THE $24.8M SAN FRANCISCO TROPHY MANSION | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

This San Francisco mansion has some incredible history: in 1955 it was named “The Pink Palace” and was originally built for southern aristocrats. Get the exclusive tour here, and see what the owners did to revamp the dream home.
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THE $24.8M SAN FRANCISCO TROPHY MANSION | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  1. Alvin Zor Di

    Alvin Zor Di3 dagar sedan

    That's not in Pacific Heights, but right next to it, in Cow Hollow.

  2. Mr Chillwave

    Mr ChillwaveMånad sedan

    1:43 they had to sell they house becuase AA meetings were no longer helping

  3. Fortified Mind

    Fortified Mind4 månader sedan

    Saying French homes in the countryside don't have appliances is bologna! Check out my Grandparents estate called "Les Ravalieres" (google it)

  4. Ram Kapoor

    Ram Kapoor4 månader sedan

    Yes you cant reveal the owners name but you surely can tell whether its alien or human being. Robert frank talks with too much gas and air. Woah

  5. J E

    J E4 månader sedan

    Eat the rich

  6. Sipriano Rosales

    Sipriano Rosales5 månader sedan

    You could keep that Atrophied property and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSZ

  7. laptop Blog

    laptop Blog5 månader sedan

    For 25M I’d expect the home to be immaculately cleaned, at 2:37 there is clearly food waste on the stove. Yet they say the rich have class, my $500 a month apartment stove is perfectly cleaned 😭

  8. laptop Blog

    laptop Blog4 månader sedan

    Jaaybans I got that point, still in poor taste on his part not to be aware of a home your showing off. And you’d be surprised that wealthy folks this gentleman might rent their home privately rather than selling it, thus the investment is returned to him until a buyer comes forward.

  9. Jaaybans

    Jaaybans4 månader sedan

    @laptop Blog lol I feel u. But at that point when u have that much money you dont but homes to live in. Theyre an investment. He doesnt care bout that place sentimentaly

  10. laptop Blog

    laptop Blog4 månader sedan

    Jaaybans nah I’m not ahaha, My aunt is a multi millionaire and if her house keepers left that I’d be a issue ahah. Just sayin he’s showin his home off and didn’t make sure everything was cleaned 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Jaaybans

    Jaaybans4 månader sedan

    lmao bro u playin yourself for even noticing that. Change your mindset change your life

  12. dirty9er415

    dirty9er4155 månader sedan

    While 50 cents mega mansion sold for $3M in Connecticut.

  13. Asf69

    Asf694 månader sedan

    Well yes... who wants to live in Connecticut?

  14. Panda 730S

    Panda 730S5 månader sedan

    oh LOVE IT. 2013 vibes. old school camera quality, speaking, texts. the video just feels like a Season 1, i love it.

  15. randy roti

    randy roti5 månader sedan

    Brilliant idea for a storage facility. LOVE the Blk McLaren Benz...

  16. Panda 730S

    Panda 730S5 månader sedan


  17. Cayden

    Cayden5 månader sedan

    Such a poopy city

  18. John D.

    John D.5 månader sedan

    The yellow Ferrari is violently ugly!!

  19. Panda 730S

    Panda 730S5 månader sedan

    no its not

  20. Mike Turco

    Mike Turco5 månader sedan

    Not my cup of tea, coffee please

  21. Christopher Jackson

    Christopher Jackson5 månader sedan

    Nice lemme get a house where 90% of the rooms are uninhabitable

  22. Bobby D

    Bobby D5 månader sedan

    I am proud to see so many like-minded people in the comments here. I saw the video tag and only clicked on it to mention how with COVID and racial inequality happening in the world right now that CNBC thought this would be a great video to share with us, peasants. I say CHEERS to all of my fellow peasants and F you to the people rich enough to have a $25 million dollar trophy room!

  23. Jason Ritchie

    Jason Ritchie5 månader sedan

    I find it interesting that the rich get so cagey about talking about money. They know the peasants watching want to know. Cough up the numbers.

  24. Truck Taxi

    Truck Taxi5 månader sedan

    The house is actually my style but I would never step foot in San Francisco

  25. Ian Casey

    Ian Casey5 månader sedan

    Play some classical music or something. Something that fits the tone of the video. Something classy. Also get a host whose not overly optimistic. A bit more real


    UNSTOPPABLE-AR MARI5 månader sedan

    And here i am struggling to pay my 306 electricity bill lol. I'm happy for you. Just a tiny bit envious.

  27. Mr Chillwave

    Mr ChillwaveMånad sedan

    And here i am happy about for your 306 electricity bill. I'm just a bit envious of you struggling.


    UNSTOPPABLE-AR MARI5 månader sedan

    @New User past due for two months lol.

  29. New User

    New User5 månader sedan

    306 electric bill?

  30. Truck Taxi

    Truck Taxi5 månader sedan

    That's two large 150w solar panels worth it electric bill

  31. AdrianColumbus

    AdrianColumbus5 månader sedan

    Whoever did the sound for this episode did a horrible job. Something more unfitting and annoying would be hard to come up with

  32. its BrOwndude

    its BrOwndude5 månader sedan

    It’s horrible....

  33. Bobur Ochilov

    Bobur Ochilov5 månader sedan

    Like if ydgaf about how others live

  34. Saleh Elsileni

    Saleh Elsileni5 månader sedan


  35. GG Tube

    GG Tube5 månader sedan

    hello there friend 6z6G