar sedan

    Go on piers,no prisoners mush 👍, fearless n true to yourself, like it 😜😜💯🐒

  67. Theo

    Theo2 dagar sedan

    Did Tucker just say that Oprah and Megan Markle are the strong pretending to be weak to crush people below them?” Did anybody notice? Wasn’t that the playbook of the former recent a President? What a con!!

  68. craig cas

    craig cas2 dagar sedan

    It’s a toss up of these two just who is the most disgusting.....

  69. Danny #Real

    Danny #Real2 dagar sedan

    Piers Morgan is pandering to his race bating far right. The fact that he appears on Tucker Carson says it all. This has nothing to do with the so called Woke Brigade. This is a right wing construct to justify their Far Right BS. The truth is Morgan and the like are heading up the fearful psychosis of the Far Right. i.e. population stagnation.. As for him getting fired, this is rubbish Morgan was leaving anyway and he is now setting up his own show. He had enough of good Morning Britain. Finally, many people in the UK didn't want Megan as part of the Royal Family, many were not happy, especially the press. She was the perfect model o drag the Royal Family into the 21st century and the UK press and there bigotry spoilt it.. in some ways I'm glad as it shows the world what the UK press are like.. they are complicit in many racial upheavals in the UK. The bias they display is shocking. Morgan is fooling no one. He's only pandering to the undereducated poor who like blaming people who don't look like them.. blaming others for their own mis-givings. Someone once called these people deplorables..

  70. Rusty J

    Rusty J2 dagar sedan

    SEtoos removing the likes.

  71. Tammy Quinalty

    Tammy Quinalty2 dagar sedan

    Amen Piers!!! Maggot lies about everything and ppl are to believe her!! And if not then your racist! Come on really?! Ppl cannot be that naive!

  72. Thomas O'loughlin

    Thomas O'loughlin2 dagar sedan

    Very proud of piers morgan that meganutter social climber ia a out and out liar and she was found out thanks to piers morgan

  73. צייטלאריאל PEARLMAN

    צייטלאריאל PEARLMAN2 dagar sedan

    Well said !! Mr Morgan 👍👍❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧

  74. MrMuis06

    MrMuis062 dagar sedan

    If you call someone a liar without proof or evidence, that is slander and defamation. Mehgan and Harry should sue Pierce.

  75. MrMuis06

    MrMuis06Timme sedan

    @Ben Campbell Were you there? If not shut up.

  76. Ben Campbell

    Ben Campbell4 timmar sedan

    @MrMuis06 Constantly dismissed?! Do you not know what's going on around us in 2021? As soon as a person labels something racist you aren't aloud to have a counter argument. That's the lefts game. Dismiss any opposing opinions as Racist and no one can do anything 😴 Meghan and Harry clearly lied because when they literally got asked again on if it happened they said "Probably" UNTIL THEY SAY WHO DONE IT NO ONE WILL BELIEVE THEM.

  77. MrMuis06

    MrMuis0615 timmar sedan

    @Ben Campbell Why does it matter who it is, you people still wouldn't believe them. Black folk have been talking about all forms of discrimination etc for years and its constantly dismissed. So at this point , we really don't give a dam what you believe or think.

  78. Ben Campbell

    Ben Campbell15 timmar sedan

    @MrMuis06 Why haven't they said who done it? Because as soon as race is brought up its guilty untill proven innocent, if somebody wants to bring done something like an institution all they have to do is pull the race card and you are untouchable. Until they literally point out this evil racist bogeyman in the royal family I'll believe them.

  79. MrMuis06

    MrMuis0619 timmar sedan

    @Ben Campbell First of all, Its Harry AND Meghan, people like yourself, conveniently leave that out, why? ...and secondly what do they gain by lying? Thirdly, you were not there so keep ya mouth shut.

  80. Paul Keogh

    Paul Keogh2 dagar sedan

    The Duke an Duchess of WOKE, I wish I was as victimised as they are. I happily jet around the world being fawned over when I wasn’t ensconced in an $11 million mansion. Preaching about white privilege and hand wringing over carbon emissions before getting into my 6.5 litre limousine.

  81. Surf dude

    Surf dude2 dagar sedan

    Morgan Protecting free speech but shuts down anyone who questions the cv lie, what a complete bunch of fake duality muppets

  82. Matthew Daisley

    Matthew Daisley3 dagar sedan

    Piers Morgan would have happily helped to get people sacked before now, hes a complete worm of a guy. He’d argue against freedom of speech if he thought it was the popular opinion. Loser

  83. injahnet

    injahnet3 dagar sedan

    He was not forced off. He got up and walked off and then resigned. He was not willing to accept freedom of someone criticizing him.

  84. injahnet

    injahnet20 timmar sedan

    @Ben Campbell I guess you should know they are lying since you were there I assume? But getting back to your point, nobody was blaming Piers for him not believing Megan. He was being challenged for attacking Meghan for years now, possibly because he had liked her, asked out and she refused him years before she met Harry. Try to get your t=facts right before you make ridiculous comments. Everybody is free to believe what they want, you included as you have done in your statement.

  85. Ben Campbell

    Ben Campbell20 timmar sedan

    @injahnet So why is everything being blamed on the none believers and why are meghan and Harry not exposing this racist bogeyman in the royal family? Because they are both lying, Meghan thought when she married harry that being a royal was just like being a celebrity. She couldn't handle the duchess title so she convinced her Simp husband to leave his own family and step down from his role.

  86. injahnet

    injahnet20 timmar sedan

    @Ben Campbell Erm, exactly, someone challenged his opinion and he got upset and walked off. It was Harry who heard it said, not Meghan. You should be asking why he did not disclose.

  87. Ben Campbell

    Ben Campbell20 timmar sedan

    Erm no He was being practically shamed on his show for daring to not believe meghan, Why Won't meghan say who it was that apparently said that?

  88. Karris James

    Karris James3 dagar sedan

    😂😂... She wouldn’t sleep with you get over it

  89. Chris Newport

    Chris Newport3 dagar sedan

    If biden’s crowd continues to violate Constitution, its time to force them out- one way or another.

  90. Jay Burris

    Jay Burris3 dagar sedan

    There is no such thing as freedom of speech anywhere but the USA.

  91. m black

    m black2 dagar sedan

    Correct my country the UK created it, but now we have lost it.

  92. Manny Calavero

    Manny Calavero3 dagar sedan

    A bully calling others bullies 😂

  93. Jj Hammer

    Jj Hammer3 dagar sedan

    If you and the rest of the media stopped giving them attention they will go away

  94. Kimmi Boss

    Kimmi Boss3 dagar sedan

    First time I’ve ever watched Fox News. MM so many easily disproved lies. She doesn’t talk about Harry’s millions from Diana that could be used for security? How many private jet holidays were paid by the tax payer and the environment??? She had the best doctors and her mum is a psychiatrist?? Try having red hair in the family, it’s everyone’s focus, ooo wonder if he’ll get the red hair??? She wants to have royal titles that don’t apply to her. You can tell a person by the way they treat their family.

  95. S

    S3 dagar sedan

    Piers is literally one of the creators of Cancel Culture 😂 I completely agree with everything he said in this interview, but let's not pretend he didn't go out of his way to cancel others who he didn't agree with.

  96. HoosierMama Q

    HoosierMama Q10 timmar sedan

    They really are circling around and eating their own.

  97. Stalker Buts

    Stalker Buts3 dagar sedan

    Well said

  98. bb89670

    bb896703 dagar sedan

    I believe you, Piers. A lot of people do. She lied about being pregnant.

  99. k rajic

    k rajic3 dagar sedan

    PIERS M. should have no regrets at all. Thnx for letting us leave a comment. PM is not a racist; quite the contrary. Look in the mirror Oprah/ Megan. I realize how life is. TU, peace out my friends. LU!

  100. ______

    ______3 dagar sedan

    fox ruined itself so hard it needs to separate tuck shows to try to keep what's left of its audience.

  101. Home Made Aquaria

    Home Made Aquaria3 dagar sedan

    Idiot! So he goes on.........FOX to let out his butt hurt!!! LMAO....CREDIBLE THEN!

  102. fuzymunk

    fuzymunk3 dagar sedan

    I agree with very little that Piers Morgan has to say. This isn't one of them. He's completely within his rights to speak his mind, period. I don't have to like it, but I'll defend it.

  103. vida pdl

    vida pdl3 dagar sedan

    Very much agreed to Piers Morgan!

  104. M A

    M A3 dagar sedan

    If Morgan really liked free speech so much, why did he walk off the set when his co-host wanted to speak? What a Hypocrite.

  105. Niwesh Lekhak

    Niwesh Lekhak19 timmar sedan

    But he did not file a complain against his co-worker with main intention to get him fired or apolizing.

  106. Krispy Skins

    Krispy Skins3 dagar sedan

    Tucker and piers should set up their own media outlet.

  107. Zia Camp

    Zia Camp3 dagar sedan


  108. Zia Camp

    Zia Camp3 dagar sedan

    Pearce, sucks!!

  109. baksteen2007

    baksteen20073 dagar sedan

    you are just confused about who to promote to pay your salary? coz yes pal..... it is very difficult to find the or hone in on the right benefactor these days right?!

  110. Vegar Sandstrak

    Vegar Sandstrak3 dagar sedan

    Two clowns…😂

  111. Christopher Brown

    Christopher Brown3 dagar sedan

    Piers Morgan and Tucker Carlson. Might as well have Fred and Barney on instead

  112. winfrank1

    winfrank13 dagar sedan

    All this so they don't talk about prince Andrew and Jeff wake up sheepeople😀

  113. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon3 dagar sedan

    I should be allowed to bully someone endlessly because you snubbed my friendship bababababababa

  114. oldroanio

    oldroanio3 dagar sedan

    He protecc, but he also attac; he want his six figure salary back.....