PS5 DualSense Controller Teardown - Amazing New Tech Inside!

Complete Playstation 5 DualSense Controller Disassembly. How have Sony built the new Adaptive Triggers? What's new with the Analog Sticks?
Model: CFI-ZCT1W
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Music: Smile - Slynk
Filmed on: Samsung S10e
- Yihua 936 Soldering Iron
- Phillips Head #0 & #00 Screwdriver (generic brand)
- Custom fume extractor -
- Dick Smith Precision Pliers
- Various plastic, nylon and metal spudgers/pry tools (generic)


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    Since no one is to blame for the chaos of Sony. And I don't pay 1600 euros for a PS5. The PS4 doesn't make you want to play. My pastime is videos where Sony stands to disliked. Waiting for PS5 and and Sony videos to dislike etc. Thanks Sony. Online fraudsters cost me 1200 euros.

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    Tremenda placa base de ese control de ps5, apuesto que ese control por si solo corre juegos de ps2 sin necesidad de la consola jeje

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    Lol 😄

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    What's the connector on the right of the rear microphone ? Is it the front mic?

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    @Restore Technique Thank you very much man!

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    I haven't seen replacements on the market, but you should be able to use any Flat Flex Cable. Just count the pins/wires in the cable (I think it's 16 pin), measure the pitch [distance between each pin (measure the distance between the middle of the first and last pin then divide by the number of pins)], and then the rough length of the cable. Go on AliExpress and search for that FFC cable. They have different types of cable ends available. GLFFC is the store on AliExpress I got some from before. You can even cut them if the pin count isn't exactly right.

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    @Restore Technique Sorry for not being clear. I am talking about the flex cable.

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    @Samir Xhaferi There are 2 vibration motors, 1 on each side. They have 2 wires each connecting to the motherboard (red and black). They are just standard solid core wire, any replacement wire will do, as long as it's the same gauge (thickness) or thicker. You will need to solder it on. Or are you talking about the flex cable connecting the adaptive triggers?

  23. Samir Xhaferi

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    @Restore Technique Perfect. Just one more question, the cable from the vibrator motor that goes on motherboard is teared on my controller, how can I find an replacement to it ?

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    This is why I like your videos

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    If ds 5 sticks are the same as ds 4 THEN THAT EXPLAINS PRETTY MUCH THE DRIFRTING PROBLEM

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    Another version of Sony's shitty controllers with these frail contact membranes underneath the buttons and trigers. They must do this on purpose so that you'll have to buy new ones after a year of use.

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    Good job doing this!! I thought you will do it and ps5 controller is pretty cool!!

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    Fifth generation of controllers and Sony still cannot, for the love of themselves and their players, add a stable ribbon cable connection between the button pads and the circuit board. Jesus Christ, it’s like seeing the DualShock 3 tearing apart again but with way too much money on the line this time.

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    Great video. Now I know that I will not buy that crappy PS5 joypad (it is too delicate and too complex to repair or clean). DUALSENSE DRIFT IS ALREADY A PROBLEM FOR SOME PS5 GAMERS. PS. I just read, that triggers also fail (plastic screw worn too fast).

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    The green tool? That's a pry tool used for mobile phone and electronics opening.

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    I don't know sorry, nothing obvious comes to mind. Would need to see inside. Possibly damage to the button flex cable.

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