The average UNO FLIP experience

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  1. Jim Stoesz

    Jim StoeszDag sedan

    The card flip sound effect is slick af

  2. Fera Volpe

    Fera Volpe2 dagar sedan

    The +1 is the uno equivalent of a middle finger.

  3. Ferry V

    Ferry V4 dagar sedan

    Soon his name will be Smii√y

  4. MoonlightAct

    MoonlightAct5 dagar sedan

    "Why would you do that? It's like you're a terrorist" john please never change

  5. ZUN0TV

    ZUN0TV5 dagar sedan

    People who already subbed to smi77y minus

  6. Kristina J

    Kristina J5 dagar sedan

    Orange, fruit came first before color

  7. Jaquebel Mammoth

    Jaquebel Mammoth5 dagar sedan

    When’s smii7y times and divide

  8. Melissa H

    Melissa H7 dagar sedan

    Smitty becoming Ed Sheeran

  9. this man

    this man10 dagar sedan

    This is how people in the future will fight wars

  10. Aneraggot

    Aneraggot10 dagar sedan

    I was playing with 2 friends and I dropped a +5 but everyone also had a +5 too bad I had another

  11. BoringThing CalledReality

    BoringThing CalledReality11 dagar sedan

    "I'm American, what'd you expect?"

  12. CD

    CD12 dagar sedan

    I can’t find smii7y minus

  13. aaron martinez

    aaron martinez13 dagar sedan

    You’re a very awesome person I love your content and keep at it 🙂


    SHIMURA TENKO13 dagar sedan


  15. TheRedFox

    TheRedFox15 dagar sedan

    the salt at the end

  16. Kirks wah pedal

    Kirks wah pedal18 dagar sedan

    I was playing uno flip with my sister and friends and my sister ended up getting +25ed

  17. wendell valdez

    wendell valdez18 dagar sedan

    I wish I had friends

  18. Michael Lehner

    Michael Lehner18 dagar sedan

    Thanks to the bliss that is SEtoos, SMii7y is always demonitized.

  19. ToG

    ToG19 dagar sedan

    the last minute of this video was fucking great

  20. Ender UNKNOW

    Ender UNKNOW19 dagar sedan

    What's next Division, Multiplication, Square Root?

  21. J. Mora

    J. Mora19 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for Smii7y÷, Smii7y×, and Smii7y=

  22. Simi Mckern

    Simi Mckern19 dagar sedan

    Why'm I not subbed to this man... gotta fix that

  23. Mason Harth

    Mason Harth19 dagar sedan

    watch his next channel be called smii7y divide

  24. some girl

    some girl20 dagar sedan

    I memorise the important cards before they flip so I remember which card shouldnt be played and I get do triggered when he plays it.

  25. Nicholas Dannelly

    Nicholas Dannelly20 dagar sedan

    kryoz: " gimme teal... pink!" smii7y: "you said teal!" Byze: "TEAL!?" also byze: * nukes kryoz's hand *

  26. BlueGamer

    BlueGamer20 dagar sedan

    Uno is always chaotic, that’s why it’s so fun

  27. Julian Jagger

    Julian Jagger20 dagar sedan

    999k view gang

  28. cole imrey

    cole imrey20 dagar sedan

    where did byze get that image

  29. hurrdurr

    hurrdurr20 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for *smii7y²* and *√smii7y*

  30. Unholy Cat

    Unholy Cat20 dagar sedan

    i just noticed i just watched 36 minutes of idiots screaming at each other over a videogame

  31. Hospital Horror

    Hospital Horror21 dag sedan

    Can’t wait for Smitty to make a channel called smitty cubed. It’s just Smitty playing with 2 alt accounts.

  32. Joshua Gacke

    Joshua Gacke21 dag sedan

    Me an American that actually does have a shotgun next to my desk and pc

  33. skez

    skez21 dag sedan

    Smii7y X should be for longer less edited videos predominantly let's plays or sum

  34. Sandy Yang

    Sandy Yang21 dag sedan


  35. Ethan Headrick

    Ethan Headrick21 dag sedan

  36. titan

    titan21 dag sedan

    smitty shitpost status channel

  37. Basir Morton

    Basir Morton21 dag sedan

    Smii7y multiplication and Smii7y division

  38. gallade gamer

    gallade gamer21 dag sedan

    Your pillow mascot is adorable.

  39. FreddyGamePlayer

    FreddyGamePlayer21 dag sedan

    The thumbnail = 22:54


    MRORANGEJUICE921 dag sedan

    I knew he was gonna name the new channel SMii7Yminus because he had SMii7Yplus

  41. Peter Frølich

    Peter Frølich21 dag sedan

    everytime i get home from school, i always need to listen to ur vids, cause it isn't going that well for me in school rn, n ur videos always makes me in such a good mood. So thank u for that. I appriceate ur work more than u know:)

  42. Noob 369

    Noob 36921 dag sedan

    You know I just realized that some dude who learned English and has Spanish as a first language would be SO damn confused if someone asked him “hey wanna play some uno flip?” And he replies “one flip? How do you play that?”

  43. irakli Simongulashvili

    irakli Simongulashvili21 dag sedan

    oh how i wish i were to be able to play with you guys :(

  44. irakli Simongulashvili

    irakli Simongulashvili21 dag sedan

    me litterally one minute into the video: *laughing real good* only you can turn my day over for the better!!!

  45. plinygg

    plinygg21 dag sedan

    and now we wait for "SMii7YDivided" and "SMii7YMultiplied"

  46. Mr.Nugget Bucket

    Mr.Nugget Bucket21 dag sedan


  47. TheArtmaster67

    TheArtmaster6722 dagar sedan

    new uno dlc

  48. boracic sphere11

    boracic sphere1122 dagar sedan


  49. cup of jo

    cup of jo22 dagar sedan

    vivacious attractively lively and animated

  50. Zalfie

    Zalfie22 dagar sedan

    I actually started getting recommended some videos from SMii7Yminus and was wondering if it was a legit channel lol

  51. Loading Juan

    Loading Juan22 dagar sedan

    Ah fuck smii7y divided and multiplied are soon to come

  52. KiberVolk Gaming

    KiberVolk Gaming22 dagar sedan

    Smi77y, where's the smackdown? Sad day. T-T

  53. Boss_ Andro

    Boss_ Andro22 dagar sedan

    Smitty turning into Ed Sheeran with the channel names like smitty+ and now smitty- what’s next smitty% or smittyx

  54. Rokevh

    Rokevh22 dagar sedan

    Smi77y ×

  55. rikarrot

    rikarrot22 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks he bites his cheeks when he is stoned?


    DEADGR1MBOI e22 dagar sedan

    Everybody get ready for Smii7y X for your stream archive channel

  57. Mari Animates

    Mari Animates22 dagar sedan

    19:19 I'd like to know what he said

  58. GamingKitten22

    GamingKitten2222 dagar sedan

    Smitty X where he gets his videos from his friends

  59. Ryan

    Ryan22 dagar sedan

    I subbed smii7y dont you ever worry homie

  60. Loco Reviewer

    Loco Reviewer22 dagar sedan

    I'm so hyped and can't wait for SMii7Y÷ to be released

  61. Raffael Del Mese

    Raffael Del Mese22 dagar sedan

    Favourite line of this whole series: "WE'RE GOING BACK BABYY!!"

  62. Wesley Hayden-Sauer

    Wesley Hayden-Sauer22 dagar sedan

    I heard that iMessage sound effect in the skips

  63. -e -t

    -e -t22 dagar sedan

    Lmao im subbed to SMii7typlus and to SMii7Yminus but not to SMii7Y

  64. Amber Danielle

    Amber Danielle22 dagar sedan

    I love the sound effects 😂

  65. VGN15

    VGN1522 dagar sedan

    In case you're looking for it, the thumbnail moment is at 22:58

  66. Flex

    Flex22 dagar sedan

    Oh Boy, I can't wait for SMii7Y× the channel where he posts 2 videos a day! And then SMii7Y÷ where it's videos that are half the length of the usual video.

  67. Justin Bridgan

    Justin Bridgan23 dagar sedan

    Community post on the smiitty minus for the random things to show up

  68. Billy vang

    Billy vang23 dagar sedan

    What is next channel name times smii7y . - .

  69. Billy vang

    Billy vang23 dagar sedan

    Multi smii7y

  70. Billy vang

    Billy vang23 dagar sedan

    . _ .

  71. TC Spyro

    TC Spyro23 dagar sedan

    Those kisses at the end give me a some butterflies...😳

  72. 67oz

    67oz23 dagar sedan

    Smii7y why are you a milk bag? What video can I go to for this information? I'm new here.

  73. Stuart

    Stuart23 dagar sedan

    Flip, flip, flipadelphia!

  74. SmokeyTiger101

    SmokeyTiger10123 dagar sedan

    Flip flip filpadelphia

  75. luis carrillo

    luis carrillo23 dagar sedan

    Wait I thought that’s what expired milk was for 🤔

  76. Kyran Whitehead

    Kyran Whitehead23 dagar sedan

    I found the second b4 this was uploaded and I thought it was some random wannabe but it's a good thing I read the bio and realized it's my milk baggy boi

  77. thejekky_br

    thejekky_br23 dagar sedan

    stopped at 16:00

  78. Mo Amer

    Mo Amer23 dagar sedan

    smii7y can you more stick fight funtage vids again????

  79. Dead Cloaked

    Dead Cloaked23 dagar sedan

    smii7y ✖️ smii7y ➗ do it you 🇨🇦

  80. Aiden C

    Aiden C23 dagar sedan

    Smii7y ludbud confirmed?

  81. David Musselman

    David Musselman23 dagar sedan

    Smii7y minus is awesome, but "pint of smitt7y" would sound a tad bit better to me

  82. Brody Voltz

    Brody Voltz23 dagar sedan

    Is uno in Spanish speaking countries called one

  83. Bepsicola

    Bepsicola23 dagar sedan

    Next idea for smittys channel “SMI77y Divide” where we watch his whole process of editing his videos 💀

  84. Axel ._.

    Axel ._.23 dagar sedan

    OMG XD smiit7y-

  85. Nobody358

    Nobody35823 dagar sedan

    Dang, that was agonizing!

  86. Gabe Perry

    Gabe Perry23 dagar sedan

    I waited 23 mins for the thumbnail

  87. Matticus Madness

    Matticus Madness23 dagar sedan

    5:52 *” N U M B E R S E V E - E N . “* 22:58 - 23:08 Ouch. 😂 30:06 *”Maurice. Send him to de Gulag.”*

  88. Andrew Joergensen

    Andrew Joergensen23 dagar sedan

    next channel: SMI77Ydividedby

  89. Sleepy Flsh

    Sleepy Flsh23 dagar sedan


  90. Sleepy Flsh

    Sleepy Flsh23 dagar sedan

    SHEEESH can’t wait for smii7ymultiplication and smii7ydivision

  91. Unrelated Guy

    Unrelated Guy24 dagar sedan

    Oh boy now we need smii7y times and divide

  92. Fammerino

    Fammerino24 dagar sedan

    smii7y shitpost i fucking dig it.

  93. Jades

    Jades24 dagar sedan

    "that was not a mogul move" so I see the smii7ter is a fellow lud bud

  94. yiri plas

    yiri plas24 dagar sedan

    So the main channel is now SMii7Yequals?

  95. Samir Maassarani

    Samir Maassarani24 dagar sedan

    You have uno

  96. Ionarcher

    Ionarcher24 dagar sedan

    At 5:16 when the smit FINALLY messes up a "prediction"/timed moment XD

  97. buddy

    buddy24 dagar sedan

    I got to this video via a Smii7yminus video




  99. Satanskii

    Satanskii24 dagar sedan

    SMi - i7Y ET...

  100. R.I.M

    R.I.M24 dagar sedan

    1:02 “he is speaking the language of gods”

  101. thejekky_br

    thejekky_br24 dagar sedan

    stopped at 10:13

  102. Etson Barentine

    Etson Barentine24 dagar sedan

    Why not call it Smitymini?