THIS NYC APARTMENT COSTS $48.5M! | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

This super-exclusive $48.5M Manhattan apartment with eye-popping details was previously owned by a Saudi prince! Get the full tour of this lavish pad here.
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THIS NEW YORK CITY APARTMENT COSTS $48.5M! | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  1. Assumpta Festus

    Assumpta Festus8 dagar sedan

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  2. BlaqueGyrl

    BlaqueGyrl10 dagar sedan

    Those socks

  3. Tedi the Godfather

    Tedi the Godfather11 dagar sedan

    First apartment tour I’ve seen and thought, “Yes! This one is for me!” Lol. I see Erik Conover, Jason Matouk, and Peter Ancona tour penthouses and apartments all the time, and they’re always on the top of the building. I’m terrified of heights, and feel my anxiety levels spike the moment they go out on terraces. 😂 The 5th, 6th, and 7th floor spread is more my speed. Now if I could find $48.5 million, I’d be in business.

  4. Silver Perez

    Silver Perez11 dagar sedan

  5. Jimmy Kucera

    Jimmy Kucera11 dagar sedan

    WoW, Serhant says “The buyer will probably buy it fully furnished and have it as a part time residence”, I should be so lucky 🤓

  6. Srikanth Pothuraj

    Srikanth Pothuraj11 dagar sedan

    Held by a Saudi Prince BUT, no GOLD finishings? Seriously bruh?

  7. Noemy Villatoro

    Noemy Villatoro11 dagar sedan

    why would anyone pay that much $, for a place that they don't even live in, plan on living in, and have visited only once?? why? that's stupid.

  8. Blind Visionary

    Blind Visionary11 dagar sedan

    God will punish the greedy. It will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

  9. Ianbest Smith

    Ianbest Smith11 dagar sedan

    Oh please, must it be wrong to be rich? Please

  10. ExposingGamin

    ExposingGamin11 dagar sedan

    That's one ugly apartment with a heavy price.

  11. Jalisco Pow

    Jalisco Pow11 dagar sedan

    What a deal on Monticello

  12. Saleh Elsileni

    Saleh Elsileni11 dagar sedan


  13. Kelly Clark

    Kelly Clark11 dagar sedan

    belongs to trump

  14. Lol Ipoop

    Lol Ipoop11 dagar sedan

    Only worth like $10.

  15. Henry Binder

    Henry Binder11 dagar sedan

    Ryan Serhant took down an 8-ball before filming this

  16. Jace Nicholson

    Jace Nicholson11 dagar sedan

    Sir I want to let you know I’m stoned rn and that was the funniest comment I’ve ever read 😂😂

  17. RIghteous

    RIghteous11 dagar sedan

    I can't stand him.

  18. Владимир Киселев

    Владимир Киселев11 dagar sedan


  19. Eraser Traceur

    Eraser Traceur11 dagar sedan

    Id cover the inside with LED wall lighting.