Inside the Capitol Hill Riots

This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.

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  1. VICE News

    VICE News10 dagar sedan

    This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection. WATCH NEXT: How Trump’s Capitol Speech Incited an Insurrection -

  2. Comanche Warrior

    Comanche Warrior9 timmar sedan

    @Kevin E can you prove any of this ... or are you like the rest of these Donald Dump Supporters spreading FAKE NEWS ? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Comanche Warrior

    Comanche Warrior10 timmar sedan

    @Payten Bunting what some of them did was pretty brutal to businesses, they still wasn't stupid enough to storm The Capitol for Racial Injustice. These Donald Dump Supporters tried to overturn an election by force. Donald Dump CONDEMNED what they did the next day.

  4. Payten Bunting

    Payten BuntingDag sedan

    Blm murders loots riots vandalizes media/liberals peacefull protesters Maga walks into capital media/liberals insurrection

  5. Payten Bunting

    Payten BuntingDag sedan

    Blm did ten times worse then this and yalll called em peaceful protesters but God forbid conservatives doing it

  6. Helpful Sysops

    Helpful SysopsDag sedan

    They are arresting a lot of antifa now... most of those soccer mom christian conservatives left after the president's speech was over... time to get the kids to dinner & they have to go to work the next day... if they still have jobs in the lockdown...

  7. UNTOLD official YouTube

    UNTOLD official YouTube24 sekunder sedan

    Should've burned the building down

  8. Arka Jatmika

    Arka Jatmika3 timmar sedan

    When they walking inside like it's a museum or something 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Where's the army, police or security guard ???

  9. Potatolady94

    Potatolady943 timmar sedan

    Anyone saying that this is okay and that the BLM protests were worse has issues.

  10. Rose Elly

    Rose Elly4 timmar sedan

    I have to say the things I've seen Trump supporters say are wild asf, but I don't think they were all there to riot. My guess is that some of them came with the intention of doing no good and it spiraled out of control. However, they were scrutinizing the BLM protests when the same thing happened with the looters. It's always a group of people that's up to no good and they ruin it for the majority. With that being said, I despise conspiracy theories that are to this scale. The pizza gate scandal actually cost someone's life before and they were innocent, so...

  11. Leech

    Leech4 timmar sedan

    Yikes! You can tell the difference in feeling where if feels more frightening when you're watching this vs. BLM riots. These feel more scary in a radicalized kind of way while the other you just want to punch them for being punks. The fact some are displaying their guns to continuing to push/fight the questioning anyone in the media.

  12. Chef Joel Carpenter

    Chef Joel Carpenter4 timmar sedan

    Today a Starbucks got burnt down by BLM and Antifa. Im happy Biden is calming everything down

  13. bruh bois

    bruh bois6 timmar sedan

    US is a joke. - Indonesians

  14. JerM

    JerM7 timmar sedan

    Looks like footage of what happens when cousins have kids with cousins. What a sad bunch of pathetic people. Traitors every last one, may they hang

  15. Batboy19

    Batboy197 timmar sedan

    I almost cried watching this because, those are "Americans". It's so depressing that this was a thing. That this wasn't seen before since the Civil War, and when the British stormed the Capitol. Also the Congress woman that helped the rioters was from MY STATE. It sucks, and I never want to see anything like this happen again, it's just pathetic.

  16. MR. Plimp

    MR. Plimp8 timmar sedan

    Where was this in the area-51 raid?

  17. willisapril

    willisapril8 timmar sedan

    Scott Hall and Kevin Nash started it.

  18. Oluwafunmilayo Oyefeso

    Oluwafunmilayo Oyefeso10 timmar sedan

    Soooo this did absolutely nothing, because uhm... Joe Biden is officially the president of the United States. But like seriously this did absolutely nothing, changed absolutely nothing. Didn't do anything for trump, themselves, or America.. kinda embarrassing right..? What was the purpose, what was the point? Joe biden is your daddy now 🕴🕴

  19. Blaise n buds

    Blaise n buds11 timmar sedan

    It's like a South Park episode

  20. Charles Mark

    Charles Mark11 timmar sedan

    #stompiemoeketsi say his name! Vielfalt ist unsere Stärke!

  21. Shon Sigur

    Shon Sigur12 timmar sedan

    Bloody hell.

  22. Don Tango

    Don Tango13 timmar sedan


  23. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur112 timmar sedan

    More batshit crazy than batman to be honest.

  24. Kellie Nichols

    Kellie Nichols15 timmar sedan

    Good one, now do the riots over the summer!

  25. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur16 timmar sedan

    @Kellie Nichols Oh sorry.

  26. Kellie Nichols

    Kellie Nichols6 timmar sedan

    @Proxima Centaur1 No I meant cover them.... Like they did the attack on the capitol....

  27. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur112 timmar sedan

    Yeah! Kill more innocent people and injure more police?

  28. Matthew Kennedy

    Matthew Kennedy15 timmar sedan

    More than 3 times more people died during BurnLootMurder protests than this "Shocking" riot at Capitol Hill (19 In total including many blacks killed by these same "protesters"), all while being encouraged by every sellout politician and scheming millionaire and everybody loses their minds! The Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi whipped up your mob for months on end but when its HER property and 1 "peaceful protest" suddenly its the end of the world and he's gotta go NOW. Yeah cause your first impeachment worked you senile hag. You people sat by bailing out criminals and insisting they were "mostly" peaceful protests, and what? You're honestly surprised when the people you scapegoat FINALLY fight back for once despite you rioting for over 3 months? If this is level of intelligence by the majority of Americans, I feel ashamed for your ancestors that fought for your right to choose a collar like good sheeple.

  29. Funni Funni

    Funni Funni7 timmar sedan

    Just did my research. Only 3 of those deaths were done by their fellow protesters, not "most". And this was the span of many months, not one single day.

  30. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur112 timmar sedan

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

  31. Abby Victoria

    Abby Victoria18 timmar sedan

    They were not trump supporters they were Biden supporters they wanted a wonderful president trump too get blamed so he would not win election it was a set up by Biden supporters they were they did not support president trump they wanted it too look that way so this dear President Trump🐇 🌷gets treated meen

  32. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur112 timmar sedan

    Left is right. Up is down. Day is Night.

  33. Steph k

    Steph k19 timmar sedan

    I’m American and the USA chant is so 🌽

  34. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur112 timmar sedan

    Needs some human beatbox.

  35. chris johnson

    chris johnson20 timmar sedan

    Insurgents need to be stomped out😡

  36. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur112 timmar sedan

    Crazy people with guns and explosives need to go to prison and cool down.

  37. K. Bright

    K. Bright20 timmar sedan

    Let me get this straight, BLM is VIRTUOUS as it does billions of damage in riots killing people as they go. But when conservatives riot no one bothers analyzing why, but instead use the opportunity to demonize those they already hated. Admit it, you hated them before they rioted and you hate them still.

  38. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur112 timmar sedan

    Hate crazy violent people with weapons the most.

  39. Dark Star

    Dark Star21 timme sedan


  40. Thomas Dudley

    Thomas Dudley23 timmar sedan

    This generation are pissed you must remember these were the boot camp kids referring to mellinials oldest and the more fracturous junos. Yes the both sides were there as a gen x teen the only horifing thing we saw was the explosion of the challenger and the courts of pmrc but looking I could see some older people who were calling them out even some left over 60s age hippies who did not sell out but this is not about sides it's a curupt gov lead by Nancy Pelosi all of them are her puppets fused by old gaurd socialists like George Soros etc it is indeed a battle of old vs new but the new is in question not a new for the people keep the revolution coming !

  41. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    This is what happens when you spend too much time online and have access to weapons. Maybe drinking involved as well.

  42. Sam Jukes

    Sam Jukes23 timmar sedan

    Just looks like a South Park episode.

  43. Illuminate Confirmed

    Illuminate Confirmed23 timmar sedan

    Bruh how many of them got Covid

  44. Michelle Le

    Michelle Le10 timmar sedan

    A few cases have been confirmed from riots.

  45. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    None because Covid isn't real, and because they drunk disinfectant to protect themselves or something along those lines.

  46. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuDag sedan

    Remember though: kneeling in protest of police violence is “unpatriotic” through these fools eyes.

  47. Kang Kang kang

    Kang Kang kangDag sedan

    Trump you are the winner, you deserve to be the champion ... Our soul and body for you trump, I am ready to die for you.

  48. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Would you spend the rest of your life doing his laundry and clipping his toenails if he asked you? Serious questions.

  49. Dylan Guidry

    Dylan GuidryDag sedan

    They really thought they did something...

  50. Benjamin Trif

    Benjamin TrifDag sedan

    You don't attack a super power from the outside. You spread truth and misinformation to anger it's population to attack each other and when the dust settles you go in and finish off the rest. Russia-

  51. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Maybe throw in decades of inequity, the decline of industry, the financial crisis and the opiod crisis too.

  52. Andreas Hansen

    Andreas HansenDag sedan

    this sucks I hope the sequel gets better

  53. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Maybe more cutscenes.

  54. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuDag sedan

    Love your video

  55. Christopher Blackwell

    Christopher BlackwellDag sedan

    Pull the fence? Genius. People always pushing them and getting nowhere.

  56. Pedro Acevedo

    Pedro AcevedoDag sedan

    is that shoenice in the thumbnail?

  57. Supra_ Waiffu

    Supra_ WaiffuDag sedan

    Man wish I was there to throw the flash greanades :(

  58. Marshall Valesquez

    Marshall ValesquezDag sedan

    These idiots only confirmed the history of some Americans mentality...this can only open up the eyes of the ignorant..GOD BLESS AMERICA..PLS.

  59. The Captain

    The CaptainDag sedan

    The protests were known about at least a week before Jan 6th. And yet the security was both sparse, and inefficient. I don’t think it was any coincidence this was ‘allowed’ to happen to shift the blame onto Trump (who isn’t at fault at all) and an excuse to impeach him. How many of the actual troublemakers were antifa? I’d say a good number!

  60. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    The BLM troublemakers were Trump supporters in disguise. Left is right and up is down. No-one is who they say there are. Everyone is someone else. Be careful. Bring an umbrella.

  61. Mach Dude

    Mach DudeDag sedan

    The reason why the line caved? At this level on the riot, the police had already radioed in support and they weren't geared to handle a legit angry mob. However, Trump being the asshat that he is, decided he wasn't going to okay the order for deployment and literally sat there expecting things to go his way. There was no way the garrison at the location were prepared for something on this scale (they needed actual armor for this). As a result, they now have an active duty garrison there.

  62. Comanche Warrior

    Comanche WarriorDag sedan

    Donald Dump Supporters : " Let's storm The Capitol in the largest groups ever ... USA ... USA ... USA " COVID-19 : " SO ... YOU HAVE CHOSEN ME !!! " 🤗😈

  63. RobotRobert

    RobotRobert11 timmar sedan

    @Comanche Warrior oh I know that

  64. Comanche Warrior

    Comanche Warrior11 timmar sedan

    @RobotRobert oh COVID-19 is the name of this bad virus that's spreading around. It's not a good idea for a lot of people to gather in huge groups and a lot of big events are being canceled because of it. There's millions of people like the ones in this video clip that didn't believe it and called it a hoax until they got proven wrong.

  65. RobotRobert

    RobotRobert11 timmar sedan

    @Comanche Warrior uh idk what this is I'm just a random 10 year old just looking at the comments

  66. Comanche Warrior

    Comanche Warrior12 timmar sedan

    @Charteon 🤣 Hahaha !!! Yea that's totally true, then Donald Dump tested positive and tells people if they get infected they should inject themselves with disinfectant. They still believe Ashli Babbitt was murdered for being an intruder with hostile intentions. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸

  67. Charteon

    Charteon12 timmar sedan

    Nah remember they believe the virus is a Democrat hoax.

  68. Ricardo Lane

    Ricardo LaneDag sedan

    Jordan Greene graduated from stone bridge high school in 2014 was at the Capitol Hill riots allegedly

  69. Moxi G

    Moxi GDag sedan

    Not only was this a horrific injustice But they used our last big rally to infiltrate, Trump supporters did not start acting like antifa . This is their work, we have seen it for the last four years

  70. Kevin Guamen

    Kevin GuamenDag sedan

    Looks like hunger games.... 😳

  71. yosman ramirez

    yosman ramirezDag sedan

    BLM burned cities and where called peaceful protests but when this happens they called white patriots extremist and racist. How long do we have before it's illegal to be white

  72. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    The BLM troublemakers were right wing extremists in disguise, and the Capitol rioters were Antifia in disguise.

  73. Isioma Ikpe

    Isioma IkpeDag sedan

    Buncha sore losers

  74. Skander West

    Skander WestDag sedan

    All these mens are the best part of USA. The true soul of freedom. Cheers to all of them from a french "yellow vest" our fight is common.

  75. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Fiscal policy reform? I think they were after a bit more than that.

  76. pobtron

    pobtronDag sedan

    I really thought the whole country was gonna explode that night If the civilians really wanted to take over and enough numbers in every city armed to the numbers alone law enforcement wouldn't have a hope in hell of stopping them. It's only gonna take one or two more things for extreme consequences to accour for example George Floyds killer, Chauvin gets a Not Guilty, or Trump gets assinated. A week ago the CAPITOL BUILDING got taken over. Isn't that supposed to be one of the most protected buildings in the country??

  77. טל אוחנה

    טל אוחנהDag sedan

    Dey took err jerrbsssssss :)))

  78. Cecilia Bush

    Cecilia BushDag sedan

    The democratic are users

  79. Snips06_

    Snips06_Dag sedan

    They were yelling "USA!!!" while invading the capitol XD. Some trump supporters are just idiots!

  80. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    @David Harrow People do all kinds of things when they spend way too much time in weird online forums.

  81. Snips06_

    Snips06_Dag sedan

    @David Harrow but many of these people say the election was stolen when they have no proof!

  82. David Harrow

    David HarrowDag sedan

    People protest when they feel they are being ignored by elected officials

  83. pitaj staru

    pitaj staruDag sedan


  84. Jonathan

    JonathanDag sedan

    Bunch of terrorists!

  85. David Harrow

    David HarrowDag sedan

    Blm and antifa?

  86. Citizzzenn

    CitizzzennDag sedan

    Vice u are different

  87. Stylee

    StyleeDag sedan

    Should've just stormed the CNN building

  88. Stylee

    StyleeDag sedan

    Who would win if BLM/ANTIFA and Trumpters/ Proudboys where to fight head on in the fields?

  89. Stylee

    Stylee3 timmar sedan

    @Proxima Centaur1 lol

  90. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    No-one. America would revert to cannibalism and incest in six months. I'd definitely cancel any holiday plans to go there.

  91. Sammy

    SammyDag sedan

    Trump supporters aren't even nationalists. A nationalist wants to make his country better, but these guys honestly seem to hate modern America and everything about it, and just want to accelerate it's decline into chaos.

  92. David Harrow

    David HarrowDag sedan

    Seems like they love their country enough to protest.

  93. michaelwsperry

    michaelwsperryDag sedan

    Antifa were jealous.

  94. Yummy Cheeseburgers

    Yummy CheeseburgersDag sedan

    MAGAism is just as bad as WOKEism

  95. Its Me Racoon

    Its Me RacoonDag sedan

    *The left wing protests* The world: YAS QUEEN LAS GO IK THIS WILL KILL MANY PEOPLE YAAS QUEEN *the right wing protests* The world: what? This is is not ok unjust racist fascist and whatever else’

  96. paul_de_groote

    paul_de_groote26 minuter sedan

    @Its Me Racoon no, but 2 wrongs dont make a right. i dont supporting rioting anywhere, but these people went there to harm / in some cases murder politicians. which is my opinion is a lot worse. also for something that clearly didnt happen doesnt make it any better. they where basicly trying to commit a coup, which should be punished by death in almost every case.

  97. Its Me Racoon

    Its Me Racoon49 minuter sedan

    @paul_de_groote and destroying cities is a ok?

  98. Funni Funni

    Funni Funni6 timmar sedan

    Prostesting unarmed citizens being murdered is the same thing as protesting your candidate not being reelected

  99. paul_de_groote

    paul_de_grooteDag sedan

    right wing storms the capitol :/ iam not even left but damn what a dumb as fucking comment you posted.

  100. The Batman

    The BatmanDag sedan

    That’s Shoenice lol

  101. Its Me Racoon

    Its Me RacoonDag sedan

    Keep fucking cherry picking people to interview vice

  102. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    They looked pretty spoiled for choice to be honest. Probably played it safe and went for the person least likely to kill them.

  103. Tsar Kievan Rus

    Tsar Kievan Rus2 dagar sedan

    America invades America

  104. Steve Neal

    Steve Neal2 dagar sedan

    The dude at 2:45 clearly just googled "Georgia iron on patch" and bought the first one that came up.

  105. James Henley

    James Henley2 dagar sedan

    is anyone looking into whether or not the lady in the pink beanie and with the bullhorn is Nancy pelosi's daughter looks like her. Michiel Vos Nancy pelosi's son in law married to Alexandria pelosi, was at the capital riots. now I wonder if his wife was also there???

  106. Elaine Pl

    Elaine Pl2 dagar sedan

    They climbed over the wrong wall. Ten un buen viaje. Guárdelos en México.

  107. Inanna Enigma

    Inanna Enigma2 dagar sedan

    This is all Trump leaves to his legacy; terrorism and white supremacy.

  108. tonny WANG

    tonny WANG2 dagar sedan

    in comparison with this nice air of democracy,China is simply the hell. Enjoy it guys!

  109. Michelle Le

    Michelle Le11 timmar sedan

    @Proxima Centaur1 Yes and no. Coronavirus stuff yes but not going to blame any average Chinese American for the virus. Really hate Chinese cutting the line by overstaying their visa and most of the time not getting caught.

  110. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    @Michelle Le Do they share Trumps view of China? Interested to know.

  111. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Yeah I'd feel safer in China really. Americans are so angry. All the time. And guns.

  112. Michelle Le

    Michelle Le2 dagar sedan

    Chinese for trump went to capitol. My parents Chinese coworkers went. Only a few as way more for Biden.

  113. Joseph Murawski

    Joseph Murawski2 dagar sedan


  114. Funni Funni

    Funni Funni6 timmar sedan

    He lost

  115. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Who specifically are you shouting at?

  116. Ross Daniels

    Ross Daniels2 dagar sedan

    Have they ever looked at the dominion machines, why not????

  117. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Yes they did.

  118. Michelle Le

    Michelle Le2 dagar sedan

    Only know for WV. Machine issues in one of the counties.

  119. Pari Jan

    Pari Jan2 dagar sedan

    O my God disgusting creatures look at their anger there not human their waste of creatures on this planet I swear what a waste of creatures on this planet growing up my mom always told me just take peace now I know the descriptors or disgusting disgrace on this planet is ashamed that they did this to their own country their own country it's unbelievable

  120. Ross Daniels

    Ross Daniels2 dagar sedan

    Some insurection, what burned??? Pathetic, how many cities burned bc of the democrats???

  121. Robert Fapswell

    Robert Fapswell2 dagar sedan

    This is what it was like to be inside a "Village People" convention!

  122. Something Generic

    Something Generic2 dagar sedan

    these republicans really piss me off this is so stupid

  123. Marck Kilpatrick

    Marck Kilpatrick2 dagar sedan

    And Democrats burning down cities and riots doesn't?

  124. M Smith

    M Smith2 dagar sedan

    In another life Vice would call this a mostly peaceful protest... Oh wa

  125. Olivia Brennand

    Olivia Brennand2 dagar sedan

    Never underestimate a mobilised crowd of disillusioned and angry people.

  126. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur111 timmar sedan

    Never underestimate a large democratic society.

  127. Josiah Mxso

    Josiah MxsoDag sedan


  128. Rock girl

    Rock girl2 dagar sedan

    "Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence." - Mahatma Gandhi

  129. -Chris-

    -Chris-2 dagar sedan

    wtf is wrong with yall

  130. RJ KORE

    RJ KORE2 dagar sedan

    Hurts my heart & not even Amerikan...

  131. Rock girl

    Rock girl2 dagar sedan

    Love you videos???

  132. Ibrahim Hassine

    Ibrahim Hassine2 dagar sedan

    U should make a video about what happening now in tunisia

  133. Ibrahim Hassine

    Ibrahim Hassine2 dagar sedan

    @Michelle Le but they can rent a Local journalistes , freelancer, freereporter .....

  134. Michelle Le

    Michelle Le2 dagar sedan

    Tunisia has made a few American news sources. Vice is hands on reporting and they can’t travel there due to Covid.

  135. XPTo _

    XPTo _2 dagar sedan

    They have atitude!

  136. Trebled Tortie

    Trebled Tortie2 dagar sedan

    As Thor once said, “I thought humans were more evolved than this!”

  137. Benjamin Trif

    Benjamin TrifDag sedan

    The reverse evolving has been going on for a long time.

  138. Wolf Hound

    Wolf Hound2 dagar sedan

    More like Neanderthals...

  139. Jay Bomb

    Jay Bomb2 dagar sedan

    @Trung Nam Tran I wouldn’t even called them Americans lol

  140. Trung Nam Tran

    Trung Nam Tran2 dagar sedan

    We are. Just not these Americans.

  141. Jay Bomb

    Jay Bomb2 dagar sedan

    They’re not humans.

  142. FER- CURIUM1

    FER- CURIUM12 dagar sedan

    All that military spending just for some cops to get defeated by some hill billies

  143. Vector Hold

    Vector Hold2 dagar sedan

    The stars and stripes are big and dumb, deep in the heart of DC

  144. Victor Soriano

    Victor Soriano2 dagar sedan

    No puedo esperar a mañana. You're finally GREAT Gringoland and just hope tomorrow is fill whit less coward's that own a gun just for show it off.

  145. y'all heard of diabetes?

    y'all heard of diabetes?2 dagar sedan

    When there are no Germans to conquer America conquers itself.

  146. Dan Levitt

    Dan Levitt2 dagar sedan

    Half of those people have severe mental issues

  147. кנ64

    кנ642 dagar sedan

    Thats what happens when you defund the police lol

  148. кנ64

    кנ64Dag sedan

    @Michelle Le idk about you but maybe politicians are overfunded. Solve that problem you solve all of them at once.

  149. Michelle Le

    Michelle Le2 dagar sedan

    Not what it means. It’s means refunding so police aren’t overfunded. Many police forces get more funding than school counties. Police training is mostly free. Friend’s brother paid $0 for his training. Uniform, taser and gun weren’t free but police station provided.

  150. Chad Wiederkehr

    Chad Wiederkehr2 dagar sedan

    With all this rage, it's a good time to be stoic about the whole situation. It's just evolution repeating itself. It's best to keep a calm mind and not let this situation to get in your head. We should use more of our time and energy in finding solutions to the issues facing us.

  151. Clarissa Lewis

    Clarissa Lewis2 dagar sedan

    The government is best which governs the least

  152. Clarissa Lewis

    Clarissa Lewis2 dagar sedan

    Love how you had to add scary music and you lied too , we didn't start marching until his speech was finished

  153. Joseph Casanova

    Joseph Casanova2 dagar sedan

    He needs to be changed with the Rico law

  154. Srji Srku

    Srji Srku2 dagar sedan

    Vice news=Fake news simple as that. Greeting from Serbia

  155. _trust_nobody_ 85

    _trust_nobody_ 852 dagar sedan

    United (silly) of america

  156. Nikolai Greenlee

    Nikolai Greenlee2 dagar sedan

    2:39 Shoenice here, so basically I'm going to storm the capitol and eat a tear gas can

  157. D B

    D B2 dagar sedan


  158. greyeaglem

    greyeaglem2 dagar sedan

    "It's our country and we want it back!" I think I hear laughter coming from reservations everywhere.

  159. Comanche Warrior

    Comanche Warrior10 timmar sedan

    @Proxima Centaur1 I definitely agree with you on that 110% 🤘🏼

  160. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur110 timmar sedan

    @Comanche Warrior I wouldn't support anyone who wanted to take my home away from me.

  161. Proxima Centaur1

    Proxima Centaur110 timmar sedan

    @John Doe Left after what?

  162. Comanche Warrior

    Comanche Warrior12 timmar sedan

    @John Doe I seen one guy who looked drunk wearing feathers in his hair named Jorge Riley and I couldn't find any videos of Natives destroying things. The Natives where I am from can't stand Donald Dump for his role in trying to tear through Sacred Native American Burial Grounds in North Dakota and Arizona with those stupid Pipelines when he took office.

  163. John Doe

    John Doe12 timmar sedan

    @Proxima Centaur1 There's millions left.

  164. Vilius Dambrauskas

    Vilius Dambrauskas2 dagar sedan

    0:22 really missing bottle of vodka in one hand and half eaten sandwich in other

  165. Paul Flores

    Paul Flores2 dagar sedan

    These are the special people that the POS loves.

  166. Carlos Cantu

    Carlos Cantu2 dagar sedan


  167. Carlos Cantu

    Carlos Cantu2 dagar sedan

    They look so silly it’s embarrassing lol first of all why do they keep shouting “USA” USA “? I’m sure both parties dem and rep loves USA ! And second what are the protesting for ? What did they think they were going to accomplish by protesting ? There’s no proof the electing was a fraud so keep it moving with dignity !

  168. Paul Storteboom

    Paul Storteboom2 dagar sedan

    take your country back Americans !