Insane Military Pull Up record

Big thanks to the Norwegian Army for letting us be part of the Telemark Battalion for 24 hours!
Check out​ for more info about the Norwegian Army.
Music and Sound Effects:​​​​
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Filmed by Markus Skaane, edited by Magnus Midtbø
Military fitness test.
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  1. Sibren Fetter

    Sibren Fetter25 minuter sedan

    Next episode, full contact sparring!

  2. B-Gob

    B-Gob50 minuter sedan

    Ey I’m from Norway

  3. Milly Day

    Milly DayTimme sedan

    Time lapse 2022 still going! Lol

  4. FeuerFrei

    FeuerFrei6 timmar sedan

    It is good for english speakers to hear you guys conversing in english but please do not ever lose your beautiful, ancient language. I personally would rather watch videos like this where you all speak Norsk with english subtitles. Great work too - it is great to see young Skandinavian manner getting very strong and fit, leading by example and going against the hatred towards us European / Scandinavian people. Great work guys. Keep it up.

  5. Armin Theron

    Armin Theron6 timmar sedan

    Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!!❤️

  6. Andres Fernandez

    Andres Fernandez7 timmar sedan

    Magnus: I'm tired *25 pullups*

  7. Superhuman Unchained

    Superhuman Unchained14 timmar sedan

    Great video

  8. Joachim Tunskaug

    Joachim Tunskaug17 timmar sedan

    @magnus midtbø, try beating the most pull ups done in 24h as your next challenge. Think it’s like 4000 or something

  9. J.T.Patton

    J.T.Patton22 timmar sedan

    25 pull ups with added weight is nuts. Mad respect for these Boys.

  10. Eclips3Epidemics

    Eclips3Epidemics22 timmar sedan

    Record pull ups is 4k

  11. Eclips3Epidemics

    Eclips3Epidemics22 timmar sedan

    In the US at least

  12. Nickellion

    Nickellion23 timmar sedan

    Meanwhile Cross fitters everywhere! Are calling themselves the fittest and strongest in the world by swinging from a pull up bar and calling it a rep!

  13. Jean Pazos

    Jean PazosDag sedan

    They've got heavy accents.

  14. Trigger Happy

    Trigger HappyDag sedan

    The dude looks like he could play captain America

  15. Lovvia Lovve

    Lovvia LovveDag sedan

    bache bache karainne patha ni kon sa ghunna karna parega

  16. Lovvia Lovve

    Lovvia LovveDag sedan

    aap pura army ziaya ho

  17. Mauri

    MauriDag sedan

    What was the upside down ab machine/ equipment called?

  18. XXLRebel

    XXLRebelDag sedan

    One of those things they teach you in the military is you do full range of motion or it doesn't count.😁

  19. MR Detailing

    MR DetailingDag sedan

    2:11 bye bye lower back

  20. Tyrone Biggums

    Tyrone BiggumsDag sedan

    Where can you buy those upside down situp benches?

  21. Tom Fidler

    Tom FidlerDag sedan

    dunno what type of pull ups they are

  22. Rassetz

    RassetzDag sedan

    Awesome segment :D

  23. Mason T

    Mason TDag sedan

    Too bad their is a guy named goggins

  24. Cam Cam

    Cam CamDag sedan

    Looks like captain America before the super soldier serum

  25. Paul Hetherington

    Paul HetheringtonDag sedan

    Mark Healy issue! heasy-- This man, is a witchery- and did, Hitler salute = Dutch dash!

  26. Paul Hetherington

    Paul HetheringtonDag sedan

    NOR- Right now, as ordered - P'ISlx! 80 kg - thousands of AR! Translates- as humanz calories! Salorez!

  27. Walsh

    WalshDag sedan

    Training military with weights.. And then I thought things can't get any more stupid that they are.

  28. jeb419

    jeb419Dag sedan

    Damn, starting out with a one rep max without warming up on bench? I would need to warm up with lower weight

  29. vibovitold

    vibovitoldDag sedan

    are you supposed to arch your back like that when bench pressing? eg. 9:04

  30. Stine Solaas

    Stine Solaas2 dagar sedan

    That's what we call guttastemning here in Norway!

  31. Sam L

    Sam L2 dagar sedan

    I wish someone would've told Magnus to take the slack out of the bar when deadlifting! Great effort though

  32. Marc Jerez

    Marc Jerez2 dagar sedan

    Unlike americans norwegians are not cocky at all imagine if he had tried this with American soldiers

  33. tom crosby

    tom crosby2 dagar sedan

    totally studly

  34. Sgt.StickyTits

    Sgt.StickyTits2 dagar sedan

    Magnus vs Goggins.

  35. Chris Kane

    Chris Kane2 dagar sedan

    Just found out why the Philadelphia Flyers are losing hockey games...Captain, Claude Giroux is here doing army training....

  36. War Graves

    War Graves2 dagar sedan

    That was fantastic and great to see how other Armies train, all the best to the Norge guys from a former Brit Para.

  37. Doctorthesis

    Doctorthesis2 dagar sedan

    I did 32 with no weight at about 15 stone....with straps to aid grip. Long time ago.....

  38. VestigialHead

    VestigialHead3 dagar sedan

    Interesting. I consider those Deadlifts as cheating. He drops the bar each time. I was taught that for reps you cannot put the bar on the ground each time.

  39. Marlon Jormungand

    Marlon Jormungand3 dagar sedan

    Fix the sack.

  40. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia3 dagar sedan

    My back hurts watching this

  41. PG - I ain't finna read that

    PG - I ain't finna read that3 dagar sedan

    big man is FORMIDABLE

  42. Johnny Vegas

    Johnny Vegas3 dagar sedan

    These are cool. You should visit other military bases in other countries. We loved these events when I was in (US ARMY)

  43. aizjbjd

    aizjbjd3 dagar sedan


  44. aizjbjd

    aizjbjd3 dagar sedan


  45. Anu17

    Anu173 dagar sedan

    *David Goggins enters the chat*

  46. eamh2002

    eamh20023 dagar sedan

    Magnus without shirt is like Zaraki without eyepatch

  47. Jamie0187

    Jamie01874 dagar sedan

    4:28 watch your back

  48. Tanya kory

    Tanya kory4 dagar sedan

    This should be not expose

  49. Cre8Thought41

    Cre8Thought414 dagar sedan

    Magnus did better pull ups and not just more.

  50. TWayne

    TWayne4 dagar sedan

    Nobody is talkin about his hook grip everytime huh

  51. test tor

    test tor4 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of the time when the sports teacher claimed it requires 25 pull ups for an A grade while the KSK requires 5.

  52. test tor

    test tor2 dagar sedan

    @soinu foig I'm not from Norway.

  53. soinu foig

    soinu foig2 dagar sedan

    I’m not even from Norway, but these videos made me proud of all of you guys. Well done.

  54. whipivy

    whipivy4 dagar sedan

    Military: we need to work on recruitment and retention, and we need everyone to be a super soldier even though we only fight soft targets these days. Robert Oberst: the risk to reward with deadlifts means don't do deadlifts unless competing in the deadlift.

  55. Dz J17

    Dz J174 dagar sedan

    Gr8 inspiration but u messed up when you said u might become alcoholic that’s a no no but ur probably joking U better be lol stay fitt man

  56. MIBSAM

    MIBSAM4 dagar sedan

    All jokes aside respect for this guys dedication, I can't do two pull ups without farting

  57. andrasxi

    andrasxi4 dagar sedan

    there's really no point of trying your max weight until you get the form right. Do not try this at home!

  58. Dolan Trump

    Dolan Trump5 dagar sedan

    Jan Sebastian Bach - Air on string G

  59. Maxe

    Maxe5 dagar sedan

    Lol that Commercial made me laugh so hard .. ... hahaha God that was golden !

  60. DmG_Diego

    DmG_Diego5 dagar sedan

    I’m extremely unhappy with the way I look. I swear if I could be forced by this guys to wake up everyday at four in the morning to work my ass out I would get fit in two weeks lmao.

  61. Maraton Legendele Nemirei

    Maraton Legendele Nemirei5 dagar sedan

    Swing ups don't count!

  62. djkommando

    djkommando5 dagar sedan

    I'm so confused... He asks the standard and gets a vague roundabout answer. Thats not how minimum standards work.

  63. Chris Bentley

    Chris Bentley5 dagar sedan

    I want one of those sit-up vertical benches just to relax and stretch the back.

  64. James G

    James G5 dagar sedan

    When I was in, our unit best was a 17 min chin-up, but I can’t remember what the pull-up was.

  65. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy5 dagar sedan

    I’m not even from Norway, but these videos made me proud of all of you guys. Well done.

  66. Francesco Schettino

    Francesco Schettino5 dagar sedan

    no chance a skinny guy like that just presses 90 kg without training the bench press

  67. ScanDiiFPS

    ScanDiiFPS5 dagar sedan

    ‘Helt up’ ‘helt up’

  68. Paul Darns

    Paul Darns5 dagar sedan

    Machines. 👍🏻🍀🍀🍀

  69. Say When

    Say When5 dagar sedan

    L5 has left the chat

  70. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse5 dagar sedan

    Ah cool. The battalion that was behind the sabotage of the heavy water plant in WWII. Legendary stuff!

  71. drag Lesnar

    drag Lesnar6 dagar sedan

    I had lactic acid build up watching this

  72. Temerold

    Temerold6 dagar sedan

    stone, paper, scissors

  73. Temerold

    Temerold6 dagar sedan

    genomsnitt, vad är det på engelska?

  74. Asad T

    Asad T6 dagar sedan, is their website in English. It was a great video and it was amazing seeing the Telemark Bn and their standards. We always watch the Americans and the Brits but after watching this video i must conclude, Norwegian Soldiers are tough And their training seems quite demanding which makes me even more interested in getting to know about them. This video about Telemark Bn was different, very interesting and informative. It makes us more curious about tactics and standards of Norwegian Army. Respects and Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  75. JM

    JM6 dagar sedan

    Norwegians are so awesome. (Comment not solely based on this video alone hahaha). These guys are amazing.

  76. MisterBorocco

    MisterBorocco6 dagar sedan

    This is in Rena, Norway? Why the fuck are'em talking english?

  77. Chad Call

    Chad Call6 dagar sedan

    Nearly all of these guys have sandy-blonde, almost reddish hair, but when Americans think of red-heads, they think scottish or irish. It's funny because, knowing history, I know those "wikings" are why the scotts and irish have a lot of red hair ;) My eldest son has similar sandy-blonde hair.

  78. Im Patriot

    Im Patriot6 dagar sedan

    John Walker

  79. Mike Argentiero

    Mike Argentiero6 dagar sedan

    Mag use your legsss!!! 🤣🤣

  80. ericvideo

    ericvideo6 dagar sedan

    The Norwegian people are special, thats why they speak English so well, they also formed the early settlers to the British isles!

  81. Soft Metals

    Soft Metals6 dagar sedan

    no tie big man wins,all that extra weight he has smoked doubt tho both guys are bad ass

  82. MPM Welding

    MPM Welding6 dagar sedan

    Nice one. No egos, no agenda, no drama, no messing. Reminds me of another unassuming, no ego, stand up soldier called Simo Hayha, also Norwegian, also the greatest sniper that has ever drawn breath. 'Nough said.

  83. MPM Welding

    MPM Welding5 dagar sedan

    @Tenk89 Scandinavian close enough, at least the sentiment was correct unlike the information. My bad, still the best. He'd probably punch me if he was alive calling him a Norwegian, then again that would've been out of character. Thanks for letting me know as I would have had him in my head as Norwegian for years to come. What's that saying from the Tao te ching? To ask is a moment's shame, not to ask & remain ignorant is a lifelong shame. Always learning.........

  84. Tenk89

    Tenk895 dagar sedan

    simo was finish

  85. semi-atomic

    semi-atomic6 dagar sedan

    Magnus looks like Steve Rogers was rejected the Super Soldier serum, so he is just working his way up to Captain America the hard way 😆

  86. semi-atomic

    semi-atomic5 dagar sedan

    @zijuiy wttuy noticed that too haha

  87. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy5 dagar sedan

    Man ... watching that round back while deadlifting is giving me back pain 😱

  88. Bram Wildevuur

    Bram Wildevuur6 dagar sedan

    Awesome spirit, terrible deadlift form on both of you tough haha hope your backs are doing ok

  89. HypoPro

    HypoPro6 dagar sedan

    37 trending

  90. Tyler Darling

    Tyler Darling6 dagar sedan

    watching you guys deadlift actually hurts my back...

  91. Stanislaw Wisniewski

    Stanislaw Wisniewski6 dagar sedan

    po co trenować jak wiadomo że dostanie sie wpierdol.....pozdrawiam norweskiich sołdatów

  92. Donny Cavallacci

    Donny Cavallacci6 dagar sedan

    Glad they are our allies. These guys look like soldiers. US military has a lot of elite units but the rank and file service member is not up to par when compared to other countries. I live near an Army base in NYC area. I see these people out on runs. It’s pathetic. Overweight black women walking not running. Men who look like they’re gonna pass out. My 12 year old said “dad if this is the army were in trouble “.

  93. GoldenbanjoDJ

    GoldenbanjoDJ6 dagar sedan

    We are gonna start with - bearded axe throwing! oh...

  94. Zanidgar

    Zanidgar6 dagar sedan

    Are we just not gonna mention how they went to snap city on the deadlifts?...

  95. Nesta On Chakra

    Nesta On Chakra6 dagar sedan

    Pov: looking for a timestamp

  96. onlyLEVSKI

    onlyLEVSKI6 dagar sedan

    Oh god, big guy's deadlift form was shocking

  97. Joanna

    Joanna6 dagar sedan

    every exercise magnus does, he puts a ton of focus on form and doing it slowly. That makes it 2x harder.

  98. Joe Swanston

    Joe Swanston7 dagar sedan

    Remember when he was the random guy at the rock climbing gym he’s come so far. Deserves every bit

  99. soinu foig

    soinu foig4 dagar sedan

    Alternate title: Captain America with a weird accent training with his self if he was fit but didn’t get the serum

  100. Thibob

    Thibob7 dagar sedan

    2:06 That form tho...

  101. Said Karim

    Said Karim7 dagar sedan

    RIP Neck on deadlifts..... Nobody can do correct deadlifts these days, not even the military..... I haven't done any warmup.....Yea, you stupid?

  102. Mikael Lantz

    Mikael Lantz7 dagar sedan

    So bad form on those pull-ups

  103. Bryn Cowart

    Bryn Cowart7 dagar sedan

    He’s strong but rip spine

  104. BankaliciousYT

    BankaliciousYT7 dagar sedan

    Why have you become so sellout Magnus? Ads every 30 seconds

  105. The Sage

    The Sage7 dagar sedan

    1:25 "My best is 230..." pounds? That's wei- "kilos." oh

  106. Will Graumann

    Will Graumann7 dagar sedan

    magnus's pull-ups start at 12:24

  107. devil dog559

    devil dog5597 dagar sedan

    Bruh I wonder D gogins feels about this

  108. Sev 28-08-1980

    Sev 28-08-19807 dagar sedan

    pretty cool, you did good!!!