Last To Get Knocked Out Wins iPhone 12 ft Beta Squad

Last To Get Knocked Out Wins iPhone 12 ft @Beta Squad
In this video @Chunkz @Sharky @Johnny Carey @Aj Shabeel and myself all competed in a boxing tournament to win an iPhone 12 Pro Max. We also had the best referee of all time, @Niko Omilana LOL enjoy.

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  1. KingKennyTv

    KingKennyTv11 dagar sedan

    Safe to say niko is an awful ref LOL

  2. VeNoM abu

    VeNoM abu21 timme sedan

    kenny is trrrrrrrrash niko goooooooooood

  3. MBP

    MBP23 timmar sedan

    Weres jj get ksi to fight now or youll never see daylight again

  4. Kryptonian Khan

    Kryptonian Khan2 dagar sedan


  5. Adrian Stylez

    Adrian Stylez2 dagar sedan

    @faze destroyer and stfu dats your prop not ours

  6. Adrian Stylez

    Adrian Stylez2 dagar sedan

    You called me a mf

  7. Optic Leo 9587

    Optic Leo 958710 timmar sedan

    Johnny has good head movement

  8. Cesar Ramirez

    Cesar Ramirez12 timmar sedan

    Been a long ass time I remember when you had 70 k subs

  9. FT55

    FT5515 timmar sedan

    He is better then morgz

  10. Ddjsbd Dhdhd

    Ddjsbd Dhdhd15 timmar sedan

    Kenney decent content after a yr

  11. Shisui Uchiha

    Shisui Uchiha19 timmar sedan

    Why you don’t post like that anymore?

  12. zx

    zx21 timme sedan

    1:42 I wanted a clear fight is so funny

  13. VeNoM abu

    VeNoM abu21 timme sedan

    14:25 stop hugging

  14. qafcy

    qafcy22 timmar sedan

    I love Kenny bro no homo but I’ve been watching you since your brother and his Roblox days stealing your credit card lol

  15. haidy00

    haidy0023 timmar sedan

    Can you shout me out I have liked and subscribed

  16. Dahen xø

    Dahen xø23 timmar sedan

    Niko is de best ref of all of The UK,Europe,THE WORLDDDDD

  17. BlueLeaf

    BlueLeaf23 timmar sedan

    ur content is great do not dare to take a long break again

  18. Oofy TeamRequeird

    Oofy TeamRequeirdDag sedan

    so sad he stopped making vids D:

  19. Kent Brian Ignacio

    Kent Brian IgnacioDag sedan

    My childhood is this channel when he always prank his little brother

  20. somali chocolate

    somali chocolateDag sedan

    Chunkz big legend

  21. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomDag sedan

    If Jonny worked with a pro coach for a year he would actually be very decent

  22. Lum1LAD

    Lum1LADDag sedan

    These man no nothin bout boxing 🥊

  23. Mohammed Yusuf Patel

    Mohammed Yusuf PatelDag sedan

    Chunks got speed nd power negl


    JM SICKNESSDag sedan

  25. Akuma

    AkumaDag sedan

    Beta Squad vs Sidemen boxing tourn?

  26. issy 1774

    issy 1774Dag sedan

    Did i hear he wants to call out ksi

  27. Adnan P

    Adnan PDag sedan

    @Ptao Tom You literally copied what kenny said

  28. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomDag sedan

    Safe to say niko is an awful ref LOL

  29. Schmuck SQuad

    Schmuck SQuadDag sedan

    WTF happened to beta squad

  30. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed AliDag sedan

    We whant see chunkz boxing again

  31. Calvin Pearson

    Calvin PearsonDag sedan

    “Last one to get knocked out” Used head guards ......

  32. Huzayfah Laher

    Huzayfah Laher2 dagar sedan

    chunkz swinging like someone stole his food

  33. Kryptonian Khan

    Kryptonian Khan2 dagar sedan

    Go on chunks!

  34. Sound Wave

    Sound Wave2 dagar sedan

    shush kenny

  35. Nathan Dsouza

    Nathan Dsouza2 dagar sedan

    ayyy he is back

  36. Ibraheem Khan Iqbal

    Ibraheem Khan Iqbal2 dagar sedan

    Johnny won that easy

  37. David Weinberg

    David Weinberg2 dagar sedan

    Kenny and gib let’s see it!!

  38. Adam Gadsby

    Adam Gadsby2 dagar sedan

    Jonnys technical skills in boxing are great

  39. GottaBeGreat X

    GottaBeGreat X2 dagar sedan

    My 11 year old son would knock out AJ. He’s trained and ready to fight. He’s A serious fighter

  40. Saifwael B

    Saifwael B2 dagar sedan


  41. Yousef Abdelrahman Shaker Ibrahim Abdelaziz Elsherbini

    Yousef Abdelrahman Shaker Ibrahim Abdelaziz Elsherbini2 dagar sedan

    i remember when i used to watch u 12/7 i remember watching the music video u made and the giving my brother robux every 10 or 5 mins and i remember the prank ur brother made on u that he got kidnapped

  42. Adyan Ahmed

    Adyan Ahmed2 dagar sedan


  43. Chris Mosher

    Chris Mosher2 dagar sedan

    What a bunch of girls

  44. Not Zentai

    Not Zentai2 dagar sedan

    Johnny Carey is king

  45. Phoenix Quinn-Annang

    Phoenix Quinn-Annang2 dagar sedan

    child entertainer lmao

  46. Pete Hand

    Pete Hand2 dagar sedan

    Where’s jj?

  47. BloxxyPlays

    BloxxyPlays2 dagar sedan

    Lesss goooo! Kenny almost at 2M Subs!

  48. Ismail Esa

    Ismail Esa2 dagar sedan

    How did Kenny say it was such an even Mach up between snarky and Johnny😭

  49. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin2 dagar sedan

    "is that johnny bleeding?? HAHAHA i don't care thats content

  50. 12to6ix

    12to6ix2 dagar sedan

    Niko is so jarring

  51. Muffin Dinasour

    Muffin Dinasour3 dagar sedan

    Compare ksi v logan paul to this

  52. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin2 dagar sedan

    Wheres JJ OlajideBT/KSI ?

  53. Henry Parkin

    Henry Parkin3 dagar sedan

    Im sorry but chunkz is 120 kg.

  54. lulwa alkaabi

    lulwa alkaabi3 dagar sedan

    when niko said”if u don’t like the video I will come to ur house and break ur jaw”LOL u slim as hell how can you and you are the best ref LOL 😂😂😂

  55. Link in desc

    Link in desc3 dagar sedan

    Tbh non of them can fight idk

  56. Jack Todd

    Jack Todd3 dagar sedan

    Chunks and bezinga?

  57. Ajmal Ahmed

    Ajmal Ahmed3 dagar sedan

    Johny and sharky can't be the same height 5'11😂

  58. RD

    RD3 dagar sedan

    9:15 that was heftyyy 😂😂 Edit: OHHH SHIT JOHNNY COMES BACK WITH A HEFTY ONE TOO 🤣🤣

  59. Sensaiy_

    Sensaiy_3 dagar sedan

    MORE VIDS PLS 👉🏼🥺👈🏼

  60. Baariyoo

    Baariyoo3 dagar sedan

    Chunkz CAN FIGHT BRO! OMG 😂😂🤝

  61. H455yB0p

    H455yB0p3 dagar sedan

    11:24 Niko Cautiously punching Johnny.

  62. sadiya b

    sadiya b3 dagar sedan


  63. Shamsul Khan

    Shamsul Khan3 dagar sedan

    I offer chunks

  64. Nahim Ahmed

    Nahim Ahmed3 dagar sedan

    Johnny is the best boxer I’m not going to lie 🥊🥊 he knows all the boxing moves he must’ve been training

  65. J

    J3 dagar sedan

    4:19 colddddddd aj

  66. Alexander wolf

    Alexander wolf3 dagar sedan

    Do you see why his name is (KING) Kenny tv) do you see why, cuz he's a FUCKING king ok

  67. Prince Baltz07

    Prince Baltz073 dagar sedan

    Wheres JJ OlajideBT/KSI ?

  68. Prince Baltz07

    Prince Baltz073 dagar sedan

    The quality of the mic tho

  69. Leon Deamoko

    Leon Deamoko4 dagar sedan

    Johnny easily the best there

  70. Way the Go Joker

    Way the Go Joker4 dagar sedan

    All of them better than nate robinson

  71. Patch HD

    Patch HD4 dagar sedan

    really good vid

  72. Just Tony

    Just Tony4 dagar sedan

    Imagine darkest boxing ☠️☠️🥊😂

  73. ceasar isabel

    ceasar isabel4 dagar sedan

    Pure comedy😂😂😂, my favorite SEtoos channel by far!

  74. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni4 dagar sedan

    Niko is the most knacks ref ever he's like Kevin Friend ffs looooool juss letting everything slide🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chunkz was on it ngl but he was obviously gunna win he's like 130 KG haha😅😅 Ilias n AJ looked like 2 cats fighting on the corner that was too jokes😆😆😆😆big up Johnny he held it down still👏🏾👏🏾

  75. RVIS1206

    RVIS12064 timmar sedan

    Shush u jokeman

  76. dewan soyer

    dewan soyer4 dagar sedan

    johnny has hands

  77. Joel Heath

    Joel Heath4 dagar sedan

    This is the only fight niko can be ringside and inside the ring

  78. I hacked This account

    I hacked This account4 dagar sedan

    12:29 Franklin from gta🤣🤣

  79. Ba d Neighbour

    Ba d Neighbour4 dagar sedan

    The diversity is strong here I'm expecting that everybody must be engineers or doctors. Thank you for contributing so much to British society what did Britain do without the likes of you. Apart from controller quarter of the world's population.

  80. Ur Wet

    Ur Wet4 dagar sedan

    He made it back from this video. Congrats on the upload kenny let’s make this a weekly thing

  81. Hasana Begum

    Hasana Begum4 dagar sedan

    Johnny actually looks like a decent fighter

  82. Mo

    Mo4 dagar sedan

    Chunkz is one dirty fighter 🏆

  83. Jamzz 786

    Jamzz 7864 dagar sedan

    Johnny won that any one who knows boxing will agree chunkz don’t even have a stance and Johnny landed way more bangs

  84. Beese Churger

    Beese Churger4 dagar sedan

    2:59 He is saying “hit harder” “Do you understand what i’m saying”. Weird seeing a cantonese dude in a Beta Squad video 😂

  85. firenationnn

    firenationnn4 dagar sedan

    ears do be needing them 1phone 12 minis lol

  86. Mr Fraser

    Mr Fraser4 dagar sedan

    these men fight like it’s wii sports boxing

  87. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou4 dagar sedan

    AJ dodges Kenny : he's Mike Tyson Sharky dodges Kenny : he's like Muhammad ali

  88. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy4 dagar sedan

    petition for johnny to join beta squad ⬇️⬇️

  89. A L

    A L4 dagar sedan

    06:37 Niko- Social Distancing lol🤣

  90. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou4 dagar sedan

    That Asian bloke on Aj's corner had me dying 😂

  91. Shirley Y

    Shirley Y4 dagar sedan

    The guy was speaking Cantonese lol He said u need to hit harder , u understand what I’m saying?

  92. John Bennett

    John Bennett4 dagar sedan

    Johnny should of won but chunkz was just in a different weight class so im not sure whether it was a fair fight... still entertaining

  93. FaZe TRAPO

    FaZe TRAPO4 dagar sedan

    Please no one here boxed like Mohamed Ali!!!! Quit the disrespect

  94. Ske004

    Ske0044 dagar sedan

    Audio peaking


    ITZ AMOMANB94 dagar sedan

    Chunkz is a legend “I wanna call out K..” 😂😂😂😂🐐

  96. Csi

    Csi4 dagar sedan



    ITZ AMOMANB94 dagar sedan

    Chunkz is an ultra instinct butterbean


    ITZ AMOMANB95 dagar sedan

    Wow never knew Niko was so tall

  99. Sufiyan Bayusuf

    Sufiyan Bayusuf5 dagar sedan

    is it just me or chucks didnt win that fight.

  100. Kyle

    Kyle5 dagar sedan

    Kenny says ‘Gib your a shit fighter’ then gets in the ring and fights like a 16 year old girl

  101. Kev Matt

    Kev Matt5 dagar sedan

    they all sound like niko

  102. master yon

    master yon5 dagar sedan

    See you after a month for your next upload

  103. k abdul aziz karim

    k abdul aziz karim5 dagar sedan

    20:02 great words from a great man

  104. DoN AtI

    DoN AtI5 dagar sedan

    This is what u call entertainment

  105. Supaa

    Supaa5 dagar sedan

    That Asian bloke on Aj's corner had me dying 😂

  106. Heman Midaliar

    Heman Midaliar5 dagar sedan

    make fortnite vids pppppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssss

  107. 6ugust

    6ugust5 dagar sedan

    There's nothing that Chunkz can't do. I'm sure! 🙏🏾

  108. 6ugust

    6ugust5 dagar sedan

    Where's Niko videos 😭

  109. Kemari Clips

    Kemari Clips5 dagar sedan

    where have you ben kenny

  110. Kim Aguilar

    Kim Aguilar5 dagar sedan

    Wow, Chunkz got some power in his punches 👏👏👏👏💪😝

  111. Tommy 5

    Tommy 55 dagar sedan

    Chunkz got hands bro