Bill Burr, Jay Leno, And A 1965 Buick Riviera GS | Jay Leno’s Garage

Is Bill Burr a car guy? Find out as he and Jay take a 1965 Buick Riviera GS for a sunny drive in California! Then catch your favorite episodes on demand now.
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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
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Bill Burr, Jay Leno, And A 1965 Buick Riviera GS | Jay Leno’s Garage


  1. Jason Anderson

    Jason Anderson2 timmar sedan

    Jay, I love your car clips like this. You can tell you're at home here.

  2. Geo Helios

    Geo Helios5 timmar sedan

    In 1995 I was 18 years old and I just bought a brand new "Admiral Blue" C4 Corvette, I usta park in front of that auto repair and eat at Chili John's every Saturday, the owner was a super cool guy. I miss that time.

  3. Marco P

    Marco P5 timmar sedan

    Only thing missing is descent asphalt in Cali for such cars.

  4. Michael L

    Michael L14 timmar sedan

    The only difference between these two comedians is Bill Burr is funny

  5. radrcer

    radrcer16 timmar sedan

    I liked Bill being a little more content with his act. I guess being in the presence of Jay does that

  6. Thaddeus Corea

    Thaddeus Corea18 timmar sedan

    Pahkin ya cah in Hahvid yahd.

  7. xxBODYCOUNTxx

    xxBODYCOUNTxx18 timmar sedan

    Bill Burr is a leftist piece of garbage.

  8. bryan albert

    bryan albert19 timmar sedan

    best guest

  9. kil koh

    kil kohDag sedan

    Does that have Smaht Pahk

  10. Niraj Lama

    Niraj LamaDag sedan

    Love uncle Bill

  11. Tom 54

    Tom 54Dag sedan

    1965 Buick Riviera is in a class all to itself for that era. Luxurious sports coupe that looks great from all angles. Always loved that car👍


    ASKEW_HUMIDITY_20years_RADHATORDag sedan

    6:25 the look your grindr hook up gives you when your about to go down on him.

  13. Visions-Of-Life

    Visions-Of-LifeDag sedan

    Leonard Nimoy had a black 1963 model. Wonder if it still exists?

  14. 8484terry

    8484terry2 dagar sedan

    There's no shirt for your face...oh my sweet summer child.

  15. Chris WG

    Chris WG2 dagar sedan

    That comment of Bill's .."You literally could clog up the 405 alone with your car collection." haha soo awesome .. Best clog up ever that's for sure. 💕

  16. cj dub

    cj dub2 dagar sedan

    God Tier comedians

  17. Dom Smith

    Dom Smith2 dagar sedan

    That was quality

  18. Rocco Reid

    Rocco Reid2 dagar sedan

    Leno doesn't have the resources to produce an idea of his own? Why is he copying Jerry Seinfeld?

  19. Furio

    Furio2 dagar sedan

    The Riviera is wicked. This and a 65 impala and 57 chev and 55-57 Buick are my top 4 favorite cars 👌

  20. Furio

    Furio2 dagar sedan

    Careful jay, he works for Saul Goodman 🤣🤣

  21. szargos

    szargos2 dagar sedan

    This guy did Conan dirty.

  22. Jorge Lourenço

    Jorge Lourenço3 dagar sedan

    I found myself smiling at the same time as Bill, when he fired up the car. It´s one of those guy thing i bellive.

  23. Rogue Cheddar

    Rogue Cheddar3 dagar sedan

    Joker: “Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?”

  24. Alan Mckeown

    Alan Mckeown3 dagar sedan

    Absolutely stunning car

  25. Brian Boley

    Brian Boley4 dagar sedan

    I love that f*cking car

  26. Lyle Chipperson

    Lyle Chipperson4 dagar sedan

    let us not forget where that habsburg jaw comes from.

  27. JaayOnPC

    JaayOnPC4 dagar sedan

    oh wow that car looks mean af.. Very cool

  28. larry worrell

    larry worrell4 dagar sedan

    Would you look at that, two comedians in a car, going to a cafe. That should be a show

  29. manseerat

    manseerat4 dagar sedan

    0:22 it looks like ar animation

  30. crx350x1

    crx350x14 dagar sedan

    GM made the best cars. not sorry!

  31. Geff Stiubhairt

    Geff Stiubhairt6 dagar sedan

    wow jerry changed

  32. HardRockMiner

    HardRockMiner6 dagar sedan

    I really hate Jay Leno!!

  33. Pete Smith

    Pete Smith6 dagar sedan

    I could listen these guys driving cool cars and trading stories forever.

  34. jonnieredder

    jonnieredder6 dagar sedan

    Jay is a good story teller.

  35. PlayedForever OSHIT

    PlayedForever OSHIT7 dagar sedan

    Is it me or does Jay Leno seem super duper high lol

  36. Ya Red

    Ya Red7 dagar sedan

    06:33 the sound of Burr

  37. Stodilee

    Stodilee8 dagar sedan

    Love Burr, and Leno's not as bad as people say, but.... this is a little too similar to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Comedians in Cars Getting Chili.

  38. Faizan Siddique

    Faizan Siddique8 dagar sedan

    Some sails take a little longer than others well said jay ....

  39. Moisés Lima

    Moisés Lima8 dagar sedan

    First Leno stole Carson's show Than Dave's show Than Conan's show Now he steals Jerry's show

  40. Jimmy Luffnin

    Jimmy Luffnin8 dagar sedan

    I want this show once a week Burr and leno regularly please 🙏

  41. Slathe 37

    Slathe 378 dagar sedan

    Imagine pulling over some hotshot kid in a McLaren for speeding and it’s Jay Leno

  42. warriorpoet

    warriorpoet8 dagar sedan

    Ron Howard looks great

  43. MontrealMan1970

    MontrealMan19709 dagar sedan

    5:55 they don't make that noise

  44. ihatewhatisaw

    ihatewhatisaw9 dagar sedan

    No shirt for your face until 2020

  45. Jon

    Jon9 dagar sedan

    Jon, could you imagine you would be making borderline poverty income and paying most of it to the government in taxes to live in a 1 bedroom townhome you pay even more in HOA? My childhood would say "Sounds about right dude." At least I can afford cinnamon twists from taco bell now.

  46. D Sarg

    D Sarg9 dagar sedan

    At the end of the show Jay should have have him then car. that woulda been real cool.

  47. J Son

    J Son9 dagar sedan

    Jay's smile of approval driving McLaren is

  48. silvio bentivoglio

    silvio bentivoglio9 dagar sedan

    Jay Leno says one day u have 1965 Buick Riviera Bill Burr says when u give your 1965 Buick Riviera cah for my birthday that dream will come god 80 000 grand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Treasures of Sin

    Treasures of Sin9 dagar sedan

    Strange show. Bill is giving a ride to Leno and that is it. WTF?

  50. Treasures of Sin

    Treasures of Sin9 dagar sedan

    No man, sorry, car is not a dream!

  51. The Kid

    The Kid10 dagar sedan

    "Some sales take a little longer than other"..

  52. Tito Rigatoni

    Tito Rigatoni10 dagar sedan

    "If I had a Chevy I'd'a let him go" I'm dyin' over here

  53. Jeff B

    Jeff B10 dagar sedan

    Ol' Billy Clamshell

  54. Kevin Beattie

    Kevin Beattie10 dagar sedan

    too short

  55. Nicool333

    Nicool33311 dagar sedan

    The Chuck Norris of cars.

  56. donHooligan

    donHooligan11 dagar sedan

    people who have the ability to help the world....but refuse to do so. collecting 10,000 people starve to death each day. "i pity the fools" --Mr T

  57. Vindawg

    Vindawg11 dagar sedan

    Seinfeld did this first

  58. Jimmy The Gent

    Jimmy The Gent11 dagar sedan

    Jay just give him tha ca ,& ,, Fugetabouit..

  59. guamshady

    guamshady11 dagar sedan

    That smile on Bill's face after he starts it up... GOLDEN!!

  60. Rafael Garcia

    Rafael Garcia12 dagar sedan

    Ain't that the same car jay used to ram conan??

  61. s31720

    s3172012 dagar sedan

    Married four years? This is an old clip!

  62. T Berman

    T Berman12 dagar sedan

    Swayze's car in Road House.

  63. Sloover

    Sloover12 dagar sedan

    Wow what an original show, Jay. There has never, ever been a show like this. Where comedians drive around in classic cars and also talk in restaurants

  64. Dave Clark

    Dave Clark12 dagar sedan

    Pure gold...🍻👍🏼

  65. N.Y.C. Freddy

    N.Y.C. Freddy12 dagar sedan

    *N.Y.C. ~*Freddy: *Comment! 'C'ah - mon! **Jay Leno**! 'You just gotta sit down, Vatican Style, and have a 'painted portrait' done! You know! LIKE! "The "Pope of POPES"!" .. (Wearing the GARB! & all that jazz!) JAY LENO! *The ~ "Pope" ~ of Comedy! (For real!) You've got the look! [ The look of "Pope"! - **Peace... (Ha!)

  66. Gertg Derften

    Gertg Derften12 dagar sedan

    Bill Burr making jay leno uncomfortable talking about his wife’s philanthropy. 😂

  67. Sqoun

    Sqoun13 dagar sedan

    Its funny that Bill Burr is actually a millionare and can afford a Lamborghini, but talking about an 80k car is like "Living the dream" and "someday" he'll get one. lol

  68. captlucky 23

    captlucky 2313 dagar sedan

    Jay looks scared to death bill gonna hurt the car

  69. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson13 dagar sedan

    That's the happiest I've seen Burr.

  70. Shawn Lauderdale

    Shawn Lauderdale13 dagar sedan

    When he started that beast it made me so happy. You could feel their joy.

  71. The Murph

    The Murph13 dagar sedan

    A guy from south shore Boston wearing a Force India F1 that is now Racing point and will be turning into Aston Martin team branded hat ...... what is life right now

  72. Jimmy B

    Jimmy B13 dagar sedan

    That’s the car billy said he wanted on O&A like 10 years ago

  73. Daddy Yank

    Daddy Yank13 dagar sedan

    lenos chin keeps growing like ears

  74. Galag

    Galag13 dagar sedan

    Seat belts optional

  75. Derrick Santos

    Derrick Santos14 dagar sedan

    Imagine if ol’ Billy Buick “ Eddie Griffins” this beauty while Leno is in it! I think that’s the reason why Bill is so careful, he probably knows what happened to Eddie Griffin when he drove someone else’s Enzo.

  76. Zero Requiem

    Zero Requiem15 dagar sedan

    Whats the exact color anyone

  77. Andrew Moore

    Andrew Moore15 dagar sedan

    not a big burr fan but the Buick Riviera is one for the ages.

  78. wjkrug

    wjkrug15 dagar sedan

    That cigar line he said is gold

  79. Zero Res

    Zero Res15 dagar sedan

    What a beautiful car. Back in the 70's a high schooler in my neighborhood had a green 65 Rivie. His name was William Green, it was a sweet ride.

  80. Arachnid Soul

    Arachnid Soul15 dagar sedan

    So this is basically Jerry Seinfelds show, but instead of getting coffee... they eat food lol. Another brilliant original idea from the mind of Jay Leno.

  81. Thomas Carnacki

    Thomas Carnacki14 dagar sedan

    Other way round....Jay started his car show in 2006. Jerry started his 2012. Maybe want to control those projections you throw out, my 8 legged soul friend. Lets also not forget some "i don't really care about either of these rich comedians" non biased facts. Jay = Internationally recognised as one of the biggest car guys on the planet. Jerry = That guy that had that show, Seinfeld. ;)

  82. Federico Barragán

    Federico Barragán16 dagar sedan

    Dear karma... please do something to even the grotesque crime that is going on here..... and give and extra Porsche to Mr Seinfeld in exchange.... thank you.

  83. MR.C&A Video911Game

    MR.C&A Video911Game16 dagar sedan

    jay with a batman car :p

  84. J J

    J J16 dagar sedan

    Weird that Burr never did stand up on Leno.

  85. Bobs Youruncle

    Bobs Youruncle16 dagar sedan

    One of my favorites. 65 Riv.

  86. michdo23

    michdo2317 dagar sedan

    What a waste to drive a car like that McLaren on US roads

  87. michdo23

    michdo2317 dagar sedan

    @Jimmy Two Times Sorry if i offended you. Actually i DID ride the pacific highway,not all the way though :-) The view and landscape was awesome. But i have driven cars and mobile homes all across the US, twice from east to west and once all down east and west coast.. But i am not talking about scenig highways here. The roads are *in general* very ok. Wich comes natural for such an autombile-loving nation. There are still many potholes though and the infrastructure got worse over the last 2 decades - bridges and highways alike. If you had experience driving in north-western europe you would agree that it is quite a step up from the US. The roads in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden etc are near perfect. This is not a contest or europe vs US crap, its just a fact. What i meant with my original comment though was, that you cannot drive the car full speed as you could on the autobahn in germany. At least for stretches of the way. It's like a race horse pulling a plow.

  88. Jimmy Two Times

    Jimmy Two Times17 dagar sedan

    lol US has some of the best highways and roads in the world. take a trip down all 600 miles of Pacific highway and you’ll understand

  89. 00 00

    00 0017 dagar sedan

    He has a Sahara Force India Formula One Team Cap

  90. Mitchell Barnow

    Mitchell Barnow17 dagar sedan

    @7:25, that is a 450SLC, not a 450SL!

  91. luckystriker

    luckystriker18 dagar sedan

    Is this the entire episode? Or is there somewhere I can watch the full show? A 9-minute segment with Burr and Leno is criminally short.

  92. CrazyLegsMcGee

    CrazyLegsMcGee19 dagar sedan

    That is one good looking ride

  93. steve thomas

    steve thomas19 dagar sedan

    Love Bill's choice in a truck. Regular cab, short bed F150 with "three on the tree". Just bought a regular cab, short bed F150 a few months ago. Chevy quit making the RC/SB, a helluva note

  94. Asshole 1

    Asshole 119 dagar sedan

    Saving whales 🐳 😂😂

  95. Mars Hamon

    Mars Hamon19 dagar sedan

    He started the car, they looked at eachother and smiled. That's PURE JOY.

  96. Tony Kurikshuk

    Tony Kurikshuk20 dagar sedan

    One of my favorites... sweet , not like the plastic crap now.

  97. Memo Gee

    Memo Gee21 dag sedan

    I like the idea of having comics drive their dream cars. that's a great concept

  98. Peter Schattmann

    Peter Schattmann21 dag sedan

    Too short. Jay & Bill could fill a 1/2 hour without even trying... Left me aching for more.

  99. Brandon Cooper

    Brandon Cooper21 dag sedan

    I never knew that the headlights did that.

  100. David Keller

    David Keller21 dag sedan

    Sick car!! Love it!

  101. James W. T.

    James W. T.21 dag sedan

    I always love hearing Jay's story about his Mother and the name of The Tonight Show.

  102. Bryce Mitchell's Drilled Nut

    Bryce Mitchell's Drilled Nut21 dag sedan

    Bill rocking Force one Cap. Nice!

  103. Philip Whaley

    Philip Whaley21 dag sedan

    Jay Leno you rock !

  104. Mr Mofo

    Mr Mofo22 dagar sedan

    This could be a full time show! These two are awesome!