FBI arrests Nashville zip-tie suspect from assault on U.S. Capitol

A self-described "hidden patriot" from Nashville, outed on social media as a rioter who invaded the U.S. Senate chambers Wednesday with a weapon and zip-tie handcuffs, was arrested Sunday on federal charges, NewsChannel 5 has learned.


  1. The LaserDude

    The LaserDude4 sekunder sedan

    Nice to see Black Rifle Coffee get good promo from Maga Riots nice

  2. Tim Toolman

    Tim Toolman39 sekunder sedan

    Walking around with zip ties means nothing. No different than walking around with a rope or a hammer. Did he do anything illegal that's what matters. So they are letting serial ax murderers out of jail because of Covid and they'll fill the cells with people carrying zip ties.

  3. John Doe

    John DoeMinut sedan

    There's the same pattern with rioters. They're proud of themselves. They get high off the power trip and their own self importance. They brag about their intentions while failing to see the destruction and hypocrisy of their actions. Hence taking selfish with big grins on their faces. And plastering those selfish, videos, and live streams on social media for a pat on the back. They think they've done something worthy of praise when in reality they should feel ashamed. They mistakenly believe their emotions justify their actions. Grandiose fantasies, impulsiveness, intimidation, lack of accountability and foresight, self loathing, gullibility, arrogance etc. They're Narcissistic. If a social credit score system is ever put in place these people will be in for a rude awakening. They're blinded by their own self righteousness.

  4. English Jona

    English Jona6 minuter sedan

    Wait what they really think they built the White House 🤔 i’m sure it was Benjamin Banneker a black man and some French guy 😂😂😂😂

  5. English Jona

    English Jona8 minuter sedan

    Good work, Intense conspiracy that guy need 150 years min

  6. Newshound

    Newshound8 minuter sedan

    Not exactly brain surgeons

  7. Patrick Hite

    Patrick Hite15 minuter sedan

    🇺🇸Give the man a medal 🇺🇸

  8. LikeTanyaNoT

    LikeTanyaNoT16 minuter sedan

    They keep saying “This is our house.” That’s how you treat your house?

  9. edawgrules

    edawgrules17 minuter sedan

    Pro tip: it’s usually a bad idea to post evidence of your crimes online. The FBI has Facebook too...

  10. Paul Montez

    Paul Montez18 minuter sedan

    yankee oodles prison patriots

  11. Whitney Berton

    Whitney Berton20 minuter sedan

    Oh yeah! Another one bites the dust! Make our country the last place you invade. We don’t mess around. Thank you FBI and all how are helping to seize these criminals.

  12. Euan Reid

    Euan Reid20 minuter sedan

    Hahaha... what a moron enjoy your sentence.

  13. Mark R

    Mark R22 minuter sedan

    Stupid hurts.

  14. K. C. Beagle

    K. C. Beagle26 minuter sedan

    Real cool IDIOT

  15. Montana 23manpr

    Montana 23manpr29 minuter sedan

    This shit fake

  16. Kenneth Hlavik

    Kenneth Hlavik31 minut sedan

    Doesn't really matter where you got the zip ties from. We know what he was going to use them for.

  17. H P

    H P35 minuter sedan

    “my house, our house, damn straight, we paid for that house... “ wth 🤦‍♂️ what a patriot...

  18. newbee509

    newbee50936 minuter sedan

    Mom does his eyebrows......

  19. Biscuits McGravy

    Biscuits McGravy42 minuter sedan

    Hey wait! I went to grad school with that guy! Not.

  20. BryPiot

    BryPiot46 minuter sedan

    I'm so glad that people are pouring over these photos and identifying these bastards. That's the kind of unity I can get behind!

  21. Queen Bee

    Queen Bee46 minuter sedan

    God bless those who are exposing these traitor weasels

  22. Deborah Thunder Hawk

    Deborah Thunder Hawk48 minuter sedan

    These Trump mobster rioters will be charged with felonies and they will have police records.

  23. Fareed Akhtar

    Fareed Akhtar50 minuter sedan

    Hidden patriot would be your exposed ass in the jail now.

  24. robert c

    robert c55 minuter sedan

    Folks, a good education matters... But you can't fix stupidity.

  25. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay56 minuter sedan


  26. Shifu Sage

    Shifu Sage56 minuter sedan

    🤣 internet wins again

  27. Charles ‘Chuck’ Finley

    Charles ‘Chuck’ Finley57 minuter sedan

    hahahahaha - what a douchebag! And where is The Orange Turd Toddler now? Not by your side and he won't remember your name or even give a flying fuck about you!

  28. joe veras

    joe verasTimme sedan

    They should be sent to Guantanamo bay prison for life for treason and terrorism

  29. Victor Bukowsky

    Victor BukowskyTimme sedan

    And what are the charges? This was a political protest, that had clear political annotations. Zip ties? Political statement - that there are crooks in power. And in any event - ZIP TIES? You are going to arrest someone for carrying zip ties? That holstered gun - are you sure it's not a BB gun? Most likely it was. Etc.

  30. A z

    A zTimme sedan

    Another candidate for GITMO. Maybe he can be the first one in

  31. Jan Andersen

    Jan AndersenTimme sedan

    a violent attack on the capitol - if there should be any coherence with other sentencing in the US that would be something like 30-40 years in prison...

  32. Nick Leviton

    Nick LevitonTimme sedan

    Can’t go anywhere without his Mom, well he’s going to Prison now for a long time.

  33. newbee509

    newbee50931 minut sedan

    And mom is still doing his eyebrows. He'll be purdy in prison.

  34. redhead stepchild

    redhead stepchildTimme sedan

    now they all want a pardon??? ya, sure

  35. Victor Bukowsky

    Victor BukowskyTimme sedan

    Yeah, like Black Lives Matters protesters? How many of those got arrested? Anyway, we all better be careful, with arrest this arrest that. These people were making a political statement, they weren't there to steal or rob. Vast majority will get fines and probation, I'm sure very few have criminal records. All the ladies will get probation, for example. Etc. This was a political protest, just like BLM or any other. Also, you better be careful - this can easily explode this country. Lord knows there's plenty of guns around, eh? We already seen some of that.

  36. redhead stepchild

    redhead stepchildTimme sedan

    look who is by his side?? he must of hit up the trailer park on his way to the rumble.

  37. Koolkatt714 M

    Koolkatt714 MTimme sedan

    When are you gonna show the pictures of looters and rioters? Go into great depth about their background and their family’s history. Interesting how it’s only these people who u have chosen to investigate. Fucking hypocrites

  38. a lema

    a lemaTimme sedan

    Why would you say his name right now well he was there so there you go that's their building they pay taxes for it so gives them the right to terrorize it break it down no that's 20 years well I guess then that you said his name I don't know why you're so proud to rush to the to the news and to let the people know that you have done this so Donald Trump can pardon this one too wow

  39. Meds

    MedsTimme sedan

    Make an example of them all

  40. Jake Owen

    Jake OwenTimme sedan

    Wtf? Cops are just letting them in?

  41. Brandon Wright

    Brandon WrightTimme sedan

    “The Chickens have come home to roost.”


    CHRIS SHIELDSTimme sedan

    How come the jails are not letting these people out like they did BLM and Pantifa members when they were burning, looting and attacking people? How come Republicans aren't posting their bail for them? Hmmmm... strange

  43. eric horvitz

    eric horvitzTimme sedan

    youtube - ERIC HORVITZ BLACK { COVER }

  44. Whats In a name

    Whats In a nameTimme sedan

    Both sides have dipshits, the democrats just have much more.

  45. hoss glover

    hoss gloverTimme sedan

    Here's your 15 minutes of fame you IDIOT......LOL😉

  46. J.C. Herna

    J.C. HernaTimme sedan

    Are all trump supporters inbred...You mother fuclkers are truly the most stupid terrorists in history lock them up.

  47. Michael Schomaker

    Michael SchomakerTimme sedan

    Wanna be tough guy real life waitress. Lmao

  48. Joe Wilson

    Joe WilsonTimme sedan

    It's actually abundantly clear why he had the zip ties, because there is only ONE reason to not only have flex cuffs, but to have them IN HAND. He 100% intended to use them to illegally restrain people.

  49. Shea Sullivan

    Shea SullivanTimme sedan

    NO NO NO he probably wanted to zip tie something in terms of construction or house work YOU FAKE NEWS DEMONCRAT he's not a black supporter like you....... Was that crazy enough for yiu? And no I'm not serious I'm being a smart ass all these people are just crazy

  50. Carla Costa

    Carla CostaTimme sedan

    You will be found!

  51. Carla Costa

    Carla CostaTimme sedan

    Put him away for life!

  52. Shawn Esgate

    Shawn EsgateTimme sedan

    Welcome to Supermax

  53. malcolm jelani

    malcolm jelaniTimme sedan

    What a jackass

  54. joe isgreat

    joe isgreatTimme sedan

    Trump = Hitler Ivanka = Eva Braun Donnie D-bag = Himmler Pence = Hermann Göring Giuliani = Joseph Goebbels

  55. frankieboo702

    frankieboo7022 timmar sedan

    Lock them up!!!

  56. Tony

    Tony2 timmar sedan

    unreal this lunatic was allowed into the capitol dressed like that

  57. Vans3151

    Vans31512 timmar sedan

    I guess none of these folks didn’t need Obama or the Democrats to take their “gun rights.” They already getting felony charges with the feds lmao 🤣

  58. newbee509

    newbee5092 timmar sedan

    Bad teeth to gum ratio, and those eyebrows.....

  59. HR

    HR2 timmar sedan

    A Bartender are you kidding me a person that gets people drunk for a living, What a loser. The only thing hes going to be attending is in Federal prison for about 25 to 30 year's Guaranteed.

  60. ElectroShock

    ElectroShock2 timmar sedan

    2:05 Those police need to be discharged from service and thrown in prison for being accomplices by not resisting the Trump mob.

  61. Kool Will

    Kool Will2 timmar sedan

    Dummies! All of them. Now they face prison time !

  62. Scott Snowder

    Scott Snowder2 timmar sedan

    Thanks for publishing the pic of unlawful activity, now please be consistent and continue publishing the photos of criminal acts such as looting a Target, or burning down businesses or blocking roadways and assaulting motorists that simply want to pass through an illegal roadblock.

  63. J dubb

    J dubb2 timmar sedan


  64. ColoradoKen

    ColoradoKen2 timmar sedan

    They're going down faster than a twinkie at a weight watchers meeting.

  65. mohideenh22

    mohideenh222 timmar sedan

    Enjoy your orange color uniform at jail

  66. Kevlar PARSONS

    Kevlar PARSONS2 timmar sedan

    How about all these insurrectionists because charged with conspiracy to commit murder of federal agents they were there to kill politicians

  67. Kevlar PARSONS

    Kevlar PARSONS2 timmar sedan

    If we take their word literally they were there to murder the vice president the Speaker of the House in the speaker of the Senate they were there to elect Donald Trump as king Trump of life

  68. Carmen Schuler

    Carmen Schuler2 timmar sedan

    So, who are true Americans' ? Non of you fools.

  69. Kevlar PARSONS

    Kevlar PARSONS2 timmar sedan

    They're not good tires their Flex cough they make them for the police and military you can't buy these at Home Depot

  70. Yoo toobe

    Yoo toobe2 timmar sedan

    These clowns are so pathetic they want to play military games but dint have the nuts to join the military

  71. M Y

    M Y2 timmar sedan


  72. Hugo Tri-bull

    Hugo Tri-bull2 timmar sedan

    outed village-idiot more like.

  73. Hugo Tri-bull

    Hugo Tri-bull2 timmar sedan

    That bartender is a moron. lol.

  74. Puneet Kalhan

    Puneet Kalhan2 timmar sedan

    quick, kind of unrelated question...what is up with having a beard? Seems like a lot of these guys who rushed the Capital all had beards.

  75. Todd Fletcher

    Todd Fletcher2 timmar sedan

    Eric never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

  76. Islepaint

    Islepaint2 timmar sedan

    Cops let them walk right in.....why?

  77. jt 237 hll

    jt 237 hll2 timmar sedan

    Does anyone remember Trump speaking at the 74th Session of UN?? He is Anti-Globalist and they have been coming for him the instance Hillary lost..., she was what they wanted. And she would have handed America on a silver platter. That alone should have made every American stand with Trump.

  78. Alan Gonzalez

    Alan Gonzalez3 timmar sedan

    Ain't no difference between Al-Qeada and YALL-Qeada? They both got holy books, they both commit terror to push political beliefs, and they both hate marginalized groups. Yet only one of them is described as terrorists.

  79. EASE III

    EASE III3 timmar sedan

    Welcome to the streets Capitol Hill

  80. Dave Mottern

    Dave Mottern3 timmar sedan

    Treasonous bastards!


    LIVE781REDRUM3 timmar sedan

    True Traitors follow people who tell lies and stop looking for the truth just because it is what makes them feel good and confirms their bias


    SAL ORTES3 timmar sedan

    The People v. Donald J. Trump The criminal case against him is already in the works - and it could go to trial sooner than you think. CASE #??-????

  83. Rick Eshbach

    Rick Eshbach3 timmar sedan

    "When something is trying to drive you towards NOT being unified that's where you have to be careful..." Of course he is warning members of his own cult. Trump supporters must cherry pick their news to support their own preconceived notions. They open the door to CULT. They focus on hate propaganda, and separation from reality. To all these Anti-American fascist assholes... WAKE THE F UP!!!

  84. k p

    k p3 timmar sedan

    Love how these idiots know nothing about property they didn't pay for. 🤣

  85. The Average Humanist

    The Average Humanist3 timmar sedan

    10 years

  86. Ian Stallings

    Ian Stallings3 timmar sedan

    He had no plates in his plate carrier.. lol.

  87. incipidsigninsetup

    incipidsigninsetup3 timmar sedan

    Facebook and Instagram proving, once again, that the people who use them are idiots.

  88. JD C

    JD C3 timmar sedan

    “My ass got arrested” = MAGA

  89. Cedric Clark

    Cedric Clark3 timmar sedan

    Why did the police just let them in?

  90. Sabrina E.

    Sabrina E.3 timmar sedan


  91. Kevin B Willson

    Kevin B Willson3 timmar sedan


  92. Liem H

    Liem H3 timmar sedan

    Now use this for the looters and statue burning idiots

  93. Dean Florey

    Dean Florey3 timmar sedan

    Cough cough "patriot" Cough cough

  94. Keith Saulsbury

    Keith Saulsbury3 timmar sedan

    Traitor. I hope he gets the maximum penalty under Federal law.

  95. Tales Of The Chrysalis

    Tales Of The Chrysalis3 timmar sedan

    With all the ‘outrage’, ‘shock’, and arrests 👀 I’ll take it seriously when someone is charged with sedition and called out as the fascists they are by the law

  96. Marcella Gaviria

    Marcella Gaviria3 timmar sedan

    They need to arrest antifa Joe Biden pelosi

  97. TheMan Cone

    TheMan Cone3 timmar sedan

    Gotta love the fact these types started out screaming about big brother they are watching well they are and you all not only pointed the cameras but posed for them. Just let that sink in.

  98. Robert Thorpe

    Robert Thorpe3 timmar sedan

    Live stream ha ha fool

  99. pop star

    pop star3 timmar sedan

    Stupid brainless idiots

  100. Rambo Wales

    Rambo Wales3 timmar sedan

    Wait, they said he had a "fire-arm" on his side, yet, we find out in the very same report, it was a tazer. WTF, the bald faced lying media strikes again. Did you know, the Capitol Building was bombed in 1983 by a group called M19. Bill Clinton later pardoned the bomber who is now on the board for the organization that funds BLM. AMERICA KNOWS WHO THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE, ESPECIALLY AFTER IT HAS BEEN FOUND OUT THAT CNN WAS WITH THE ANTIFA MEMBERS PRETENDING TO BE TRUMP SUPPORTERS AS THEY RANSACKED THE CAPITOL BUILDING. CAPITOL POLICE OPENED THE DOORS AND INVITED TRUMP SUPPORTERS IN TO BUILD THE "FAKE NARRATIVE". WE ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS AND REAL PATRIOTS ARE NOT VIOLENT NOR DO WE BREAK AND BURN STUFF DOWN OUT OF TEMPER TANTRUMS. THAT'S LEFTIST B.S. 100% AND WE ALL KNOW IT.

  101. Prophetess Virginia

    Prophetess Virginia3 timmar sedan

    Would you want someone to break into your house

  102. Prophetess Virginia

    Prophetess Virginia3 timmar sedan

    What you gonna do when they come for you