I'm a Mobile Game

It's a great Christmas Present that you don't have to pay for!! :)
Download the game here 🡆🡆🡆 theodd1sout.com/play 🡄🡄🡄
Backgrounds done by
Amelia (Galloway) 🡆 galloame
Edummerart 🡆 edummerart
Ronbairdart 🡆 ronbairdart
Kintheartist 🡆 kintheartist


  1. Ju Oma

    Ju Oma42 minuter sedan

    I played thé game i got ALL characters

  2. Filippos Petrou

    Filippos PetrouTimme sedan

    Look man the game is cool but when it say try this character and you press try then it there's no ads available Also aren't you the one who say that phone games are only try to scam you I'm just saying I'm a fan of your videos

  3. Cookie craft

    Cookie craft2 timmar sedan

    0.27 i instinctively clicked the x button

  4. WoodyStudios

    WoodyStudios3 timmar sedan

    LOL, when the ad of his game popped up i tried to press the X

  5. Kaden Lenik

    Kaden Lenik4 timmar sedan

    george ur a hypocritee

  6. Clixr

    Clixr6 timmar sedan

    I just spend $500 💀 (on your app)

  7. BLITZ Yt

    BLITZ Yt6 timmar sedan

    Your mobile game is trash

  8. Saad Malick

    Saad Malick6 timmar sedan

    Didn't you say that mobile games are a scam not too long ago?

  9. Adriana Pedraza

    Adriana Pedraza6 timmar sedan

    I downloaded the game its so much fun!

  10. JS - 04SY 828332 Lorne Park PS

    JS - 04SY 828332 Lorne Park PS8 timmar sedan

    I just diwnloaded ur game and I love it

  11. Al Raffi A. Sarip

    Al Raffi A. Sarip9 timmar sedan

    who else tried to remove the ad

  12. Flame

    Flame10 timmar sedan

    Too many adds

  13. Abood Alhadeed

    Abood Alhadeed10 timmar sedan


  14. Abood Alhadeed

    Abood Alhadeed10 timmar sedan


  15. Massimo Mondini

    Massimo Mondini12 timmar sedan

    Rome total war is now a mobile game XD

  16. ShinKen

    ShinKen13 timmar sedan

    I downloaded this and its nice and i think i played it before but on its a penguin.........


    ECCO HUANG13 timmar sedan

    i guess you should play mobile games for 30 mins maxuim

  18. Knight Trooper

    Knight Trooper11 timmar sedan

    I played Kotor since I never had a chance to play it in a console. I played it on my phone mostly I had a good time

  19. malakai2012

    malakai201214 timmar sedan

    saw a few reviews in the googleplay store. mainly they said that there was a ton of commercials, like one after every round or something

  20. D a r w i n

    D a r w i n14 timmar sedan

    He did the thing. He sold out

  21. Iyek

    Iyek15 timmar sedan

    Remember when james made a video where he talked about how mobile games are horrible

  22. Spencer Hurst

    Spencer Hurst17 timmar sedan

    Who else tapped the Ad 0:27

  23. top notch

    top notch17 timmar sedan

    May God bless all of you this year 🙏

  24. Carlos Craft2.0

    Carlos Craft2.017 timmar sedan

    Okey and nintendo the game

  25. prettybadatgames ab

    prettybadatgames ab18 timmar sedan

    When he should the add I clicked the x for some reason

  26. David Saylor

    David Saylor20 timmar sedan

    Got say his mobile game sucks you can't play it at all before a add pops up and it cheaply made

  27. Bob Hermendes

    Bob Hermendes23 timmar sedan


  28. chamandaaars

    chamandaaars23 timmar sedan


  29. Cosmicwalrus

    CosmicwalrusDag sedan

    H to the y to the p to the o to the c to the r to the I to the t to the e

  30. Osoawesome 1

    Osoawesome 1Dag sedan

    Who else clicked on the add when it popped up lol

  31. Vegan Milk

    Vegan MilkDag sedan

    Is nobody talking about how hypocritical James is?

  32. red scart

    red scartDag sedan

    Make new video every week please James

  33. Avery Brower

    Avery BrowerDag sedan

    i played it its amazing

  34. ForestNynja43

    ForestNynja43Dag sedan

    It’s only acceptable for Technoblade to sell out. This is not ok.

  35. Quackz ligz

    Quackz ligzDag sedan


  36. Cheese Toons

    Cheese ToonsDag sedan

    heh I never known that roblox was in the darkside....OK I GET IT ITS NOT ONLY ON MOBILE!>:(

  37. Nnoop Zzxaa

    Nnoop ZzxaaDag sedan

    I downloaded your game

  38. gacha kerem

    gacha keremDag sedan

    Nooooooooooooo. My version is Not enough

  39. Yousef Monzon

    Yousef MonzonDag sedan

    What About COD mobile

  40. Who? Me?

    Who? Me?Dag sedan

    I'm gonna go download it....right now....

  41. Colônia Gamer

    Colônia GamerDag sedan

    thank you...FOR BRINGING US HOME

  42. Skåŷ

    SkåŷDag sedan

    Это великолепно хоть я и не знаю английского

  43. Oof Fug

    Oof FugDag sedan

    Your game isn’t actually that great dude

  44. john n

    john nDag sedan

    I thought that was a real add (SEtoos add) 0:27

  45. courtney costa

    courtney costaDag sedan

    hahaha i just realized that your the mighty Martha

  46. Random Gaming 123

    Random Gaming 123Dag sedan

    I think I got the highest ever score on your game (if anyone wants to see it look on my channel for the video and look at my best score in the top corner it’s 39,764)

  47. Denicawe

    DenicaweDag sedan

    I played it and it’s the biggest scam How ironic

  48. jackson luker

    jackson lukerDag sedan

    i love this game but i cant get pro sandeich making james any tips

  49. jackson luker

    jackson lukerDag sedan

    nvm just got him yesss

  50. Heatblast Gaming

    Heatblast GamingDag sedan

    I downloaded your game

  51. Bree T.

    Bree T.Dag sedan

    Guys the time has come where James is no longer relevant

  52. Scout Tf2

    Scout Tf2Dag sedan

    He once said that mobile games are a scam and he has made a mobe game irronic

  53. Siddhant Punamiya

    Siddhant PunamiyaDag sedan

    Throwback to when the odds one out said that mobile games were a scam and should be banned

  54. Alfredo Castro

    Alfredo CastroDag sedan

    They are disguised as free Because they bombard you with adds Me : welll I can pay $7 then I can get a add free game of mining and crafting (I play on mobile so it may Cost more )

  55. the games

    the gamesDag sedan

    i thaug it was a real add so i went to click it and paused the video

  56. itachi uchiha

    itachi uchihaDag sedan

    pls have make a pc version of the game

  57. Ian Silario

    Ian SilarioDag sedan


  58. Xx Epicgamer xX

    Xx Epicgamer xXDag sedan


  59. Vicky Blossoms

    Vicky BlossomsDag sedan

    i was about to click on the james ad

  60. mythicaltoaster the epic

    mythicaltoaster the epicDag sedan

    James... I’m sorry but... your mobile game sucks

  61. Cesar benjamin Mardones benitez

    Cesar benjamin Mardones benitezDag sedan


  62. Owen Browne

    Owen BrowneDag sedan

    lol i actually clicked the x on the fake add lol

  63. OverRidingRiot66

    OverRidingRiot66Dag sedan

    You were the chosen one! It was said you would destroy them! not join them!

  64. Melliz Tube

    Melliz TubeDag sedan

    hey TheOdd1sOut good em I don't know what to say about how good the app is

  65. Gfs Fzyz

    Gfs Fzyz2 dagar sedan

    and then he makes a video about how he's a good person

  66. India Sewell

    India Sewell2 dagar sedan

    befor seeing this i saw it on the pp store and downloaded it now i am adicted

  67. Emir Bölükbaş

    Emir Bölükbaş2 dagar sedan

    You were the choosen one james how could you....

  68. Suzanne Wood

    Suzanne Wood2 dagar sedan


  69. Todd Carpenter

    Todd Carpenter2 dagar sedan

    I love his game

  70. Destruction Army

    Destruction Army2 dagar sedan

    Theres an account impersonating James with 19k subs spam report their account

  71. leok

    leok2 dagar sedan

    Ты знаешь русский?

  72. Thegosted 25

    Thegosted 252 dagar sedan

    The 🧢 store is closed

  73. Boiled egg

    Boiled egg2 dagar sedan

    How much have you been paid to make this

  74. ayman a.

    ayman a.2 dagar sedan

    Your game is the best game I play ever

  75. er_ writes

    er_ writes2 dagar sedan

    I love how he pronounces mobile. Mo-bi-el. Lol

  76. PE Player 33

    PE Player 332 dagar sedan

    Mobile games aren’t even real games Sad Minecraft noises

  77. The Slushy Squad

    The Slushy Squad2 dagar sedan



    AYESHA THENNAKONE2 dagar sedan

    There's another odd1sout let's bounce which is a scam it isn't the official it's a fake the people are saying that it doesn't work and stuff but they still give 5 stars just because they love James !!!!! The real won actually works too!!!! That's not the won James made the real won is actually pretty good game

  79. Mr Munchlax

    Mr Munchlax2 dagar sedan

    Past James: I think we should reopen Alcatraz for people who do these scams! #1 mobile games... President day James: Hey guys I'd like to tell you about this mobile game I made. Future James: W... Where am I? Future prison guard: Welcome to Alcatraz.

  80. TineMations

    TineMations2 dagar sedan

    1:05 the odd1sout created his own word

  81. سور الله

    سور الله2 dagar sedan

    Your game has alot of ads

  82. TheHUDster5 5

    TheHUDster5 52 dagar sedan

    I no who drem is like his fase if you Watch him

  83. Hafeez Zamri

    Hafeez Zamri2 dagar sedan

    Is this only for ios ohh sorry. -Android left the chat

  84. Sari Elizabeth

    Sari Elizabeth2 dagar sedan


  85. Fluffy Cat

    Fluffy Cat2 dagar sedan

    Hi, "a mobile game", I'm dad

  86. Your Father

    Your Father2 dagar sedan


  87. Gaming man 1

    Gaming man 12 dagar sedan

    You were supposed to destroy them Not join them

  88. Aiden Fregozo

    Aiden Fregozo2 dagar sedan

    You’re right mobile games are dumb you have jeans on your side I’m not doing it you did

  89. TJ436

    TJ4362 dagar sedan


  90. Aaron Giebel

    Aaron Giebel2 dagar sedan

    I'd be fine with his game, but in a previous video he openly told everyone that mobile games are scams.

  91. syed8280 syed8280

    syed8280 syed82802 dagar sedan

    0:30 me trying to turn of add whhhhhhhhhhhhhyy do u keep pausing 1 sec later realizes truth🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  92. Jay Rios

    Jay Rios2 dagar sedan

    Another scam is mobile games James (legal scams that should be illegal

  93. Jourdan Anderson

    Jourdan Anderson2 dagar sedan

    It's funny because I have the game but I haven't watched the video

  94. Jourdan Anderson

    Jourdan Anderson2 dagar sedan

    Until now

  95. Attempt Two

    Attempt Two2 dagar sedan

    I saw the game on Google play store before this video

  96. Vavanrblx

    Vavanrblx2 dagar sedan

    0:39 TOTORO IS WAITING FOR DA CAT BUS, also why did i have to watch a old hand drawn anime movie just for knowledge, watch ponyo instead.

  97. Nick Dickson

    Nick Dickson3 dagar sedan


  98. Adriana Cabrera

    Adriana Cabrera2 dagar sedan

    @Conner Kadlecik He is bigot

  99. Nick Dickson

    Nick Dickson2 dagar sedan

    @Conner Kadlecik he said mobile games are a scam and then he makes a game

  100. Conner Kadlecik

    Conner Kadlecik2 dagar sedan


  101. Jaffar Mressa

    Jaffar Mressa3 dagar sedan

    Make a video

  102. Saif Alaa

    Saif Alaa3 dagar sedan

    You ruined your SEtoos channel

  103. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze3 dagar sedan

    what animating app do u use?

  104. Sophia and horses

    Sophia and horses3 dagar sedan

    Hmmm idk maybe a hypocrite

  105. Sophia and horses

    Sophia and horses2 dagar sedan

    @Conner Kadlecik I know, I like the Odd1sout too but, u got to admit he is kinda being a hypocrite lol

  106. Conner Kadlecik

    Conner Kadlecik2 dagar sedan


  107. XxXSukina_ChanXxX

    XxXSukina_ChanXxX3 dagar sedan

    Bruh the fact that people are overreacting THIS MUCH is insane. Everyone is like “OMG HE MADE A MOBILE GAME SO THAT AUTOMATICALLY MEANS HE’S A MANIPULATIVE PERSON!!!!” Just shut up. It isn’t that bad compared to what some other youtubers have done.

  108. Adriana Cabrera

    Adriana Cabrera2 dagar sedan

    @XxXSukina_ChanXxX He is still a hypocrite and deserves to be called out

  109. Your Father

    Your Father2 dagar sedan

    @XxXSukina_ChanXxX He’s still a hypocrite, and we’re allowed to call him out for it

  110. XxXSukina_ChanXxX

    XxXSukina_ChanXxX2 dagar sedan

    @Adriana Cabrera being a hypocrite isn’t that bad compared to what some other youtubers have done

  111. Your Father

    Your Father2 dagar sedan

    The fact that people like you think that people you like can’t be criticized is insane. Seriously, as soon as he gets called out on being a hypocrite you start whining and crying

  112. Adriana Cabrera

    Adriana Cabrera2 dagar sedan

    So where not aloud to call him out for being a hypocrite

  113. LotKrog14

    LotKrog143 dagar sedan

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