DreamSMP but we are Minecraft Mob Hybrids

Me, Wilbur, Philza, Ranboo, Tommy, Niki, and others from the Dream SMP all became insane mob hybrids in minecraft! Shenanigans ensue.
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Edited by Zaltoman:
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Origins Mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/origins
Slime Origin Add-on: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/slime-origin
We became hilarious mob hybrids again in minecraft, and it was so funny. Wilbur Soot is a phantom, Ranboo is an enderman, and of course, Slimecicle is a slime. Some of these mob hybrids are pretty sus so be careful! You never know when there will be another minecraft mob hybrid Among Us.


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  2. Joseph Hawkins

    Joseph Hawkins16 dagar sedan

    why wilbur is a gohst is not cuz he is dead inside its because since his origin is a gohst he is gohstbur

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    why? that shit sucks

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    Here before the replies get max

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    @CeeGeeTee 0

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    What if phil flew while carrying a boat with a person in it...

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    This editing is perfect and makes it even funnier!

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    God dam-it it’s may 5th

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    wilbur not acknowledging he’s a virgo and lying about being an aries. peak virgo behaviour

  11. Justin Bickle

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    both times I have watched this, the first time they said pube, I just heard pew, and imagined a singular church pew

  12. Jero Tampiok

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    I just noticed that Philzas character is from Bleach An anime

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    Does anyone know the song at [ 11:23 ]??

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    2:19 pov:it's 04/05/2021

  15. Ryan Pheasey

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    ‘Wilber is half ghost because he’s dead inside’ Charlie is already de-oh wait never mind he’s alive

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    Thats origin smp right not dream smp

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    What if you could get leather from cows with shears

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    This is my first time ever watching your videos and I found you hilarious when watching other videos with you in it. I'm glad that this was in my recommended, you have a new subscriber. :) I love your personality and you never fail to make me laugh paired with wilbur. You too are the best combo! Hope you find your bee queen 😩😩

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    You literally spent 1,5 minutes basically advertising

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    Video starts at 2:33 no need to thank me. Have a great time watching

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    can i join the smp

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    I have an idea of what you could do with the slime blocks step one:place the slime block step 2:pretend it’s another slime

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    Do you... do you get PAID.. to say these.. THINGS?

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    What zodiac are you?

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    Maine is my home state ^w^

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    Trying to paint my nails while watching this was a bad idea, I could not keep still or stop laughing

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    Wilbur: Charlie we're building *THE PUBE* What a way to start a video.

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    "afk arena" (afk=away from keybord) but you play it on ur phone?

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    h e h e h h e h e h h e h e e

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    A kinlist is a list of fictional characters you relate to

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    Wilbur your a virgo not an aries LOL

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    afk arena is literally watch people fight while pressing two buttons twice every 20 minutes and upgrade

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    Who the hell is this guy? This must be some ripoff channel of Slimecicle. Quite a downgrade from the real guy, this dude doesn’t own any vowels, *you need freaking vowels.* slmccl is far less superior.

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    Minecraft races? Is there minecraft racism?

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  38. helo how u do

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    charlie sounds so family friendly at the start and then he just starts fucking swearing a minute later

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    I clicked on the video and it brought me to a Thomas the train video

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    Holy shit i just realized I've been watching your videos for the past 4 years

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    wilbur is a virgo ;)

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    11:17 ok cool-

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    now this is boys will be boys

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    I think Tubbo sound's like Tom Holland

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    I'm a ♎ I couldn't help myself I love zodiacs

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    It’s called afk arena because it’s a mobile game and you can use your keyboard on ur phone

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    Bean toos is What furries have

  48. Aheit_giuz

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    This video had so much that was cursed about it I honestly watched it once at like 1 AM, went to sleep, woke up and rewatched the video only to realise I had blocked all the memory from it and forgotten everything it had to offer I am not kidding Like, I think it was mostly a consequence of me bein tired and all, but I honestly dont think that the mental image of Wilbur *milking* the slime out of slimecicle is completely unrelated to my brain erasing that memory

  49. TheDailyLemon

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    "Do you think if I jump on a slime block I'll see God?" Best quote I've heard in a long time

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    First you tuber I have Heard say Vermont

  51. Jayden Dean - Jeffers

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    What's your zodiac? Me: Virgo That's so leo of you

  52. Charlie Lamphere

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    I love how they know when he’s gone small based off of the noises he makes

  53. Mr. Sleazebaggano 2

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    One time I was watching slmccl and my friend thought it was p°rn

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    A kin list is just a list of characters you relate to 👍

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    I wish slimeccl had the ability to grow in size when he goes in water since he can absorb it

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    Wilbur is a Virgo from what the internet says

  57. Heather

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    he told famous birthdays a fake birthday

  58. Lightz Official

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    Philza:bird Me:Explain Crowfather

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    me: *an aries 🙁* charlie: i hate this btch

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    Ah, the SEtoosr that hates vowels

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    Phil is half bird because he like to fly like with an elytra

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    wait u have friends 0-0

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    Ranboo is not a minor... HES A FUCKING TREE🌴

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    17:18 Nikki bustin bars on Charlie

  66. Karmic Serpent

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    I just love how he says “No one’s gonna have any fun anymore.” And then it starts raining. Just realized that the people that didn’t do anything started getting hurt, while Wilbur, the one that “took away” the fun gets to go uninvisible and not burn. Huh

  67. Nick Francis Dacquel Basiuang

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    Da pyub

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    who else just died laughing when wilbur said ''the pube''

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    I'm an aries 😅

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    Me living in New England: (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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    "no one- no one is ever gonna have fun anymo- *AA-"* Ad: _"find your chill."_

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    you know if you get a lead and a saddle and a pig you can fly with philza just ride the pig then philza uses the lead and flys

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    Thank you for existing

  74. Prince Jeffy

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    can I just say I love how Tommy talked to Charlie when he was tiny, he sounded like the people I listed to before I go to sleep- I want him to read me a bedtime story honestly lmfao

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    This is looking *SUSSY*

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    Wilbur: “You ever been to Vermont?” Slmccl: *Literally lives in Vermont*

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    Charlie with a pet slime is like Goofy and Pluto

  78. Kiara Underfell

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    AFK arena: Actual Freaking Korn

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    What is up g a m e r s

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    This is a complete mess and I’m totally here for it

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    i guess wilburs dead inside #ghostbur

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    20:41 facepalm time

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    One of the only SEtoosrs where I don't skip the sponsorship in the vid-

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    *Tubbo this is why you don't randomly stab people.*

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    we all know that on ever mcyts videos this one person comments "(__) drop the kin list."

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    wilbur: im a aries wilbur is an libra

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    as long as Charlie and wilbur are in the game it's cursed, funny and desruc

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    stop duolingo

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    *Ranboo was slain by Tubbo_*

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    10:30 ys you can make a slime just press G

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    When you're with Phil you practically finished all you need to do.

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    I thought it was slimecicle but I guess it’s slmccl

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    'what the fuck is a kinlist' i just lost 20 years off my lifespan and went through highschool flashbacks hearing that question. thanks charlie slmccl

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    Post more

  100. Riley Price

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    There is his slime balls that he pushes out, And they wanted his *other slime balls* out. His eyeballs you weirdos. We BOTH know what was likely the first thing to pop into your mind

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    8:23 “oh she passed away? Oh. Aww. Alright”