How to make mayonez ice cream (mayonnaise ice cream)

Everyone was wearing mask so it all very safe.
Also, outside very cold. Need keep warm with slav drink.
Making mayonez ice cream outside takes like 20 minutes to 20 hours depending on temperature.
2 tbsp mayonez
200ml heavy cream
100ml milk of cow
80ml sugar
vanilla pod
mix all components. better if they are all already cold.
do not mix pod itself. just the contents. watch video blin for instruction.
if you have ice cream machine, just throw the mix in for 20min.
if not have ice cream machine, go outside and start mixing. mix until done.
if outside is no freezing temperature, put mix in freezer. take out every 10-15 minutes to mix.
if not know what consistency to look for - ready ice cream feels like.. frozen heavy cream.

That is how you make mayonnaise ice cream.
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