"If That's Beef, Then I Was Born In Bangladesh" | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon visits Dillions, where he has his skills tested to the absolute max.
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  1. Gowtham Shetty

    Gowtham ShettyMinut sedan

    2 key suggestions never stop a girl from going doWN but never let Gordon to GO DOWN

  2. Priyansh Paradkar

    Priyansh Paradkar3 minuter sedan

    Vikas be like: what the heck am i even doing here....

  3. Gowtham Shetty

    Gowtham Shetty20 minuter sedan

    More managers than Food

  4. sparks sky

    sparks sky33 minuter sedan

    I'm confused restaurant owner Indian or Bangladeshi?

  5. Chiki Ball

    Chiki Ball45 minuter sedan

    My respect towards Gordon Ramsay escalated when he opened the rubber seal full of cockroaches WITHOUT ANY GLOVES ON. He was getting paid but his dedication is just mindblowing.

  6. Nigel Thomas

    Nigel Thomas47 minuter sedan

    "I was resting thinking of various things I've gotta sort out and one of the waitresses was rubbing my hair, it was a natural thing" hahahah take a look at this maharaja 🤣🤣🤣

  7. sandesh ps

    sandesh psTimme sedan

    20:19, music name anyone pls?

  8. Big Tuna

    Big TunaTimme sedan

    32:33 Edna is that you? 🤣

  9. Wilson Thomson

    Wilson ThomsonTimme sedan

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  10. Isabella Noah

    Isabella Noah56 minuter sedan

    My world😳 never knew I was going to see people who also trade with him here,he help in recovering my lost funds and ever since then I decided to stick with him cuz he knows what his doing

  11. Alex Jones

    Alex JonesTimme sedan

    His WhatsApp which has made communication easier

  12. Alex Jones

    Alex JonesTimme sedan


  13. Alex Jones

    Alex JonesTimme sedan

    Carltonjefferson76@gmail. com

  14. Wilson Thomson

    Wilson ThomsonTimme sedan

    Please guys how can I get in contact with this man?

  15. like nemo

    like nemoTimme sedan

    Wow chef Vikas

  16. Rat Maman

    Rat MamanTimme sedan

    Gordon: oh my God look at these cocroaches oh God it's disgusting Also Gordon: touching them while they are running away from him in true fear

  17. Young_rich_king

    Young_rich_kingTimme sedan

    Gordon Ramsey the roach buster

  18. MrTesh47

    MrTesh47Timme sedan

    Gordon teaching Indians to cook a curry - OMFG !!!!!!

  19. Hertzilein

    Hertzilein2 timmar sedan

    They blurred the "ok" sign, LOL.

  20. Hazib Latif

    Hazib Latif2 timmar sedan

    Gordon Ramesh

  21. Hammad

    Hammad2 timmar sedan

    I was eating stuff Gordon damn uuuu

  22. Kyla Marie Delgado

    Kyla Marie Delgado2 timmar sedan

    No one gonna talk about Martin's flip phone?..It's 2021 I haven't seen one in YEARS

  23. usha vns

    usha vns3 timmar sedan

    Im south Asian and im not sure what this is

  24. James Bartlett

    James Bartlett4 timmar sedan

    General manager? General toss pot 😂😂😂

  25. Leo Mitev

    Leo Mitev5 timmar sedan

    Honestly the beef looks like burnt chicken

  26. J Gupta

    J Gupta5 timmar sedan

    Indian cuisine ka naam kharab kar rahe hai ye Bangladeshi.

  27. millie barnett

    millie barnett5 timmar sedan

    that was the most disgusting and vile kitchen i have ever seen

  28. Athin

    Athin5 timmar sedan

    Take a shot everytime Gordon says "Oh my God!".

  29. Ladis The Fox

    Ladis The Fox5 timmar sedan

    30:32 whoa whoa whoa ya'll really showing that huh

  30. Anshita Jaiswal

    Anshita Jaiswal6 timmar sedan

    omg vikas khanna

  31. Riel E

    Riel E6 timmar sedan

    I thought Khan was just the happy-go-lucky type, but when he filled Martin's role, he was actually pretty great.

  32. Walker Jeyson

    Walker Jeyson6 timmar sedan

    This owner reminds me of Gustavo from Breaking Bad.

  33. AZM Rafsan

    AZM Rafsan9 timmar sedan

    When a Karen keeps beating the final boss manager but his health bar keeps changing color

  34. Twilah Oates

    Twilah Oates13 timmar sedan

    Gordon is so brave for touching the mess in the basement.... and with out gloves or a mask. I wouldn’t even go down there if they payed me a million dollars

  35. John Smith

    John Smith15 timmar sedan

    ....fuuuuuucckk meeee, that guy did t know he was in New York.

  36. Not a Weeb

    Not a Weeb16 timmar sedan

    One of the managers just pulled out a flip phone, I'm like, heh?

  37. Skaffka Testing

    Skaffka Testing18 timmar sedan

    The arrogant tree neurologically challenge because writer counterintuitively retire at a cooing quartz. numerous, skillful pakistan

  38. Abcz Zzrd

    Abcz Zzrd19 timmar sedan

    Yes I'm the Bangladeshi

  39. Ananya Vij

    Ananya Vij20 timmar sedan

    i love mohammed, hes one of the nicest and most welcome-to-change owners in KN

  40. For youtub

    For youtub20 timmar sedan

    How I wish I could be as SAVAGE as Gordon

  41. Samaun Sakir Anan

    Samaun Sakir Anan20 timmar sedan

    Mohammad is Bangladeshi, also me

  42. Umar Ahsan

    Umar Ahsan21 timme sedan

    Chef Vikas looks very different!!!

  43. Umar Ahsan

    Umar Ahsan21 timme sedan

    23:27 this was purely funny😆

  44. iSanXD

    iSanXD22 timmar sedan

    I got MasterClass Ad by Gordon Ramsay

  45. SuspiciousStuff

    SuspiciousStuff22 timmar sedan


  46. Pochi chan o*U*o

    Pochi chan o*U*o22 timmar sedan

    Funny how I got a Gordon Ramsay ad during the video.

  47. Prasun's cool universe

    Prasun's cool universe22 timmar sedan

    i like mohamad so much he is listing then judging

  48. Pratik Panchal

    Pratik Panchal23 timmar sedan

    In all these episodes, there’s always that one guy who doesn’t give a shit about the restaurant and is just a salary sponge. I swear to get these kind of people boil my skin

  49. Avisek Mondal

    Avisek MondalDag sedan

    it seems like gordon ramsey is the savior of the gourmet here

  50. Dhruv Raniwal

    Dhruv RaniwalDag sedan

    poor mohommad

  51. Sander Van Hove

    Sander Van HoveDag sedan

    The problem with managers is that they live in a Disney kind of world and think their are needed. I worked in a company with 1 manager for each and every 8 employees. Each manager had a college degree. From psychologist to engineer. That made the CEO very important because that prick never attended any university. Now he was the boss over 30 college educated managers. Of course the company (given to him by his daddy) went down the drain. The new owner fired all those totally obsolete managers, appointed a new one and a director to lead all the workers and turned a profit within less than a year and continued doing so till today. The moral of this story is: most managers are disposable parasites that can not even be trusted with cleaning the kitchen after the only essential people in any kitchen, chefs and cooks, have finished their job.

  52. Dipayan Dey

    Dipayan DeyDag sedan

    I feel sorry for the regular Americans who'd visit such a wonderful restaurant.

  53. Matte

    MatteDag sedan

    The rumor says Martin still walking :):)

  54. Gian

    GianDag sedan

    Next episode: Finding a body in a freezer and its fokin raw

  55. Cadet Faujian

    Cadet FaujianDag sedan

    I am also from Bangladesh... Love from Bangladesh🇧🇩

  56. FalconRaZor

    FalconRaZorDag sedan

    “...Yes Lisa how are you???”

  57. ملاك اليمن

    ملاك اليمنDag sedan

    I can’t believe this is real 🤢

  58. Lazy Potato

    Lazy PotatoDag sedan

    I saw Bangladesh that's why i clicked to this video

  59. lokatzistakis

    lokatzistakisDag sedan


  60. PeterGriffin Vaiphei

    PeterGriffin VaipheiDag sedan

    Vikas Khanna 👍🇮🇳. He uses the word "simple" a lot😒. But his voice is so soothing. His show is a good show to watch when we're high because it's a very calm and pleasant show, calm music and of course, his calm voice. I highly recommend it. 👍💯✅

  61. Kevin

    KevinDag sedan

    Jenna is cute

  62. Sndyy死

    Sndyy死Dag sedan


  63. A guy who love Kittens

    A guy who love KittensDag sedan

    《 Garden Ramsay 》 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Ihsan Sabit

    Ihsan SabitDag sedan

    Mohamed is a very nice man

  65. Ihsan Sabit

    Ihsan SabitDag sedan

    8:52 oh my god!!!! That was fkn epic 😂😂😂

  66. Zareef Tashfique

    Zareef TashfiqueDag sedan

    The waitress jenna and the gm got something going on between them ;)

  67. Suyog Kapileshwar

    Suyog KapileshwarDag sedan

    How tf can Gordon touch all that without some sort of fuckin gloves!!!! And imagine the number of lawsuits the owner has to face later. ..

  68. Vishrut Rao

    Vishrut RaoDag sedan

    Martin reminds of the Landlord form Spider-Man 3

  69. Tanu Shree

    Tanu ShreeDag sedan

    Is that chef vikas khanna

  70. Leopard Spots

    Leopard SpotsDag sedan

    I install security systems and I've done my fair share of restaurants. Most of them are pretty gross. I remember this East Indian one had 5 gallon buckets of frozen soup or some curry. I asked him "Don't you make this to order?" He said "No then we would have to cook everyday." So they just reheat it. Also they defrost a bucket by leaving it out the the freezer for a day or two.

  71. Chong Jeng Jye

    Chong Jeng JyeDag sedan

    even the owner are fake...... bringing their india standard to other country...how come the owner say shock of this mess.... and i also shock US health authority seem not doing work... how come they can miss that kind of mess and not closing it down...

  72. J 95

    J 95Dag sedan

    Feel kinda bad at the start he says nobody likes Khan, but he was just happy to be working with good people and turned out to be a good manager...

  73. Emmanuel Moyo

    Emmanuel MoyoDag sedan

    so Gordon basically owns this restaurant now

  74. M0rpan

    M0rpanDag sedan

    This actually makes me feel ill, holy shite!

  75. Fredrik Ukkelberg

    Fredrik UkkelbergDag sedan

    I got an ad with gordon ramsay. Intersting.

  76. Taraxx

    TaraxxDag sedan

    They're so ungrateful, they dont't deserve all that help

  77. Taraxx

    TaraxxDag sedan

    loveeee Ramsay's straightforwardness. Everyone needs to be like that

  78. Taraxx

    TaraxxDag sedan

    I will quit eating out. DISGUSTING


    KINGPRANKDag sedan

    The very moment I heard him say “We have an American, Irish Indian-ness” I pissed myself laughing and thought “this should be good”

  80. Myxomatosis

    MyxomatosisDag sedan

    This is *A LOT* of info about MARTIN v. Gordon and get the correct info out there.1st things first: *GORDON DID NOT COUNTER SUE!* MARTIN sued Gordon (twice) and LOST!! Martin’s 1st lawsuit was _thrown right out of court_ into arbitration (No trial, private process), to determine whether Martin was defrauded when he signed the contract for Kitchen Nightmares, was defamed, injured, fired and was entitled to 3 million in damages. *That case was also dismissed.* Here are the documents to MARTIN’S lawsuits: www.lawmall.com/gordonramsay/07cv5796_Complaint.pdf Page 50 is the *Contract MARTIN signed* and the reason his case was dismissed both times. It is a good thing to note that MARTIN had no problems getting employment in the service industry. Two days later he got a job at a Swedish car company and a few years later an “Upscale” Limo service. *GORDON Ramsay’s response:* www.tvweek.com/in-depth/2007/08/ramsay-blasts-kitchen-nightmar/ Happy watching! :)

  81. WolveZOid

    WolveZOidDag sedan

    It's just a money laundering business you can tell

  82. Nonpareil Phoenix

    Nonpareil PhoenixDag sedan

    This is comedy!

  83. Seth Smith

    Seth SmithDag sedan

    Even the Netflix series is no much for kitchen nightmares

  84. Krish Pandya

    Krish PandyaDag sedan

    Yo I'm vegetarian and if they served me that yo I will sue them as hell

  85. Rohan Gupta

    Rohan GuptaDag sedan

    Maybe Gordan's standards are too high Dude, every single street food stall right outside my house has higher standards than yours. There aren't even any flies.

  86. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek KumarDag sedan

    chef vikas working thr chef vikash!!!! oh god wtf

  87. David Dodd

    David DoddDag sedan

    As Brit; we don't claim Martin, a waste of space would be an understatement.

  88. dolanova

    dolanovaDag sedan

    23:00 🤣

  89. yass

    yass12 timmar sedan

    Wut so Funny?

  90. K Rex

    K RexDag sedan

    That women Nasreen puts on a bindi(red dot ) on her forehead to fool customers showing helself as a hindu since it is an Indian Restaurant. The restaurant is horrible. You can't expect hygiene from these kind of people.

  91. Diamond Sound

    Diamond SoundDag sedan

    Why do these people never REALISE? When gordan says something concerning food. YOU DO IT.

  92. Lucky rm

    Lucky rmDag sedan

    Gordon: what goes on down here Literally everyone: *sweating profusely*

  93. Diamond Sound

    Diamond SoundDag sedan

    I-I just realised gordan seems like the bossy mom in the kitchen.. Gordan momma is scarier when this momma sees disruption and disorder of food. That is when gord-zilla enters the kitchen *boom


    FELWINTERDag sedan

    👍37:40 GUILTY. 👎37:39 NOT GUILTY.

  95. Werner Mills

    Werner MillsDag sedan

    The ugly distributor specially admit because customer likely scare on a oval radish. evasive, political creature

  96. Chris Watkins

    Chris WatkinsDag sedan

    Salmon Nicoise on the "American" menu. Nicoise. As in, Nice. As in, France.

  97. Big booty lover

    Big booty loverDag sedan

    That Martin is such a creep 🙈🤦‍♂️🤣

  98. NSANE

    NSANETimme sedan

    What a fuckin name you've got. I love that name. Also yes, he was a MASSIVE creep.

  99. Zulu Cruz

    Zulu Cruz2 dagar sedan

    9:08 The general manager is truly a man of culture

  100. Nushiba Faria

    Nushiba Faria2 dagar sedan

    did he just insult Bangladeshi people?

  101. Ray Zer

    Ray Zer2 dagar sedan

    Why did the restaurant close?

  102. Wasim Akram Khan

    Wasim Akram Khan2 dagar sedan

    Well being a Bangladeshi it supposed to anger me but being a hospitality student and working in a 5 star hotel I know a thing or two ...Sop/table numbering/ kitchen safety/ Hygiene and so on. Well i have just mention 3 or 4 basics ...But what the fuck was going on really, somebody really would have died , where waiters can not take orders, cooks having no idea where they are, can't even tell the diff between lamb and beef. I can totally see it was no one but the owners fault I dont even know if he even understood the butt of the joke was actually him. His lack of knowledge, daydreaming, favoritism might have made someone really sick and he being sued. So it was necessary to open his eyes for his and everyone's shake. If any other Bangladeshi thinks it was a bit too much I would say fuck you shame on us. We need to open our eyes and take a lesson from Indian people and their cleanly ness, I know because i worked in an Indian kitchen, Its not like their food is way more better then our Bangladeshi food but their cleanliness, smart menu, visually appealing food made it world famous. Well I'm just speechless and humbled and really wish me along with the new generation would be better and hopefully can create a better legacy of our food culture.

  103. Prince Mohanty

    Prince Mohanty2 dagar sedan

    That is not Biryani!

  104. Anamitra Dutta

    Anamitra Dutta2 dagar sedan

    They are from Bangladesh , coz the bengali they're speaking is from Bangladesh , not the Indian which is a little different.

  105. Yugel pradhan

    Yugel pradhan2 dagar sedan

    32:35 The female cosplay of ego from ratatouile

  106. iCela - KFP Holo MythBuster

    iCela - KFP Holo MythBuster2 dagar sedan


  107. Maruf Mostafa

    Maruf Mostafa2 dagar sedan

    don't understand the meaning of this video's title