Justin Bieber, benny blanco - Lonely (Live From Saturday Night Live/2020)

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  1. M F

    M F11 minuter sedan


  2. Arefeh Abbasinasab

    Arefeh Abbasinasab54 minuter sedan

    The whole world owes him an apology.

  3. Gourav Singh

    Gourav SinghTimme sedan

    So lovely......

  4. Shellene Guilliams

    Shellene Guilliams2 timmar sedan

    The voice control, the maturity, The life change, the growth... I’m here for it all He has done an amazing job picking himself up and bettering himself despite all the hate.

  5. Sudhandira P

    Sudhandira P8 timmar sedan


  6. leon girl

    leon girl9 timmar sedan

    Lyrics tells us so many things. We understand you Justin. We will always love you no matter what you did or what happened. Please don't think like you are lonely. For me I will always be with you. You are such a beautiful person. Just be strong 💟

  7. Christian Rammel

    Christian Rammel9 timmar sedan

    Oh, thats a really emotional Song. It really touched me. He's grown up

  8. Katie Lane

    Katie Lane15 timmar sedan

    Listening to this song makes my heart fucking break for him.

  9. Guerito Llamas

    Guerito Llamas17 timmar sedan

    I used to never like Bieber cause of how Cringe and a doush he was. But he is now a changed person with an incredible voice!!

  10. 90sFella

    90sFella18 timmar sedan

    Man I just get stoned and have this on repeat

  11. 3xmoonshine Channel

    3xmoonshine Channel22 timmar sedan


  12. M Possible

    M Possible23 timmar sedan

    I don't care even if you'd sing this song all wrong ( which you didn't). I hear you, we hear you. The common of us mortals we thought "yup give millions of $ to a teenager and he'll do worse than this shit". Yo bro, you pissed in a bucket and abandoned a monkey. Let me judge that criminal who raped a child, let me judge that psychopath who ate his victims. But bro, you've pissed in a bucket like why do anyone give a fuck.... maybe jealousy... This is a great song. In my own little world, I feel the same. Wish people would know I've WORKED fucking hard for the little I have achieved... I'm not even a fan, just a human being. Cheers bro!



    Man I feel u

  14. Hayley Leblanc

    Hayley LeblancDag sedan


  15. keionna.

    keionna.Dag sedan

    i love him

  16. Andrea Cardenas

    Andrea CardenasDag sedan

    Holy shit with his voice 😳🔥

  17. Aléxia Gomez

    Aléxia GomezDag sedan


  18. Elia Galan

    Elia GalanDag sedan

    I listen to this every single day !! ♥️


    MOUAD LAAREJDag sedan

    Lonely 😔..

  20. Sarah Ashley

    Sarah AshleyDag sedan

    The passion though... omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    BUFU REAL WORLDDag sedan

    Dude is killing it .... Very Clean With his Vocals Nice Job !! JB !!



    Beau ti fuuuul Great Song Talent

  23. Denny Rachman

    Denny RachmanDag sedan

    Aaahhh justin

  24. kcaaz

    kcaazDag sedan

    damn, vro killed it !

  25. Va Lam

    Va LamDag sedan


  26. Simon GK

    Simon GKDag sedan

    I think with this (new) type of music Justin Bieber could make some very good songs with Billie Eilish

  27. Crescent Wilson

    Crescent WilsonDag sedan

    you can hear the pain in his voice 🥺🥺 we love you Justin 💓

  28. Cobra Dylan

    Cobra DylanDag sedan

    Plz do more like this 👍

  29. John Bartlett

    John BartlettDag sedan

    Get a job

  30. John Bartlett

    John BartlettDag sedan

    This guy needs a job

  31. Hannah Deel

    Hannah Deel2 dagar sedan

    1:18-1:43 idk even know why but this is my fav part. anyone else? | | \/

  32. T K

    T K2 dagar sedan

    I love you

  33. Mesuli jiyane

    Mesuli jiyane2 dagar sedan

    That "lonely: 2:28🔥🔥

  34. Mario Plater

    Mario Plater2 dagar sedan

    I wasn't really a Justin fan but he did this amazing transformation because he found God in his life and his wife help him to grow. Like from a boy to a man in the public eye. I am now a super fan he new music is awesome & spiritual at the same time.

  35. DavidRGD

    DavidRGD2 dagar sedan

    Explicit: And that's just *FUCKING* lonely Clean: And that's just _oh so_ lonely

  36. Nate Cristofori

    Nate Cristofori2 dagar sedan

    Such a well done performance- the empty hallways and lighting play to the lyrics of the song so well.

  37. Nick Ramirez

    Nick Ramirez2 dagar sedan

    All I’m going to say is that I’m looking forward to him singing this at a concert and letting the fans sing with him. It’s going to be epic.

  38. Samie Rudino

    Samie Rudino2 dagar sedan

    This song describing the whole story of justin bieber how he struggled in his life when he was a teenager...😥😢😢😢😢😭😭 really feeling bad for him and now he is the best popstar in the world love u justin...😣😣❤❤❤

  39. Abode Time

    Abode Time2 dagar sedan


  40. mims may

    mims may2 dagar sedan

    Much love from me to u!💕

  41. TORONTO 416

    TORONTO 4162 dagar sedan

    I feel the same justin

  42. Betzabe Rosipko

    Betzabe Rosipko2 dagar sedan

    I love a redemption story. His fans always knew him, that’s why they demanded so much from him. A person, especially a kid cannot meet the demands, it broke him. Terribly sad, glad he is healing and thriving. Great song.

  43. Katrina Moses

    Katrina Moses2 dagar sedan

    This had me vibin

  44. Brianna Kyle

    Brianna Kyle2 dagar sedan

    did anyone else see harry on the wall in the hall

  45. Gina Kyriakopoulos

    Gina Kyriakopoulos2 dagar sedan

    He’s hurt. Praying.

  46. Bri Terry

    Bri Terry2 dagar sedan

    Yall need to stop thinking money and fame is success. It doesn't even make sense. Your happiest moments are when you're dying laughing with a friend, hugging a family member, doing something fun, ect. Good people around you is success.

  47. edgetastic

    edgetastic2 dagar sedan

    Everyone's asking what Justin's doing, but no one asking him how he's doing.

  48. Helena Christine

    Helena Christine2 dagar sedan

    So true

  49. B-RADFC

    B-RADFC2 dagar sedan

    This man doesn’t get enough credit.

  50. Adeola Ogabi

    Adeola Ogabi2 dagar sedan

    Every time I listen to this song my heart breaks a little for the little boy that he was

  51. Lorena Chamorro

    Lorena Chamorro2 dagar sedan

    I really like Justin and I don't think he is really ok

  52. duilio lima

    duilio lima2 dagar sedan

    Da uma chance para compositor brasileiro aiisetoos.info/name/sYzbmneap3KnhGM/video

  53. The Colbert Girls

    The Colbert Girls2 dagar sedan

    Song is on constant repeat 🖤

  54. Cassia Waind

    Cassia Waind2 dagar sedan

    I feel like this song almost wasn't meant to be sung live...

  55. Nabil Athmane

    Nabil Athmane2 dagar sedan

    oh I know you very well

  56. Jesper Hansen

    Jesper Hansen2 dagar sedan

    Yea justin just cry with your million dollars

  57. Oscar Beltran

    Oscar Beltran3 dagar sedan

    We must protect jb at all costs!!!!

  58. queen leon

    queen leon3 dagar sedan

    Love your voice

  59. Mariam Shaloyan

    Mariam Shaloyan3 dagar sedan

    🖕🖕ето за то что сламал серце Селеа Гомеза

  60. Laurie Thiboutot

    Laurie Thiboutot3 dagar sedan

    Wow! I can feel it! I do feel it daily...

  61. Pushparaj solanki

    Pushparaj solanki3 dagar sedan

    Great voice he has.

  62. kevin Mc Murray

    kevin Mc Murray3 dagar sedan

    As a canadian, i always chose to be proud of him, instead hate him for follow a wave. He’s from my country and today, everybody knows Justin because his talent. This song is the prove. 👏👏

  63. Mrs irfan

    Mrs irfan3 dagar sedan

    i want to see hailey beiber's reaction to this song🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨

  64. Yanik Corneau

    Yanik Corneau3 dagar sedan

    I used to laugh at him being the same age as him, now I am grown and would like to excuse myself as being part of the problem.. sorry for everything you didnt and never deserved!

  65. cath salazar

    cath salazar3 dagar sedan

    This is so awesome new fan this dudes so much better now tys so much Justin u r totally som amazing love this gem!!!!! Wowza 👍🇺🇸❤️💯😻🔥🙏☮️💋🎼🎧🥰

  66. Judah Corona

    Judah Corona3 dagar sedan


  67. eslam agha

    eslam agha3 dagar sedan

    Justin bieber's voice is so angelic

  68. Eunice Lug

    Eunice Lug3 dagar sedan

    The pain in his voice say's it all 😭

  69. Jessica Terry Stykes

    Jessica Terry Stykes3 dagar sedan

    So beautiful!

  70. Marilia Veiga

    Marilia Veiga3 dagar sedan

    Algum comentário em português para entende essa música?

  71. Giovanni Sasso

    Giovanni Sasso3 dagar sedan

    Absolute genius. He put his pain into that song -- and I relate. I feel lonely as well.

  72. Beth Prather

    Beth Prather3 dagar sedan


  73. Beth Prather

    Beth Prather3 dagar sedan

    Praying for all of the lonely ones out there.. God is our only Hope..praise Him and Justin..You are chosen

  74. Lena Leo

    Lena Leo3 dagar sedan

    Justinlooks so together now. Love the the way he is dressing now. Soooooo much better than before. I wish him and Hailey all the best . I don't usually comment. I don't listen to music or watch tv. But I was on my phone and I saw Justin on Ellen. I saw a comment about the new song on snl so I looked it up. Great job !!! ❤

  75. bella2019

    bella20193 dagar sedan

    It’s so sad your parents didn’t give you the foundation - think they didn’t go to college etc if they were grounded you would not feel this way and all those tattoos on your body - not your fault - parents listen up - do your job

  76. Nermin Musa

    Nermin Musa3 dagar sedan


  77. Nermin Musa

    Nermin Musa3 dagar sedan

    People hated Justin for no reason yall are disgusting

  78. Nermin Musa

    Nermin Musa3 dagar sedan


  79. Amanda Blackburn

    Amanda Blackburn3 dagar sedan

    The song ever

  80. Amanda Blackburn

    Amanda Blackburn3 dagar sedan

    He's expressing his real feelings probably in this song it makes me want to cry how does he do it I love it

  81. Amanda Blackburn

    Amanda Blackburn3 dagar sedan

    How do you do it

  82. Amanda Blackburn

    Amanda Blackburn3 dagar sedan

    I love you and your songs

  83. Mike Carnali

    Mike Carnali3 dagar sedan

    That was legit.

  84. Brandi Tiller

    Brandi Tiller3 dagar sedan

    I hear a little of Hank Williams Senior in there

  85. Linda Felgentreff

    Linda Felgentreff3 dagar sedan


  86. Akshat singla

    Akshat singla3 dagar sedan

    10 times better than these feminine male popstars

  87. Noortje Noor

    Noortje Noor3 dagar sedan

    Feeling every word he is singing 😢💚

  88. gatorshd

    gatorshd3 dagar sedan

    Crushingly honest. One day at a time. I know.

  89. Abolfazl Moini

    Abolfazl Moini3 dagar sedan

    This is great

  90. Amber Renee

    Amber Renee3 dagar sedan

    biggest flex is that i never hated on justin and when he got through his rough shit he helped me through mine

  91. Aditi Negi

    Aditi Negi3 dagar sedan

    Cheers to you brother stay strong 🔥

  92. Vee

    Vee4 dagar sedan

    setoos.info/name/4G-rq6BjoGCFhaI/video 😊 I made a cover of this song!

  93. Feem

    Feem4 dagar sedan

    Instrumental version!! 😍✨ setoos.info/name/t3zSpoCWeIVud4g/video

  94. leonthesleepy

    leonthesleepy4 dagar sedan

    This live version sounds even better

  95. Paulinho Silva

    Paulinho Silva2 dagar sedan


  96. مساعد عود

    مساعد عود4 dagar sedan

    R U M 2 mature مساعد

  97. JBLisa G.

    JBLisa G.4 dagar sedan

    You cry in your song soo true

  98. JBLisa G.

    JBLisa G.4 dagar sedan

    Music it's soo strong

  99. JBLisa G.

    JBLisa G.4 dagar sedan


  100. JBLisa G.

    JBLisa G.4 dagar sedan


  101. JBLisa G.

    JBLisa G.4 dagar sedan


  102. JBLisa G.

    JBLisa G.4 dagar sedan

    True one

  103. Bittu Biebz Dutta

    Bittu Biebz Dutta4 dagar sedan

    🙏💞💞 keep going brp

  104. Bittu Biebz Dutta

    Bittu Biebz Dutta4 dagar sedan

    great song ever