A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch

Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! Join forces with Bowser Jr. to stop his big bad dad in the Bowser's Fury adventure, included in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.
Learn more: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/super-mario-3d-world-plus-bowsers-fury-switch/
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  1. Latoya Tealer

    Latoya TealerMinut sedan

    I was sad about it and was crying about it too so please put those games on the Nintendo switch can you launch it today

  2. Joe Albertazzi

    Joe AlbertazziMinut sedan

    Bowser looks sick AF

  3. Ramon Vasquez

    Ramon Vasquez3 minuter sedan

    I cant wait

  4. aychristianx

    aychristianx4 minuter sedan

    Let me choose my primary console on the fly Nintendo without having to wait a year. It’s onerous to your consumers, and a slap in the face to those who bought the regular switch because they enjoyed the switch lite so much. You’ve rendered my new investments useless. And someone should sue.

  5. Pulse Musikitten

    Pulse Musikitten4 minuter sedan

    Alright folks we seem to have our first kaiju in the Mario franchise now.

  6. Latoya Tealer

    Latoya Tealer4 minuter sedan

    nintendo can you put crash bandicoot 4 and sackboy a big adventure please I broke my leg it hurts so bad

  7. sin nombre aka

    sin nombre aka5 minuter sedan


  8. Da Boi

    Da Boi11 minuter sedan

    this is just Super Mario Sunshine + Paper mario color splash bowser

  9. Manek Iridius

    Manek Iridius12 minuter sedan

    Demise, get back to your own franchise.

  10. Yob Ekorb

    Yob Ekorb13 minuter sedan

    Mario Judah do be wylin 🤣

  11. Layon Lavor

    Layon Lavor16 minuter sedan

    Super Saiyan Mario hahahahahah

  12. the admin boi

    the admin boi16 minuter sedan

    Imagine extra dlc for this new version of super mario 3d world, it would help this become the greatest mario game ever.

  13. Samuel Jackson

    Samuel Jackson26 minuter sedan

    Oh my.... its mario vs Mega Charizard

  14. Der Zlatarier

    Der Zlatarier30 minuter sedan

    Bowser's Furry

  15. Jake

    Jake33 minuter sedan

    So bowser and calamity ganon combined

  16. Kencilcase

    Kencilcase33 minuter sedan

    Mario literally became an super saian

  17. Bruno Portilla

    Bruno Portilla39 minuter sedan

    The gameplay here looks way better than the main game gameplay damn

  18. Soy El Kor

    Soy El Kor40 minuter sedan

    Mario Gigamax

  19. Nota Word

    Nota Word40 minuter sedan

    Can we talk about how the arrival of this version of bowser literally blocked out the sun?

  20. Kenneth Lamb

    Kenneth Lamb42 minuter sedan

    Alternative title: Mario becomes a bigger furry

  21. Pvt Ducasse

    Pvt Ducasse44 minuter sedan

    This should've been a 30 second teaser

  22. Pólvora do Fim

    Pólvora do Fim45 minuter sedan

    Who have Bowser the Dark Star again...

  23. Ángel

    Ángel51 minut sedan

    Yt: "Sanity is Sovereignty over the Matrix of Mind."

  24. seb metz

    seb metz52 minuter sedan

    Mario super sayen 😂😂😂

  25. Fade-_- Exoticz

    Fade-_- Exoticz57 minuter sedan

    1:29 Why tf are his arms so disproportionately big?

  26. KoopaON10

    KoopaON1059 minuter sedan


  27. Gatito Wtf

    Gatito WtfTimme sedan

    calamity bowser

  28. Todd Howard

    Todd HowardTimme sedan

    now that's a slap to saga's face lmao why cant a sonic game look this good.

  29. Dr. Urban Defuser

    Dr. Urban DefuserTimme sedan

    bruh bossfight lookin craze

  30. Big Cat

    Big CatTimme sedan

    Did Mario just turned ssj cat? Also Nintendo needs to stop spoiling the final boss.

  31. jason nikakis

    jason nikakisTimme sedan

    This is why they got rid of gay bowser... this guys a CHAD

  32. Brice Schiele

    Brice Schiele34 minuter sedan

    So long gay bowser HELLO CHAD BOWSER!

  33. The Absolute TANK

    The Absolute TANKTimme sedan

    More like bowsers a furry

  34. Marcelo André

    Marcelo AndréTimme sedan


  35. Corn_OnThe_Cob

    Corn_OnThe_CobTimme sedan

    Am I the only one who at first thought it said 35th super smash bros?

  36. Arthur X2

    Arthur X2Timme sedan

    Attack on Titan× Mario*

  37. Zebes 26

    Zebes 26Timme sedan

    Golden Ozaru cat Mario

  38. ZladeZek

    ZladeZekTimme sedan

    You’ve called him gay one too many times

  39. Eren Jäger

    Eren JägerTimme sedan

    Nobody: Mario: *Gigantamax Super Saiyan Cat*

  40. Jason Camarena

    Jason CamarenaTimme sedan

    En lo personal ya deberian variar en Jefes Finales y nuevas historia, estaria chulo que hubiera una historia como que otro Koopa igual de fuerte como browser le robara la corona o otra especia porque que siempre el jefe final sea browser ya aburre la verdad.

  41. Bryan Shackleford

    Bryan ShacklefordTimme sedan

    Bowser jr and mario working together wait thats illegal

  42. Galactooc

    GalactoocTimme sedan


  43. Ores Oreos

    Ores OreosTimme sedan

    When mario hose big he going super saiyan just look at his hair

  44. Alex Salazar

    Alex SalazarTimme sedan

    FIFA 2021 MARIO 2021 the same boring as always

  45. Oof bOi .-.

    Oof bOi .-.Timme sedan

    Bowser: **Being a literally demon** Mario: *B I G*

  46. el pro gamer roblox videos de roblox

    el pro gamer roblox videos de robloxTimme sedan

    2:06 someone noticed bowser jr. in a part of the map?

  47. Thomas Shelby

    Thomas ShelbyTimme sedan

    Everybody gangsta until Mario goes Super Saiyan.

  48. Travis Haywood

    Travis HaywoodTimme sedan

    That bowser looks super awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Bot 10

    Bot 10Timme sedan

    this is insane

  50. Pipo97294

    Pipo97294Timme sedan

    Mario sayayin 😁 ahora si es oficial.

  51. FGS

    FGSTimme sedan

    Super mario sunshine x super mario 3D world

  52. Supercavo

    SupercavoTimme sedan


  53. Kreapton

    KreaptonTimme sedan

    I wonder how long this adventure gonna be and I hope they didn't spoiled everything in this trailer...

  54. Victosity Raw

    Victosity RawTimme sedan

    Nintendo games still look like Nintendo 64 but with better resolution and textures. That's amazing!

  55. Drink Juice

    Drink JuiceTimme sedan


  56. Trash Gon Main

    Trash Gon MainTimme sedan

    Attack on mario

  57. Izzu D

    Izzu DTimme sedan

    If Bowser a pokemon his type will probably be Dragon + Fire

  58. King Squibbon

    King Squibbon2 timmar sedan

    Nice dbz colab

  59. E0309

    E03092 timmar sedan

    This could be easy an idea for mario galaxy 3


    UNKNOWN2 timmar sedan

    I am excited to play Super Mario 3D Workd + Bowser Furry.

  61. Kyle Erk

    Kyle Erk2 timmar sedan

    New Dark souls looks great

  62. Peter Maroun

    Peter Maroun2 timmar sedan

    Top 10 anime bossfights

  63. Salt Gaming

    Salt Gaming2 timmar sedan

    2:04 come on man you ripping off dbz

  64. general snottyknotty

    general snottyknotty2 timmar sedan

    But why 3D world tho 😂

  65. Grand Master Mawile

    Grand Master Mawile2 timmar sedan

    Wait why is Bowser Jr helping mario?

  66. CreeperkingHT

    CreeperkingHT2 timmar sedan

    I guess Bowser took that Pantera concert a bit too seriously.....

  67. Sir Doctor

    Sir Doctor2 timmar sedan

    Big bad form? The dude steals a princess and gets beaten by a plumer 🤣

  68. Righteous Mcdouble

    Righteous Mcdouble2 timmar sedan

    Ahhhh run it’s godzrillllla

  69. ToxyK the Bear

    ToxyK the Bear2 timmar sedan

    Bowser and Drybones were always my favorite characters but damn bowser looks so cool now

  70. el pro gamer roblox videos de roblox

    el pro gamer roblox videos de roblox2 timmar sedan


  71. kenzo invest

    kenzo invest2 timmar sedan

    true xD

  72. Steven Huddy

    Steven Huddy2 timmar sedan

    So... Bowser either tried to control an uncontrollable power again... or he finally decided he'd had enough of Mario. Either way, this looks epic.

  73. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos2 timmar sedan


  74. Scotty Don’t

    Scotty Don’t2 timmar sedan

    I wonder if this is a demo for how odyssey 2 might be

  75. Paulo Marchi

    Paulo Marchi2 timmar sedan

    Nintendo simply does not miss .

  76. Justin Thomas

    Justin Thomas2 timmar sedan


  77. Larry Hinson

    Larry Hinson2 timmar sedan

    big mario BIG

  78. Godzilla760Mecha Super Roblox Titan

    Godzilla760Mecha Super Roblox Titan2 timmar sedan

    awww i love cats ;-; im crying right now

  79. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault2 timmar sedan

    I am so excited to get this game as my 16th Birthday Present! And Bowser Jr. has decided to help Mario in Bowser's Fury! So cool!

  80. DeJac Reacts

    DeJac Reacts2 timmar sedan

    This is like Giga Bowser times 100

  81. Coldest Data

    Coldest Data2 timmar sedan

    My metroid franchise fans are starvin

  82. Imaginator P

    Imaginator P3 timmar sedan

    Super Mario World suddenly turned into God of War, Bowser is Aries and Mario is Kratos.

  83. Anglo Mag

    Anglo Mag3 timmar sedan

    bro this new darksouls trailer looks sick

  84. Liana Artsee

    Liana Artsee3 timmar sedan

    Omg cat mario Biigggg cat mario

  85. Liana Artsee

    Liana Artsee3 timmar sedan

    I love this game and my parents may or may not get this for me and my brother..


    LLROJASBLUE3 timmar sedan

    Fence reference to the super sayayin

  87. MrBlackBird242

    MrBlackBird2423 timmar sedan

    Bowser: fool this isnt even my final form

  88. Amazon Rewards

    Amazon Rewards3 timmar sedan

    Ok Nintendo, this bowser looks wayyy too menacing and cool, so he better be hard af to beat 😂 I want a challenge

  89. vllasaliu bujar

    vllasaliu bujar3 timmar sedan

    2:01 Is that The Hair From Son Goku in Dragon Ball?

  90. D M

    D M3 timmar sedan

    This went from mario to GoW to super sonic

  91. Cobal

    Cobal3 timmar sedan

    So Mario risk of rain?

  92. Yos Yaniskun

    Yos Yaniskun3 timmar sedan


  93. Billyboi roblox

    Billyboi roblox3 timmar sedan


  94. miguel angel cambron

    miguel angel cambron3 timmar sedan

    Mario and bowser gigantamax

  95. Charlie S44

    Charlie S443 timmar sedan

    So its super mario sunshine but for furrys

  96. spaghetti

    spaghetti3 timmar sedan

    giant cat mario do be kinda lookin like goku

  97. Lucas CIA

    Lucas CIA3 timmar sedan

    Bowser calm down...

  98. don't bother with me

    don't bother with me3 timmar sedan

    Botw 2??

  99. Night of Games

    Night of Games3 timmar sedan

    1:55 Mario Gigamax xd

  100. YourfriendlyNeighborDad

    YourfriendlyNeighborDad3 timmar sedan

    Bowser: Reality can be whatever i want it to be

  101. Shelby The best

    Shelby The best3 timmar sedan

    How did bowser get so huge

  102. Bana Z

    Bana Z3 timmar sedan

    Sounds like ultraman...