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About The Profit:
When Marcus Lemonis isn’t running his multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. In each one-hour episode of The Profit, Lemonis makes an offer that’s impossible to refuse; his cash for a piece of the business and a percentage of the profits. And once inside these companies, he’ll do almost anything to save the business and make himself a profit; even if it means firing the president, promoting the secretary or doing the work himself.
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The Profit In 10 Minutes: Dilascia | CNBC Prime


  1. Lucifen Devilen

    Lucifen DevilenMånad sedan

    I swear I only watch this show for the drama

  2. Tim Gillespie

    Tim GillespieMånad sedan

    I saw somewhere that this business owner totally misrepresented himself and he lied a lot and subsequently went out of business.

  3. Chakka Kon

    Chakka Kon26 dagar sedan

    Tim Gillespie not surprised. The clothes were overpriced. The last thing anyone should be thinking about in the end of 2020 is fashion.

  4. T Hyslop

    T HyslopMånad sedan

    Was that a threat or promise I heard from Lemonis? Did he say to him, "it is either me or this big tube of KY?"

  5. jmh harris

    jmh harrisMånad sedan

    to me his clothes are pedestrian. a customer when asked said she would pay $75, )a long hoodie coat?) his answer- this isn't forever 21, his stuff is not really designed. it's like Stephani & Paltrow, over priced by some fans will buy her name

  6. jmh harris

    jmh harris26 dagar sedan

    @# Ajinkya # I wonder why Marcus choose him. It made me question his business acumen, despite his success. if he can make him a success he could hire 6 graphic artists and do his own line. and this guy really think he is a creative talent- long black hood- Old Navy, forever 21 could do it for less.

  7. # Ajinkya #

    # Ajinkya #26 dagar sedan

    I agree.I don't know what was "designer" in his clothes. I mean similar designs are available at every road side stores.

  8. Adri

    Adri2 månader sedan

    This owner is a dummy with no business sense whatsoever who got lucky with one shirt design

  9. Nandez1

    Nandez12 månader sedan

    who else thinks Marcus is just too smart with his decisions sometimes

  10. Ashley's Guide Profit

    Ashley's Guide Profit2 månader sedan

    4:36 2020 Big Profit

  11. J Man

    J Man2 månader sedan

    Third comment.

  12. Ashley's Guide Profit

    Ashley's Guide Profit2 månader sedan

    5:23 Best Money Guide

  13. Pitah1

    Pitah12 månader sedan

    The guy is kind of funny. "We are not at Forever 21 anymore" lol

  14. Brian Perkins

    Brian Perkins2 månader sedan

    its nice seeing these business owners. i hope they succeed.

  15. Ashley's Guide Profit

    Ashley's Guide Profit2 månader sedan

    3:15 Total Profit Strategy