Sykkuno And I GASLIGHT The Lobby And Create A GRAVEYARD

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  1. Hilary Adams

    Hilary Adams38 minuter sedan

    Hey Corpse!! I was wondering if you could tell me what you favorite dinosaur is bc I want to get it tattooed on me!! I’m reaching out to my favorite people who have helped me through my anxiety and depression... I hope you see this bc you have made my life so much better without knowing.

  2. Mary Souza

    Mary SouzaTimme sedan

    Am I the only one to see at 31:06 KobeBryant left the game?

  3. FBIdragOn

    FBIdragOn5 timmar sedan

    i chubby

  4. Megan Becker

    Megan Becker6 timmar sedan

    I cry-laughed during my lunch break at the "Breaking Ben-Jamin'" joke. I love y'all so, so much.

  5. 1337GameDev

    1337GameDev7 timmar sedan

    12:58 - Wall flower? You mean a plug cover? Or a scented oil thing? Or a night light? I don't understand....

  6. LunarSide

    LunarSide7 timmar sedan

    bruh corpses fan are kinda toxic tho

  7. Damian Blackwell

    Damian Blackwell7 timmar sedan

    I love how whenever corpse is imposter he gets more intense and I live for it lol amazing job corpse!!!!

  8. BagelsEpic

    BagelsEpic9 timmar sedan

    ohmygawsh 7 mil subs lets goooo

  9. Archer Stacy

    Archer Stacy9 timmar sedan

    no you don't karl

  10. Elijah Ireland-baldwin

    Elijah Ireland-baldwin10 timmar sedan

    Corpse Is a B*tch. Priceless

  11. Bill Nye

    Bill Nye11 timmar sedan

    “If no ones going to simp for corpse i am going to simp for corpse “. Line of the year

  12. XxArrowxX 68

    XxArrowxX 6811 timmar sedan

    I want corpse face reveal but his anxiety 😥 he is a gifted human I luv this dude

  13. Natasha V

    Natasha V12 timmar sedan

    Who came here for Arjun das❤️??

  14. Katie Wright

    Katie Wright14 timmar sedan

    Imagine some guy with the deepest voice walking up to you at the bank and just like "what's your biggest fear"

  15. Kyliethethorn

    Kyliethethorn22 timmar sedan

    Just imagine that corpse asks you what your bigggest fear is with his deep ass voice

  16. activemadi001.5***

    activemadi001.5***23 timmar sedan


  17. Chris Kronberg

    Chris Kronberg23 timmar sedan

    What happened to the good story content from corpse husband?...

  18. Thistle Twinflower

    Thistle TwinflowerDag sedan

    There's a problem going on, people keep asking who corpse is when we should be asking how he is. Please help me fix this. How are you doing Corpse?

  19. M I Y U K Uシ

    M I Y U K UシDag sedan

    Who else wants to hear corpse moan?😀 👇🏼

  20. Anto chan 7v7

    Anto chan 7v7Dag sedan

    we are going to talk about that beatiful voice?😳✨

  21. Vanessa Loggins

    Vanessa LogginsDag sedan


  22. Benjamin Grant

    Benjamin GrantDag sedan

    Corpse did Brooke dirty in the first round Im really curious to see corpse's imposter win rate

  23. ••• ok

    ••• okDag sedan

    Karl’s laugh bro 😭 when he caught Corpse jumping out of the vent and Corpse told everyone it was actually Karl.. the laughs were hilarious 💀

  24. ••• ok

    ••• okDag sedan

    “Oh really?” **kills Brooke every time** •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• SOLUTION •••••••••••••• BROOKE DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING THAT CORPSE CAN RESPOND WITH “oh really??”

  25. DaViD_don't like awp

    DaViD_don't like awpDag sedan

    Why u dont play dying light god damnit horse

  26. 18xPanda

    18xPandaDag sedan

    can someone tell me by the voce this man dont sound butiful

  27. Ronii

    RoniiDag sedan

    18:05 made me crack up 😭😭

  28. TheEpicAlpaca 2

    TheEpicAlpaca 2Dag sedan

    10:35 Karl c'mere

  29. ShaedHeda Legend

    ShaedHeda LegendDag sedan

    Y’all have made me want to play among us again. I want to play with people like this tho haha

  30. Gachatuber Lazy

    Gachatuber LazyDag sedan

    F*** why can't I chat karl TvT

  31. Jocelyn Griffin

    Jocelyn GriffinDag sedan

    Sean’s face at 14:32 has me dying😂

  32. Amber Cole

    Amber ColeDag sedan

    I love corpse

  33. i Hades

    i HadesDag sedan

    Me acordé de Reborn... Un poco

  34. Humayl mohammed

    Humayl mohammedDag sedan

    Imagine getting to play among us with CORPSE LMAO

  35. Angie Laddimore

    Angie LaddimoreDag sedan

    me love you foverevery

  36. Aodhan Lane

    Aodhan LaneDag sedan

    Sykunno is a boss Sykunnom: Come up here there are 2 dead bodies Also Sykunno: Oh sorry i cant count *kills* i ment 3

  37. Beloved Thorns

    Beloved Thorns2 dagar sedan

    Corpse is best imposter

  38. ShelbieOlivia

    ShelbieOlivia2 dagar sedan

    Corpse and Sykkuno! Chefs kiss!

  39. Nick L

    Nick L2 dagar sedan

    I can Just imagine the bank teller Corpse: deep scary voice "What's your biggest fear" Bank Teller: "what?" *why is this scary deep voiced guy asking me that? oh god is he going to rob the bank? Oh god am I going to die?* *anxiety*

  40. HeritageDrPepper

    HeritageDrPepper2 dagar sedan

    The people in the stack: Corpse, Karl, Sykuuno, Valkrae, Kristofer, ??? (ash), fuslie (7) Not in the stack: Toast, -Lud-, 5up They legit could have gaslit Toast and 5up for not being in the stack. Keeping track is useful lol.

  41. Recruity Boiii

    Recruity Boiii2 dagar sedan

    Hey corpse hope your doing well and staying safe man keep up the amazing work

  42. India Butler

    India Butler2 dagar sedan

    His voice😎

  43. jberkes09

    jberkes092 dagar sedan

    I’m a huge fan of you corpse

  44. TheEpicAlpaca 2

    TheEpicAlpaca 22 dagar sedan

    14:30 omg Jack's face during this whole conversation

  45. Esma_ TamakiAmajiki lover

    Esma_ TamakiAmajiki lover2 dagar sedan

    Me: why do I even have dark circles I look like a Fuckin panda Also Me : * 1 in the morning simping over corpe's voice *

  46. Preston Yang

    Preston Yang2 dagar sedan

    Every one: Ahh darn Karl: * Murderous clown noises intensifies* The little boy: dear god... 10:49

  47. TheEpicAlpaca 2

    TheEpicAlpaca 22 dagar sedan

    Corpse just took a DNA test turns out he a hunnit % bad bish

  48. jJbuddy

    jJbuddy2 dagar sedan

    Lol Karl 🤣😂😂

  49. gahbee41

    gahbee412 dagar sedan

    Why do I actually love corpse and Brooke’s friendship

  50. duolingo_ do your Spanish lesson

    duolingo_ do your Spanish lesson2 dagar sedan

    Hey corpse? Can you please sing sea shanties. My brother does not like you but he likes sea shanties. If you sing it he might like you and post it on youtube and tiktok

  51. 3B 3B

    3B 3B2 dagar sedan

    Your voice makes my arm hairs stick up- -Random SEtoosr, YT rewind 2020

  52. Nicole Brown

    Nicole Brown2 dagar sedan


  53. tootifrooti

    tootifrooti2 dagar sedan

    okay look. my name is brooklynn. when you say brooke's name, i think yall are saying mine. *every. single. time.*

  54. alfredo rat

    alfredo rat2 dagar sedan

    i rlly need to stop simping

  55. maria simmons

    maria simmons2 dagar sedan

    corpse and sykkuno are the cutest fucking thing ever 🖤

  56. Al's doing Things

    Al's doing Things2 dagar sedan

    corpse offering to hand deliver merch to sykkuno is the highlight of my week.

  57. Maria Wichniarek

    Maria Wichniarek2 dagar sedan


  58. Elyzah Batac

    Elyzah Batac2 dagar sedan

    I'ma ask u something corpse ar u levi from lnqisitor master?

  59. Aishani Sinha

    Aishani Sinha2 dagar sedan

    。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • ° • Corpse was not the imposter. °

  60. Little Salma's Vlog

    Little Salma's Vlog2 dagar sedan


  61. Little Salma's Vlog

    Little Salma's Vlog2 dagar sedan

    and how is mr best karl in zoom

  62. Little Salma's Vlog

    Little Salma's Vlog2 dagar sedan

    if you need any help i am free

  63. Little Salma's Vlog

    Little Salma's Vlog2 dagar sedan

    i love you

  64. Hillary Chavez

    Hillary Chavez2 dagar sedan

    Bro I've been simping for corpse 🤫

  65. Esther Jayakumari

    Esther Jayakumari2 dagar sedan

    I love corpse

  66. Cassandra Patino

    Cassandra Patino2 dagar sedan

    Choke me like you hate me!!!!


    BRUH GAMING2 dagar sedan

    I should yeet myself

  68. Chloe Shaheen

    Chloe Shaheen2 dagar sedan

    R u ever gonna do a face reveal

  69. Raul Perez

    Raul Perez2 dagar sedan

    The 2 horse men of good voices CCORPSE Sykkuno

  70. Francisco Flores Sr.

    Francisco Flores Sr.2 dagar sedan

    Billy if someone chords of this is a friday yet cordova branch course is a youtuber

  71. itz!Reaps

    itz!Reaps2 dagar sedan

    Evil laugh.

  72. country boy

    country boy2 dagar sedan

    I hate corpse jk

  73. country boy

    country boy2 dagar sedan

    @firenox GD it's a joke I love him

  74. firenox GD

    firenox GD2 dagar sedan


  75. Chester Greatest

    Chester Greatest2 dagar sedan

    i thought he was " jiwon sunbae " in bj alex haiishh iwas being hypnotize by his voice and also your voice remind me of "sign" manhwa so i love your voice

  76. Ava Pintado

    Ava Pintado2 dagar sedan

    karl talking about candle girl is the cutest thing ever

  77. Txddy Vibxs

    Txddy Vibxs2 dagar sedan

    The fact sykkuno said im gonna simp for corpse

  78. BlueDino07

    BlueDino072 dagar sedan

    Corpse and brookes rivalry is funny af

  79. Alisha Daud

    Alisha Daud2 dagar sedan

    Corpse voice is an angels voice ❤️👼

  80. lumi

    lumi2 dagar sedan

    sykkuno: "i think there was two kills up there!!" **kills them** sykkuno: "oh sorry i meant three

  81. alphabet gang

    alphabet gang3 dagar sedan

    friend: i like corpse, but not enough to get his voice tattoed on my arm...right justice? me: yeah...hahaha *nervously laughs*

  82. Blue Flags

    Blue Flags3 dagar sedan

    There is something so funny about watching Karl in pure horror

  83. Devin Johnston

    Devin Johnston3 dagar sedan

    Plot twist corps husband face is a cool bunny mask


    FREDRIC MILLER3 dagar sedan

    Why is his name corpse husband

  85. Suzy Why

    Suzy Why3 dagar sedan

    Hi corpse, um do you do inspirational quotes over on tiktok? the guy sounds alot like when you tell creepy stories 😊

  86. ghaida

    ghaida3 dagar sedan


  87. Levi Levi

    Levi Levi3 dagar sedan

    i love you uwu

  88. heck

    heck3 dagar sedan


  89. Joulneth Joubert

    Joulneth Joubert3 dagar sedan

    im late but his voice is so calming

  90. Ducky

    Ducky3 dagar sedan

    *i can tell corpses liar voice...*

  91. Máximo Napoletano Serradilla

    Máximo Napoletano Serradilla3 dagar sedan

    Cropse some one in among us had your username and I was wondering if it was in fact you

  92. JustAngie // Music Loop

    JustAngie // Music Loop3 dagar sedan

    Hello corpse just want to say to take it easy ok got to go see ya 🤗

  93. I'm a Pomegranate

    I'm a Pomegranate3 dagar sedan


  94. Perla Garcia

    Perla Garcia3 dagar sedan

    Bruh I love Karl's laugh 😂😩

  95. Sid Tom

    Sid Tom3 dagar sedan

    Why do youtubers like Corpse, Dream, and Sapnap choose to stay anonymous?? I don’t get it

  96. Bruh Momento

    Bruh Momento3 dagar sedan

    18:06 😂😂😂

  97. A l e x the b e a n

    A l e x the b e a n3 dagar sedan


  98. Elizabeth Hunt

    Elizabeth Hunt3 dagar sedan

    i said “wait is that the real corpse” and the people in the game were being douches and kept pressing emergency meeting. that’s why you left, you said “imma head out now” ♥️♥️ love your content!!

  99. Elizabeth Hunt

    Elizabeth Hunt3 dagar sedan

    corpse i just played with you!!! my user was “bEth” PLEASE COMMENT BACK ♥️♥️

  100. Super Maliek

    Super Maliek3 dagar sedan

    Say Ba Ba Bouey

  101. Francisco Enriquez

    Francisco Enriquez3 dagar sedan

    You know if a member die you are gonna multiply

  102. Monée Gregory

    Monée Gregory3 dagar sedan

    I love corpse too

  103. firenox GD

    firenox GD2 dagar sedan