Listen To This: 2004 Porsche Carrera GT - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay spun out in a Carrera GT going nearly 200 mph, but that did not sour him from enjoying this precision automobile for many years.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
Listen To This: 2004 Porsche Carrera GT - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Sean O'Reilly

    Sean O'ReillyDag sedan

    Jay double clutched those gear changes like a legend

  2. L Zappa

    L ZappaDag sedan

    Thank you so much, really really appreciated!

  3. Mihail M A

    Mihail M A2 dagar sedan

    this car was amazing in NFS MOST WANTED 😍

  4. Robert smee

    Robert smee2 dagar sedan

    Jay Leno is a good American. His videos are most interesting. His insights are one of a kind and personal. Good job.

  5. cptdavidwebb

    cptdavidwebb6 dagar sedan

    If you slow down to 60 it feels like you can get out.... That's perfect.

  6. Concerned Citizen

    Concerned Citizen7 dagar sedan

    Jay you are a legend. A true car lover like myself. I’ve had the privilege of owning 2 911’s and 1 Macan GTS. I still have one 911 and planing on another. Ive raced them for 5 years and they truely are the most honest car I’ve ever owned. A pure pleasure and not that expensive to maintain. Well done Porsche👍

  7. Chad Harrison

    Chad Harrison8 dagar sedan

    Jay did you go to Germany and take "Factory Delivery" of yours? My friend Garry Hundley from Panama City Beach FL bought two identical cars when they came out. He said he bought two because he could not stand the thought of not driving this machine daily. He assumed that the one he drove would depreciate and the one that he saved would raise in value. He always said that the undriven one was a million dollar car even when the market hit the bottom. Unfortunately we lost Garry a few years back to and aneurism and he never got to see his prediction about the cars value come to fruition. It is a real treat hearing you talk about you car, about the clutch, the spin, and the funny face you made holding on to the wheel talking about going 190 mph.........Garry would giggle when he would get up to the top end of the speedo. He too spun his and flat spotted all 4 tires one time. It is just crazy to hear you telling all these stories and it really brings back the memories of ole friend G.H. I was very fortunate to be one of the friends that he would just toss the keys to his GT and say run to the store and grab us this or that. It was a real treat when he asked me to take it to the car show 60 miles away and get it wiped down and set up. He let me take the GT because he wanted to drive his new Ferrari to the show. I know when Tim Allen was one Porsche owners in Garry's Group that went to Germany to take "delivery" their new Carrera GT's. He told me the stories of how excited all the new owners were and how they got to take Cayenne's around the test track but not their new GT's due to them being prepped to ship to the USA.

  8. Koko Han

    Koko Han9 dagar sedan

    GT = God Talk,,,

  9. Weekend Exotics

    Weekend Exotics9 dagar sedan

    7:30 what was that Jay? All that Chinese made crap you mean like CTek?

  10. Jawad Haider

    Jawad Haider9 dagar sedan

    This was the best era of cars... Maserati MC12, Ferrari Enzo, SLR 722, murcielago sv, Carrera GT, Veyron, Ford GT etc. The successor of these cars, Not including Bugatti, are heavily computerised. These were true analog drivers cars.

  11. temper44

    temper4410 dagar sedan

    I don't even like cars, and still that engine sound does something to my spine when I hear it.

  12. Dmitry Tannill

    Dmitry Tannill11 dagar sedan

    140 dislikes from "Fast & Furious" fans

  13. user unknown

    user unknown11 dagar sedan


  14. Ben Cyprian Sindram Mueller

    Ben Cyprian Sindram Mueller11 dagar sedan

    Lovely ☺️

  15. Berk Karşı

    Berk Karşı12 dagar sedan

    One day Doug Demuro will have one of these.

  16. Christopher Ballenger-Brooks

    Christopher Ballenger-Brooks12 dagar sedan

    Amazing car and brilliant audio quality. Thank you again Mr. Leno and team!!!

  17. OctoMan PC's

    OctoMan PC's13 dagar sedan

    Befopre it used to go: KUGHHHHH KUGHHHHHH now it goes KEGHHHHH KEGHHHHH!

  18. Deepak R

    Deepak R13 dagar sedan

    Carrera gt and the LFA are just something else 😍

  19. Carlos Aguilar

    Carlos Aguilar13 dagar sedan

    man it could be Paul walker died because of terrible manufacturing of this car how can a car so expensive have so many recalls in proper testing these cars are death traps ? imagine this car died right when Paul and his were friend making a turn it feels Jay's is just shilling here how can't he cannot think for a minute that there could be a manufacturing problem


    MrLEATHERFACE8314 dagar sedan

    My fav car all time

  21. Achintya Aatreya

    Achintya Aatreya15 dagar sedan

    Love this Porsche. Love that V10. Surprising what carmakers can do if they are not overthinking things. All you need, great car, great engine, great road and a great guy.

  22. sillieww

    sillieww15 dagar sedan

    20 to 30 thousand dollar clutch job?! Its more then my car.

  23. Dex Alshehri

    Dex Alshehri16 dagar sedan

    20:52 ... i wish I had ur job ☹️💔

  24. DonTruman

    DonTruman16 dagar sedan

    Wow. Reminds me of the sound of some race cars.

  25. V K

    V K16 dagar sedan

    'u got to be responsible and skilled' tell that to Bejamin Chen

  26. Jim Daniel

    Jim Daniel17 dagar sedan

    Instead of scraping, "kkuuu, kkuuu, it scrapes less like, "kkiiii, kkiiii!"


    STEFANTB2M17 dagar sedan

    This car killed Paul Walker and the Porsche official car tester said when he drives it, he was scared for the first time driving a car, I don’t that it was the driver’s fault in the accident too, but this car it’s dangerous, it is not safe. Whatever, I LIKE IT, TOO!

  28. Phong nguyen

    Phong nguyen18 dagar sedan

    The moldy peak alternately plug because number arguably injure near a volatile blanket. drunk, slim quiver

  29. Tyco Bandit

    Tyco Bandit20 dagar sedan

    I promise you if Paul Walker would have survived he wouldn’t have blamed the car, let alone sue Porsche because of the accident.

  30. BeefheartLynch

    BeefheartLynch21 dag sedan

    My god, that sound. That wonderful, beautiful sound.

  31. Filip Borin

    Filip Borin21 dag sedan

    Btw sounds like an F1 car from the v10 era exaxly the same sound.

  32. Filip Borin

    Filip Borin21 dag sedan

    Ferrari Enzo Carrera GT Merc SLR Mclaren Maserati MC12 and Bugatti Veyron where the supercars of the 00s.

  33. AMAR

    AMAR22 dagar sedan

    The two best sounding production super cars are the LFA and Carrera GT!

  34. Arnak Danielian

    Arnak Danielian22 dagar sedan

    When can I come for a drive with you haha

  35. Drew Woods

    Drew Woods23 dagar sedan

    Rest in piece Paul Walker

  36. Panaceias Úberes

    Panaceias Úberes23 dagar sedan

    6:51 Jay Leno, Meccannico Supremo. The way those terms just rolled out of his tongue... its like he's rapping!

  37. Phill M156

    Phill M15624 dagar sedan

    The sound is worth the price alone!

  38. matt brawner

    matt brawner25 dagar sedan

    Experienced or not, that is one dangerous car. The rear end loves to come around on them.

  39. David Mandell

    David Mandell26 dagar sedan

    I would like to know a couple things from Jay: Does the GT sound better than the F1? Why is he still in California when all the green leftist wackos come to cease his cars because of their carbon footprint....?

  40. Carlos Krueger

    Carlos Krueger26 dagar sedan

    ....I Would LOVE TO DRIVE THAT GT with Jay...Unfortunately I'm Living in a COLD and SNOWY Town...Montreal,Canada...And I wouldn't DARE Drive that SEXY Porsche in Montreal...POTHOLES EVERYWHERE..

  41. Joey NoLegs

    Joey NoLegs26 dagar sedan

    Thanks Jay this was one of the best videos you ever did I love this car!

  42. Carlos Krueger

    Carlos Krueger26 dagar sedan

    ...Jay...Any chance of getting a Haircut.??

  43. Carlos Krueger

    Carlos Krueger26 dagar sedan

    ..I Thought Jay Loved the McLaren F1..??

  44. Carlos Krueger

    Carlos Krueger26 dagar sedan

    ...I Wonder How Much Is My Carrera GT Model diecast is worth today.??...Made by Maisto... In RED.!...And YES I LOVE THE Carrera GT...And It's a Masterpiece from PORSCHE..

  45. rich gallagher

    rich gallagher26 dagar sedan

    For a guy that, historically, doesn’t prefer convertibles, welcome to the top-down driving club, Jay. This is why we prefer them. Yes, they’re usually heavier and less rigid than their hardtop counterparts but it’s all about the wind in your hair (if you have any), visceral sound experience. It’s why they say, “when the top goes down, the price goes up”.

  46. Jordan Tyler

    Jordan Tyler28 dagar sedan

    We need this to go on after COVID too. I feel like it’s just me and Jay hanging out in his garage and him telling me about his cars. After you get through all your cars, start showing us cool things about the garage, show us your janitor closet......we don’t care, we’re just here for the stories. Whenever you have guests, they’re always so passive and never as into it as you Jay. You are more excited about their car than they are.

  47. HyperCar Dad

    HyperCar Dad28 dagar sedan

    Love that car the engine ....a “Drivers” car for sure ... BTW one can be had for around $800K easily ....

  48. Rick Bergles

    Rick Bergles28 dagar sedan

    If I had Mr. Leno's hair, and he had a feather up his nose, we would both be tickled. I have a 2003 Pontiac Vibe, which is becoming increasingly collectible so I am saving it for him.

  49. Ryan Russell

    Ryan Russell28 dagar sedan

    Lol. Love the sound effects Jay

  50. C Smith

    C SmithMånad sedan

    It sounds like it needs another gear, or is he just not putting it in high gear?

  51. will Cotter

    will CotterMånad sedan

    Love this car!

  52. Finster 25

    Finster 25Månad sedan

    Ahh the car that killed Paul Walker

  53. Brandon Munoz

    Brandon MunozMånad sedan

    R.I.P Paul Walker

  54. Kevin

    KevinMånad sedan

    Whoever the idiots are that made the e mustang..... This is what a car should sound like

  55. B

    BMånad sedan

    Jay "don't tell me to stay in my lane" Leno

  56. GillesGerstmann

    GillesGerstmannMånad sedan

    I think you coukd say that was an era, when germans had a pession for great engineering and design. You didnt have to choose between passion or engineering, they used to do both

  57. Gabriela Carbajal

    Gabriela CarbajalMånad sedan

    The valuable hemp oceanographically alert because treatment supposedly confess in a absorbing poison. heartbreaking, second-hand delete

  58. howsahemi

    howsahemiMånad sedan

    Just fantastic. After we fixed the shocks. Really great Unbelievable. Once we secured the battery terminal. Unbelievable driving experience as long as the roofs not on. Was a bargain at 440k. We opted for the base model with only the socket and not the wrench for the wheels. The widow maker only killed one out of two famous people who were in one This is my favorite channel. I watch it ever Monday and have for the last 7 years or so. This is the first time where it seems Jay is really trying to convince himself how great the car is.

  59. Mark Felder

    Mark FelderMånad sedan

    Hello Jay, What do you think about this car? 1936 Chevy Cabriolet 4 DOOR that belonged to U.S. Ambassador William E. Dodd .

  60. Timo Hannemann

    Timo HannemannMånad sedan

    🦻Absolutely🤩beautiful🦻 Greetings♾froóôòm 🇩🇪Germany🔛my🤗part🇩🇪 & a peaceful Christmas time with your loved ones❣ mayGod bless & protect & keep you all 🙏❤🙏

  61. the Trash Man

    the Trash ManMånad sedan

    Wow, it's been a while since I've heard anyone mention CD's...

  62. Thomas Lee

    Thomas LeeMånad sedan

    This car is Absolutely AWESOME!

  63. yuriraver7

    yuriraver7Månad sedan

    5:15 JESUS, destroyed my ear.

  64. Patrick Goncalves

    Patrick GoncalvesMånad sedan

    I am happy just to see Jay and the cars are cool.

  65. Imam yusofi

    Imam yusofiMånad sedan

    The seal grey colour ( not this GT silver) makes the whole car look timeless

  66. Imam yusofi

    Imam yusofiMånad sedan

    The most refined V10 ever. Way more refined than that LFA thing which sounds like a knock off v10.

  67. Imam yusofi

    Imam yusofiMånad sedan

    Cannot be enough Carrera GT videos in SEtoos land

  68. Cody Machado

    Cody MachadoMånad sedan

    His bumper scraping sound is spot on 100% accurate

  69. A. T. Carspotter

    A. T. CarspotterMånad sedan

    Don’t crash it again please!

  70. Murkd 135i-007

    Murkd 135i-007Månad sedan

    I'm a 911 guy but there is no better sounding car than that....👍🏁

  71. Juan Sequeira Baquero

    Juan Sequeira BaqueroMånad sedan

    What a video, what a car!!

  72. User Anonymous

    User AnonymousMånad sedan

    What about the gemballa?

  73. Brian Donovan

    Brian DonovanMånad sedan

    Is that a hazard light switch under the hood? Zanny Germans, I love it?

  74. Brian Donovan

    Brian DonovanMånad sedan

    Super pumped about redoing some of the key older episodes. The Shogun Fiesta would be my pick

  75. Chris q

    Chris qMånad sedan

    Jay probably holds a record for most spins in that car at that speed.

  76. Billybob Joe

    Billybob JoeMånad sedan

    So much different than the Porsche 911.

  77. Becky Parry

    Becky ParryMånad sedan

    The different hub ultrasonographically kick because thermometer endogenously kill round a selfish rooster. efficient, amusing divorced


    VARUNCOUTINHOMånad sedan

    5:15 10:41 15:49 - 15:53 17:21 😄😆😂🤣😅 10:56 In or On? 21:01 I wish! 23:02 Fantastic (Arnold acccent) 25:55 Metropolitan 25:56 C6

  79. michael jackson

    michael jacksonMånad sedan

    الكيان الصهيوني عايز يعلق العرب مع ايران قد يكون تهيئآ لضربة نووية إسرائيليه للعرب او لايران و إلقاء اللوم على العرب او ايران. اذا ايران عايزة تروح لإسرائيل احنا مالنا واذا اسرائيل عايزة تضرب ايران احنا مالنا يروحو في ستين نيله

  80. Adrian Tena

    Adrian TenaMånad sedan

    Man!!!.... 70ing year old .....that's Old enough to drive that beauty and many others lol !!! 🙌🏻😎 So very nice to watch this video !!!

  81. Naveen Dhak

    Naveen DhakMånad sedan

    Nice Review Thanks ✌

  82. GeFeldz

    GeFeldzMånad sedan

    Jeremy Clarkson talked about hypercar royalty... This is at least at the prince/princess level!

  83. Beau

    BeauMånad sedan

    Watch out for that fake covid Jay, hope we all survive this hoax

  84. Sean Jones

    Sean JonesMånad sedan

    24:57 2020 Corvette, please stand up! Wheels that crack? Hoods that fly up while you are driving? Interior trim pieces that do not line up and stitching that is off? Oh we got that! GM quality is going down faster than a Trump presidency.


    GRIGGZZYMånad sedan

    Damn I love the sound of a V10

  86. Michael Perrin

    Michael PerrinMånad sedan

    Good old pez brings back memories

  87. ductrung3993

    ductrung3993Månad sedan

    oh god that red interior!!!

  88. Eymard Barron

    Eymard BarronMånad sedan

    Sir I fallow a gentleman by the name of Doug Demuro on SEtoos and reminds me of you... passion for cars and love for this specific beauty of a car! thank you for what you do J!

  89. bisri hakim

    bisri hakimMånad sedan

    this and the lfa just sounds amazing. both v10. i wonder why the lambo v10 doesn't sound this good?

  90. Cold Beer

    Cold BeerMånad sedan

    Wow, that engine note is from the Gods.

  91. Tryharder

    TryharderMånad sedan

    10:08 jay just sneak dissed koenigsegg

  92. David Q Heffner

    David Q HeffnerMånad sedan

    IMO this is Leno's best video and I think I liked it best because it's just Leno and his INCREDIBLE knowledge and love of this Porsche. I was surprised that the first time in this video that he said "Porsche" he mis-pronounced it. I know Leno knows how to properly pronounce 'Porsche".

  93. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk DigglerMånad sedan

    why would someone dislike this? wonderful video

  94. Literally Shaking

    Literally ShakingMånad sedan

    Hands down greatest exhaust note ever. Nothing beats a naturally aspirated V10.

  95. Robert smith

    Robert smithMånad sedan

    My friend kai once said this car was ugly. he had to go to the dentist that day.

  96. bernard_hossmoto

    bernard_hossmotoMånad sedan

    V10s do make the best sounds indeed.

  97. Devin McGovern

    Devin McGovernMånad sedan

    Doug if you are seeing this it’s time to sell the Ford gt (I know it’s a great car) and buy a Carrera gt before they go up In price another mil

  98. Renan Soares

    Renan SoaresMånad sedan

    Não existe ronco mais bonito que o desse carro. Simplesmente inebriante!!

  99. Dany Anctil

    Dany AnctilMånad sedan

    Yeah.. right! covid for thee not for me.

  100. TheEZGZ

    TheEZGZMånad sedan

    It's a tuff job Jay. But somebody's got to do it and nobody does it as well as you.