I Built a Theme Park With a 99.9% Death Rate - Parkitect

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I Built a Theme Park With a 99.9% Death Rate - Parkitect - Let's Game It Out
Check it out on Steam ► store.steampowered.com/app/453090/Parkitect/
More about Parkitect (from Steam):
Parkitect is a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks! Bringing back the best of classic theme park games with many new features and content on top. Now supports online co-op with up to 8 players!
Curious about what other people are making, looking for inspiration or maybe you just want a nice park for your guests? Share your roller coasters, parks and scenery in the Steam Workshop!
Welcome to Parkitect, where you build and manage the theme parks of your dreams.
Construct your own coasters, design an efficiently operating park that fully immerses your guests in its theming and play through the campaign.
Both the campaign and the sandbox mode can be played in singleplayer mode or cooperatively by up to 8 players building together online!
Create the perfect park for your guests! Deform the terrain, place water, build structures! With a huge selection of deco objects from various themes you can design your park however you want. And for more you can get custom scenery from the Steam Workshop or mod in your own!
Top off that park with your very own roller coaster! Design it yourself or choose from a number of exciting designs. Spinning, looping, launching, flying - with over 70 of the worlds most popular types of theme park rides you'll always be able to surprise your guests.
Building is only half of the challenge! You'll need to keep an eye on the finances and guest satisfaction to stay on top, and for the first time in a theme park game the "behind the scenes" parts of your park have a meaning too! Route resources to your various shops without annoying your guests and keep the staff areas out of the public eye for the perfect immersive experience.
Build your way through a challenging campaign! 26 scenarios with unique settings will put your theme park management and coaster designing skills to the test. And there's always more - download scenarios created by the community from Steam Workshop or design your own with the scenario editor. With the landscape generator you'll create your own unique setting in no time. And if you're more of a creative player there's the sandbox mode!


  1. Frostwing Gaming

    Frostwing Gaming30 minuter sedan

    10:43 and down to hell she goes

  2. Blobfish-gaming

    Blobfish-gaming38 minuter sedan

    This vid was sooo funny 😆

  3. Ken Jones

    Ken JonesTimme sedan

    wow, I laughed just a bit too much at that. sooo worth it!!

  4. Klajoonas

    Klajoonas3 timmar sedan

    This is if bill cypher made a theme park

  5. Jbluez1

    Jbluez13 timmar sedan

    Of course the one question I had from the title is what is up with the 0.1%?

  6. Shavonte Taylor

    Shavonte Taylor3 timmar sedan

    Liam Pac-Man gamer

  7. Shavonte Taylor

    Shavonte Taylor4 timmar sedan

    Liam PAC man

  8. HeyItsNotCD

    HeyItsNotCD4 timmar sedan

    Grace had to sit there for a good 250 years. What the *hell* did she do

  9. N

    N4 timmar sedan

    Someone needs to dub his narration over a Saw movie. "Hi there, it's Josh!" in a cheerful voice is way creepier than "I want to play a game"

  10. Danny

    Danny4 timmar sedan

    Pure torcher

  11. Jelte Gaming

    Jelte Gaming5 timmar sedan

    19:54 the firework🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. HackanHackerGames

    HackanHackerGames5 timmar sedan

    Gold xD

  13. Matteo Marino

    Matteo Marino5 timmar sedan

    This guy is literally AM from "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream"

  14. Johnella Fernandez-Payne

    Johnella Fernandez-Payne6 timmar sedan

    it's always Grace

  15. barak madmon

    barak madmon8 timmar sedan

    1:53 She thought the price for the entrance was a good deal but she didnt know that she isn't paying with money she paid with her soul and body

  16. Wolf

    Wolf8 timmar sedan

    grace deserves every single piece of torment she gets


    REDUCED BLUE9 timmar sedan

    Ugh, what an ideas you have

  18. Terri Gilligan

    Terri Gilligan9 timmar sedan


  19. RiskyUmbrella

    RiskyUmbrella9 timmar sedan

    This beautiful

  20. Ed Ondrick

    Ed Ondrick10 timmar sedan

    Sweet Christ this made me laugh so much! Thanks, I needed that!

  21. Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams10 timmar sedan

    This may be the funniest thing I've ever seen

  22. HDTomo

    HDTomo11 timmar sedan

    I sent invitations to my teachers. Thanks for the idea!

  23. Corbin Pruneau

    Corbin Pruneau11 timmar sedan

    Parkitect, GRACE RETURNS

  24. Laurence Simmons

    Laurence Simmons12 timmar sedan

    I dont even wanna know what you do in your spair time 😂😂. And u have time to do all this omg 😆

  25. Bruh what's that

    Bruh what's that12 timmar sedan

    They begged for the sweet release of death, but death himself is dead

  26. Akshat Shahi

    Akshat Shahi13 timmar sedan

    i dont understand how he gets grace in all his videos but I love it

  27. Flyingo Marketing

    Flyingo Marketing15 timmar sedan

    Devil need you in hell for the big hell remake

  28. Sect

    Sect15 timmar sedan

    Hey,Josh!,just wanted to say I've been depressed as hell and in a rut for the past few months and your content always makes me laugh and smile,so thank you for the bit of happiness you provide! ^-^

  29. bificommander

    bificommander16 timmar sedan

    Of course your park doesn't have building rights in hell. That's your main competitor.

  30. Not Nightcore

    Not Nightcore17 timmar sedan

    Every night john wick check under his bed to make sure josh wasnt there

  31. Fun With Sanjai

    Fun With Sanjai18 timmar sedan

    I was laughing so hard when josh told that soft landing part, and the fireworks just POP UP! {Happy Day To Heaven}

  32. Andi Huang

    Andi Huang19 timmar sedan

    Tell me in case you manage to open a theme park in real life.. I don't want to get there by accident.

  33. Audrey Churchill

    Audrey Churchill19 timmar sedan


  34. Leohong

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  35. BanquoX

    BanquoX20 timmar sedan

    nausea farm had me rolling.

  36. rdite gamer

    rdite gamer21 timme sedan

    [late] i saw go karts and i tought you can make a go kart track very long

  37. The Salesman

    The Salesman21 timme sedan

    Maybe he used to work in hell as the guy who tourtured the people who are afraid of theme parks...

  38. Max Buff

    Max Buff22 timmar sedan

    Do more

  39. Bubba Fatt

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    For a moment I thought this was about 6 Flags.

  40. Lola Fields

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    The truculent shears essentially check because pollution individually invent alongside a breezy cord. automatic, optimal palm

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    Grace Cohen, granddaughter of hoax survivors

  42. PW_ Killer

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    Josh finds himself in hell beyond death, but he isn't being punished. He is the punishment...

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    16:13 what is that Google Maps? 😂

  52. Tobias 7.3

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    Grace "oh look a newly opened theme park, and i'm going to be the first customer! This is going to be so much FUN!" .................

  58. roastedmongoose

    roastedmongooseDag sedan

    Satan: "Well, I just wanna say I'm a huge fan."

  59. Oskar Januszewski

    Oskar JanuszewskiDag sedan

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  65. ꧁Happie Juu꧂

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  67. Jeppejokeri

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  75. Leo Rus

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    *Josh dies* God: to get into heaven you must be forgiven by those you've wronged. Josh: ok easy God: video game characters are included Every citizen every zoo animal every park customer : * laughing maniacally *

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  83. Emerald Mouchyci

    Emerald Mouchyci2 dagar sedan

    His voice always has the perfect expression for every word he says

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