Take a super-fast elevator ride up 56 floors to penthouse 56 at 56 Leonard in downtown New York City. The jenga-shaped luxury high-rise towers over the Big Apple’s skyline with epic views in every direction. It’s a very luxurious combination of ear-popping & eye-popping real estate. The $123,000 a month price tag makes this one of New York City’s most expensive rentals. CNBC’s Erica Wright and Ray Parisi head up to meet Douglas Elliman real estate broker Timothy Mezler who explains this mega-apartment-in-the-sky looks down on the homes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey- not really super surprising since the 56th floor home pretty much looks down on the entire city.
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  1. B Z

    B ZDag sedan

    The average woman on NY thinks she is a celebrity. I'm not surprised by her behavior

  2. Tom

    Tom2 dagar sedan

    0:36 123k a month and they couldnt afford to make this look a bit better lmao


    I'M LIVE NOW5 dagar sedan

    Take out the art and lower the price a bit

  4. Kevin

    Kevin7 dagar sedan

    Imagine if your guest refused to take his/her shoes off

  5. voland1

    voland19 dagar sedan

    Why would anyone pay 120k a month for a rental?

  6. Chris McMahon

    Chris McMahon10 dagar sedan

    What a loser. Agent taking credit for the architectural design. Chump.

  7. Adilah O

    Adilah O13 dagar sedan

    After reading these comments I’m glad she left her shoes on. 😈🍿

  8. Bitcoin Ninja

    Bitcoin Ninja14 dagar sedan

    Stupid price.

  9. Black king Rock

    Black king Rock18 dagar sedan

    One strong earthquake is all I'm saying

  10. Elizabeth Guzman

    Elizabeth Guzman19 dagar sedan

    There is a lot people hungry in the world .please help them

  11. Wilhelm Heinzerling

    Wilhelm Heinzerling20 dagar sedan


  12. Jen

    Jen22 dagar sedan

    Was this house furnished with used hotel furniture or something?

  13. D. G.

    D. G.22 dagar sedan


  14. nicolas castells

    nicolas castells23 dagar sedan

    They obviously need a decorateur

  15. Keith ocean

    Keith ocean25 dagar sedan

    covid special 100k rip off a month

  16. Andre Newcomb

    Andre Newcomb25 dagar sedan

    Hush Puppy, You should take care about next April. And my name is not Diabla . . . day be el A.

  17. mrblf652

    mrblf65225 dagar sedan

    The staged furnishings are HORRIBLE.

  18. Vertigo

    Vertigo25 dagar sedan

    PLEASE take of you shoes "nah im okay"

  19. S1ick10292

    S1ick1029229 dagar sedan

    Her feet probably stink

  20. Adam Bernard

    Adam Bernard29 dagar sedan

    Looks like a great place for a Russian oligarch.

  21. Luci Mane

    Luci ManeMånad sedan

    So would the rent be lowered if we remove all the old paintings?

  22. Julian J Cohen

    Julian J CohenMånad sedan

    I'm really annoyed that she wasn't respectful enough to take off her shoes...

  23. Airshley

    AirshleyMånad sedan

    These are some scary penthouses. If I lived here I’d dream about falling

  24. Daniel F

    Daniel FMånad sedan

    Stopped watching and gave a thumbs down because she didn’t take off her shoes

  25. Osvaldo R.

    Osvaldo R.21 dag sedan

    Check out my comment. I really nailed it

  26. Calous O

    Calous OMånad sedan

    Taking shoes off is basic education when entering other people's property. Specially if they ask you to do so. I got anxiety from this xD

  27. Ryan Oliver

    Ryan OliverMånad sedan

    Stop watching when rude and self absorbed female with no class left her shoes on.

  28. Hafnium 911

    Hafnium 911Månad sedan


  29. Brian Salas

    Brian SalasMånad sedan

    setoos.info/name/2LOpsXabrHGwg2s/video Insane Mexico House Tour 🤯

  30. 4Realkevv

    4RealkevvMånad sedan

    U wont see me in that building lmao hate the design looks unsafe

  31. drinkingpoolwater

    drinkingpoolwaterMånad sedan

    The staging was awful.

  32. Bob Belcher

    Bob BelcherMånad sedan

    That interior decor is such a turn off.

  33. Trey Moe

    Trey MoeMånad sedan

    Complete waste of money.

  34. Melissa Cho

    Melissa ChoMånad sedan

    every single one of my asian brain cells were immediately exterminated by Erica's shoes

  35. yeahokaycool

    yeahokaycoolMånad sedan

    It’s the not taking off the shoes for me.

  36. Damien-Paul Griffon

    Damien-Paul GriffonMånad sedan

    the interior , well money doesn't buy taste

  37. YouTube Channel

    YouTube ChannelMånad sedan

    Sorry, couldn't watch that self entitled little girl poke those needles in each and every heavenly white carpet, how nice the view may be, it just hurts! And I'm sorry my caucasian friends but it sounds about white though, i know not everyone of you are this disrespectful but I'm also certain that no other race would have the audacity to even think about keeping their shoes on after being asked not to..horrible...1 love though...but so destroyed this video experience

  38. Michael Lane

    Michael LaneMånad sedan

    Horrific design. I expected much better in 56 Leonard

  39. S1CK31

    S1CK31Månad sedan

    Rent with arte 123.000, without arte they pay you to live there :p

  40. Mcksquiney TV

    Mcksquiney TVMånad sedan

    "This is being staged actually" Yes, thank god nobody actually lives like that.

  41. jrco1010

    jrco1010Månad sedan

    that woman is such a privileged karen. take your ugly shoes off

  42. Meishawn1374

    Meishawn1374Månad sedan


  43. International

    InternationalMånad sedan

    White everything..... How boring

  44. JMDworld

    JMDworldMånad sedan

    Who did the horrendous art and decor?

  45. Joyce Anna

    Joyce AnnaMånad sedan

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  46. Dominik Duchac

    Dominik DuchacMånad sedan

    The interior design is absolutely horrible. Even if I had millions of dollars in my bank account, I´d never pay this amount of money to stay there. I´d rather go to a museum of arts where I´d pay $30 for the entry than this.

  47. Steven Rosas

    Steven RosasMånad sedan

    One of the ugliest interior design jobs I've ever seen omg

  48. SR C

    SR CMånad sedan

    What a waste of money. I can get a mansion in Newport, Rhode island with a massive backyard on the water for far less.

  49. Dmitriy Lyubarskiy

    Dmitriy LyubarskiyMånad sedan

    Not worth the money at all.

  50. joey n

    joey nMånad sedan


  51. Karim Larson

    Karim LarsonMånad sedan

    "you get 10k like with one picture" 😐 vulgar

  52. andy

    andyMånad sedan

    this is the ugliest effing building i have ever seen and whoever would pay money for this should be banished from civilization and have their wealth repurposed

  53. Daniel Kim

    Daniel KimMånad sedan

    Wtf? Remove your shoes. How trashy.

  54. Michael Ealey

    Michael EaleyMånad sedan

    Staging is hideous 🤷‍♂️

  55. Ed Chez

    Ed ChezMånad sedan

    I think i'll spend my $123,000.00 monthly allowance elsewhere, thanks.

  56. Corn Fed

    Corn FedMånad sedan

    Horribly decorated.

  57. asscurt

    asscurtMånad sedan

    If she was my date and she didn't take her shoes off........UBER!!!!!!!!!

  58. Lenore Peer

    Lenore PeerMånad sedan

    Shoes on bed???

  59. William Mallon

    William MallonMånad sedan

    Who has this kind of money and where do I sign up

  60. David Anthony Childs

    David Anthony ChildsMånad sedan

    Awful and yes, get a new host.

  61. Mat

    MatMånad sedan

    Having all the doors to nowhere is weird and ruins the windows, the art belongs in a museum, the dining table looks like plastic rentals, the all white and chrome furniture is tacky. I'd rather live in a nice $3-5M apartment than this

  62. Ed P

    Ed PMånad sedan

    The decor for this apt is really really bad! Beautiful apt tho

  63. Little Tut

    Little TutMånad sedan

    Wow! I've seen this building in drone videos. And yes, please keep the art while my stay. It's not often I have hanging art in my rental worth in the multi millions $$$. :))

  64. skittlebeape

    skittlebeapeMånad sedan

    The wall art and the dining room table chairs looks like they should be in a New England cottage ????

  65. Ms. Suzy Lucy

    Ms. Suzy LucyMånad sedan

    Crazy! Dumb and Stupid. - I don’t feel like explaining. lol

  66. J R B

    J R BMånad sedan

    The onlything I noticed, SHE DID NOT REMOVE HER SHOES!.. RESPECT..the owner.

  67. Rune Isaksen

    Rune IsaksenMånad sedan

    This is so wrong in so many ways!

  68. Ania Gomes

    Ania GomesMånad sedan

    What a awful decoration 😳😳😵😵🤯🤯

  69. Zay Harris

    Zay HarrisMånad sedan

    I’m sorry but the interior hardly matches the penthouse... it’s so out of place

  70. Wilmer Calceldo

    Wilmer CalceldoMånad sedan


  71. Faisal Romeiti

    Faisal RomeitiMånad sedan

    thats really ugly and poor interior design for a penthouse like that

  72. imVNUTZ

    imVNUTZMånad sedan

    I hate that she didn’t take off her shoes. Simple request

  73. Livia Polini

    Livia PoliniMånad sedan

    ok, but why is nobody talking abt the danger that they're putting the cleaning ladies on? if they fall down, they are GONE, and why is that? because of a window in a rich kid's apartment

  74. Benjamin Anderson

    Benjamin AndersonMånad sedan

    Hey look one of the many things I’ll never have

  75. Yo Soy Angel

    Yo Soy AngelMånad sedan

    Why she didn't take her hills off ??

  76. Stolo

    StoloMånad sedan

    I'll give you $1,200/mth. My final offer.

  77. Rick J

    Rick JMånad sedan

    Wonder how much sway you feel when a tropical storm hits? It costs $2.85 a minute 24/7 to live here; Now it's only $2.31 a minute. What a deal.

  78. Roger Thornhill

    Roger ThornhillMånad sedan

    Good luck living there when the elevators shut down or break and you have to walk down all those stairs. Lol

  79. Peggy Buetow

    Peggy BuetowMånad sedan

    So sterile. Ick.

  80. Peggy Buetow

    Peggy BuetowMånad sedan

    I’d rather see mountains.

  81. vishal manchala

    vishal manchalaMånad sedan

    Well this is one of most crappiest interiors I have seen in a such beautyful building

  82. 7even TV

    7even TVMånad sedan

    I could find that type of art and furniture design literally in a trash out in the streets, it looks awful especially in such a modern nice home. Like literally who staged it, remove that furniture and then we’re talking about a 123k rent

  83. Arabboy Ahmadullayev

    Arabboy AhmadullayevMånad sedan

    How people afford that

  84. Immanuel Aya

    Immanuel AyaMånad sedan

    No one is pay 123,000 todays market

  85. 20 20

    20 20Månad sedan

    Shoes in the bed! 😂 Silly Chick! 🤕

  86. Gibbs1966

    Gibbs1966Månad sedan

    That a great start.You refused to take your high heel shoes off, THAT is disrespectful

  87. bwilson9180

    bwilson9180Månad sedan

    Erica Wright a.k.a. @megamoneygal (? lol) I don't know what says more about her character, that IG handle or her blatant disrespect not taking her shoes off... and then to scoff at the rules and say "not happening today". CNBC should have edited that part out and just proceeded to show her walking on white carpet with heels while everyone else has their shoes off. At least stay off that area rug! Clueless and classless.

  88. Cat Katt

    Cat KattMånad sedan

    My fear of heights just went into overdrive.


    BEING HUMAN KHANMånad sedan

    Very Very Much Impressive 💖👍

  90. Fabian

    FabianMånad sedan

    This is the worst staged megapartment ever ew makes me Wana throw up dude had a rocking chair in there wtf

  91. Whiskey Insider

    Whiskey InsiderMånad sedan

    Now will the price goes down if I request the arts to be removed?

  92. zzz

    zzzMånad sedan

    I can’t believe the cleaning people are expected to clean those windows from the outside... that’s so risky

  93. Top Best Trending

    Top Best TrendingMånad sedan

    I want it

  94. J B

    J BMånad sedan

    When getting out of the lift "Ladies first"

  95. Joseph Pearson

    Joseph PearsonMånad sedan

    The trash did not take off her shoes. How entitled!

  96. Renzo Herrera

    Renzo HerreraMånad sedan

    hideous decor

  97. lchonglchoo

    lchonglchooMånad sedan

    I’m glad people are talking about the woman didn’t take off her shoe

  98. Michael Olson

    Michael OlsonMånad sedan

    Beautiful apartment, but part of me would be nervous around those windows. Also, take off you shoes you b*ner

  99. Sheree McCoy

    Sheree McCoyMånad sedan


  100. Little mct

    Little mctMånad sedan

    Not taking your shoes off is so impolite ... especially if the host asks you to. And also this apartment is so overpriced. It just doesn't make sense to me why on earth anyone would spend over 120.000$ a MONTH on rent when you could save this up for a year or two and buy an apartment that might not have that view but at least you own it. Plus, someone who has this much money probably isn't at home that much anyway. It's such a waste of space in a city that is so expensive already. And the interior truly is disappointing. They should have just gone to IKEA.

  101. Nicolas Maduro

    Nicolas MaduroMånad sedan

    Incredible views