Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Seoul Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS

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  2. Samrina Tohin

    Samrina Tohin5 timmar sedan

    yo yo yo do you read the replies

  3. Roman Anderson

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    How do you dude do you do you yeah you yeah you did OK KKGame

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  6. Alan

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    La re quedaste pa

  7. Maria Panqueca

    Maria Panqueca4 minuter sedan

    Ayy gom te GB Town Road digit Ayy prepare tô Ayy old Town

  8. Elias Dias

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  9. easymoneysniper

    easymoneysniper14 timmar sedan

    The way Namjoon dissin western media in a collab with western artist😳 "We gon get your money from backyard" lol They're the most sold artist in US after TS💅 The way he says "we're the best from Korea" Namjoon spittin facts ☝️

  10. Sex

    Sex22 timmar sedan

    RM lines were ass 💀 He's good with BTS or Korean acts

  11. Softy

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  12. Miss Limo

    Miss LimoDag sedan

    I love thaïs version

  13. Kim Dani

    Kim DaniDag sedan

    I know my namjoon poster that is staring at me is proud of me for listening to this a lot of times

  14. amira chy

    amira chyDag sedan

    Our king Kim Nam Joon💜😘😍😎🎵

  15. kim min gyu

    kim min gyu2 dagar sedan

    KIM NAMJOON's voice is pure art,

  16. Denise Balalio

    Denise Balalio2 dagar sedan

    kim namjoon more like king namjoon hehehe oh think the purple hores is bts say i purple you

  17. Emna Jridi

    Emna Jridi2 dagar sedan

    Rm 💜

  18. Лиза Сурина

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    Ты так красиво поёшь


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  20. Thiago Menezes

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    Ayy gon tach my horse

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    Old town road!!!! 🐴🐴🐴🤠🤠

  23. moon walk

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    true artists idc.

  24. moon walk

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  25. moon walk

    moon walk5 dagar sedan

    i love namjoon's voice SO much 😭😭😭😭

  26. Dean Winchaster

    Dean Winchaster5 dagar sedan

    I love you bro but I hate K-PoP. Don't f%&# with k-pop

  27. Yohana Chavez

    Yohana Chavez5 dagar sedan

    I love RM !!

  28. Sabusiswa Nkambule

    Sabusiswa Nkambule6 dagar sedan

    How I fell in love with rm

  29. Azelianom Dajun

    Azelianom Dajun6 dagar sedan

    U know RM ? The sexiest rapper man from Korearrr` ya know,

  30. Azelianom Dajun

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    U know Kim nam Joon ?

  31. Azelianom Dajun

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    Ta rara el man de bts

  35. Daegu Apple

    Daegu Apple7 dagar sedan

    OMG, RM voice make me crazy

  36. Stacy Lacoly

    Stacy Lacoly8 dagar sedan

    Im in love with Namjoon´s voice

  37. 아미krl0613

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  38. XxGamerGirlxX

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    Who else died when they read the title?

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  40. Sariel

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    Love the purple horse

  41. Ngân Hồ

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    Hi ARMY

  42. Selene Varami

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    Enamorada de está canción

  43. Luzemberg Ribeiro

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    O Lil nas x tambem

  44. Luzemberg Ribeiro

    Luzemberg Ribeiro11 dagar sedan

    O BTS sempre arrasa

  45. Luzemberg Ribeiro

    Luzemberg Ribeiro11 dagar sedan

    BTS e Lil nas x ficou perfeito

  46. 아미krl0613

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    20 M

  47. Forever Bangtan

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    I love that it's a part of MONO!!

  48. Forever Bangtan

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    I love it!!!

  49. Breanna Winters

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  50. Breanna Winters

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  51. Kelinci Tonggos

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    Who need driver license when u got purple horse? 😂

  52. Adrianna Mari

    Adrianna Mari13 dagar sedan

    namjoonnn forever 💜

  53. Andrea Pérez

    Andrea Pérez13 dagar sedan

    Gracias king namjoon por surrarte en toda la industria, no lo merecemos

  54. Nines

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    Original Music>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this version

  55. Agam Lehal

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    I got the horses in back

  56. Heather Madison

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    Literally so DOPE!!!

  57. the truth Untold

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    OMG amo la voz de RM 💜

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    KING Namjoon

  59. 아미krl0613

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    Este remix es increible

  60. Mayra Rueda

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    Wuaoo me encantó la voz de RM increíble

  61. L. A.

    L. A.15 dagar sedan

    Support/listen/stream Namjoon's solos and collabs on YT! Just type RM and the song title and pick the official MV: - Awakening - Buckubucku - w/ MFBTY - Change - w/ Wale - Crying Over You - w/ HONNE - Champion (Remix) - w/ Fall Out Boy - Do You - Fantastic (feat. Mandy Ventrice) - Forever Rain - Gajah - w/ Gaeko - Joke - Moonchild - Persona - Please Don't Die (PDD) - w/ Warren G - Seoul - What Am I to You - Winter Flower - w/ Younha Pls. make sure to leave a like on the MV if you haven't done so yet. :)

  62. Allison Fernandez

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    Amo este remix, la voz de Nam me encanta

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    Up Next Collaboration Is Post Malone

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    don't ask who's here , we don't leave (:

  67. blue & grey

    blue & grey17 dagar sedan

    ¿Que onda conmigo ? Sabia de la existencia de esta cancion pero original , .... affff no sabia que habia un remix menos con RM Affff es arteeeeee Nam mi vida te amoooooo

  68. Sehr Mahmood

    Sehr Mahmood18 dagar sedan

    Purple horse is APPRECIATED bro.

  69. Sehr Mahmood

    Sehr Mahmood18 dagar sedan

    Namjoon's Voice made them song EPIC ! + Lil Nas is love.

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    𝓡𝓜 𝓭𝓲𝓸𝓼

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    𝕄𝕖 𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒

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    this is so ass😭😭

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    RM 👏💜

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  80. Xcc22

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    I love how literally every RM fans are in this video, I mean I don't like BTS but the reason I hate it is above 40% is toxic but, I know alot of them are also nice, my girlfriend is also a BTS fan...

  81. Velo _City

    Velo _City21 dag sedan

    Its just ruined it

  82. Maya Haney

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    yess our kings namjoon and lil nas x

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    20 M Soon!

  84. Rommy Janhira Díaz López

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    Deoss~ esto tampoco se supera

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    a voz de Kim Namjoon é tudo

  86. Vaitomarnocu_77

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    amei essa versão

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    *kim namjoon*

  94. Stinka Butt

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    This is one of my favorite songs ever old town

  95. kiara marreros

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    Como que no están escuchando esta obra de arte

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    RM's Voice 🥺💜

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    KING Namjoon

  98. Genius Lab

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    Kim Namjoon

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  100. Emmy W

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    When RM remixes a song and makes it better than the original. 😎

  101. Carolina Garey

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    Amando el detalle del caballo morado 💜

  102. Carolina Garey

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    Diciembre y aún no superó esta versión

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    King Namjoon for President ;D

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    I have the same opinion

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    Namjunaaaaaa ur awesome man💪💪yea😎😎😎😎

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    Next song: Bangladesh Town Road.

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