Bernie Madoff: American Greed's Biggest Cons

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About American Greed: Discover multi-million dollar scams that build unimaginable wealth. Go to places where devious frauds feed deviant desires. And witness the fatal flaws that bring criminals to justice.
American Greed takes you deep inside shocking true stories of brazen con artists who thrive on stealing fortunes, ruining and even taking lives. In-depth reporting exposes the devastating effects greed has on victims-, bringing you up -close to heartless villains living large on other people’s life savings. How do these crooked masterminds defraud the wealthy, rip off their own families, and scam their friends?
On American Greed crime pays well, until the crooks get caught.
Some people will do ANYTHING for MONEY….with evil like this, no one is safe.
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Bernie Madoff: American Greed's Biggest Cons


  1. good good

    good goodMånad sedan

    Oh people this life is temporary And Afterlife is permanent in paradise All fun with no sadness whatsoever Oh people obey Allah the Only God who Created you read Quran and Follow the last Messenger Muhammed peace be upon him So you succeed and be happy in life and Enter Paradise afterlife.

  2. frank gauss

    frank gaussMånad sedan

    BIGGEST DIVERSION IN HISTORY. Madoff had nothing to do with the financial crisis and while people were shouting his name on the street, they forgot who the real criminals were: THE BANKERS.

  3. Joe Cartman

    Joe CartmanMånad sedan

    None of the bankers were arrested or even prosecuted. Actually no investigation took place neither even though there was plenty of evidence of fraud.

  4. Kevin

    Kevin2 månader sedan

    Remind me of Dr fauci

  5. F Nur

    F NurMånad sedan

    They both are from the blessed tribe..😂

  6. bko 223

    bko 2233 månader sedan

    Where is all the money you can't spend 65 billion

  7. Nancy Churro

    Nancy Churro28 dagar sedan

    Some went to pay his investors as "gains"

  8. Keena Parish

    Keena Parish3 månader sedan

    I don't feel sorry for these greedy people

  9. Andy T

    Andy T3 månader sedan

    He had help. There no way one man can con 70 billion dollars. Not just his family but there tons of people who work in the stock exchange or maybe people in the fcc..

  10. Kellz

    KellzMånad sedan

    Most definitely. Like you said you can’t take that amount of money and no one noticed it’s doesn’t add up

  11. Vahan Nisanian

    Vahan Nisanian3 månader sedan

    He deserves no compassion. He had zero when he was intentionally defrauding his victims.

  12. Kuziai

    Kuziai3 månader sedan

    This is nothing comparing to the corona scam and people who will make Trillions from it

  13. Mike Money

    Mike Money3 månader sedan

    People are stupid they would have had a better chance investing in stock themselves

  14. 4jrgolf

    4jrgolf3 månader sedan

    Not nearly as corrupt as our rigger and chief.

  15. Ahmed Heensaleey

    Ahmed Heensaleey3 månader sedan

    Made off Mate off

  16. Richard Berryhill

    Richard Berryhill3 månader sedan

    I guess you could say " Bernie Made- Off "

  17. Gee Speller

    Gee Speller3 månader sedan

    A lot of these people knew what he was doing even his family as long as they were getting that loot they didn’t care until he got caught

  18. HedgeOwl Invest

    HedgeOwl Invest3 månader sedan

    Made of lol

  19. Ada Clarke

    Ada Clarke3 månader sedan

    I thought he already died of a heart attack in prison? 🤨 he ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT DESERVE ANY TYPE OF EARLY RELEASE!!!!😡😡😡😡

  20. JP Slayermayor

    JP Slayermayor4 månader sedan

    Want to hear something more than a little depressing? America would have been far better off had we elected Bernie Madoff as president rather than Trump.

  21. Brian Wong

    Brian Wong4 månader sedan

    Compassionate early release lmao I hope covid makes their way in to them. He goes to rich people prison anyways, not the typical prison that we see in the movies.

  22. Numan Hussain

    Numan Hussain4 månader sedan

    No joke But he would have gotten a shorter sentence for double murder

  23. young minds

    young minds4 månader sedan

    CNBC PRIME why did you take down Ferris Rafauli’s House Tour video??????

  24. UY scuti

    UY scuti4 månader sedan

    Hollywood will make a movie about him

  25. Jerry Wen

    Jerry Wen2 månader sedan

    @Mike Davitt what is it called???

  26. Mike Davitt

    Mike Davitt4 månader sedan

    Already did

  27. bigbabyzubas

    bigbabyzubas4 månader sedan

    Bernie Madoff's crime? Stealing from the 1%. That's their job! LOL

  28. MA GA

    MA GAMånad sedan

    Celebrities and Europe's royal houses were also scammed, legitimate or made up in Frderic Prinz von Anhalt's case. They all fell for the con.

  29. bigbabyzubas

    bigbabyzubas4 månader sedan

    I disagree whole heartingly, People in Wall Street do stuff like this all the time, Mergers, Short selling, whatever, If Madoff stuck with the Small Fry's? He would not be in Jail..

  30. monkey220ms

    monkey220ms4 månader sedan

    Also Madoff isn’t a “hero of the people” in any sense. He straight up stole from people so he could live a lavish life and had no regret for his actions.

  31. monkey220ms

    monkey220ms4 månader sedan

    That’s just not true, ordinary investors lost billions. That’s normal, everyday people losing their houses and life savings because Madoff was a fraud and intentionally decieved his employees and investors.