Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes - Original vs. Remastered Performance Preview

Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes are looking impressive in this early access footage provided by BioWare which takes a look at improved Mako controls, a revamped Noveria, and combat changes in the original Mass Effect. Referred to by fans as Mass Effect Remastered, this version of the game will take a look at the extensive changes in the original Mass Effect as well as some subtle changes in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 within the Legendary Edition of the series.
For more information about the changes found in Mass Effect Legendary Edition be sure to check out the latest blogpost from BioWare for more.
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  1. IGN

    IGNMånad sedan

    It was great getting to talk with BioWare about the care they put into this update to the Mass Effect series. Will you be picking up Mass Effect Legendary Edition this May? I know I will be. -Destin

  2. FkYour Opinion

    FkYour Opinion2 timmar sedan

    @Michael Does Life Lmfao get your eyes checked buddy.

  3. nisus8

    nisus8Dag sedan

    @Michael Does Life ...LOL, uh, sure thing, dude.

  4. Green Grugach

    Green Grugach3 dagar sedan

    @The Guevara on XB1X and PS4 Pro, tbf the game is not demanding so 60fps should even be achievable on base buts its EA and they want to pretend they did loads of work.

  5. Beizal

    Beizal14 dagar sedan

    @Michael Does Life Wrong

  6. loli kawaii

    loli kawaii19 dagar sedan

    No, we will not pick it.

  7. aznboyeeee

    aznboyeeee44 minuter sedan

    I've never pre-ordered a game before in my life, but this deserves my money! We want more remasters!!!

  8. Sonic

    Sonic3 timmar sedan

    It looks pretty much the same to me lol

  9. imahalo123

    imahalo1236 timmar sedan

    This game is straight heat. All my friends are going to be playing it for the first time this weekend. I'm so jelly they get to experience it for the first time.

  10. Aniketh Sreenivasan

    Aniketh Sreenivasan14 timmar sedan

    still looks like an early ps4 game

  11. EPloar Div

    EPloar DivDag sedan

    Mako was always perfect and no one will ever convince me of anything otherwise.

  12. CrispyTech

    CrispyTechDag sedan

    Graphics look really old still. Textures and lighting off. Polygon count low and facial features are pretty average. I've seen Indie titles with better graphics.

  13. Lord Badass

    Lord BadassDag sedan

    YAY leather jacket confirmed.

  14. AlchemistOfNirnroot

    AlchemistOfNirnroot2 dagar sedan

    Which Shepard should you play as?

  15. shereen s.

    shereen s.2 dagar sedan

    Never pre-ordered a game as fast as this remaster. Loved the original trilogy, the first group of games that got me into PC gaming and now with a remastered version coming out? I'm worried I'll never leave my room

  16. Shadow Assassin

    Shadow Assassin2 dagar sedan

    Not getting my hopes up but what if Bioware actually changed the ending and just keeping quiet about it?

  17. Zach Dinga

    Zach Dinga2 dagar sedan

    Very excited never played them ✌🔥

  18. LeonidasPs

    LeonidasPs2 dagar sedan

    When they show the faces they show a red head predetermined beside the one u created what a liers

  19. Evelyn Hewett

    Evelyn Hewett3 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait to play the whole thing! Never done a whole playthrough by myself before.

  20. CyberGothika

    CyberGothika3 dagar sedan

    Restoring the REAL mass effect, one remaster at a time.

  21. My monkey Has severe depression

    My monkey Has severe depression3 dagar sedan

    Is this free roam

  22. Jonathan Fitzharris

    Jonathan Fitzharris3 dagar sedan

    Biggest unanswered question... can you romance Kaiden as male Shepard in the first game now...

  23. Razza Anonymous

    Razza Anonymous3 dagar sedan

    OMG guys! They changed the RETICLE!1!!!1

  24. Exile

    Exile3 dagar sedan

    I'm so disappointed that ME3's multiplayer isn't coming back I've been really wanting to revisit it again...oh well everything else looks great but the only thing that could possibly make ME1 legendary edition remaster any better is if they added weapons from ME2 & ME3 to the loot pool.

  25. Rude_Boi

    Rude_Boi3 dagar sedan

    One of my favorite games of all time.

  26. Globus-City

    Globus-City3 dagar sedan

    эх музыка на 5 минуте как же она погружала в атмосферу огромной вселенной(ностальгия)такую игру не забудешь даже если захочешь=)

  27. Voss2120

    Voss21203 dagar sedan

    So basically they are selling us a more polished version of a game they already made for another $60 because they ran out of ideas.

  28. Vassala

    Vassala3 dagar sedan

    I'm so freaking excited. But also... Mass Effect MMO when? Please???

  29. Green Grugach

    Green Grugach3 dagar sedan

    If they actually tried to put the work in this would be in Unreal 4, it's a lazy cash grab, just wait 3 months you'll pick this up for 29.99

  30. Fletcher Seagull

    Fletcher Seagull4 dagar sedan

    70 $ for contrast-knob all way down ? No way.

  31. Blabo 64

    Blabo 644 dagar sedan

    Anothe excuse to complete this trilogy one more time.

  32. Wardawg

    Wardawg4 dagar sedan

    Im interested in how this further changes on ps5

  33. Razgriz❶

    Razgriz❶2 dagar sedan

    Its a remaster, so not much will really change. you're looking for a full-on remake if you want the game to take advantage of the current generation.

  34. Anime Fever

    Anime Fever4 dagar sedan

    Can't wait to romance my girl, Jack again.

  35. The Proud Swede

    The Proud Swede5 dagar sedan

    ohhh im soooooooooooooo hyped now :O i have the day of work because of a national holiday so yeah :D

  36. Malazan

    Malazan5 dagar sedan

    Number 2 will always be the best ME game ever made in my opinion.

  37. Glenn Elmer

    Glenn Elmer5 dagar sedan

    Only thing that bothers me about the 1st game being remade is how UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE THE CAMERA IS TO SHEPHERD

  38. Dennis Groneman

    Dennis Groneman6 dagar sedan

    hopefully you will change the female Shepard's squeaky little voice to something that matches her charcter...please?

  39. ChiRaeDisk

    ChiRaeDisk6 dagar sedan

    The cinematic fight for the citadel in ME1 is going to look sweeeeet in the remaster.

  40. Cpt. Crash

    Cpt. Crash6 dagar sedan

    2 more weeks

  41. Darth Nox

    Darth Nox6 dagar sedan

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition, The Witcher 3 Next Gen, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Resident Evil Village: *exists soon* My RTX 3090: *Bring. It. On.*

  42. Shai Fernandez

    Shai Fernandez6 dagar sedan

    Where is Mass Effect Andromeda? Said no one ever.

  43. YOOOOO

    YOOOOO6 dagar sedan

    Why do all of these remastered versions of games just seem to change the lighting?

  44. YOOOOO

    YOOOOO5 dagar sedan

    @MenDeEvolution Check out arkham remastered and tell me there's work behind that

  45. MenDeEvolution

    MenDeEvolution5 dagar sedan

    lol. buy glasses and a brain to understand the work behind it

  46. Rob Roy

    Rob Roy6 dagar sedan

    To me...the first one really was best story wise... everything still a mystery...I really liked THIS game...then me2 Fd it all up for me....

  47. Paul Alvin Buquiron

    Paul Alvin Buquiron7 dagar sedan

    Let’s hope the mako is drivable 8:55 A justifiable ending to the trilogy?

  48. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray7 dagar sedan

    Get ready for those 14 second convos boys and gals. :3

  49. Naomi J

    Naomi J8 dagar sedan

    Did they get the smiling animation right?

  50. Gameshakerdan

    Gameshakerdan8 dagar sedan


  51. TheObogo

    TheObogo8 dagar sedan

    Let's be honest. We skipping the elevator talks.

  52. Damon Phelps

    Damon Phelps8 dagar sedan

    I’m looking at this from a disappointed standpoint because they could’ve remastered these games and mass effect andromeda with the missing dlc that was promised. But I’m also pleased with the significant changes in all the games.

  53. shock jockey

    shock jockey8 dagar sedan

    Glad they showed some love for the first game because its the best of the series.

  54. Trash Compactor

    Trash Compactor9 dagar sedan

    Now this is how you do a remaster. Looks great.

  55. Connor Rohan

    Connor Rohan9 dagar sedan

    anyone know if they will have Spanish voiceovers too?

  56. ꓟꓠƏ ꓭꓳꓛƏꓟ ꓶꓰꓔ ꓝꓝꓨꓰ

    ꓟꓠƏ ꓭꓳꓛƏꓟ ꓶꓰꓔ ꓝꓝꓨꓰ9 dagar sedan

    Хоть русские субтитры есть...

  57. Jestylor6 AKA Tylor Six

    Jestylor6 AKA Tylor Six10 dagar sedan

    It NEEDS A Better ending but even so I'm very excited...

  58. Spaceman 20

    Spaceman 209 dagar sedan

    @Jestylor6 AKA Tylor Six apparently a lot of people are calling the new game Mass Effect 4, even though it's the fifth entry in the series. I'm just following a lot. Not that you are wrong or anything...

  59. Jestylor6 AKA Tylor Six

    Jestylor6 AKA Tylor Six9 dagar sedan

    @Spaceman 20 Wasn't Andromeda 4...

  60. Spaceman 20

    Spaceman 209 dagar sedan

    A better ending woll come in Mass Effect 4

  61. Zeroc Media

    Zeroc Media10 dagar sedan

    This video in 60 fps would've been even more helpful

  62. Franky4Fingers

    Franky4Fingers11 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait to spend hours at the Afterlife club 😉

  63. Alex Suz

    Alex Suz11 dagar sedan

    Dire que j'ai failli y jouer sur 360 ultra pixelisé, je l'ai échappé belle, trop hâte de découvrir cette trilogie : D

  64. Neellav Gogoi

    Neellav Gogoi11 dagar sedan

    Nah I'm using my legendary male shepherd

  65. Carl Greene

    Carl Greene11 dagar sedan

    Polished at launch my arse Mass Effect 3 looks awful and is a dreadful game by far the worst out of the three!

  66. larrisAWSOME

    larrisAWSOME12 dagar sedan

    Also "mass 2"?

  67. larrisAWSOME

    larrisAWSOME12 dagar sedan

    Disappointed they didn't really overhaul the loot and combat systems in mass effect 1. That and the lack of multiplayer is going to be a hard pass for me.

  68. Taoma H

    Taoma H13 dagar sedan

    Let me just forget ME3...

  69. Spaceman 20

    Spaceman 2012 dagar sedan

    Don't forget about Mass Effect 4, we're not done with the story yet and that ending was NOT the final ending!

  70. Antonio Rowlngsmath

    Antonio Rowlngsmath14 dagar sedan

    When the new mass Effect coming not just this graphic update at full price.

  71. Enlightenment doesn't come easy

    Enlightenment doesn't come easy14 dagar sedan

    Are there more weapons on ME2 this time?

  72. Evan Boll

    Evan Boll15 dagar sedan

    Is it possible to get a proper beard or moustache on MShep? Otherwise, looks great!

  73. adayexpired

    adayexpired15 dagar sedan

    OG looks better in a lot of ways. They should give DA Origins to Bluepoint next time; they’d do a much better job likely.

  74. minimalist1807

    minimalist180715 dagar sedan

    remake is banana and is more like Dark Bioware..


    LOGICALMAGNET15 dagar sedan

    the game is so Amazing that like Witcher 3 needs a Series or a Movie like Warcraft the movie

  76. Bob LeBon69

    Bob LeBon6915 dagar sedan

    Bioware: FemShep is Canon. Trilogy release covers: ManShep Okay Bioware, you go ahead and pander.

  77. Razgriz❶

    Razgriz❶2 dagar sedan

    @Maxim Matiyuk Don't forget that the large majority of the playerbase plays as male-shep.

  78. Maxim Matiyuk

    Maxim Matiyuk15 dagar sedan

    who cares? man for the win, lqbgt kid

  79. Tim_518

    Tim_51815 dagar sedan

    They didn't really mention the elephant in the room of Mass Effect 3s ending...

  80. Evan Boll

    Evan Boll15 dagar sedan

    According to some other videos I've seen on here the Extended Cut is now the default, and total war assets can depend on your actions through the entire trilogy meaning if you start from ME3 you need to do absolutely everything for something decent.

  81. SaM -

    SaM -16 dagar sedan

    Will wait for final reviews and sale.

  82. Roman Petrov

    Roman Petrov16 dagar sedan

    Fem is not iconic, stop saying that sh***

  83. Brandon Kiernan

    Brandon Kiernan16 dagar sedan

    Ok but did they fix the abysmal autosave function of mass effect 1?

  84. RegalSwede

    RegalSwede16 dagar sedan

    No weapon class restrictions? But it's an RPG... My choices should have consequences, not just in story but in gameplay....

  85. win009

    win00910 dagar sedan

    There's no weapon class restrictions, but specializing in them is still specific to certain classes. Engineers and adepts might be able to use assault rifles properly in ME1 now, but they'll never be as accurate or as deadly with them as a soldier is.

  86. Rai TheNoblesse

    Rai TheNoblesse16 dagar sedan

    new Star Trek series got (visually) heavily inspired by ME...

  87. Rai TheNoblesse

    Rai TheNoblesse16 dagar sedan

    still some of the best music ever in a game (especially ME1)

  88. Rai TheNoblesse

    Rai TheNoblesse16 dagar sedan

    imo female Shepard does a better job with the voice acting

  89. Brandon cheney

    Brandon cheney17 dagar sedan

    to bad ea game pass wont let me change install locations lol

  90. Игнатий Верный

    Игнатий Верный17 dagar sedan

    Огонь! Ждём

  91. The Busby Babes

    The Busby Babes17 dagar sedan

    is this a joke? the mako stuff looks way better in the original...

  92. Vipul Gupta

    Vipul Gupta17 dagar sedan

    The character creator which allows you create a character "before you play any of the games in the trilogy". All the comments making fun of this don't know how sentences work.

  93. Adam Islas

    Adam Islas17 dagar sedan

    I’ve been waiting for this to be remastered. Best trilogy in gaming history

  94. joelandbev forever

    joelandbev forever17 dagar sedan

    anyone know if this is 1 disc of 3???

  95. Definitely not Daniel

    Definitely not Daniel17 dagar sedan

    I'm curious if they change the ending of ME:lll or not.

  96. Razgriz❶

    Razgriz❶2 dagar sedan

    @YourBrainOnComputers Not really. They added extra cinematics at the end, but even then its still the same RGB ending.

  97. YourBrainOnComputers

    YourBrainOnComputers10 dagar sedan

    The ME3 ending was changed in 2012.

  98. Gaming for adults Adults only

    Gaming for adults Adults only18 dagar sedan

    If you polish a turd it’s still a turd

  99. ColorauGuiyino

    ColorauGuiyino18 dagar sedan

    That "elevator wait time" thing was a lie and you know it.

  100. Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary18 dagar sedan

    these old games are better than any of the newer crap

  101. DilophoMS

    DilophoMS18 dagar sedan

    New graphics for old games, that's almost all we get nowadays. But in terms of gameplay and story in new games there is almost complete stagnation since years.

  102. Dik Nuggets

    Dik Nuggets18 dagar sedan

    are they demonstrating this on the ps4 or a pc? thats key.

  103. Danama

    Danama18 dagar sedan

    compared d2 resurrected this looks underwhelming for a remaster

  104. Hiren Gandhi

    Hiren Gandhi19 dagar sedan

    So excited for this after playing the originals for so many hours, all three in one. Can’t wait for May.

  105. Pain 56

    Pain 5619 dagar sedan

    Музыка бля божественная

  106. Elmstreet Eric

    Elmstreet Eric19 dagar sedan

    Is this remaster only containing the first part?

  107. Carlos Fragoso

    Carlos Fragoso19 dagar sedan

    Honestly, its all cool and nice but the only game Im interested right now is MINIMAL AFFECT

  108. I am Groot

    I am Groot19 dagar sedan

    I'm so happy that this is so much more than a simple texture update. I'm eager to replay ME1 with all the new features.

  109. loli kawaii

    loli kawaii19 dagar sedan

    Who need this? Modders on Nexusmods have already did all that they are showing here and even more! Bioware is dead company, trying to scam old fans by selling them old game with a slight cosmetics for full price!

  110. 11d3adly11

    11d3adly1120 dagar sedan

    The galaxy map music is just a instant classic....still a beauty to hear

  111. Crush lemons

    Crush lemons20 dagar sedan

    Man that Noveria sound track gets me every time four more weeks!!!

  112. Валерий Игоревич

    Валерий Игоревич20 dagar sedan

    По моему, в видосе, они ухудшили графон в оригинале, чтобы легендарка красивее смотрелась... :-D

  113. Senoirmeow

    Senoirmeow20 dagar sedan

    What would be nice is if you could explore planets through 1-3 but if they also added varied gravity so you can still make the Mako bounce a lot.

  114. SoopaFlyism

    SoopaFlyism20 dagar sedan

    Does it support mods??

  115. Christian Joel

    Christian Joel20 dagar sedan

    At least they know the “if it aint broke dont fix it” for ME3....coz tht game mechanics were damn near flawless

  116. Razgriz❶

    Razgriz❶2 dagar sedan

    Its a shame its not coming with ME3's multiplayer, where the gameplay really shines.

  117. Kyle Kringle

    Kyle Kringle20 dagar sedan

    This is a great video

  118. Benighted

    Benighted20 dagar sedan

    This is great, but we still lack substantial gameplay footage for ME1. Particularly the combat, which is ME1's biggest flaw.

  119. h1ccUp1982

    h1ccUp198220 dagar sedan

    Im sooooo happy