Giant AMONG US in Real Life but at a MASQUERADE BALL! Rebecca Zamolo

It started when I, Rebecca Zamolo, uploaded Flintstones in Real Life But 24 Hours No Technology Challenge! Then Matt and Rebecca created Real Food Vs Mini Brands Challenge But in Real Life! Finally the Game Master network posted a 5 Ways to Sneak Spy Gadgets into the Movie Theater! Now in order to figure out which charities the kingpin stole money from we need to play among us in real life with our enemies. Since they already wear masks a masquerade ball is the right challenge game. The game master helped Maddie hack by using our sink as a spy gadget. Maddie uses hacks to find the secret location they are doing the exchange. It is at the same mansion as Hocus Pocus in real life. Rebecca is able to be the imposter but if the Halloween Hacker wins he gets to see the gems. Mr Nice Guy for some reason wants to take Matt's best friend Peanut. If our dog goes missing Matt will be so mad. Rebecca has everyone do a tik tok dance and take photos just like a masquerade ball. Do you think this plan will work or will it come down to a battle royale? All we know is that everyone is very sus. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  1. Rebecca Zamolo

    Rebecca ZamoloMånad sedan

    Did you see anything SUS in each of the rounds?

  2. Mollycoddled With wack

    Mollycoddled With wack11 dagar sedan

    Hi Rebecca

  3. Kike The Champ

    Kike The Champ22 dagar sedan

    I’m a biggest fan of you and I like their dogs and a peanut peanut in blackjack I love you guys🐕🦮

  4. Shelley Parsons

    Shelley ParsonsMånad sedan

    I would love a Nintendo switch

  5. Chanella Seelodharry

    Chanella SeelodharryMånad sedan

    Room 123

  6. ortizalanie2010 ortiz

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  7. Sparky Persad

    Sparky Persad26 minuter sedan

    Rebecca the game master came up on tv

  8. Sam PAlmer

    Sam PAlmerTimme sedan

    10 millions squad

  9. Amandeep mahil

    Amandeep mahil2 timmar sedan

    Maddy looks coyote

  10. Pamina Mulangaliro

    Pamina Mulangaliro3 timmar sedan

    there was a code on tv the code was 4342

  11. Jessica Goodner

    Jessica Goodner3 timmar sedan


  12. Jessica Goodner

    Jessica Goodner3 timmar sedan

    GO OUT SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jessica Goodner

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  14. Jessica Goodner

    Jessica Goodner4 timmar sedan

    He was dancing 💃

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    I want to get the giveaway

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    i do

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  20. Anna Smith

    Anna Smith9 timmar sedan

    hey rebecca i did every you ask for so can i have the airpods


    OLIVIA LEE YAN XUAN Moe14 timmar sedan


  22. leena qureshi

    leena qureshi14 timmar sedan

    Kingpin bunker code 4342

  23. Derek Chavez

    Derek Chavez17 timmar sedan


  24. Derek Chavez

    Derek Chavez17 timmar sedan


  25. Moises Elizalde

    Moises Elizalde17 timmar sedan

    Can I get the camera 📷


    LOVELIFE CC17 timmar sedan

    I think helloween hacker is in love with Rebecca

  27. Kayla Dyer

    Kayla Dyer18 timmar sedan

    4342 code

  28. Johnny Khuc

    Johnny Khuc18 timmar sedan

    The code is 4342

  29. Sherri Pierce

    Sherri Pierce18 timmar sedan

    10,000000 squad

  30. Sherri Pierce

    Sherri Pierce19 timmar sedan

    10,000000 fam

  31. Jhanna

    Jhanna19 timmar sedan

    We not know

  32. Ashanti Becford

    Ashanti Becford20 timmar sedan

    The game master has a number on the tv 4342

  33. Tim Salazar

    Tim Salazar21 timme sedan

    I saw the game Master on tv

  34. Sissy Downey

    Sissy Downey21 timme sedan

    10 m squad

  35. Alexandria Pacheco

    Alexandria Pacheco22 timmar sedan

    The code is :4342

  36. Lynn Davison

    Lynn Davison22 timmar sedan

    The code is 4342


    HAYLEY HENRY22 timmar sedan

    10, million squads

  38. Maxwell White

    Maxwell White22 timmar sedan


  39. LIFE WITH CHARLEE Coughlin

    LIFE WITH CHARLEE Coughlin22 timmar sedan

    Game master in the back round when purp and lego were talking the code is 4342

  40. mish mash spense

    mish mash spense22 timmar sedan

    When Mr nice guy was talking on the tv the game master

  41. Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

    Muireann Nic AmhlaoibhDag sedan

    Game master siad the code is 4342

  42. Dara Peters

    Dara PetersDag sedan

    The game master is on the TV screen

  43. Medgine Colin

    Medgine ColinDag sedan

    it was matt

  44. Medgine Colin

    Medgine ColinDag sedan

    hh is sus

  45. Vivian Earl

    Vivian EarlDag sedan

    10,000 squad!!!

  46. herman addison

    herman addisonDag sedan

    and a code 4342

  47. herman addison

    herman addisonDag sedan

    NICE guy AND HALLOWEN Hacker is looking for the gem

  48. Kayleigh Gallacher

    Kayleigh GallacherDag sedan

    I love you and Mike and my address is 29 Barnes well so is when you give away the prizes am I allowed to get on the record please

  49. Kayleigh Gallacher

    Kayleigh GallacherDag sedan

    Rebecca am I your favourite fans but I can’t afford to buy a new stuff so my name is kaylyn doull




  51. junie desir

    junie desirDag sedan

    the code to unlock 4372

  52. Mase Douglas

    Mase DouglasDag sedan

    fire air water earth

  53. GamerJonny

    GamerJonnyDag sedan


  54. GamerJonny

    GamerJonnyDag sedan

    I laughed so much when Matt said You made me look sus I bought dis train but you put me on a sus train

  55. GamerJonny

    GamerJonnyDag sedan

    I saw gamemaster on Tv when Mr nice guy was talking to lianna and a code was on there I think it was 4242

  56. Hossain iqbal

    Hossain iqbalDag sedan

    Iqhone i12

  57. Kendall Walker

    Kendall WalkerDag sedan

    I think it is fire water wind and earth

  58. Hijab Wasif

    Hijab WasifDag sedan


  59. Monaliza Abrera

    Monaliza AbreraDag sedan

    Boy SUS

  60. Vesna Knezevic

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    On the TV was the GM he said Bunker Code 4342 or 4342

  61. Monaliza Abrera

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    😬😬😬 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😯😲😲😲😲😲😲🤐😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

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    The game master aperde in the tv

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    The code is 4342

  65. Korobi Rahman

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    Rebecca zamolo is wearing her mask upside down

  66. Carlos Gaitan

    Carlos GaitanDag sedan

    COOD 4342

  67. Jeremy Black

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  68. Layla’s Fun Time

    Layla’s Fun TimeDag sedan

    When purple was thinking water the game master was on the tv and he wrote a message but I can not read it

  69. Lavin Aafar

    Lavin AafarDag sedan

    When Mr.nice guy and layan was talking the game master was in the TV And said kingping bunker code 4342 that's the code make sure to know and Subscribe to rebecca zamolo and matt and rebecca For 10 million Subscribe!!!!!!!!!

  70. Jordan Lane

    Jordan LaneDag sedan

    the game master was on the tv and showed a code that said 4342

  71. wenyi yang

    wenyi yangDag sedan

    maddie also stealed halloween hackers card it the numbers was 72896

  72. wenyi yang

    wenyi yangDag sedan

    when mr.nice guy came to liana when the other people were taking photos the gamemaster showed up on the tv and left this code 4342

  73. Shelby Sutton

    Shelby SuttonDag sedan

    Maddie had the greatest luck and Rebecca you both had the lovely moose I am so jealous of your books they are stopping yes



    I saw the game master said behind purple and mr nice guy say a code to something it was 4342

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    100000000 squad

  78. Jaelynn Anderson

    Jaelynn AndersonDag sedan

    Wen purple was by mr. Nise Nise guy the game master was on the TV saying sumthing

  79. Chris Miller

    Chris MillerDag sedan

    The symbols are earth air fire and warter

  80. Ari Vlogz

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  81. taheaddressable

    taheaddressableDag sedan

    The TV turned on and I seen the game master and it said words but I couldn’t see what they said

  82. Łöłã Hâññå

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  83. megan cooper

    megan cooperDag sedan

    game master shomed up on the tv saying kithings bunker code: 4342

  84. Curly Kid & Baby Sister

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    Nice guy took the tv

  85. Jose Caballero Romero

    Jose Caballero RomeroDag sedan

    i went phone 12

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    Hey liana I only know who you are because jentzen Ramirez is your brother

  87. Lillian Jimenez

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  88. Arron O

    Arron O2 dagar sedan

    Wn Mr nice guy was talking to liana I saw the game master pop up on the screen and there were numbers 4342

  89. Heather Angelis

    Heather Angelis2 dagar sedan

    You’re welcome Rebecca I’m Always going to be following your channel

  90. Heather Angelis

    Heather Angelis2 dagar sedan

    It kinda sus

  91. Heather Angelis

    Heather Angelis2 dagar sedan

    When the Lego man was asking the purple Power Ranger what kind of Power Ranger she is

  92. Heather Angelis

    Heather Angelis2 dagar sedan

    And it was on the tv

  93. Heather Angelis

    Heather Angelis2 dagar sedan

    The game hacker said 43-44 and then ha said code??????????

  94. Heather Angelis

    Heather Angelis2 dagar sedan

    I love your Channel

  95. shane bilodeau

    shane bilodeau2 dagar sedan

    4342 is the code

  96. Laporshia Ragin

    Laporshia Ragin2 dagar sedan

    It’s stands for fire water earth wind these are the four elements

  97. Massimo Polsinelli

    Massimo Polsinelli2 dagar sedan

    GM appeared on TV screen and there was a code and it was 4342

  98. Anna Ryzinska

    Anna Ryzinska2 dagar sedan

    And the pize

  99. bluez ?

    bluez ?2 dagar sedan

    The tv said 4342 game master showed the number

  100. lyndsey Harris

    lyndsey Harris2 dagar sedan

    The game master left a clue

  101. Adriana C

    Adriana C2 dagar sedan

    13:34 13:36 13:38 GM on TV with code

  102. Lildancingboo14 C

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    You are so cool sophia

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    It's the button code

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    4342 was on the TV with game master

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    Mr nice guy is taking one of your dogs