Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno Admire a 1958 Porsche 356 A Speedster | Jay Leno's Garage

Watch Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld take a 1958 Porsche 356 A Speedster for a joy ride! Then, catch episodes of "Jay Leno's Garage" on demand now!
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Jerry Seinfeld And Jay Leno Admire A 1958 Porsche 356 A Speedster | Jay Leno's Garage


  1. james mack

    james mack2 dagar sedan

    Compared to a Ferrari of that time..the Porsche is Ugly...Looks like a Bathtub on 4 wheels...!!!

  2. Powder Blue

    Powder Blue2 dagar sedan

    I don’t get the Volkswagens/Porsche. They look like Volkswagens. The engine is behind the rear wheels like a Volkswagen. Take a picture of a Volkswagen engine and take a picture of the Porsche engine they’re hard to tell apart. As Jeremy Clarkson said in terms of Porsches “the engine is in the wrong place and they are glorified Volkswagens.”

  3. joeyb4ever

    joeyb4ever2 dagar sedan

    Original is one thing, solid is another. Bushings harden and crack, rings and cylinder walls wear, etc. What's wrong with a resto done with NOS parts? I would think it would increase the value.

  4. Bob Loza

    Bob Loza2 dagar sedan

    When I first moved to Burbank (from the San Gabriel Valley) Leno was still hosting the Tonight Show, and I would see him every so often driving down Olive Ave. in some weird old car. One day I went to my favorite burger joint a block down from my little office on San Fernando Drive, and saw Leno and his mechanic hanging out in front. I gave him the typical guy 'nod' and just said "hey". He did the same in return. Then I went inside and ordered a hamburger. Was that cool? Of course. But living in Burbank, it wasn't that unusual to see TV actors going to the dentist, or even El Pollo Loco, and I learned quickly to just say hello and keep moving. It was a good town to live in at the time.

  5. Lancelot Arc

    Lancelot Arc8 dagar sedan

    Wait. So Jay just stole Jerry's show?

  6. Brad Shew

    Brad Shew9 dagar sedan

    What’s the road? Need to go ASAP

  7. CoreyHoover33

    CoreyHoover3311 dagar sedan

    All original Porsche’s make my pants tight

  8. Chris tuttle

    Chris tuttle12 dagar sedan

    Keep it Original,nice story

  9. Rhats Kicks

    Rhats Kicks13 dagar sedan

    The craven wrecker incidentally store because spade wessely juggle times a abject pyjama. piquant, lean body

  10. hofhat

    hofhat13 dagar sedan

    Can’t find it, grind it 0:56

  11. craig mack

    craig mack19 dagar sedan

    The efficient quart unpredictably glue because map maternally head plus a sour tuesday. boorish, tight stop

  12. Samuel Hauptmann van Dam

    Samuel Hauptmann van Dam21 dag sedan

    "web show" lol.

  13. Samuel Hauptmann van Dam

    Samuel Hauptmann van Dam19 dagar sedan

    @Samuel Duplessis it was actually originally on craggle i believe the website was called. But no one in their right mind would call something a web show anymore. The production values are likely higher, the viewership vastly higher. And probably the money too. It's very 2000 thing to call it.

  14. Samuel Duplessis

    Samuel Duplessis19 dagar sedan

    Well...... comedians in cars getting coffee was a SEtoos show before Netflix picked it up.

  15. David M

    David MMånad sedan

    "That's what's great about this show, I don't have to pretend to like the movie."

  16. T Dunph

    T DunphMånad sedan

    I could watch Jay with Jerry or with Tim Allen for hours!! All 3 are Masters at their profession(s)

  17. The Great Restoration

    The Great RestorationMånad sedan

    I don’t know who’s a better duo for Jay....Tim Allen or Jerry Seinfeld? Hmmm

  18. Cadre YH

    Cadre YHMånad sedan

    Awkward covid cough at min 8.34...

  19. lgmnow kondo

    lgmnow kondoMånad sedan

    what road was it?

  20. DaNameBeRyan

    DaNameBeRyanMånad sedan

    Do you think Fallon learned fake laughing from Seinfeld? That was pretty good, but it's obvious.

  21. DaNameBeRyan

    DaNameBeRyanMånad sedan

    Check out what money gets you. You don't need seat belts. I would love to see a poorer person drive this and say it's an antique, that's why it has no seat belts. JAIL.

  22. Graham Combs

    Graham CombsMånad sedan

    That's it. I'm not going to do anything to restore my 2018 Lightening Blue Ford Fiesta Sedan with five speed manual ...

  23. Micheal Kelly

    Micheal KellyMånad sedan

    Brilliant men with amazing loves for their passion

  24. Noodle Hat

    Noodle HatMånad sedan

    Howard Johnson was too busy making ice cream to worry about an old car.

  25. Shetonya biggins

    Shetonya bigginsMånad sedan

    Jay and Jerry best porche ever..... Norm macdonald is this a car 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Eric L

    Eric LMånad sedan

    Jay Leno stole Seinfeld’s format for this show lol

  27. Craig Rigby-Williams

    Craig Rigby-WilliamsMånad sedan

    it takes a lot of balls to steal a man's show idea, then have him on it.

  28. Craig Rigby-Williams

    Craig Rigby-WilliamsMånad sedan

    @it's me, Georgina Comedians driving around in cars? All that's missing is the coffee. Perhaps I haven't seen enough episodes, but that's what it looks like to me.

  29. it's me, Georgina

    it's me, GeorginaMånad sedan

    Eh, who ? Jay Leno and Seinfeld don't have the same type of show

  30. Luis Serrano

    Luis SerranoMånad sedan

    Enjoyable to watch but the background music is wholly unnecessary and frankly, annoying

  31. Jake

    JakeMånad sedan

    Did...did Jerry just swear? 😛

  32. Dave N Japan

    Dave N JapanMånad sedan

    Nice, Just don't like CNBC

  33. eeheller4

    eeheller4Månad sedan

    Whoda thunk Seinfeld could get even less attractive.

  34. Cris Signori

    Cris SignoriMånad sedan

    just simply the best .... great comedians ..... really nice car ..... excellent short video

  35. mike stang

    mike stang2 månader sedan

    Seinfeld, got sued for selling a Carrera fake-speedster for $1.5 Million, what ever happened? Porsche stole everything from Tarta Automobile Company, during the hostilities of WWII.....

  36. Angel Nixxa

    Angel Nixxa2 månader sedan

    "So what is the deal with Porsche's?"

  37. David

    David2 månader sedan

    Sorry Jay, I still think fins are cool.

  38. DCXXX

    DCXXX2 månader sedan

    Great episode! Truly captures what classic cars are all about bravo.

  39. Michelle Nguyen

    Michelle Nguyen2 månader sedan

    "No Porsche for you Jay"..come back 1 year!

  40. mira edorays

    mira edorays2 månader sedan

    I enjoyed that much more than I thought I would...

  41. Englehard Dinglefester

    Englehard Dinglefester2 månader sedan

    10:07 I thought I smelled something.

  42. Chris Floyd

    Chris Floyd2 månader sedan

    Great looking car. But did he break 40mph.

  43. Time Traveler

    Time Traveler2 månader sedan

    These to men are part of a dying breed. Men who love and protect comedy as an art form. They know comedy is meant to give humans a diversion and bind us together by revealing human behavior. God Bless and protect you guys.

  44. Joeh1154

    Joeh11542 månader sedan

    Very cool fellas. I can't imagine why anyone would nix this.

  45. Gerardo Delgado Ramirez

    Gerardo Delgado Ramirez2 månader sedan

    "Cars will be like horses a luxury" I think it will be more like fine Swiss Watches.

  46. Mulholland’s Drive

    Mulholland’s Drive2 månader sedan

    I think this episode is trying to tell me that car enthusiasts make the best comedians.

  47. Jerry Cole

    Jerry Cole2 månader sedan

    I didn't know Jay Leno had a brother who served during the Vietnam war. Live and and learn.

  48. 16 Angels

    16 Angels2 månader sedan

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  49. Jeffrey Boarman

    Jeffrey Boarman2 månader sedan

    Jim crockery and comedians

  50. Bill bartman

    Bill bartman2 månader sedan

    Jim Crackery.... My word of the day

  51. Strange Brew

    Strange Brew2 månader sedan

    And they will someday put an electric motor in it!

  52. Jiany Mass

    Jiany Mass2 månader sedan


  53. Murray westenskow

    Murray westenskow3 månader sedan

    11:10 - That bugger is making me thirsty!

  54. anon e mouse

    anon e mouse3 månader sedan

    “He made everything from racing cars to tanks”... I wonder who he made tanks for 🤔

  55. Randy Taylor 69

    Randy Taylor 693 månader sedan

    Charlie Chaplin

  56. Jubei Kibagami

    Jubei Kibagami3 månader sedan

    Headlights on the Duesenberg are different from photos.

  57. factoryman

    factoryman3 månader sedan

    Jerry reminds me of a big rat

  58. markko17

    markko173 månader sedan

    @ about 8:30 Jerry mentions that Steve McQueen drove a Speedster. In the movie "Bullitt" everybody talks about the Mustang, Jacqueline Bisset had a yellow 356. Nobody talks about that car, wonder where it is today.

  59. Terry Rutherford

    Terry Rutherford3 månader sedan

    Love you guys! I want and old Volks Wagon too, but I just have an Audi and GM CTS-V guy waiting for a new C8 Z06. Thanks for the Vlog!

  60. John P

    John P3 månader sedan

    Jerry didn't seem to want to wind out that old Porsche on that canyon road very evidence of the roughly 17mph average he was achieving during that drive

  61. RantChant 316

    RantChant 3163 månader sedan

    Is Jerry still the largest Porsche collector?

  62. snakehips81

    snakehips813 månader sedan

    No seatbelts being worn on that 58 Porsche. Does th car not have seatbelts, or are they just danger freaks ?!!

  63. Engines & More Tv

    Engines & More Tv3 månader sedan

    So this means that jay has Jerry’s cell phone number? When he said I gotta call jerry about this Porsche!

  64. Peter Crowl

    Peter Crowl3 månader sedan

    The Home Ec teacher at my high school circa 1969-70 drove a speedster for the pretty much sole reason that she was tiny. So tiny she had blocks on the pedals.

  65. Mr Clean

    Mr Clean3 månader sedan

    I loved Jerry on the Larry King show!!!

  66. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent4 månader sedan

    The car is holding up better than the 2 old fogies cruising around in it - just kidding, maybe. Jim crackery??? Sheesh!

  67. Mxyzptlk

    Mxyzptlk4 månader sedan

    Ahhh, to be rich and famous...

  68. s a

    s a4 månader sedan

    He’s 100% right on the 4 factors i agree completely so true!

  69. William F. Henry

    William F. Henry4 månader sedan

    What does it look like now! Reality however, such as it is, is still the same BEFORE you put on the shades!😆

  70. John Volkman

    John Volkman4 månader sedan

    What is that road?

  71. Mateias Gâscarul

    Mateias Gâscarul4 månader sedan

    same here ...I don't wear sunglasses because I don't want to be fooled...that and because I wear prescription glasses

  72. Rico Gallardo

    Rico Gallardo4 månader sedan

    Needs an LS swap

  73. Richard Hernandez

    Richard Hernandez4 månader sedan

    I would love to see more of this two friends hanging and just cruising talking about cars. Love the show Jay

  74. AR K

    AR K2 månader sedan

    Jerry's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is also great.

  75. mafiadoller

    mafiadoller4 månader sedan

    I love the look on Jay's face when Jerry says what's that old bit you have and then he tells it and Jarry busts out laughing... priceless lol

  76. beegee22

    beegee224 månader sedan

    Jimcrackery. I had never heard the word and now I even know what it is!!

  77. Bitcoin Belle

    Bitcoin Belle4 månader sedan

    I'm waiting for people to show appreciation for women who are original and unrestored in Hollywood so we can see the beauty of a life lived expressed in the emotions on their faces.

  78. Martin Kenny

    Martin Kenny4 månader sedan

    Love the way jay looks over at Gerry when he tells a joke,looking for that reaction,

  79. Martin Kenny

    Martin Kenny4 månader sedan

    It's comical to listen to billionaire talk about minimilst

  80. Dan Youngrasshopper

    Dan Youngrasshopper4 månader sedan

    Love Jay Leno man, that's a man's man.

  81. Stu L

    Stu L4 månader sedan

    Agreed . . . it was a classic design . . . form and function. I had a 1960 Roadster . . . same car but 2 years newer and had roll up windows. the Speedster had jeep flaps for windows.

  82. Chris Linhares

    Chris Linhares4 månader sedan

    What shoes is Jay wearing? It says "Safen" or "SAFETY" on the side.

  83. 5Ring

    5Ring5 månader sedan

    Squashed VW Beatles.

  84. Smith Classic Cars

    Smith Classic Cars5 månader sedan

    Jay could have bought that car, but instead he offered it to a friend. Both of these guys are class stage anyway... I know, I know. Let them do the comedy.

  85. Wesley Delaney

    Wesley Delaney5 månader sedan

    Ah oul Bushy is alright. He grows on you

  86. Nomed

    Nomed5 månader sedan

    that road and my 68 Cortina gt... from work to home as fast as it would go ... it is the perfect road

  87. Bugholeexcalibur

    Bugholeexcalibur5 månader sedan

    I never got this "dont restore" thing, but now I have a 1992 Intruder VS800GL and it has the original paint on it. It has imperfections and someone said I should paint it, but I dont want to. I don't think I would look at it the same way if I did paint it.

  88. Randy Kumpf

    Randy Kumpf5 månader sedan

    Yep, its only original once. No better pair to be going on about cars than these two guys

  89. MandoMtn

    MandoMtn5 månader sedan

    Proving once again, trickle down economics is a fallacy.

  90. TheJhaley12

    TheJhaley125 månader sedan

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmiss daaaaaaaaaaaaazee, you need to get out of here

  91. Mike Fu

    Mike Fu5 månader sedan

    I feel this way about trucks today.......just fake garbage. I love driving an old rusted truck, I love having REAL heavy duty axles and manual lockers, and a Clutch....i love the minimalist stuff....there's No confusion or identity crisis going on.

  92. Flip per

    Flip per5 månader sedan

    Hey! This is Jim Crackery here! Stop using my name. Thank you.

  93. Diane Oaktown

    Diane Oaktown5 månader sedan

    That windy road they drive down has got to be Decker Canyon Road. Westlake Blvd. turns into Decker Cyn and winds it’s way to the Pacific Ocean.

  94. Venancio Silva

    Venancio Silva5 månader sedan

    Blah blah bla he’s the guy from the bee movie that was his peek

  95. carlos oliveira

    carlos oliveira5 månader sedan


  96. marco brenni

    marco brenni5 månader sedan

    Unrestored is like unplugged music! Authentic, genuine

  97. David A

    David A5 månader sedan

    No gears were hurt during the making of this video

  98. Billy Bird

    Billy Bird5 månader sedan

    “This is fun”

  99. Jonathan T. Brown

    Jonathan T. Brown5 månader sedan

    Jerry laughs like a geeky 12 year old.

  100. princeoftidds

    princeoftidds5 månader sedan

    Obama told enough jokes to be considered a comedian. That definition is seriously strained to include Jay Leno...

  101. SoCalChunkybutt

    SoCalChunkybutt5 månader sedan

    Love when they show the Nazi Porsche tank lulz

  102. Street Cat

    Street Cat5 månader sedan

    Porche, aka pedal cars 🚗

  103. cdimmm

    cdimmm5 månader sedan

    Horse face and long face

  104. Jeffrey Paul

    Jeffrey Paul5 månader sedan

    The world is burning because of old, fat, white men wanted to............................. Leno, the glutton.

  105. Ambient Infinite Video AIV

    Ambient Infinite Video AIV5 månader sedan

    Look up greedy in the dictionary. . .you'll see Seinfeld written in. He's a skin-flint!

  106. Ambient Infinite Video AIV

    Ambient Infinite Video AIV5 månader sedan

    A skinflint is someone who only shops at bargain stores, never orders dessert, and in general hates spending money. It's not a nice word, so if you're trying to compliment someone, better to call them "thrifty" or "frugal."

  107. TCougar 1

    TCougar 15 månader sedan

    Listen to this people , it must come out in these times

  108. Jonathan Sparks

    Jonathan Sparks5 månader sedan

    The true friendship shines through after all these years