Playing World of Tanks with steering wheel - ABSOLUTE SUCCESS

Come get in game, free to play, fun to play - and use code TANKMANIA
World of Tanks is a tank battle game developed by Wargaming.
Click the link and get 7 days free premium account, a tank and free credits. Only for new registered members on the Wargaming site.
This video brought to you by support of Wargaming. They keep the kvass flowing and potato growing. Thanks. ..for the tanks.
This is Boris playing World of Tanks with Force Feedback Logitech G920 steering wheel. Showing the setup, installation and of course best moments from the game. It is an absolute success.
Funny moments are bound to happen when using a pheripheral that is not even optimised. But Boris optimises well. Software is WoJ Keyboard and Mouse. All key mapping can be done in there and also Logitech G Hub for fine tuning the pedals.
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  1. Life of Boris

    Life of Boris16 dagar sedan

    Comment here and vote what game Boris should play next with wheel.

  2. Mithrandir

    Mithrandir14 dagar sedan

    The Long Dark

  3. jonmaciel

    jonmaciel14 dagar sedan

    war thunder!

  4. ProBroPalz Gaming

    ProBroPalz Gaming14 dagar sedan


  5. PaulZyCZ

    PaulZyCZ14 dagar sedan

    Doom Eternal :)

  6. master cyberhead

    master cyberhead14 dagar sedan

    World of warships.

  7. Miles Priddy

    Miles Priddy2 timmar sedan

    All that configuring and you forgot most important part. Adidas stripes on tank wheel!

  8. Twój Stary 2k21

    Twój Stary 2k219 timmar sedan

    Logitech is shit. I do not recommend the g213 prodigy keyboard 1/5

  9. Yewlound Spy

    Yewlound Spy11 timmar sedan

    play war thunder USSR bias plsss go brrrr plss

  10. lethalshed22

    lethalshed2219 timmar sedan

    Ngl this is really goddamn great to see I wish I can do this while I play world of tanks

  11. Im_KUN

    Im_KUNDag sedan

    Next game: GTA whit wheel

  12. Krzysztof Wartix ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Krzysztof Wartix ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Dag sedan

    War Thunder is better :DDDDD

  13. Diederik J.

    Diederik J.Dag sedan

    guys he has a wheel time for sim racing in Lada

  14. DatBoi TheGudBIAS

    DatBoi TheGudBIASDag sedan


  15. pavlatoar

    pavlatoarDag sedan

    The most legendary WoT video I´ve ever seen...and I am not surprised

  16. SU-152

    SU-152Dag sedan

    Question:how do you turn the turret?


    JEROD OWEN2 dagar sedan

    That moment when see that Boris has the same Wheel as you

  18. Ondřej Čoupek

    Ondřej Čoupek2 dagar sedan

    This is legendary!!

  19. SemPlayz

    SemPlayz2 dagar sedan

    OOOO MAAA GODDD I love ur accent

  20. DJ Drunken Monkey

    DJ Drunken Monkey2 dagar sedan

    Boris I have the exact same Setup as you, just that I use a VR to turn the turret

  21. Red Pirate

    Red Pirate2 dagar sedan

    I like Russians

  22. Thomas Aquinas Wibowo

    Thomas Aquinas Wibowo2 dagar sedan

    Play war thunder and commit initial d

  23. ThomasK110

    ThomasK1102 dagar sedan

    Cooking with wheel

  24. Lord Sevan

    Lord Sevan2 dagar sedan

    He should have used one of the foot pedals for the firing for i think thats how the T-34 shot its shells

  25. Mikhail

    Mikhail3 dagar sedan

    Russian tank commander in T-34. Circa 1945 (Colorized)

  26. Edmon

    Edmon3 dagar sedan

    The game is free me: ahh good joke wargaming

  27. TheDiegup

    TheDiegup3 dagar sedan

    Is curious that boris was sponsored by war thunder in the past, and now is sponsored by wot

  28. It's free

    It's free4 dagar sedan

    2:04 *MAKE BEEP BEEP?* that was *adorable!!*

  29. fallout new vegas player

    fallout new vegas player4 dagar sedan

    I use war thunder

  30. fallout new vegas player

    fallout new vegas player4 dagar sedan

    Less space needed then with all 3 games

  31. Slayer Czołgista

    Slayer Czołgista4 dagar sedan

    Reject Russiamanity, return to Soviet!

  32. Таз Пелагия 3-го

    Таз Пелагия 3-го4 dagar sedan

    Until the artillery is nerfed - do not even think about playing WoT

  33. Batsquid_

    Batsquid_4 dagar sedan

    Maybe not exactly playing with wheel, but I’m pretty sure War Thunder has some sick VR support for the planes at least

  34. Kaplis Lemesis

    Kaplis Lemesis5 dagar sedan

    gettin killed by a guy using steering wheel, a new kind of insult.

  35. KillerLukas_YT

    KillerLukas_YT5 dagar sedan

    uninstall idiot

  36. Mišho

    Mišho5 dagar sedan

    I have same wheel and same game

  37. Maxximus

    Maxximus5 dagar sedan

    technoblade has entered the chat*

  38. Mein Floofrer

    Mein Floofrer5 dagar sedan

    Doesn't hit the gas *wait that's illegal!*

  39. Thanh Hà Nguyễn

    Thanh Hà Nguyễn5 dagar sedan

    next time try this: use clutch pedal as shoot button (that how real tank shoot) use gear stick to aim (or if its not possible to config, use up/down arrow to aim up/down and X/B to aim left/right) left/right signal to zoom in/out the scope buttons on the drive wheel to change shells, use consumables and try to use both of your legs dude; believe me, with this configuration you can achieve another level of mobility and accuracy


    ТОВАРИЩ СТАЛИН5 dagar sedan

    Is 3 Is better blyart

  41. ``

    ``6 dagar sedan


  42. Hegros

    Hegros6 dagar sedan

    I see peaple in EBR trying this setup

  43. HungryHedgehog

    HungryHedgehog6 dagar sedan

    When will they finally come out with steering handles for tank games?

  44. Ivan Senpai

    Ivan Senpai6 dagar sedan

    you should do that in war thunder Boris,like a true slav.

  45. Maxxedro

    Maxxedro6 dagar sedan

    The "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT" sound like a car coming in reverse lmao

  46. IkarusVideos

    IkarusVideos6 dagar sedan

    This is truly the most entertaining video I have ever seen so far... :D

  47. Uber Pyro

    Uber Pyro6 dagar sedan

    "I hope you like the taste of my EXPLOSIVE SHE-" *pulls off stick with the force of Zues*

  48. Unravel J_J

    Unravel J_J6 dagar sedan

    Плохое произношение английского

  49. Dexter Games

    Dexter Games6 dagar sedan

    Aj do not know how to activate that code when I click on it will open it for me account managment

  50. FliegerFuchsi

    FliegerFuchsi6 dagar sedan

    in War Thunder it works wuite better, plug it in, and it works and you have relativ control what means you have not only 100% what means you can make more realistic turns

  51. Sean Allard

    Sean Allard6 dagar sedan

    This made me realize, I've been playing the game the wrong way, all along.

  52. GoodGameGamer

    GoodGameGamer6 dagar sedan

    Ey Boris Might you want to use wheel with Microsoft flight simumlator?

  53. I_Play_WOT

    I_Play_WOT7 dagar sedan

    Boris, if u would like, i can lern u how to play this game It hurts me, how u play XD

  54. Nick Arrow

    Nick Arrow6 dagar sedan

    No one cares

  55. Perezpayeet

    Perezpayeet7 dagar sedan

    Technoblade moment

  56. TwiistedPlayz

    TwiistedPlayz7 dagar sedan

    i got the link in desc thx boris

  57. Miles hardin

    Miles hardin7 dagar sedan

    I like the intro mah dude

  58. mohamed serhan

    mohamed serhan7 dagar sedan

    Why not war thunder

  59. Alvatore DiMarco

    Alvatore DiMarco7 dagar sedan

    Very impressive, and probably your best WoT video so far. I have a pair of VKB joysticks; they could probably be used to get extremely good results in WoT too. I might try it.

  60. Josh McNaughton

    Josh McNaughton7 dagar sedan

    Love the new intro

  61. Mr Games

    Mr Games7 dagar sedan

    War thunder was better game world of tanks is chit game


    SUPER CONQUEROR7 dagar sedan

    Kv 2 and su 152stronk tenk True russian power

  63. Ninja Taytum Lor

    Ninja Taytum Lor8 dagar sedan

    Boris next time use the kv-1 tank and use vodka

  64. TheyCallMeJames

    TheyCallMeJames8 dagar sedan

    Борис, сделай, чтобы сцепление поворачивало налево, газ направо, вместе - вперед, тормоз - назад, а башня, чтобы крутилась от руля. Это более удобное и реалистичное управление.

  65. Gama

    Gama8 dagar sedan

    There is a gamemode in world of tanks called tank race or something, it happens some time during the year. I would love to see Boris there with the stearing wheel

  66. Samuel Latta

    Samuel Latta8 dagar sedan

    Play War Thunder like that

  67. Sashimi The Latex

    Sashimi The Latex8 dagar sedan

    Come back to war thunder :c

  68. That One Living Toyota Chaser

    That One Living Toyota Chaser8 dagar sedan

    Boris: _shifts to high explosive aggressively_ The shifter: *his pure slavic strength is too much for me*

  69. Olivér Barcsai

    Olivér Barcsai8 dagar sedan

    Now we need adidas stripes as a sticker in game

  70. Antonov 225

    Antonov 2258 dagar sedan

    Boris should play war thunder with steering wheel In an aircraft blyat

  71. Yes

    Yes8 dagar sedan

    Please Boris, shed some light on the situation we console players are enduring

  72. xaroxero

    xaroxero9 dagar sedan

    Tanks typically fire using a pedal. You're not using your clutch. Time for some immersion.

  73. sillybaboy

    sillybaboy9 dagar sedan

    Screw WG, friggin scam company.

  74. Krostan

    Krostan9 dagar sedan

    War thunder better

  75. Scp 207

    Scp 2079 dagar sedan

    Nahui virus

  76. Carlos Manuel Olan Vazquez

    Carlos Manuel Olan Vazquez9 dagar sedan

    I did the same a while ago but in war thunder and I even put a flying stick to control the turret and shoot, really fun

  77. Pgamer 24

    Pgamer 249 dagar sedan

    What happened to crossout, will you play again?

  78. Piogwit

    Piogwit9 dagar sedan

    When war thunder

  79. ComradeLeroy

    ComradeLeroy9 dagar sedan

    Here's an idea, why not set up a second monitor and have Anatoli operate as the gunner while you drive? Surely that will make things more interesting!

  80. kill

    kill9 dagar sedan


  81. Darkglint

    Darkglint9 dagar sedan


  82. Alexander Romero

    Alexander Romero9 dagar sedan

    Boris Do a Video with a wheel in it. Game : World of warships!

  83. Kommandant Fritz Schwarzenz Matthias Günther

    Kommandant Fritz Schwarzenz Matthias Günther9 dagar sedan

    You might be the new tank ace commander in Russia ww2

  84. a random weeb from the Internet

    a random weeb from the Internet9 dagar sedan

    Boris, what tanks you use at the here? I am curious

  85. Александр Демидов

    Александр Демидов9 dagar sedan

    Эта чё за хуйня???

  86. Ju Reid

    Ju Reid9 dagar sedan

    New intro!

  87. Doctor Lunarous

    Doctor Lunarous9 dagar sedan

    This should be implimented by default for this and Warthunder.

  88. fucking_faggot24 pieceofshit_pissbottle

    fucking_faggot24 pieceofshit_pissbottle9 dagar sedan

    "world of tanks is a big man's game" I used to play this when i was 9...

  89. Bernie Gran

    Bernie Gran10 dagar sedan

    do you know that tanks dont have steering wheels?

  90. Максим Грабчак

    Максим Грабчак10 dagar sedan

    ема ты базаришь

  91. Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan

    Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan10 dagar sedan

    Please, use training mode for that

  92. Defas

    Defas10 dagar sedan

    u sellout

  93. Cello

    Cello10 dagar sedan

    7:06 technoblade beat minecraft with a wheel can you? america vs Russia all over again

  94. シリコーンSilly

    シリコーンSilly10 dagar sedan

    You actually lay better than half the players , no joke

  95. Stormol EZ101

    Stormol EZ10110 dagar sedan

    Nice new desk

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    World of 𝘿𝙍𝙄𝙁𝙏

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    Good video Comrade, but Yellowgaming record this idea faster. ;)

  98. Avro Elite

    Avro Elite10 dagar sedan

    Play war thunder Air Simulator Battles with a joystick

  99. CommanderThunder

    CommanderThunder11 dagar sedan

    This man is gonna drive these machines with a stick and Im definitely sure that he will win again

  100. 10TP

    10TP11 dagar sedan

    WOWS with steering wheel, WOWS! It will be XD.

  101. giffed

    giffed11 dagar sedan

    do another war thunder video

  102. любвеобильный тигр

    любвеобильный тигр11 dagar sedan


  103. L.A.XGUNNER

    L.A.XGUNNER11 dagar sedan

    Try to fly the SU-33 in DCS with a wheel

  104. Zura Kvirikashvili

    Zura Kvirikashvili11 dagar sedan

    hay where can i enter the code plz :)

  105. Marcusgotosleep

    Marcusgotosleep11 dagar sedan

    My girlfriend and I did this with war thunder, it was so fun

  106. TheGhostKillz

    TheGhostKillz11 dagar sedan

    How about... you show us your account instead of a rented one which you use for random battles anyways and show us how the game really is? :)

  107. REVIEW Game Rayyan

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