$68 GUCCI Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and HIIII, How Are Ya??? Today we're doing the first makeup review of 2021!!!! It's time to test out Gucci's brand new Fluide De Beauté Natural Finish Fluid Foundation! It's Gucci's first foundation in years and I actually reviewed their first attempt at one on my channel years ago. They are back with a revamped line and I had to put it try it out. I also test their new mascara and do a 10 hour wear test. Will the products be Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop?? Watch and find out. WANT MORE?
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  1. Skyler Bowring

    Skyler Bowring15 sekunder sedan

    Imagine bullying someone for not having as much money as you, not having clear skin, and being overweight. Yikes. Jeffree I’m not sure if you have realized or not yet but you aren’t on top of the beauty community. Deal with it. Ur a loser. James is at the top and always will be and you continue to bully people like trisha for absolutely no reason and it’s EMBARRASSING

  2. Joselle

    JoselleMinut sedan


  3. Maggie S

    Maggie S2 minuter sedan

    I’m so glad that you are doing these again. You don’t pull bullshit with your views

  4. Athena griego

    Athena griego4 minuter sedan

    Is he in Kanyes house?

  5. BlueGypsyDoll

    BlueGypsyDoll7 minuter sedan

    UNSUBSCRIBING. Mean girls are canceled.

  6. Tia

    Tia9 minuter sedan

    Apologise to Trisha!

  7. L K

    L K11 minuter sedan

    Carma will hit you

  8. Claudia Mousseau

    Claudia Mousseau11 minuter sedan

    🔥🦱👋 j

  9. biba 30

    biba 3012 minuter sedan

    When ppl will realise that he is simply PURE EVIL. Just stare at his eyes, all u can see is EVIL. And eyes are windows of soul

  10. sophiiie101

    sophiiie10115 minuter sedan

    Not y’all praising him in the comments...

  11. Abigail Kellam

    Abigail Kellam16 minuter sedan

    What an awful human being bullying Trisha like that smh you’ve not changed you’ve always been horrible smh

  12. Shellsea Contreras

    Shellsea Contreras16 minuter sedan

    Queen J 🔥😍

  13. Gabrielle Geleta

    Gabrielle Geleta17 minuter sedan

    I have been a fan of your's for over 10 years and you have changed a lot you are a horrible person. Bullying is so wrong and the fact you are friends with these kind of people and let this shit happen and still continue to keep these people in your life shows you are exactly like them

  14. Florencia Guzman

    Florencia Guzman17 minuter sedan

    you're so FAKEEEE

  15. Luis Gutierrez

    Luis Gutierrez24 minuter sedan

    *rolls the clip* "And um... Ooh bitch, times have changed" LMAOO

  16. Caroline Picard

    Caroline Picard26 minuter sedan

    How do you have 16 million followers... a person like you deserves NOTHING

  17. Cynn Linden

    Cynn Linden27 minuter sedan

    Coming from a mom of a newly out trans and fabulous king who introduced me to this channel... I must say you are gorgeous! Down to earth and absolutely a pleasure to watch. Not gonna lie I can't afford all that stuff but seeing how honest you are about your reviews were refreshing. Thank you so much for keeping things real! 💋 Stay safe and blessed! We love you!

  18. sydneyyy _

    sydneyyy _29 minuter sedan

    Cat piss as a person:

  19. Miss Rose

    Miss Rose11 minuter sedan

    he is more like a Skunk's fart

  20. Drvk mode

    Drvk mode32 minuter sedan

    cant fucking believe you body shamed someone i taught you learned your lesson but figures i was wrong...


    SAIINT ACADEMIA34 minuter sedan

    You're pathetic for doing Trisha like that. You and Jay.

  22. eddie

    eddie34 minuter sedan

    why are you gay?

  23. Linda Weinstein

    Linda Weinstein35 minuter sedan

    JEFREE is going to Fade !! Make that palette A WASH 😥😬🤭👎🏼

  24. Lili.405c

    Lili.405c41 minut sedan

    Gomik anter shun tun qandox anasun porniki mek pornik

  25. Beronica Gonzales

    Beronica Gonzales44 minuter sedan

    His grandma called him Mrs. WEST 🤣

  26. Anna Oop

    Anna Oop47 minuter sedan

    What you did to Trisha is disgusting. Your fandom should be ashamed for supporting you!

  27. Godspeed Megatronus

    Godspeed Megatronus41 minut sedan

    I agree with you

  28. Amy Vaughn

    Amy Vaughn54 minuter sedan

    There are way to many great skincare lines out there, we don't need to get his new skincare line coming out, everyone who is disgusted by jay and jeffrees actions towards trisha...lets NOT BUY HIS NEW SKINCARE LINE !

  29. C c

    C c54 minuter sedan

    There's not one good bone in your boney ass body is there jeffree ik you don't care because you've got money and lawyers and shit but idk how u sleep at night knowing that u don't have any real talent other than fat shaming sombody and now your hairdresser is threatening trisha yall are messed up its sad how all the money in the world can change some people and turn them into monsters

  30. Heather Hutchinson

    Heather Hutchinson55 minuter sedan

    ur cancelled, I’d say for good for most people. What a terrible person, you have an ugly heart sir

  31. lil skinnty

    lil skinnty56 minuter sedan

    imagine trying to body shame an ACTUAL women when you're built like a stick..yes I went there I'm fed up.

  32. Dillon Ewing

    Dillon Ewing56 minuter sedan

    Hairbyjay is definitely a cyber bully. I never really cared to know anything about him, and after watching Trisha's video of the disgusting behavior he displayed, I never will. His actions pretty much speak for himself, so that's all I have to say about him. Jeffree, on the other hand, has been a sassy, lovable person that I've adored since I first saw "Get Away With Murder" on SEtoos back in 2011. I've followed him on SEtoos ever since and watched as he transformed from an underappreciated singer into a household name in the Beauty industry. For that, I have a LOT more to dig into concerning Jeffree. The usual content of Trisha's videos rarely ever appeal to my interests, but she's a relatable, down-to-earth, decent human being. What she said in the video she posted yesterday that troubled me the most about Jeffree is that he would treat her differently after spending lots of money on her that she never asked for. The reason this troubles me is because I remember Jeffree talking about how ungreatful Manny MUA was for all the money he spent on him and now I see a trend going in the direction I never hoped for. Is Jeffree the type of person to hold money and expensive gifts and getaways over people's heads with the expectation of something in return (example: control of behavior, appearance, and/or opinions, etc.) other than a simple display of gratitude? That's all fine with me as long as the transaction is described as such beforehand and is explained with transparency about expectations before purchase. A true gift should be given without expectations, otherwise it is a bribe or transaction. It is always the thought that counts with gifts whether they are amazing or suck because the whole point is to bring happiness and to show that you care. If willingly spending money on someone who never asked for it changes your expectations of that person, then know that the other person has every right to feel as though you are trying to force a debt on them that they can never repay or to make them feel as though they owe you for something they never asked for. I've watched many of Jeffree's friendships crumble over the last several years, and I've always given him the benefit of the doubt, taking his side of the story over others, and believing in him because I wanted to. Unfortunately, wanting to believe something doesn't make it true. I want to believe that Jeffree is kind to his friends, but the evidence that suggests otherwise is stacking up. If the same problem persists friend after friend, maybe it's time to pause for a moment to reflect and ask, "Is it me?" The saying "more money more problems" exists for a reason. I can understand why there would be frustration, confusion, and conflict when the bill arrives BEFORE anyone even discusses who's paying. It's a bad situation to be in. It would be easy to assume that if you are invited to hang out somewhere then your expenses are covered, especially if that has already happened before. Don't let the expenses of fun activities tear you away from your friends when you were supposed to be having fun with them. Discuss trip expenses first. Second, don't be offended if they ask you to pay, especially if the trip was your idea. Third, if you can't or don't want to pay the other person's expenses, just politely remind them that they don't have to go or maybe find something else more budget-friendly to do or just offer to hang out sometime later. There is always more than one perspective to every story and we all like to think we did the right thing, until we realize we didn't. I feel so bad for Trisha. It's one thing to get trolled by some rando, but a friend... that's heartbreaking💔

  33. سوكينه مار جلاده و افتخر ولي ما عاجبه ينتحر

    سوكينه مار جلاده و افتخر ولي ما عاجبه ينتحرTimme sedan

    حته منقد الشعر الطويل و المكياج ولبس انقلب احمير 👎🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂l m SKOL No SKOL😤

  34. Maxi

    MaxiTimme sedan

    He is such a disgusting and mean human being why is he still gettin thumbs up?! Wtf

  35. Amy Vaughn

    Amy VaughnTimme sedan

    Jeffree you and hair by jay were horrible to Trisha! Jay was AWFUL in his video about trisha!!! Jay is just MAD he IS an UGLY boy and WISHED he was a BEAUTIFUL GIRL LIKE TRISHA! We need to cancel again it looks like!

  36. sam lacey

    sam laceyTimme sedan

    You and ur hairstylist are corrupt.

  37. Sabrina Jasien

    Sabrina JasienTimme sedan

    day after day you keep showing your true colors, saying "you've changed" yet constantly bashing people behind their back is disgusting. apologize to Trisha. & humble yourself

  38. Emily

    EmilyTimme sedan

    Clam ur “Here before anyone makes a video about this” here! Seriously that’s messed up-

  39. Marissa

    MarissaTimme sedan

    Love the wig color! Super cool you’ve been generous with your money giving back to a lot of people in need. Xo

  40. Katherine Thompson

    Katherine ThompsonTimme sedan

    Jeff is a mean queen, always has been always will be.

  41. cherrycosmos

    cherrycosmosTimme sedan

    Unsubscribing. I couldn’t possibly support someone who body shames and targets a fellow influencer - money can’t buy you a nice personality Jeffree, I think you should remember that. I’m disgusted.

  42. Elizabeth Schwab

    Elizabeth SchwabTimme sedan

    Ahhh yes do more of these reveiws!! You should do more drugstore vs high end too!!!

  43. BillyBee

    BillyBeeTimme sedan

    Hairbyjay is trash. Just here to say that.

  44. TinglePaw ASMR

    TinglePaw ASMRTimme sedan

    woweeee woooww

  45. Claudia Mousseau

    Claudia MousseauTimme sedan

    Do you hate women?

  46. Cash0ut. Arii

    Cash0ut. AriiTimme sedan

    sooo when are you apologizing to trish and everybody else you hurt?

  47. jimin you got no jams

    jimin you got no jamsTimme sedan


  48. Leen Vandevoort

    Leen VandevoortTimme sedan

    Yes finally a make up review don't like the drama and don't care this is why I watch

  49. Abbe Forsberg

    Abbe ForsbergTimme sedan

    Why tf are U so godamn mean to thrish?! You have just lost a subscriber. Also you body shamed her during the trip to las Vegas

  50. Jackie Pichardo

    Jackie PichardoTimme sedan

    Jeffree could you please please please!! Review the new sky high Maybelline mascara

  51. Kyla East

    Kyla EastTimme sedan

    What y’all did to Trisha was beyond fucked up.

  52. Brennan Kubica

    Brennan KubicaTimme sedan

    i wonder if the coke calmed his nerves or made him more anxious to do this video

  53. Alexis Guzman

    Alexis GuzmanTimme sedan

    Jeffree I always liked you. But you need to tell your friend jay and yourself to stop bullying Trisha like that ☹️

  54. Lauren

    LaurenTimme sedan

    You should drop your hairdresser can’t believe you stand by someone who laughs at suicide and makes fun of peoples looks. Shows what kind of person you are.... bullying is not cool, disgusting behaviour you should be ashamed

  55. Daniya Abdullah

    Daniya AbdullahTimme sedan

    I missed this jefree uh thank god you are back girl ❤️❤️👍🙏

  56. Szymon Lampa

    Szymon LampaTimme sedan

    You need to stop you know what you have done to Trisha paytas your horrible and manipulative to her just stop.

  57. Izzy Ha

    Izzy HaTimme sedan

    Hahahahahahaha your a sheep

  58. Elena Sanchez

    Elena Sanchez2 timmar sedan

    I hope u get canceled ... trash . Can’t believe u called Trisha poor and smacked her hand away when she tried to eat

  59. Izzy Ha

    Izzy HaTimme sedan

    Bitch they tried that shit 4 times now, cant cancel what you dont own ❣

  60. Huntley Forbus

    Huntley Forbus2 timmar sedan

    Money wont make you happy forever, karma will come for you!!!!

  61. Sean Morrow

    Sean Morrow2 timmar sedan

    Please call your next dog Duchess!

  62. Eve Lares

    Eve Lares2 timmar sedan

    Trisha deserved better.

  63. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna Rowe2 timmar sedan

    Omg gun is huge shoot ALL them haters down 😂 jk don’t come for me

  64. Rachel R

    Rachel R2 timmar sedan

    Can't belive I've been subscribed to you for so long. Your behavior is disgusting!! Bye!!

  65. Izzy Ha

    Izzy HaTimme sedan

    Bye wont be missed ❣

  66. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna Rowe2 timmar sedan

    I’m getting me a pink camo gun!

  67. Carley Marie

    Carley Marie2 timmar sedan

    It’s the no masks for me and pointing the gun at your friends and camera

  68. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna Rowe2 timmar sedan

    Very smart if u get a gun you better know how to shoot!!

  69. Debbie Thomas

    Debbie Thomas2 timmar sedan

    Why are you so nasty to your so called friends and previous employees. Not a fan anymore.

  70. Marta Skrzypczak

    Marta Skrzypczak2 timmar sedan

    You seriously need to find a new beauty team 🤷🏼‍♀️

  71. Le Ròse!

    Le Ròse!2 timmar sedan

    What you said was very disgusting. I can't belive I supported you..

  72. Your Little Dreamboat

    Your Little Dreamboat2 timmar sedan

    Now that I know his wigs cost $1500 (correct me if I’m wrong) ... I ummm... just not into this one. Lookin a lil patchy, no?

  73. Your Little Dreamboat

    Your Little Dreamboat2 timmar sedan

    A $1 foundation... to a $500 one or whatever it was.

  74. wolfsrain0000

    wolfsrain00002 timmar sedan

    Unsubscribing until you FIRE ugly hair by jay!

  75. Rio Romero

    Rio Romero2 timmar sedan

    Ugh. You

  76. Mary

    Mary2 timmar sedan

    I always watched you, but I think the way you, and your friends talk about trisha paytas is fk up.

  77. mimi mimi

    mimi mimi2 timmar sedan

    I heard that Jeffery only does good makeup because of James Charles James told her the secrets

  78. Izzy Ha

    Izzy HaTimme sedan

    Hahahahhahahahahahah she's been doing makeup since before James was born and owned a brand longer than James while career

  79. studio skolni

    studio skolni2 timmar sedan

    sort your employees aka friends

  80. mooni boobi

    mooni boobi2 timmar sedan

    He look like Gigi Gorgeous.

  81. BoxyCharmAddiction

    BoxyCharmAddiction3 timmar sedan

    This whole set up on the couch is not it 😫

  82. Clawskitt

    Clawskitt3 timmar sedan

    Unsubbed jeffree.... stop body shaming women with your friends. We all don’t have $1000s of dollars of skincare and organic apples to eat. Apologize to Trisha for her time getting bullied by yall, and your rude wig friend charging her $4000 while charging you a third of that. Uncool to bully.

  83. Dini

    Dini3 timmar sedan

    Cancelled the hous!

  84. KC Sunshine

    KC Sunshine3 timmar sedan

    You and hair by Jay are bullies. Her pink wig did look like crap..your or@y palette was the last one I will ever buy bc it's like cemented dirt. Horrible..bully.

  85. Chantelle Stevenson

    Chantelle Stevenson3 timmar sedan

    Anyone who suports Jeffree is just as toxic and hateful as he is. If you can't see that then YOU'RE the problem. Thank you.

  86. Izzy Ha

    Izzy HaTimme sedan

    You're welcome bye ❣

  87. TheSewingHub Pinterest

    TheSewingHub Pinterest3 timmar sedan

    What's went down with Trisha, jeffree?

  88. k kik

    k kik3 timmar sedan

    Next video:Jay wAs iN A dArK pLaCe ............. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  89. k kik

    k kik3 timmar sedan

    I thought we cancelled this guy xD

  90. Jillian Harden

    Jillian Harden3 timmar sedan

    Can you review Victoria Beckham’s makeup line?!

  91. Sexy Salad

    Sexy Salad3 timmar sedan

    Ew look at this Crypt keeper

  92. Asterisssk K

    Asterisssk K3 timmar sedan

    I’ve been such a hardcore fan for so long. Not anymore. I can’t support someone who hurts other people constantly.

  93. Valerie

    Valerie3 timmar sedan

    I do as well since high school. Now I'm in college, and I was just going to buy his palettes. It had been a dream of mine to get one from Jeffree Cosmetics. Now it just completely shattered & I'm glad

  94. Alice Spartin

    Alice Spartin3 timmar sedan

    I never have made a single comment on youtube in my 12 years of watching it but REALLY unsure why he still has a platform. 2021 does not have room for people like Jeffery to hold influence. You are nothing but negative energy. Nothing humbling about you. You are washed up. aside from that, I hope everyone has a stellar day

  95. Angelina :3

    Angelina :33 timmar sedan


  96. Izzy Ha

    Izzy HaTimme sedan

    Whole hog

  97. Cookie XD Cookie

    Cookie XD Cookie3 timmar sedan

    why did you bodyshame trisha your a fake toxic person

  98. Mário Ferreira

    Mário Ferreira3 timmar sedan

    Just unsub

  99. Hilda Doe

    Hilda Doe3 timmar sedan

    I only subbed after watching the hair by jay drama. Team jefree

  100. Eureka Failure

    Eureka Failure3 timmar sedan

    Look how high he is at 11:28 hahaha

  101. Lexie Fate

    Lexie Fate4 timmar sedan

    Apologize to Trisha

  102. Grace

    Grace4 timmar sedan

    Apologize to Trisha!!🤮🤮

  103. K C

    K C4 timmar sedan

    Maybe Shane is out of the friendship. All of his products are on sale on JSC website...

  104. Lauren

    LaurenTimme sedan

    It’s been on sale for a while since his scandal I don’t think that means anything

  105. K C

    K CTimme sedan

    @Valerie doubt that, the products are 🔥 - I think Shane is disassociating with the beauty community all together.

  106. Valerie

    Valerie3 timmar sedan

    That and no one not buying them anymore😇 ever since the Willow Smith's incident.

  107. Linda Leedahl

    Linda Leedahl4 timmar sedan

    Not my fave

  108. Makenna DoesWhatever

    Makenna DoesWhatever4 timmar sedan

    Why mean girl shit

  109. K C

    K C4 timmar sedan

    Jeffree. You need to publicly tell hairbyJay to stfu and get him out of your life.

  110. Jennifer Carrillo

    Jennifer Carrillo4 timmar sedan


  111. Spongebob Tv

    Spongebob Tv4 timmar sedan

    mean girl. bully . fake

  112. okay

    okay3 timmar sedan

    your pfp is us unsubscribing

  113. Navid173

    Navid1734 timmar sedan

    Hey at least Jeffree knows now all he has to do is pay for trash hair by jay hotel room and he can then verbally and emotionally abuse him and he has to take it, cause you know he paid for the hotel room so just shut up and take it.