i don't think i can do this fight

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Edited by: @TundeFunny


  1. Nigger NIGGA

    Nigger NIGGAMinut sedan

    Yeaaaaaa boi you will kill him. Ps:do not look at my name

  2. Ili Legisi

    Ili Legisi3 minuter sedan

    Imagine if this guy beats deji he would get made fun off for life

  3. Cosmic I

    Cosmic I51 minut sedan

    Tik tokers are more weird than I thought just more validation for me to never get it.

  4. debilek

    debilekTimme sedan


  5. d d dooman

    d d doomanTimme sedan

    deji do u know he is gay

  6. labadaba fouad

    labadaba fouadTimme sedan

    deji is fighting an e boy bruh

  7. Jaskaran Juneja

    Jaskaran Juneja4 timmar sedan

    Deji is a cartoon

  8. Xtreme games56

    Xtreme games564 timmar sedan

    i still feel bad for TANK rest in peace

  9. Nightmare Ninja

    Nightmare Ninja5 timmar sedan

    POV: you came here to see why he can’t do the fight

  10. Pontus Rydström

    Pontus Rydström5 timmar sedan


  11. Astro _

    Astro _6 timmar sedan

    Deji is easy claps👏🏼

  12. Peco Pecovski

    Peco Pecovski8 timmar sedan

    I broke up cuz i teased my girl abouth this guy,fuck him up Dej..for me

  13. Not_ VipeZ

    Not_ VipeZ9 timmar sedan

    Who remebers tank 😥

  14. Edward Harrison

    Edward Harrison10 timmar sedan

    Secure the Dub, don’t be too nice and just let him win

  15. ocean

    ocean12 timmar sedan

    Your very poor

  16. Henry Jr

    Henry Jr16 timmar sedan

    Go smash em up deji

  17. Woody Junior

    Woody Junior17 timmar sedan

    Deji just give vinne a hug when you Enter the ring because he about to get a Hell of a AssWhopping😂

  18. Oscar

    Oscar19 timmar sedan

    What’s the song at 1:15?

  19. Omar Khayyat

    Omar Khayyat20 timmar sedan

    Chirts exist Tiktokers:fuck that

  20. unknown

    unknown21 timme sedan

    This is easiest dub ever for deji🤣

  21. Ibra Mrvl

    Ibra Mrvl21 timme sedan

    Yeah another comment “said you should give him a t-shirt in ring” but you should give him a tank t-shirt

  22. The Tech

    The Tech22 timmar sedan

    Bruh Vinnie Hacker is 18, born in 2002........................................................................................

  23. Just a Guy In a Mask

    Just a Guy In a MaskDag sedan

    Vinnie > Bryce Fucking Hoell

  24. Satitma Kid

    Satitma KidDag sedan

    1 more month until the fight.

  25. Shivash Jurakan

    Shivash JurakanDag sedan

    Deji gonna clap Vinnie so badly

  26. Daniel 896

    Daniel 896Dag sedan

    POV: Deji is secretly playing Fortnite.

  27. Cactus Jack

    Cactus JackDag sedan

    STRAIGHT UP!!!!🔥 some fine sportsmanship🙌🏼

  28. Prithviraj Maity

    Prithviraj MaityDag sedan

    So Deji is fighting a woman.. Okay

  29. Pap Oppai

    Pap OppaiDag sedan

    5:10 my man is wearing the mask upside down lmfao

  30. Maui Makaio

    Maui MakaioDag sedan

    lol this is the only fight I am actually rooting for deji. He’s already won this one hands down

  31. Tapu

    TapuDag sedan

    He is going to be fast, you better fuck him up once you get him in your raider.

  32. J0s3ph R0th

    J0s3ph R0thDag sedan

    It's a trap no one's that nice when he knocks you out than you gonna be make a video saying I'm sorry guy no fuck that i don't want a im sorry video I want I fucked him up video so train deji

  33. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan

    English.exe has stopped working

  34. Blessed by Death

    Blessed by DeathDag sedan

    I got title baited by deji!

  35. ihsan M

    ihsan MDag sedan

    Deji training solidly and it’s showing! Keep it up and 1 round ko for sure

  36. BenjaminPuipuiTonise

    BenjaminPuipuiToniseDag sedan

    The songs u put over the vid tho 🤣

  37. Young Tobi

    Young TobiDag sedan

    “The stuff he does, i dont understand it”. That means you are getting older Deji

  38. NateJGainz

    NateJGainzDag sedan

    Deji is acting sus as fuck in this video.

  39. Zalo

    ZaloDag sedan

    the outro tho. fire

  40. Arthur Fleck

    Arthur FleckDag sedan

    Gotcha cap 🧢

  41. Styles

    StylesDag sedan

    He’s a pretty boy 😂

  42. Yanzi

    YanziDag sedan

    Ayoo this guy moving kinda weird fam... What u looking for??? Really bruh...

  43. Chance 2008g

    Chance 2008gDag sedan

    Deji has already one it 🤣🤣

  44. Chance 2008g

    Chance 2008gDag sedan

    @Jesus Teles my bad

  45. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan


  46. Demar Nelson

    Demar NelsonDag sedan

    Not gonna lie, dude hella sus in those tiktoks💯

  47. Ashley Mullins

    Ashley MullinsDag sedan

    Remember that time Deji cried on camera in front of millions of people on the internet?

  48. jk Sureiya

    jk SureiyaDag sedan

    What does that have to do with the fight?

  49. Güśtåvø Fįgüèrøã

    Güśtåvø FįgüèrøãDag sedan


  50. Blessing Ilori

    Blessing IloriDag sedan

    deji fight logan paul please

  51. Aqib shah

    Aqib shahDag sedan

    Plot twist Vinnie's plan Is to act nice to make Deji weak

  52. Ivan Romero

    Ivan RomeroDag sedan


  53. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan

    Why did u click on the vid then 💀

  54. Christian Thomas

    Christian ThomasDag sedan


  55. Eric Holmes

    Eric HolmesDag sedan

    Nobody is gonna watch you there’s a insane ufc card

  56. VIP Noah

    VIP NoahDag sedan

    So r u gonna do the fight or not sorry I’m confused

  57. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan

    He is

  58. Your local meme dealer

    Your local meme dealerDag sedan

    Don't take edibles....

  59. Nutty-Snipez

    Nutty-SnipezDag sedan

    If deji wins his channel will implode

  60. lel wat

    lel wat2 dagar sedan

    6:52 Deji,that's just obvious.

  61. TCR TachankaYEET

    TCR TachankaYEET2 dagar sedan

    AYO go train man

  62. Jwk _

    Jwk _Dag sedan

    He hasn’t uploaded in a week, he’s training

  63. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan

    He is u donny

  64. bryce moyers

    bryce moyers2 dagar sedan

    Why was that woman on you property when your dog attacked her ? Do you have a beware dog sign? His first attack?

  65. Robert Koontz

    Robert Koontz2 dagar sedan

    Dude your a trash fighter! Maybe when you get knocked out they can fix your jaw!!

  66. jk Sureiya

    jk SureiyaDag sedan

    😂 you really think vinnie is gonna beat Deji?

  67. Oskthemosk

    OskthemoskDag sedan

    Could have won if he trained he’ll win this one tho his checks have little fat which means he’s been training

  68. Oskthemosk

    OskthemoskDag sedan

    Bruh he literally made jake bleed with very low training

  69. Theandrewc78

    Theandrewc782 dagar sedan

    shit vid

  70. Oskthemosk

    OskthemoskDag sedan

    No u

  71. JoeToTheT

    JoeToTheT2 dagar sedan

    POV: Dedjis laugh makes your day 1000x better

  72. Shadow

    Shadow2 dagar sedan

    Hey deji I wanna tell you that you making me happy and laching and Im ah big fan to and yes I wish the best on you man ❤️

  73. Alex Spencer

    Alex Spencer2 dagar sedan

    Vinnie is defo gay

  74. Ricky ToFresh

    Ricky ToFresh2 dagar sedan

    Actually train this time

  75. Ricky ToFresh

    Ricky ToFresh2 dagar sedan

    Give it all you got

  76. Ricky ToFresh

    Ricky ToFresh2 dagar sedan

    Yo Deji you got this

  77. Grumpy Old Man

    Grumpy Old Man2 dagar sedan

    New sub, going through your videos. Good stuff! Glad I found ya! Love your personality and sense of humor! Love from USA


    DURK BROS2 dagar sedan

    I don’t like Tik Tokers but I love that Vinnie is very respectful hope he does decent in the fight I guess but unlike Bryce Hall I hope Bryce Hall gets completely fucked up

  79. Grumpy Old Man

    Grumpy Old Man2 dagar sedan


  80. bubba a

    bubba a2 dagar sedan

    That's why Jake Paul beat you and now you're trying to get back into fighting you're just going to happen with the same thing and this fight that happened with Jake

  81. Oskthemosk

    OskthemoskDag sedan

    Bruh shut up he nearly won with little training and he will win this one

  82. Lelem

    Lelem2 dagar sedan


  83. Vyasan Srividyanandan

    Vyasan Srividyanandan2 dagar sedan


  84. TheAverageDuckk

    TheAverageDuckk2 dagar sedan

    gg deji ez win

  85. Snake Bite

    Snake Bite2 dagar sedan

    Lose this fight, you'll have to retire for good cuz you won't be good at boxing period 👌

  86. ella’s aesthetics

    ella’s aesthetics2 dagar sedan

    When the quiet kid and the funny black kid start play fighting...........

  87. OptiAvi

    OptiAvi2 dagar sedan

    If that was u in the leaked footage of the heavy bag he has no chance against u

  88. amadou toure

    amadou toure2 dagar sedan

    😂😂 that guy is getting shmocked look at the state of him

  89. Samuel Croucher

    Samuel Croucher2 dagar sedan

    This vid was painful to watch

  90. kitten pie

    kitten pie2 dagar sedan

    Trust meee deji his content is in his bathroom

  91. kitten pie

    kitten pie2 dagar sedan

    Lmao deji 😂

  92. Aiko_ Chanxd

    Aiko_ Chanxd2 dagar sedan

    7:07 no.. Deji no.

  93. Tarelle Hoo

    Tarelle Hoo2 dagar sedan

    Upload more. Your views are up

  94. BlurryOnEU

    BlurryOnEU2 dagar sedan


  95. Denzel Albert

    Denzel Albert2 dagar sedan


  96. Miah Ponce

    Miah Ponce2 dagar sedan

    Bruh why do i think they make good friends

  97. HostileTV Reacts

    HostileTV Reacts2 dagar sedan

    Demi is lowkey the equivalent to frieza. He doesnt train still does great but inc she tried he surpasses all

  98. SeanPearse McErlean

    SeanPearse McErlean2 dagar sedan

    Let's go deji man routing for you my Guy bring home the W 👌

  99. Meghna Nair

    Meghna Nair2 dagar sedan

    Vinne is gonna beat ur ass

  100. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan

    Deji would beat ur ass nair

  101. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan

    @jëffrëyyy *you're

  102. jëffrëyyy

    jëffrëyyy2 dagar sedan

    your a clown

  103. The Rebounder

    The Rebounder2 dagar sedan

    You know , besides being a EBoy , Vinnie is actually alright

  104. Rock girl

    Rock girl2 dagar sedan

    welp deji gon win bit of a wierd match up tho

  105. Jehanzeb Ahmed khan

    Jehanzeb Ahmed khan2 dagar sedan

    Just don't get overconfident again plz

  106. JAERR

    JAERR2 dagar sedan

    Its still a fight Dej, i wanna see sum in dat ring

  107. X 9xHamzax9x

    X 9xHamzax9x2 dagar sedan

    Deji ur amazing 👏 💖

  108. Indian Curry

    Indian Curry3 dagar sedan


  109. Liv G

    Liv G3 dagar sedan

    Deji was secretly drooling over some of vinnies tik toks 😂😂😂

  110. Rocky Froggy

    Rocky Froggy3 dagar sedan


  111. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn3 dagar sedan

    Go fight

  112. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn3 dagar sedan

    Go knock the fuch out of him

  113. Sarahjayne Millward

    Sarahjayne Millward3 dagar sedan

    is the fight in the uk or america?????

  114. jëffrëyyy

    jëffrëyyy2 dagar sedan


  115. Aadil Ahsan

    Aadil Ahsan2 dagar sedan


  116. Kevin Fernandez

    Kevin Fernandez3 dagar sedan

    Deji vs jake Paul 2 is what we need deji can definitely beat jake the only reason he lost last time is because he didn’t take the fight serious and if he did it would have been a knock down

  117. Sam Morris

    Sam Morris3 dagar sedan

    still lives with his mammy

  118. Indigo lin

    Indigo linDag sedan

    What is the big deal plus you get free rent and as long as he is making money and having a job which he is

  119. Jesus Teles

    Jesus TelesDag sedan

    He lives with his mum and is more successful then you will ever be lmao

  120. jk Sureiya

    jk Sureiya2 dagar sedan

    What are you talking about?He moved out and he lives with dunjahh