President Obama is Scared of Sasha and Roasts Donald Trump

President Obama talks about his new book “A Promised Land,” selling more books on the first day than Michelle did, being scared of Sasha and Michelle, the alias his daughters came up with for him, the struggle of being a good father and husband while also being a good President, being on the cover of InStyle Magazine, sinking a three pointer while campaigning with Joe Biden, calling the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, getting Trump out of the White House, Joe Biden becoming President, resurrecting the Pandemic Task Force disbanded by Donald Trump, getting the Affordable Care Act passed, the work that still needs to be done, the best night of his Presidency, the Bin Laden raid, Donald Trump’s birther theory, and he surprises a totally unsuspecting fan.
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  1. NOJ

    NOJ56 minuter sedan

    Honestly, never seen such a wholesome comments section. I guess putting Trump out of business and all the arrests after the capitol terrorism, the internet has started to become a better place again.... I hope. Stay safe out there everyone and thanks Obama.

  2. nadineisat

    nadineisatTimme sedan


  3. MPSC परिक्षा

    MPSC परिक्षा2 timmar sedan

    Energy 👍

  4. Christine Hill

    Christine Hill3 timmar sedan

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  5. Sandra Newman

    Sandra Newman4 timmar sedan

    Miss him and Michelle

  6. Super Man

    Super Man4 timmar sedan

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  7. Avra Williams

    Avra Williams4 timmar sedan

    I love this man!

  8. Richardson West

    Richardson West4 timmar sedan

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  9. Moon Blossom

    Moon Blossom4 timmar sedan

    Obama is so awesome watching this made my day lol

  10. Nicole

    Nicole5 timmar sedan

    Far from perfect but will take his imperfect any day over the other guys.

  11. Karen Drawbaugh

    Karen Drawbaugh5 timmar sedan

    Jimmy'll have to answer to your maker too!

  12. Wanda Alabarces

    Wanda Alabarces7 timmar sedan

    What a beautiful smile. I love to see and hear him. I just couldn’t stand the sight of the guy that lost the election “bigly”. Relieved the nightmare is over.

  13. Collette Brenson

    Collette Brenson9 timmar sedan

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  14. TheGeoffBomb

    TheGeoffBomb9 timmar sedan

    Joyce is everything.

  15. Juan Vega

    Juan Vega9 timmar sedan

    Hope he would still be our president

  16. M S

    M S11 timmar sedan

    It wasn't even about politics. Orange clown just babbled like a 1 year old with nappy rashes. I missed intelligent adults and likable people in positions of power.

  17. The_Trash-_-Man _

    The_Trash-_-Man _13 timmar sedan

    can we get a count on how many times they have said "uh"

  18. BodegaBay

    BodegaBay14 timmar sedan

    The coolest prez in modern times.

  19. Life Soul Centered

    Life Soul Centered14 timmar sedan

    Joyce is funny....Thank you Mr. President....Thank you Mr. Kimble.

  20. Marc Stuart

    Marc Stuart15 timmar sedan

    "Did you make love to Michelle the night you killed Bin Laden?" kimmel

  21. 5cyuVxLB

    5cyuVxLB16 timmar sedan

    jimmy and barry in a big ol' love stew

  22. Martin Kořený

    Martin Kořený16 timmar sedan

    why they all have so teeth so white?

  23. Michael DAntonio

    Michael DAntonio17 timmar sedan

    "I've never even heard Trump talk about his own wife and kids in such a warm and endearing way." TRUMP NEVER MARRIED A WOMAN WHO HAS A 5 O'CLOCK SHADOW BY NOON, LIKE "BIG MIKEY", DOES. HA, HA!

  24. M S

    M S11 timmar sedan

    your wife will cheat on you.

  25. Bethany Marantos

    Bethany Marantos17 timmar sedan

    What a man. I’m never not impressed by him. 8 more years of this guy, please!!! He’s intelligent, humble, genuine, articulate, respectful, empathetic, witty, athletic, qualified, capable...& not to mention handsome as heck. He has a deep love for his family & this country. Literally, the exact opposite of Drumph!!

  26. sigint99

    sigint9919 timmar sedan

    Obama was a first class failure as POTUS. He was more interested in the sound of his own voice than actually making real changes for the US.

  27. M S

    M S11 timmar sedan

    Still better than the garbled babbling of the rotten potato head with dimentia.

  28. 808 G8GT

    808 G8GT19 timmar sedan

    I just noticed....everytime I see Obama on TV....I have a smile on my face. Whenever Trump is on TV I have the "who- the-Fu@#-does-this-prick-think-he-is" face.

  29. C Carr

    C Carr19 timmar sedan

    Obama's smile is my famous meme :D

  30. MsSamoanMami

    MsSamoanMami20 timmar sedan

    Definitely miss him as President. 🌺❤️

  31. Freddy Kruegar

    Freddy Kruegar20 timmar sedan

    He looks like he gots Asian in him too

  32. ghorusjamcb ajughjewmcb

    ghorusjamcb ajughjewmcb20 timmar sedan

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  33. Raj Dhillon

    Raj Dhillon21 timme sedan

    20:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Raad Raad Raad

    Raad Raad Raad22 timmar sedan

    It's just a show international. ? Mo?

  35. Riley William

    Riley William23 timmar sedan

    Manipulated comments section, you people are sick.

  36. LisaNC832

    LisaNC83219 timmar sedan


  37. Riley William

    Riley William23 timmar sedan

    The comments section has been manipulated by algorithm.

  38. Riley William

    Riley William23 timmar sedan

    Fake Entertainment, Fake Media, Fake People

  39. Tammie Huber

    Tammie Huber23 timmar sedan

    You got to love this man :)

  40. johhny morris

    johhny morrisDag sedan

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  41. Big Small

    Big SmallDag sedan


  42. Big Small

    Big SmallDag sedan

    you will all cray one day for a president like trump.... he did more for black pepole than obama.. AND HE ENDED ALL THE CRAP IN THE MIDELEAST THAT OBAMA NOT EVEN GOT CLOSE.....

  43. Big Small

    Big Small17 timmar sedan

    @LisaNC832 no im sory it is my seventh i speak and write in slovenian,serbian,croaitan,bosnian,italian,german and enghlish...and learning spanish and russian... no google translation i m proud at my self 😀👍 how many do you speak and write..?

  44. jessica Beskur

    jessica BeskurDag sedan

    ??? Hmmm...

  45. stich. lover

    stich. loverDag sedan


  46. verda keppler

    verda kepplerDag sedan

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  47. Danish Tak

    Danish TakDag sedan

    With such large ears I think Obama needs to grow a beard to make them look smaller.

  48. Giselle Venegas

    Giselle VenegasDag sedan

    I hope Joyce is having a good day

  49. Ace Ventura

    Ace VenturaDag sedan

    Obama was definitely better than trump. But Obama was also a garbage president.

  50. J T

    J TDag sedan

    Kimmel Rules

  51. Skully Suffers

    Skully SuffersDag sedan

    Trump: *shoots an airball* Assistant: *hands him a diet coke* Trump: That's what _I_ do.

  52. J T

    J TDag sedan

    I’m 45. Obama is in my top 3 best US Presidents I’ve lived through. Obama, Clinton, and Reagan were all great IMO. Obama is so brilliant, personable, and charismatic. He was a great leader. I think people who hate him, do so because he is black. It is so shocking to me that Trump was elected after decades of great Presidents. I would have also loved to have seen a McCain Presidency. Thank God the American people voted out the former “President” by a landslide. God bless President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris. I hope Michelle will run in the future. I will say that I love George W. He is so hilarious, even though he wasn’t a great President IMO, but since he left office, I find him to be an awesome man.

  53. Warren Hawley

    Warren HawleyDag sedan

    Best guest conversation ever haha the ending is the best he went john john with the high voice

  54. Sandi Wynn

    Sandi WynnDag sedan

    "why did you leave us" omg that was gold

  55. Ahmad Faisal

    Ahmad FaisalDag sedan

    USA = Fake democracy for stupid TV watchers

  56. Kris Kurtossy

    Kris KurtossyDag sedan

    Prez Obama being a young ex prez, may accomplish more out of office than in it, since now he is a trusted advisor & can get things done behind the scenes without other ego maniac politicians trying to block his work constantly just because he's not in their party. Politicians forget in many countries, that they are elected by the people, to do the work for the people, not block & then undo any of the good work that someone has done while in office to benefit the people who elected him, but some try, just out of spite, to undo good work like DT did to Obama, that is bad karma DT, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

  57. 35823582

    35823582Dag sedan

    Thanks to Obama, I was able to buy my 1st 4 bedroom house at 28, with a added $8,000 first time home buyers tax credit.

  58. Venkatesh Koneri

    Venkatesh KoneriDag sedan

    Barack Obama School of Public Speaking. That’s the school I want to join.

  59. Love Me

    Love MeDag sedan


  60. Alan Goldberg

    Alan GoldbergDag sedan

    what a waste of 8 yrs in office

  61. Cori Triano

    Cori TrianoDag sedan

    I wish I could get those 8 years back from Oppressive, Anti-American Obama!

  62. Attie Giles

    Attie GilesDag sedan


  63. Kathleen McKenna

    Kathleen McKennaDag sedan

    I love this man. Class, humor, great dad and husband. From the first day I heard of him in a documentary, I knew he'd be a great President. And he was.

  64. Forty1 Thirty3

    Forty1 Thirty3Dag sedan

    Damn he's cool

  65. Bath Minchew

    Bath MinchewDag sedan

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  66. Argyle McGoogin

    Argyle McGooginDag sedan

    He was advancing the interests of corrupt, despotic leaders, nations, and terrorist entities.. Awarded a Nobel peace prize, while failing to deliver or even advance peaceful relations between any other countries, or with USA itself. Like the biblical 'snake' in Genesis, Obama is a smooth-talking operator who dealt in lies, and appealed to the naivety of the people

  67. palmern lineha

    palmern linehaDag sedan

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  68. Melbourne Melani

    Melbourne MelaniDag sedan

    I wish Jimmy Kimmel can do interview with Theodore Roosevelt, Barack Obama & Abraham Lincoln together. The knowledge these people had/has can really change nations

  69. DTurn12

    DTurn12Dag sedan


  70. Jackie Davidsen

    Jackie DavidsenDag sedan

    Kimmel, To start off: Obama's book is named " *A* Promised Land", not "'The' Promised Land". I can understand that it's an easy mistake to make, but given the situation, when you're having the author on your show in real-time picture and conversation it would be a nice touch to make sure you remember the title of the book that he just published (and that you have a copy of sitting right beside you). ;) Apart from that, you have a great show. I've watched several of them before this particular show and I've subscribed because you _are very_ good at what you do, and you've gathered some awesome talent to support it all. The clip with the lady who is such a great supporter and admirer of Obama and his presidency was so endearing. I hope Obama sends her several copies of his book plus a personal thank you for being such a lovely person and a heartfelt appreciation for her support (I think he was moved). About Obama himself, it was so refreshing to see him being relaxed. He has always been good with humor, but he has always had a certain awareness of the fact that he was a president and therefore couldn't allow himself to get too involved in having fun, if we can put it that way. This guarded aspect was gone here in your interview with him, and I found that very refreshing. I've always found him to be one of the most interesting presidents that we have had, and I'm thrilled that he has published a book. I am definitely going to buy it (as soon as i can find it to a price I can afford)... can't wait to read it.--Feel free to let him know that you have viewers who feel this way. :) ............................... P.S. What was the name of Obama's book again?... "The promised Lawn"? No. - Ah, I remember now. The name of the book is: " *A* Promised Land"! ;)

  71. Tony Wood

    Tony WoodDag sedan

    Worst non american president ever!

  72. Amanda A

    Amanda ADag sedan

    Jimmy Kimmel, I always thought you were a smart guy, but if you support Joe Biden and his team, o wow, just think back how you were in tears when your little boy was sick, now you support these people, do bible study and see how the bible end times is playing off in front of your eyes. There are just 2 sides, God's and satan , decide for yourself. We all knew after Donald Trump there will be a very weak president. Be careful what you say, things will come back to you, and as the bible says, you will reap what you sow

  73. Arif 402

    Arif 402Dag sedan

    Disini obama juga sangat dicintai


    DONITA JHADag sedan


  75. Ki. Randi

    Ki. RandiDag sedan

    Omg I miss this man

  76. Classic MG

    Classic MGDag sedan

    Oh my God I want to meet President Obama and I promise I will say something and not just rock back-and-forth and cry. Have a blessed day Joyce:-)🦋

  77. Sophie Kyeremateng

    Sophie KyerematengDag sedan

    Mr and Mrs Obama you will great Forma President well Done for all I like U so much will you family 👌 great God bless you all and family and friends and USA 🇺🇸 and UK 🇬🇧 Queen 👑 and the world 🗺️🌐🙏✌️ peace and love to U all 🙏👋👋 happy New year's to come to U all 🙏👋 and Children's 👌 in the world 🗺️🌐🙏))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) from Lady Sophie kyerematen UK 🇬🇧🐅🏇 QUEEN 👸 good woman from AFRICA 🌍🙏 bay for now 💕🙉😁👍😜🧐🤠😁😁😁👍 👍

  78. TheMarvelLegoMaster

    TheMarvelLegoMasterDag sedan

    You can tell how carefully he chooses his words when he pauses.

  79. natalee217

    natalee21722 timmar sedan

    He’s that smart and articulate.

  80. Nakessa Greene

    Nakessa GreeneDag sedan

    When she took a deep breath at 23:47 😂😂😂

  81. TheMarvelLegoMaster

    TheMarvelLegoMasterDag sedan

    It’s so funny to me the idea that the former President of the United States is the target of most jokes at his house.

  82. Wagone Johannsen

    Wagone JohannsenDag sedan

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  83. Asuman Arslan

    Asuman ArslanDag sedan

    He is unbelievably funny, smart. He is the greatest president USA ever had

  84. Mateusz K.

    Mateusz K.Dag sedan

    He is well spoken but his bombing of the middle east wasnt too great to be honest.

  85. Jessica Boucher

    Jessica BoucherDag sedan

    My god what a beautiful that was a president!!!

  86. bansam loiem

    bansam loiemDag sedan

    The uninterested swordfish advisably trade because friction quickly bump throughout a lethal wallaby. amazing, kindly show

  87. G /

    G /Dag sedan

    Stop roasting Trump! Remember what happened the last time? He ran for President!

  88. Big wave Dave

    Big wave DaveDag sedan

    The Obama presidency taught me that you get away with anything if you are charismatic and well spoken. Obama did over 500 drone strikes, dropped thousands of bombs in the Middle East killing hundreds of civilians but since he’s such a sweet talker nobody cares.

  89. Camille Potter

    Camille PotterDag sedan

    Oh, I would so love to meet President Obama! I sent him a card I made Christmas a year ago. This was precious--this lovely woman so speechless realizing he was live! And him talking to her so sweetly when she could hardly get a word out!

  90. Dominick Scafidi

    Dominick ScafidiDag sedan

    The best part of the whole video is when jimmy said you can’t do any more missle strikes

  91. Ana Caballero Mengibar

    Ana Caballero MengibarDag sedan

    What an intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable, caring, and loving human being!


    ERIN FRAISEDag sedan

    How can anyone not like him?? Even if you don't like his politics, it's impossible to not like him and his family. He and they represented us impeccably! I will always be proud of voting for him (twice).

  93. ok news boy

    ok news boyDag sedan

    *ombama making kids happy😀😀😀* *trump making kids cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭*

  94. George Kafantaris

    George KafantarisDag sedan

    I love that man! Barack obama was definitely the coolest US president ever.

  95. Sandra G

    Sandra GDag sedan

    God bless Obama

  96. Milagros Lopez

    Milagros LopezDag sedan

    Wow,. I hope i will have the chance to get and read your book. Mr Obama, you becoming the US Pres was an inspiration for me, I am your follower. By the way, I was working in Thailand when you became the Pres. Now I am back to my home country, the PHILIPPINES, as retired agricultural researcher. May God bless you always. 🙏

  97. amayrami miguel

    amayrami miguelDag sedan

    Loved this

  98. David Pearcy

    David PearcyDag sedan

    What a classy guy. From him to Trump, jeez what a friggin leap, backwards.

  99. Asif Kaleem

    Asif KaleemDag sedan

    Good one Jimmy, specially the last part. I have to say What a guy President Obama.

  100. holy asahi-

    holy asahi-Dag sedan

    kinda sad that when US was under Obama I didn't truly know the bliss until Trump came along

  101. raj2010rh

    raj2010rh2 dagar sedan

    I just cried watching and listening to the great Obama. America misses you and remember you for ever. A Big solute and lots of love and neat wishes to Ex president Obama and his family.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  102. darina

    darina2 dagar sedan

    *when people say you left a diamond for a pebble this is what they mean*

  103. Matt Moreno

    Matt Moreno2 dagar sedan

    How about the numbers of deportees that Obama threw outnof the country, and how about the fact that on average during his "reign" there was a bomb dropped every 20 minutes in a foreign country, how about the soldiers of Benghazi that he left for dead on purprose and a US ambassador whose death was on his hands, how about the skimming of American uranium and giving it to Russia, how about Hillary's 33,000 emails that went missing and un- prosecuted even though classified American info was released, how about the TRILLION dollars given to Iran and Afghanistan, on a monthly schedule, and how about the American firearms that he handed over to Mexican Cartel's in order to start a war at our border?? Let's talk about his bad side too.

  104. nat romanoff

    nat romanoff2 dagar sedan

    The berserk notebook superfamily flash because snowplow immunocytochemically deserve throughout a flowery paper. childlike, fascinated waiter

  105. Sylvia Levy

    Sylvia Levy2 dagar sedan

    Obama is a creep. can't compare him to an amazing president which his name is Donald J Trump a real president.

  106. Kim Slone

    Kim Slone2 dagar sedan

    There's a young man in one of the eHarmony ads who looks and sounds like Mr. Obama. I'm sure he gets a lot of young women to sign up.