Luke Davidson #1 best TikToks


  1. Hitha Rose

    Hitha Rose2 timmar sedan

    What is the name of the musics that use pls pls pls, the music is in 3:44

  2. Taisaku

    Taisaku2 timmar sedan

    I clicked off on the first two clips.

  3. Cracked Xperia

    Cracked Xperia3 timmar sedan

    Is it me or was I the only one who hated that face thing he did?

  4. BRADY'S GAMING Center

    BRADY'S GAMING Center4 timmar sedan


  5. rabia faissal

    rabia faissal10 timmar sedan


  6. Timón :

    Timón :10 timmar sedan

    On 8:19 thats my friends name ಠ_ಠ

  7. Ryan McCarthy

    Ryan McCarthy10 timmar sedan

    I love the one where he is like where do all of you live together


    ADORITY11 timmar sedan

    1:48 noice!

  9. Hakam Mohamed

    Hakam Mohamed11 timmar sedan

    luke has written srudent instead of student

  10. Priyanka Kumari

    Priyanka Kumari13 timmar sedan

    *When you get to know that he is using the same music in almost all of his videos (the face he makes)

  11. Drea Babu

    Drea Babu13 timmar sedan

    This human is a full blown genius Where is Albert Einstein we need to compare Also I am seriously considering doing some of these to my teachers

  12. Mylesfest

    Mylesfest14 timmar sedan

    Me who watches on youtube : TikToks? I thought he did youtube? I guess you learn new things every day

  13. Charlie’s Vlogs

    Charlie’s Vlogs15 timmar sedan

    The first one tho-

  14. Gabepoggers

    Gabepoggers16 timmar sedan

    Longest 10:32 of my life

  15. Chai Circulado

    Chai Circulado17 timmar sedan

    True true

  16. Aydeen Feroze

    Aydeen Feroze18 timmar sedan

    Don't you brush your teeth

  17. Unique voidzz

    Unique voidzz19 timmar sedan

    Bog roll

  18. Suchitra Y

    Suchitra Y23 timmar sedan

    Dis dude could be way better if he was a better actor

  19. m_hamza 2000

    m_hamza 2000Dag sedan


  20. Andrew Jackson

    Andrew JacksonDag sedan

    What’s the joke about the cat one?

  21. Holly Manson

    Holly MansonDag sedan

    That face sUs 😒😒😒

  22. NotLiaPlayz

    NotLiaPlayzDag sedan

    Robin DaBank always get me

  23. Godzilla

    GodzillaDag sedan

    Someone pls tell me the name of the background music 😫

  24. Ayush Agnihotri

    Ayush AgnihotriDag sedan

    Do not pin me I like his freckin face😂😂😂 His face be like:😏

  25. Khoa Hoang

    Khoa HoangDag sedan

    Ha roasted

  26. Natalie Whitlock

    Natalie WhitlockDag sedan

    Bruh this is the weirdest video everrrrrr

  27. Nikusha Khubulava

    Nikusha KhubulavaDag sedan

    Fun fact: You just pressed "Read More"

  28. Shujja Rahman

    Shujja RahmanDag sedan

    That smile looks like it came from a horror movie

  29. Rommel Guerrero

    Rommel GuerreroDag sedan


  30. Bre Mir3

    Bre Mir3Dag sedan

    Are these supposed to be cringey

  31. Tharshini Sanmuganathan

    Tharshini SanmuganathanDag sedan

    Yo he stole quite a few from people! Soo he’s not really making all of them

  32. Flapper Dapper

    Flapper DapperDag sedan

    You can eat water ice

  33. Ryder Cole

    Ryder ColeDag sedan

    My mom makes that face

  34. Araceli Lopez

    Araceli LopezDag sedan

    He always cheers me up

  35. AG - 06NJ 782791 Eldorado PS

    AG - 06NJ 782791 Eldorado PSDag sedan

    At the end of this ruler there is an idiot I have a question What Which end😂😂😂

  36. Infinity Gaming

    Infinity GamingDag sedan

    legend says watt and knott are still trying to guess each other's name

  37. MrsRobloxCoke

    MrsRobloxCokeDag sedan

    8:54 the face that my goldfish make everyday

  38. Onenoa Faitalia

    Onenoa FaitaliaDag sedan

    I like the first one

  39. Rayyan Animation Spy Ninja

    Rayyan Animation Spy NinjaDag sedan

    Watt And Knott 1:18

  40. Clxuds

    Clxuds2 dagar sedan

    7:31 *what’s that background music*

  41. ackson Miracle

    ackson Miracle2 dagar sedan

    Yo that smile a bit creepy

  42. fbi soldier adit Soldier

    fbi soldier adit Soldier2 dagar sedan

    4:48 I like the cat

  43. RyderTheDude Extra

    RyderTheDude Extra2 dagar sedan


  44. Kayne GamingRoblox

    Kayne GamingRoblox2 dagar sedan

    interviewer: hello whats your name? luke: Hired. interviewer: You're Hired? luke: thank you very much

  45. Stevie

    Stevie2 dagar sedan


  46. Peyton Bernard

    Peyton Bernard2 dagar sedan

    0:49 IM DYING LOL

  47. MaxToTheMax

    MaxToTheMax2 dagar sedan

    0:00 funny

  48. Panda Girl Plays

    Panda Girl Plays2 dagar sedan

    Lol he used the same song for every one

  49. Ayush Shetty

    Ayush Shetty2 dagar sedan

    i coudnt understand half of them LOL XD

  50. Pavle Marić

    Pavle Marić2 dagar sedan

    Love the start song

  51. SeekingJesusChristWholeHeartedMinistries

    SeekingJesusChristWholeHeartedMinistries2 dagar sedan

    You are beautiful! You are beautiful just the way you look! You do not need tattoos or anything to look beautiful! Beauty is on the inside! I love you so much! Jesus loves you! You are worth it!

  52. Loz Cambridge

    Loz Cambridge2 dagar sedan


  53. PurpleSifter

    PurpleSifter2 dagar sedan

    4:31 this is a reminder

  54. Ezy Mic Gaming

    Ezy Mic Gaming2 dagar sedan

    8:15 wish came true😂

  55. Onenoa Faitalia

    Onenoa Faitalia2 dagar sedan

    That creepy look gets me every time

  56. Evi van Ingen

    Evi van Ingen2 dagar sedan


  57. *•Unicorn Club•*

    *•Unicorn Club•*2 dagar sedan

    Lol XD

  58. Josiah Cook

    Josiah Cook3 dagar sedan

    I love this Me: my stomach hurts Him: because it’s impty Me: now I know why you head hurts all the time Him: frustrated Me: grin Camara: that face tho

  59. Benjamin Gandy

    Benjamin Gandy3 dagar sedan

    The one where a bird that haves wings but can't fly is a emu

  60. Rosalinda Sanchez

    Rosalinda Sanchez3 dagar sedan

    I love it how he always uses the same song every tik tok

  61. Dana's Guide to life

    Dana's Guide to life3 dagar sedan


  62. MCG Blikup

    MCG Blikup3 dagar sedan

    Why does he have his teachers number lol😂😂😂😂

  63. Blue BlitzYT

    Blue BlitzYT3 dagar sedan

    Good vid

  64. Alex And Max Puppy

    Alex And Max Puppy3 dagar sedan

    8:55 me waking up

  65. Evelyne Murambi

    Evelyne Murambi3 dagar sedan

    I love his first video on how he tricked the 911 operator that he has 81 people following him on Instagram🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  66. Demon_Distorted_exe

    Demon_Distorted_exe3 dagar sedan

    The polices head in the first one: *VAFFANCULO*

  67. Larry rebelo

    Larry rebelo3 dagar sedan


  68. Vivienne for Ysabella Corlette

    Vivienne for Ysabella Corlette3 dagar sedan

    His face that he makes is soooooooo annoying

  69. maramica rajic

    maramica rajic3 dagar sedan


  70. HashemNoob

    HashemNoob3 dagar sedan

    Sub to hashemNoob

  71. Sarla Paliwal

    Sarla Paliwal3 dagar sedan

    This guy is smart

  72. Teal

    Teal3 dagar sedan

    This guy is going to fucking college

  73. MiLcShAcKe _LoLiPoP

    MiLcShAcKe _LoLiPoP3 dagar sedan

    This makes my day better 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. UNKNOWN . . .

    UNKNOWN . . .3 dagar sedan

    I don’t even like Tik tok and this is enjoying

  75. ZianDelis

    ZianDelis3 dagar sedan

    3:34 the is S4 Floch from aot

  76. Cyclo

    Cyclo3 dagar sedan


  77. Dominick Martin

    Dominick Martin3 dagar sedan

    bruh what?

  78. chathu boss yolo xd

    chathu boss yolo xd3 dagar sedan

    The xbox one: It's a ps5

  79. Wonder Girl and Wonder Boy

    Wonder Girl and Wonder Boy3 dagar sedan

    That is a bad thing if I wear u I be good

  80. Miraxulous

    Miraxulous3 dagar sedan

    5:58 when you notice your laptop is in 1% and your charger disappeared

  81. Zaphania Sutton

    Zaphania Sutton3 dagar sedan

    Bruh I’m not trying to be a hater but I can’t stop looking at your teeth pls brush them every day

  82. Kai Macaskill

    Kai Macaskill4 dagar sedan

    O funny


    WAN CHUN KWONG SAMUEL 2C32-20214 dagar sedan

    Dang that was gud

  84. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith4 dagar sedan

    One day I’m gonna pull a Luke Davidson

  85. Xx TylEr

    Xx TylEr4 dagar sedan

    Pov: you search when is the nearest piiza place

  86. Bluez

    Bluez4 dagar sedan

    😑 🙏Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing

  87. vihefoie

    vihefoie4 dagar sedan

    Not funny

  88. holiday someone

    holiday someone4 dagar sedan

    His smile is legendary

  89. luki pro

    luki pro4 dagar sedan

    0:37 omg

  90. Gökay Taşpınar

    Gökay Taşpınar4 dagar sedan

    I laughed once

  91. Lemao

    Lemao4 dagar sedan

    "thw maid said there are ghost's here" "son pack your bags" "dad but why?" "we dont have a maid" *"confused screaming"*

  92. Simon Ghost Riley

    Simon Ghost Riley10 timmar sedan

    I'm Ghost

  93. Eisraa Omer

    Eisraa Omer2 dagar sedan


  94. Thomas Saddington

    Thomas Saddington3 dagar sedan

    @Lbm504 OMG LOL

  95. Lbm504

    Lbm5043 dagar sedan

    Oh btw haters suck

  96. vihefoie

    vihefoie4 dagar sedan

    Oh btw he stole that joke

  97. Jose Solis

    Jose Solis4 dagar sedan

    What’s wrong with your seling

  98. Ashley Grace

    Ashley Grace4 dagar sedan

    This is so funny

  99. Imtiaz Khan

    Imtiaz Khan4 dagar sedan

    Song: Mindcraft vs Mindcraft Me:laaaaa laaaaa laaaaal aaaaaa dooooo deeeeee

  100. Anime Shorts

    Anime Shorts4 dagar sedan

  101. Renata Julio

    Renata Julio5 dagar sedan


  102. Alfalfa Head ass

    Alfalfa Head ass5 dagar sedan

    This is unfunny in 7,000,000,000 different ways

  103. flashandwinner

    flashandwinner5 dagar sedan

  104. Sharanya Ghosh

    Sharanya Ghosh5 dagar sedan

    0:43 For me